12 Dog Urns For Memorializing Pets That Have Passed

Dog Loss By Meg Marrs 16 min read July 21, 2023 1 Comment

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Losing your dog is one of the most painful and upsetting experiences that an owner can ever go through.

Despite the pain and mourning, it can be comforting to memorialize your pet’s memory, and there are many different ways for you to do this.

One popular method for memorializing your pet is through the use of an urn to house your pet’s ashes. Today, pet urns come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. In this article, we will be detailing various options for pet urns for different tastes and needs.

Different Types of Dog Urns

Finding the right cremation urn can help you grieve your dog’s death. Memorial dog urns provide a lasting way to remember all the good times with your canine and help you cherish your dog’s memory.

There are a number of dog urn designs. Some common designs include:

  • Dog Photo Urns: These urns are designed to hold a favorite photo of your departed dog. Their ability to hold a favorite photo makes them a unique memorial for your canine. They are available in different materials such as metal, marble, and wood.
  • Personalized Dog Urns. Some urns allow for added personalization – for example, you could put your dog’s name on the urn, or dates of life and death.
  • Metal Dog Urns: These urns are crafted from a variety of metals including pewter, copper, brass, and bronze. Metal dog urns are available in different finishes and designs. They are highly durable and, depending on the surface, some can be directly engraved with your dog’s name and dates.
  • Wooden Dog Urns: Wooden dog urns are available in a variety of finishes and shapes. Depending on the finish and design, some wood pet urns can be laser engraved with a short message or your dog’s name. Wooden dog urns exhibit warmth with their rich natural tones and textures.
  • Natural Stone Dog Urns: Natural stone urns are commonly made with materials like granite, onyx, clay, and marble. Some stone dog urns come in geometric and rectangular shapes, which are made by assembling fabricated pieces of stones with special adhesives while the vase-shaped urns are created by turning a block of natural stones on a lathe to create the curvy profile.
  • Keepsake Cremation Urns: These urns store only a small portion of cremation ashes. They can vary in size, ranging from 3 cubic inches to 50 cubic inches. While a bigger sized urn can be used to place ashes in an established location, keepsake urns are often used to keep a portion of your pet’s ashes close to home. This allows you to have a discreet keepsake memory of your pet without taking up too much space.
  • Cremation Jewelry Urns: Jewelry urns are specially designed pieces of jewelry with a small inner chamber where a tiny portion of your pet’s cremation ashes can be stored. These urns allow you to always take your dog’s memory with you wherever you go.

What to Look for When Buying a Dog Urn

When purchasing a cremation urn for your pet, there are a few elements you’ll want to consider, including:

  • Quality: Is the urn going to hold up for a long time? What do past customers say about the urn’s quality?
  • Temperature and Housing: Consider the climate of where you live and where your urn will be stored. Will the urn expand and form cracks with a change in temperature due to certain materials? Or is the urn made of a durable material that will stay strong despite temperature changes?
  • Size: You’ll want to consider what size urn you are looking for. Bigger urns may be acceptable to many, but others may prefer a smaller, more discreet urn. Usually, the ideal size of your urn will depend on where you plan to house the urn.
  • Heart: Does the urn resonate with you? Does it speak to your heart and remind you of the good times with your pet? Choose an urn that connects with you.

Best Dog Urns: Reviews & Ratings

These are urns that we have found to be well reviewed and from reliable sellers. While these aren’t the only solid, reliable urns on the market, these have come well regarded. Here’s our quick guide to get you started – browse below for more detailed reviews!

How Did We Rate? The K9 of Mine rating chooses dog urns based off of customer reviews, value for the price, and originality of urn design. While all the urns detailed here come highly rated and worth considering, we use the K9 of Mine rating to help highlight especially exceptional dog urns.

1. Stoneware Pottery Dog Urn

Description: This personalized Stoneware Pottery Dog Urn is available from Etsy, with a modern design that is suited for contemporary tastes. With thousands Etsy reviews and a 5-star rating, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting a high-quality urn.

  • Price: $40 – $100 (price varies based on urn size)
  • K9 of Mine Rating: 
  • Color: Available in +28 different colored glazes and styles
  • Materials: Stoneware, clay, glaze, and cork
  • Size: Available in medium, large, and extra-large, housing 60lbs – 200lbs depending on the size.
  • Customizable? Yes, personalized text


 This unique dog urn features a modern, design made of authentic stoneware and natural colored glazes. This remarkably original, handmade dog urn also allow you to choose customizable text, which is hand-pressed around the outside of the urn. This allows you to include your pet’s name, dates, or to leave a personal remark for your pet that has passed. It also has sizes large enough to house ashes of an extra large or giant-sized dog.


 This dog urn is on the higher end of prices, but as you can see, it boasts a very unique design that is rarely seen elsewhere and is quite striking.

2. Personalized Kutya Handmade Photo Dog Urn

Description: This gorgeous modern Personalized Kutya Handmade Photo Dog Urn features a personalized image of your pet, photo transferred onto porcelain. Stunning and elegant, it’s a unique urn that you can proudly display in your home.

customized dog urn
  • Price: $150
  • K9 of Mine Rating: 
  • Materials: Porcelain, ceramic, clay, glaze, and photo transfer
  • Size: Designed to hold the remains of a 75lb or under pet
  • Customizable? Yes, lets you photo-transfer a real image of your pet onto the urn


 This is another very unique, one-of-a-kind custom dog urn that you’ll treasure for years to come. What makes this urn especially unique is the ability to have a favorite photo of your dog transferred onto the porcelain urn.


 Again, this photo pet urn is somewhat expensive, but provides a very special and original design that can be customized with your pet’s image.

3. Classic Series Pet Cremation Urn 

The Classic Series Pet Cremation Urn is another high-quality, highly-rated dog cremation urn, in an affordable price range.

Best Friend Services Pet Urn - Ottillie Paws Legacy Memorial Pet Cremation Urns for Dogs and Cats Ashes Hand Carved Brass Memory Keepsake Urn (Pewter, Vertical, Brass, Large)

  • Price: $86.03
  • K9 of Mine Rating: 
  • Materials: Available in pewter or brass
  • Size: Available in 4 sizes: small (0-30lbs), medium (30-65lbs), large (66-110lbs), and extra-large (110-160lbs).
  • Customizable? No
  • Other Features: Uses a threaded seal to keep top secure, plus an elegant pawprint design.


This is sturdy dog urn is made of durable metal, but still has a soft, curvy structure with a lovely paw print design. Many buyers note that visitors tend to think this item is a piece of art rather than an urn at first sight. The variety of sizes also allows this style of urn to work for all different sized pets, and it’s one of the rare dog urns for large dogs over 100 lbs.


This urn is quite heavy since it’s constructed of brass or pewter.

4. Custom Laser-Engraved Wooden Dog Urn

Description: This memorial wooden dog urn from Etsy is constructed of a wooden box, with customizable text and a photo on the top of the box for personalization.

  • Price: $84
  • K9 of Mine Rating: 
  • Materials: Wood, Inlay choice between alder or maple.
  • Size: Designed to hold the remains of a 65lb pet
  • Customizable? Yes, allows for personalized text and photo.


 This lovely wooden pet urn features a box-style design with text that can be customized with your pet’s name and dates via laser engraving.


 Not much to say as a con for this wood personalized dog urn, other than that it’s not the cheapest option (nor is it the most expensive either).

5. Personalized Mango Wood Dog Urn

Description: This Personalized Mango Wooden Dog Urn on Etsy is simple but attractive, made of mango wood and one of the more affordable dog urns on our list. It can be personalized with your dog’s name and dates.

  • Price: $15 – $40 depending on size
  • K9 of Mine Rating: 
  • Materials: mango wood
  • Size: Available in several sizes
  • Customizable? Yes, custom engraving.


 This wooden pet urn is quite affordable when compared with other urns, and the shinning mango wood is a great look.


 There is no option to add a photo of your pet, although we think there is something to be said for this simple design.

6. Ever My Pet Angel Bronze Dog Urn

Description: The Ever My Pet Angel Dog Urn is a bronze dog urn available on Amazon. While this dog urn comes with a higher price tag, its sleeping dog design is original, giving you lasting memories of your dog.

Ever My Pet Angel Dog Pet Urn Metallic Copper Small

  • Price: Price not available
  • K9 of Mine Rating: 
  • Materials: Metallic bronze
  • Size: Holds the remains of up to a 50 lb pet
  • Customizable? Yes, free engraving and heart-shaped name tag on the collar


This is urn’s unique design is crafted to look like a sleeping dog. The urn is also made of durable bronze that is strong and elegant. The deep brown bronze color allows this pet urn to match with a variety of home decors.


This is a higher-priced dog urn, with a price tag over $100. While the sleeping dog design is sweet, some may not consider this urn style as elegant as others with a similar price tag.

7. Beautiful Life Bronze Pet Funeral Urn

Description: The Beautiful Life Pet Urn is another affordable choice urn for housing your dog’s ashes. This urn is short and wide, with a paw print design featured on the top of the urn.

Beautiful Life Urns Pawsitively Cherished Pet Urn - Unique Cremation Urns for Pets, Medium, Pewter/Gold

  • Price: $54.99
  • K9 of Mine Rating: 
  • Materials: Brass, with brushed finish in pewter, slate & gold, or pewter & gold.
  • Size: Available in several different sizes
  • Customizable? Yes – one variation allows for limited name engraving.
  • Other Features: Threaded lit for safe and secure containment, a felt-covered bottom to keep still, and a paw-print design on the top.


This handcrafted dog urn is another lovely resting place for your family’s best friend. The brass construction means the urn is durable, and the handcrafting process allows each urn to be somewhat unique. It’s also one of the more affordable dog urns available.


The fact that the dog urn is made of brass makes this product quite heavy. However, this also ensures you’re getting a durable, quality product. The design is fairly sophisticated, but not very unique.

8. Bamboo Wooden Pet Urn

Description: This lovely Wooden Bamboo Pet Urn can serve as a simple yet attractive containment method for your beloved dog’s ashes.

bamboo pet urn
  • Price: $69 or more depending on materials
  • K9 of Mine Rating: 
  • Materials: Bamboo or Cedar
  • Size: Small (for 60 lb dogs and under) and Large (for dogs 100 lbs and under) sizes
  • Customizable? Yes, custom engraving and choice of engraving placement


 The lovely look of this smooth wooden bamboo urn is quite appealing, and the option for custom engraving makes it even more desirable for owners looking to remember a beloved pet.


 The coloring and grain pattern may vary slightly with each box, so you don’t know exactly what the urn will end up looking like.

9. Handmade Pottery Cremation Urn


Description: This made-to-order Handmade Pottery Cremation Urn is available on Etsy. For those who enjoy a natural aesthetic, this clay jar urn, with its tri-colored design and natural cork topper, is a homey tribute to a beloved pet.

  • Price: $52 – $160 (depending on size)
  • K9 of Mine Rating: 
  • Color: 5 color combinations are specifically listed (birch/turquoise, white/birch, white/shiny blue, white/pea green, white/charcoal), although other requests can be made.
  • Materials: clay with non-toxic glaze (jar), natural cork (topper)
  • Sizes: extra-small (for dogs that weighed up to 5 pounds), small (up to 25 pounds), medium (up to 50 pounds), large (up to 60 pounds), extra-large (up to 80 pounds), extra-extra-large (up to 110 pounds)
  • Customizable?: Yes, custom engraving, including different writing style options


This urn is handmade and so has many options for customization, from writing style and engraving to color scheme. Customers felt that it was a beautifully-crafted piece that complemented their homes well. If you like to support eco-friendly businesses, this could also be a good choice.


This product is a little more expensive than other options, but that is to be expected of a high-quality, handcrafted piece.

10. Raku Crystal Dream Jar Urn


Description: Available on Etsy at a very reasonable price, this earthy, New Age Raku Crystal Dream Jar Urn is great for owners looking for a keepsake cremation urn with a spiritual meaning.

  • Price: $24
  • K9 of Mine Rating: 
  • Color: multicolored copper matte, white crackle finish, or turquoise crackle finish
  • Materials: Raku ceramic pottery, crystal (either kyanite, amethyst, quartz, or citrine), turquoise
  • Size: 2.75 inches tall, 8-inch circumference
  • Customizable?: No
  • Other Features: The urn comes with a card explaining the meaning of a dream jar. Each crystal that can be selected to top the urn has a different spiritual meaning.


This urn allows you to memorialize your pet in a spiritual object that is designed to help you achieve your dreams. In this way, even in death, your pet can be part of your journey forward. However, even for owners who are not interested in the spiritual meaning of this urn can appreciate the unique, handmade design.


This is a great choice if you are looking for a keepsake cremation urn. However, if you want to keep all of the ashes of your much-loved pooch, you should look to larger urn options.

11. Cremation Ring

pet urn ring

Description: This elegant Cremation Ring is produced by Sugarberry Memorials and available for purchase on Etsy. The designer of these rings works with customers to create a keepsake of their pet that they will cherish.

  • Price: $48
  • K9 of Mine Rating: 
  • Color: dozens of color options available, including “natural” which allows the ashes to be visible
  • Materials: sterling silver, ashes, resin, pigment, sterling silver
  • Size: ring sizes 4 – 11 
  • Customizable?: Yes, option for liquid tint colors and shimmer options
  • Other Features: You will need to mail ashes to this maker in order for your ring to be made. The maker is very respectful of your pet’s memory, scattering unused ashes at a beach in San Diego.


Customers were very satisfied with the product, particularly the color and finish customization that is available for the ring. People often felt that the color of the ring helped them remember some unique aspect of their pet.


This ring may be somewhat delicate and should not be exposed to chemicals like those found in chlorine pools and some household cleaners.

12. Pet Memorial Cremation Pendant

dog urn necklace

Description: This affordable Pet Memorial Cremation Pendant has a youthful, modern style and lets you keep your pet’s memory (literally) close to your heart. There are 3 charms on the dog urn necklace: an angel’s wing, a vial for your pet’s ashes, and a name tag.

  • Price: $22.95
  • K9 of Mine Rating: 
  • Materials: Aluminum and stainless steel
  • Length: 18 inches or 22 inches
  • Customizable?: Yes, your pet’s name can be hand-stamped into one of the charms
  • Other Features: Comes with a small funnel kit which enables you to put your pet’s ashes into the vial charm on the necklace.


Customers were happy with the quality of the craftsmanship displayed in this piece. Many also mentioned that the seller communicates effectively and is very attentive to the needs of customers.


Putting your pet’s ashes into the vial may cause a bit of difficulty for some customers. It also requires some additional supplies like super glue.


We love the look and style of all these pet urns, but for a more customized touch you may want to consider making your own! Green Meadow has a great DIY dog urn guide for woodworkers who want to build their own pet urn.

Which dog urn do you find resonates with you? Why do you believe certain styles urns connect with you more than others? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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