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Kelsey Leicht


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Pit Bull Mixed Breed

A loyal breed who’s always down for snuggles and fun, the pit bull has all the traits of a wonderful companion. 

They’re compact doggos with muscle for days, making them a favorite among outdoorsman.

It’s no surprise that pit bull mixes are plentiful, as people have combined this versatile dog with various breeds to capture its athleticism in different shapes and sizes. 

Check out 20 awesome pit bull mixes we’ve found below!

Note: While most folks refer to “pit bull” as a broad category encompassing several dog breeds, for the purposes of this article we’re largely referring to the American Pit Bull Terrier!

1. Pitador (Pit Bull / Labrador)


What do you get when you mix America’s most popular breed with the pit bull? A handsome pup that is an all-around athlete! With the Lab’s water prowess and the pit bull’s strength, the Pitador (also known as a Labrabull) is a wonderdog for those who live an active lifestyle.

2. Golden Pit (Pit Bull / Golden Retriever)


With a name like Golden Pit, it’s no wonder that the breed is majestic! With two happy-go-lucky breeds in one, the Golden Pit is always down to play and explore. And with a mane like that, who could resist?

3. Pitsky (Pit Bull / Husky) 


A spunky mix with tons of energy, the Pitsky is great for those looking for a hiking buddy. Whether he inherits the striking blue eyes of huskies or the doughy eyes of a pit bull, the Pitsky is sure to be a muscular mix that’s eye-catching.

4. Pit Pei (Pit Bull / Shar Pei) 


Wrinkles and muscles combine with this mix. Both breeds are loyal lovebugs, so mixed together, be prepared to have a super-cute four-footer who’s all about cuddles. 

5. Staffypit (Pit Bull / Staffordshire Bull Terrier)


Pit bulls and Staffies are pretty close relatives, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they’re often mixed together. Staffypits are well-known for their smiles and big ol’ noggins. With their tank-like build and spunk, they’re tough opponents during a game of tug-of-war.

6. Pit Shepherd (Pit Bull / German Shepherd)


It doesn’t get much more handsome than the Pit Shepherd with their regal, pointed ears and posing skills. These photogenic doggos are sharp as tacks, loyal as can be, and they come with a heaping side of energy.

7. Beaglebull (Pit Bull / Beagle)


No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this really is one of the cutest critters you’ve ever seen. The floppy ears of a beagle and big dough eyes of a pit bull meet to make a doggo you (almost) can never say no to.  

8. Bully Pit (Pit Bull / English Bulldog)


When you mix two chunky doggos in one, you get one handsome hunk of chunk! These beefy puppers are built like boulders. When they’re not bulldozing their way through the play yard, they can be found bumming belly rubs off anyone and everyone.

9. Boston Pit (Pit Bull / Boston Terrier)


A springy sprite with energy for days, the Boston Pit takes the clownish nature of Boston terriers to new heights — and we mean that literally, as these puppers often inherit the long legs of their pit parent. These playful puppers are sure to keep you laughing!

10. Cattle Pit (Pit Bull / Australian Cattle Dog)


This speckled pooch isn’t messing around when it comes to fitness. A double dose of energy makes him a jogger’s dream dog, while his stylish looks give them a suave side that’s perfect impromptu photoshoots.

11. Pitmatian (Pit Bull / Dalmatian) 


It’s hard to look this good, but somehow the Pitmatian pulls it off without breaking a sweat. This high-energy honey is ready to take the park by storm, and with natural watchdog instincts, he’ll take the night shift looking out for squirrels too. 

12. Mastibull (Pit Bull / Mastiff)


There’s a whole lot of handsome going on with these massive cuties. Pouty muzzles and droopy ears are just the beginning, and with both Pittie and Mastiff breeds being snugglebugs, prepare yourself (and your lap) for lovins! Want to learn more about these XL cuties? Check out our full guide to the Pit Bull x Mastiff mix!

13. Doberman Pit (Pit Bull / Doberman)


Debonair and dashing, the Doberman mixed with Pit is ready to patrol the yard looking like a million bucks. His playful side will never turn down a game of fetch, but after that, he’s right back to keeping an eye out for squirrel invaders.

14. Boxbull (Pit Bull / Boxer)


The ultimate in pouting up a storm while looking adorable, the Boxbull is ready to take over your newsfeed with his adorableness. He’s an energetic guy with a class-clown reputation, so buckle up for lots of fun and laughs. 

15. Pit Chow (Pit Bull / Chow)


Chow did he get so handsome? 


The Pit Chow is well-known for having a striking coat and sometimes a surprise blue tongue. He’s also beloved for his loyalty and strength, two winning attributes in a doggo best friend.

16. Pitweiler (Pit Bull / Rottweiler)


A Pitweiler might look like a tough guy with his muscles, but everyone knows he’s a big softie. He’s a natural at guarding your home against shadows and mailmen, but he’s also happy to spend all day diligently keeping the couch warm for you. 

17. Doxie Bull (Pit Bull / Dachshund) 


Love comes in big and small packages, as seen in the Doxie Bull. These pint-sized pittie / dachshund mixes are packed to the brim with personality and will never turn down playtime.

18. Great Danebull (Pit Bull / Great Dane)


These super-sized sweeties might not be as graceful as greyhounds, but everyone loves a good oaf, right? A gentle giant with a heart of gold, the Great Danebull loves stretching out with his favorite human for power naps between walks.

19. Border Pit (Pit Bull / Border Collie) 


An adventurous doggo with smarts and stamina for days, the Border Pit is made to run and play. He’s all for new people and places and doesn’t shy away from long walks with his favorite human. Just be sure to keep his brain busy and body tired, as these Border Collie mix puppers may be a bit mischievous. With this combo, you may even end up with something resembling a merle pit bull!

20. Corgi Pit (Pit Bull / Corgi)


Shorts legs don’t mean he’s short on fun! The Corgi Pit is a playful little guy who doesn’t have a job to do like herding balls or treats. As a corgi mix mashup of two loyal breeds, he’s definitely got your back!

Feed your pit bull mix right!

Always consult with your vet before picking a chow for your canine, but many pit bull mixes will thrive on one of the best dog foods for pit bulls.


These are just 20 of the awesome pit bull mixes out there! If you want to learn more about the pit, make sure to also check out our full pit bull breed profile. Do you have one of these or another pit bull mix? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by

Kelsey Leicht

Kelsey is a lover of words and woofs. She worked hands-on with dogs for several years at a boarding kennel as a shift runner and office manager before venturing into the world of writing. She lives in New Jersey with her crew of crazy canines.

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  1. Amanda Staples Avatar
    Amanda Staples

    I have a Put/Beagle/English Springer Spaniel mix. He’s my tri breed! So loyal, affectionate, cuddle bug, & attached to either me or my husband. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog. He’s our baby boy for sure. His name is Fyve High Staples.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Ha! Fyve High Staples sounds wonderful, Amanda. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lori M. Avatar
    Lori M.

    My family had a pitbull/terrier mix dog named Blackie. So loved by us.

  3. Shannon Lopez Avatar
    Shannon Lopez

    Hi, about 4 years ago I adopted a 2 1/2 year old female “Pitbull Mix”. She had been abused by one previous owner (the top half of her bottom fangs have even been broken off) and neglected by another (she was kept on a 3 ft chain on a concrete patio 24/7 with no bed or shelter because the new boyfriend didn’t like that she was a gift from the ex-boyfriend.) Despite her past treatment by humans she has the biggest heart and is such a lovebug! She has so much personality! My friends and family are always amazed at how clever she is. She has been the greatest dog I have ever known! I wish I knew what she was mixed with. Maybe you can help. She is a big girl, tall and heavy (about 95 lbs) with a pitbull build. She is a dark brindle with white on her chest and paws. She has unique ears lol they both lay in the same direction. They remind me of the wind blown trees at the beach lol. Any ideas? Thank you, Macey’s Mom

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      You were pretty close to breaking my heart with your first few sentences, Shannon. Very glad to know Macey is getting the type of love and care she deserves now!
      Give her a hug for us, please.

      It’s hard to tell what she could be mixed with based on your description, although boxers are kinda pit-bull-like in build, except taller and leaner. Boxers also come with brindle coat patterns sometimes.
      You’re welcome to submit a photo of her via our uploader and we’ll take a look. But the only way to know for sure is through DNA testing. Check out our review of the Embark DNA test for dogs to learn more.

      Best of luck!

  4. Kaydence snider Avatar

    I had a corgi pit mix but I now want a pit bull greman sheperd mix

    1. Kelsey Snyder Avatar
      Kelsey Snyder

      They sure are cuties, aren’t they? I have two Staffy-Pittie mixes. Cutest smiles ever!

      1. ginny Avatar

        I have a 16 month old pitbull/basset hound mix that I named po’boy… he looks like a pitbull, but his bark sounds like basset hound…
        (his mother is a full blooded pitbull, father is half and half)