5 Awesome Dog Kickstater Projects You Can’t Pass Up

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Toys By Meg Marrs 2 min read January 20, 2021 4 Comments

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dog kickstarters

If you love getting the latest dog gadgets and accessories for four-legged friend, you won’t want to miss these five new awesome dog Kickstarter projects.

dog kickstarters

Be the first to get your paws on these incredible new canine inventions!

#1 Deetach Dog Harness

The Deetach dog harness from Chico&DOG brings style and comfort to the classic dog harness design. These harnesses are created to look and feel great for your and your pooch. Made with high-quality materials like authentic American leather and suede, these harnesses add class to your canine.

Best of all, the harness is composed of detachable pieces and accessories. When you’re taking your dog for a walk in the dark, you can easily attach a light to the harness. Rain in the forecast? Snap on a jacket and go for a jaunt!

#2 pupRUNNER Bike Trailer for Dogs

Are you a biker who brings your fuzzy buddy everywhere you go? Maybe you want to bring fido on the road with you, but are concerned about safety? The pupRUNNER bike trailer offers a fantastic solution – it’s unique design allows your dog to sit inside the bike trailer, or jog inside the trailer with the floor removed, keeping your dog safe and protected while still allowing them to get exercise with you!

Basically an uber souped-ep dog bike basket, the pupRUNNER is perfect for bikers who want to bring their dog for the ride! The pupRUNNER comes in several sizes and colors. Canine cyclists – get excited!

#3 Word’s Safest Dog Ramp

Anyone who has ever had an elderly dog knows how hard it is to watch their senior canine deteriorate, and how frustrating it can be for dogs to no longer be able to use stairs, get into cars, or jump up on couches.

There are many ways to make your senior canine more comfortable – you can get a dog bed designed for older dogs, give them medicine to ease arthritis pains, and can a set of dog stairs or ramp.

While there are plenty of dog ramps on the market, many dogs have trouble using ramps, as dogs tends to feel anxious and unsafe, likely  due to the drop-off edges on most ramps.

The World’s Safest Dog Ramp is seeking to make a light, portable ramp with side panels that help a dog feel safer and more secure when using a ramp. They’ve found great success, as even dogs who formerly had an aversion to ramps were able to happily use the new “world’s safest dog ramp.”

#4 The Poo Puck

The Poo Puck introduces an easy new way to dispose of your dog’s droppings. Place the puck over the dog excrement, press down, attach the cover, and be on your merry way! This could be a great alternative to owners who hate using bags, or for kids who have an aversion to poo collecting.

#5 Leadahose Dog Leash

Leadahose, the “world’s most versatile dog leash” is another Kickstarter Staff Pick that’s designed for messy mutts and dog’s that just can’t say no to a roll in the mud.

This sturdy leash doubles as a hose – simply attach it to any faucet to hose down your dirty dog.

While this design is remarkably unique and inventive, it’ll probably be most useful for owners who already know of local parks and areas with public taps and faucets.

Which one of these Kickstarters has your tail wagging? Let us know in the comments!

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Meg Marrs

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Criss Castle

I have two Lagotto’s, a medium sized active dog. I am interested in your product. Is it possible to have one made for my two dogs?

Ben Team

Hey, Criss.
Glad you like them, but those aren’t our products. Just click on the associated link to learn more about each of them.
Best of luck!


That PupRunner bike trailer is pretty cool! I don’t bike much, because there’s so much traffic where I lived. However, when I lived in a more rural area I would bike with my dog (he would run next to me). I can see why someone would want to take their smaller dog or older dog along with a trailer. I’m sure some dogs would love it!


I totally agree Lindsay – I could definitely see it as a fun way to take an elderly dog or smaller dog out for some fresh air!


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