The Farmer’s Dog Review: Is Farmer’s Dog Worth It?

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The Farmer’s Dog is one of the most popular fresh dog food brands on the market, and it’s becoming increasingly popular every day.

Owners want to feed their dogs like family, and The Farmer’s Dog promises a fresh and healthy option you can have delivered right to your doorstep. This obviously makes it a great choice for those who don’t mind spending a bit extra to spoil their pooch with the best eats out there.

About The Farmer’s Dog + Major Benefits

The Farmer’s Dog provides human-grade dog food made fresh for your pooch. The food is designed to meet all your dog’s nutritional needs and then some with whole meats and veggies.

farmers dog fresh dog food

Major benefits include:

  • Fresh Ingredients. Ingredients are sourced from reputable food suppliers, local farms, and other human food purveyors that meet USDA standards. The Farmer’s Dog doesn’t use feed-grade ingredients.
  • Simple Recipes. The Farmer’s Dog food includes protein + produce + canine-essential vitamins and minerals. That’s it!
  • USDA Kitchens. The Farmer’s Dog food packs are made in USDA kitchens — the same kind of kitchens your own food is made in.
  • Vet-Approved. Board-certified veterinary nutritionists formulate and approve each recipe to be 100% complete and balanced according to AAFCO standards (you should always be feeding your dog AAFCO-certified food, fresh or not).
  • Less Processing. The Farmer’s Dog foods are fresh, cooked at low temperatures, and minimally processed, especially compared to kibble. Over-processed foods historically haven’t been too great for humans, so it stands to reason that they aren’t ideal for your pooch either.
  • Pre-Portioned. The Farmer’s Dog foods are pre-portioned based on your dog’s size and needs.
  • As Fresh As Can Be. The Farmer’s Dog food is delivered within days of being made. It’s never deep frozen (it’s just flash frozen to keep safe during delivery), it isn’t designed to be shelf-stable (for better or for worse), and it gets delivered to your doorstep ASAP.
  • Environmentally-Friendly Packaging. The Farmer’s Dog foods come in a cardboard box that can be recycled, and the insulation is biodegradable. The food storage container that comes in each shipment is also biodegradable, and all the packs are made from BPA-free materials and are non-toxic.

How The Farmer’s Dog Works

When you first fill out your The Farmer’s Dog profile, you’ll provide a fair bit of info about your pooch.

The Farmer’s Dog Profile & Customization

On the first page, you’ll start with your dog’s name and where you live.

farmers dog start

Next, you’ll provide info on your dog’s age, weight, breed, and body type. I found the body type diagrams particularly helpful, because I think many owners don’t even realize their dog might be overweight. The diagram might really help in this regard.

farmers dog weight

You’ll also detail any medical issues your dog has, as well as give info regarding your dog’s current diet.

current diet health issues

You’ll also provide info about:

  • Your dog’s activity level (not active / active / very active / pro athlete)
  • Your dog’s eating style (very picky / a little picky / good eater / eats anything)

The Farmer’s Dog Recipes: Beef, Turkey, & Pork (aka the Good Stuff)

After providing all this info, you’ll get your pup’s eating plan, complete with recipes. You can examine each recipe in detail, check out the ingredients, and remove any recipes you are not a fan of.

farmers dog food plan

Just click on any recipe for full info about the ingredients and nutrition stats.

farmer dog beef recipe

How Much Does The Farmer’s Dog Cost?

It’s probably no surprise that The Farmer’s Dog is pricier than your standard kibble.

The Farmer’s Dog food can cost approximately $2 to $10 per day depending on your dog’s size (smaller dogs, as always, are cheaper to feed). When we input a sample profile for a 10-pound dachshund, pricing came out to $18.50 per week (fill out their questionnaire for personalized pricing details).

However, don’t forget that K9 of Mine readers can get 50% OFF their first order of The Farmer’s Dog, making it much more affordable to try (click here to get the 50% off discount)!

Pros + Cons of The Farmer’s Dog

Let’s talk the advantages and disadvantages of The Farmer’s Dog.


  • Very high quality food. As mentioned in our detailed discussion of The Farmer’s Dog core features, this dog food is very high-quality and is made from really fantastic ingredients. It’s minimally processed, vet-formulated, and fresh.
  • Pre-portioned amounts prevent overfeeding. Dog obesity is no joke, and it’s becoming as big an epidemic as human obesity. The pre-portioned packs of The Farmer’s Dog food (which are customized based on your dog’s caloric needs) prevent you from accidentally overfeeding Fido, keeping him slim and trim.
  • Customizable (to some degree). While you can’t do quite as much fine-tuning as some other fresh dog foods, The Farmer’s Dog profile questions ensure that you’re getting a customized diet based on your dog’s size, weight, and age.
  • Can alleviate some health issues. Of course your mileage may vary with this one, but many owners have testified that The Farmer’s Dog has improved their dog’s coat, skin, health, and overall disposition.
  • Delivery is awesome. Going to the grocery store, I usually have to contend with carrying three 12-packs of seltzer, my human groceries, as well as a giant bag of dog food to my car. Having dog food delivered can make life a lot easier.
  • Dogs are crazy about it. Dogs really go nuts for this food! Remy actually started visibly drooling as I took photos of his dinner dish (something I’ve never seen him do before).
farmers dog taste


  • It’s not great for training. This isn’t a downside of The Farmer’s Dog specifically, but of fresh dog foods in general — it can’t really be used for training. Remy and I have been working on a lot of loose leash walking, “leave it” practice, etc. Because we are doing so much training work, I prefer to pour his daily breakfast and dinner kibble into my treat pouch and feed it to him on our walks while we work on training exercises. This just isn’t possible with a fresh dog food.
  • It doesn’t work well with some puzzle toys. Sometimes when Remy seems bored, I’ll pour his kibble into a food-dispensing ball and he’ll have tons of fun snuffling around and rolling the ball to get the food out. This obviously isn’t doable with fresh dog food. That being said, you could definitely still put The Farmer’s Dog food into a KONG and freeze it, so fresh dog food is not incompatible with all puzzle toys.
  • It’s not a miracle solution. A lot of fresh dog foods make it seem like switching to a fresh option will cure all your dog’s ailments. While it’s true that some dogs do see a tremendous improvement, making a switch to any new high-quality dog food, fresh or kibble-based, can do wonders.
  • It’s (very) expensive. All quality dog foods are more expensive than the cheaper Purina variety, but The Farmer’s Dog is a particularly expensive dog food, and not everyone will be able to afford it long-term (this is a problem with all fresh dog food, not just The Farmer’s Dog). Thankfully, you can just use Farmer’s Dog for a month or two, see what kind of improvement you witness in your dog, and then decide if it’s worth sticking with or not.
  • It’s not very portable. The Farmer’s Dog food needs to be refrigerated once it arrives, so it isn’t very portable. This can be tough if you travel a lot with your dog or if your dog spends time at multiple houses (such as with a dog sitter).

My Experience With The Farmer’s Dog

We tried The Farmer’s Dog for the week and here are my two cents.

What I love:

  • How excited Remy was to eat. (I mean, he always loves food, but he seemed especially excited when I whip out the The Farmer’s Dog packets).
  • Remy’s poop improvement. Remy’s stools have been pretty wet and loose for a while now. Let’s just say I spend a solid minute or two trying to wrangle his droppings into a bag out on walks, and I’m rarely able to get all of it, inducing quite a bit of dog-mom guilt. After eating Farmer’s Dog for a week, his stools are much firmer and look healthier. They’re also much easier to pick up!
  • The personalization. I know it doesn’t really mean much, but I thought it was so cute seeing my and Remy’s name right on the packaging. It just made us (OK, mostly me) feel special.
the farmers dog review

My only disappointment is that Remy has been quite itchy, and I was hoping a change to a higher-quality diet would help. Unfortunately, after a week of The Farmer’s Dog, he is still as itchy as ever.

This isn’t the fault of The Farmer’s Dog though. It simply means Remy is likely suffering from an environmental allergy rather than a food allergy (environmental allergies are much more common in dogs than food allergies).

That being said, when I reported my results to The Farmer’s Dog staff, they actually said that they have seen even environmental allergies improve in dogs over long term use. It’s unclear how their food may improve environmental allergies, but maybe I’ll see better results with longer use.

Will I continue with The Farmer’s Dog? Maybe at some point. It is quite pricey and since Remy is a new dog in my life, we are working a lot on training. And for now, kibble is just much easier to use for training.

I also bring Remy to my mother’s house a few days a week so she can watch him when I’m working long hours. It’s much easier for me to just buy two bags of kibble — one to keep at her place and one to keep at my place — than it is to tote cooler packs of fresh dog food back and forth each week.

Who is The Farmer’s Dog Best For?

The Farmer’s Dog fresh dog food is especially great for:

  • Picky Eaters. If your pup is a picky eater, there’s slim chance he’ll reject this stuff. It’s completely irresistible!
  • If You’re Done With Training. Of course dog training is never completely over, but if your dog has the basics down and you don’t have the constant training sessions we’re working on right now, the inability to use kibble as a training tool won’t be a huge deal.
  • If You Want to Share With Fido. I’m mostly kidding, but honestly, this food looks so good that I’m pretty tempted to take a bite out of it. I don’t want to get Remy angry so I haven’t tried, but the truth is that it just looks tasty.
  • If You Don’t Move Around a Ton. Fresh dog food isn’t very portable, so it’s best for owners who are relatively stationary and not moving or going on road trips with Fido constantly.
  • If Your Dog Has Health Issues. Many owners who have sickly dogs or pups with unusual ailments have witnessed their dogs do a 180° on fresh dog food. If you have a sick pooch and you feel like you’ve tried everything, The Farmer’s Dog is certainly worth a trial run.

Should You Try The Farmer’s Dog?

Yes, I’d say The Farmer’s Dog is absolutely worth trying. Remy absolutely adored it, and I can see from his stool improvement that the food really helped his digestion.

Many owners have even more impressive accounts of their pup’s fur, skin, and even demeanor improving after trying The Farmer’s Dog.

While The Farmer’s Dog is definitely expensive feed for Fido, since you can get 50% off the first box, I don’t see why any pup parent shouldn’t at least try it for a short stint.

Maybe you’ll decide you’re not seeing any remarkable benefits and won’t stick with the deliveries after the first discounted week — no harm, no foul. Or maybe your dog will drastically improve in ways you didn’t even imagine. And in that case, you may find The Farmer’s Dog well worth the cost.

Farmer’s Dog FAQ

Lots of owners have questions about fresh foods in general — and The Farmer’s Dog specifically. We’ll try to answer some of the most common queries below!

How Much is The Farmer’s Dog?

The Farmer’s Dog pricing varies depending on the size of your dog.

Fresh food can cost approximately $2 to $10 per day depending on your dog’s size (smaller dogs need less food — and therefore cost less to feed — than larger dogs).

Using an example profile for a 10-pound dog, The Farmer’s Dog pricing came out to roughly $18 per week.

However, there are great discounts for first-time customers, as detailed above.

Is The Farmer’s Dog Worth It?

This really depends on your budget as well as your dog’s needs.

If your dog regularly suffers from stomach and digestion ailments, has bad-quality poops, or had other medical issues that may be alleviated through an improved diet, then The Farmer’s Dog may be worth its relatively high price.

If your dog is healthy and happy with his current diet, maybe there isn’t much of a reason to switch foods.

Have you ever tried The Farmer’s Dog? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

NOTE: If you haven’t gotten a chance to try The Farmer’s Dog yet, don’t forget that K9 of Mine readers can get 50% OFF their first box when you sign up with this link.

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Written by

Meg Marrs

Meg Marrs is the Founder and Director of Marketing at K9 of Mine. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! She loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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  1. James H. Arcand Avatar
    James H. Arcand

    I feed boneless chicken, cook roast beef, veggies, healthy snacks…why would I pay 120/week and I have 2 sister Airedales. I spend about 50-60/wk now but it’s fresh and not way over priced. It’s a fad and only yuppies that think it’s trendy. Cooking chicken and beef is so easy and can be done 2x/wk. and placed in fridge.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, James.

      As long as you’ve had a veterinary nutritionist of vet give your recipe the green light, then there’s nothing wrong with feeding your pets homecooked meals. But if you’re really interested in saving money, you’d be better off sticking to a commercial kibble that meets the AAFCO guidelines for your pets’ life stage.

      All that said, fresh dog foods certainly are pricey. But there are plenty of people out there who love feeding them to their pets — cost isn’t everyone’s first consideration.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Scott Avatar

    I’m looking into farmers dog food cost. I feed Lilly a small border collie ( 35 to 40 lbs ) home made dog food. Mark down steak, hamburger, chicken, various vegetables. I’m curious to find out the regular cost of farmers dog and how many meals.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Scott.
      Just head over to their website, plug in Lily’s info, and you’ll get a quote pretty quickly.

      It’ll likely be in the same ballpark, price wise, and you’ll have the added benefit of knowing it’s properly balanced.
      Best of luck!

  3. Cherie Santos Avatar
    Cherie Santos

    Raw meat found in our dog’s Turkey meal! Totally unacceptable!

    Customer service was notified immediately. They are checking the lot number

    Turkey recipe dated August 15, 2023.

    Other customers may want to check same batch.

    We did not ask, but TFD says they will reimburse and rectify the situation.

    My take on this:
    1. Our dog loves the food.
    2. TFD was very fast in answering us and working on the solution.
    3. Our dog has been scratching herself in several spots. Hopefully, it will heal soon and she’s not allergic to the food contents?

    4. Other customers will have awareness on checking the food carefully before feeding.


    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Cherie. We’re sad to hear about the issue with your pup’s food, but we’re glad The Farmer’s Dog is working to make things right and correct the problem.
      Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  4. Richard Avatar

    A HUGE tip-of-the-hat to Farmers Dog! These folks truly care about OUR PETS and they CARE about us, the pet owners! Allow me to explain. My wife and I had two Boston Terrier rescue dogs. We lost one, Dustie Rose, suddenly last November and our remaining girl, Maggie Mae has Cushings and advanced dementia. We just started feeding Farmers Dog to Maggie Mae and have had her on it for about a week now. She is responding quite well and has new found vigor and appetite. She is more alert than we’ve seen in several months! We are truly grateful for Farmers Dog!
    My review doesn’t stop there. It is with great pleasure that I bring you “the rest of the story”. After Farmers Dog learned of what my wife and I have been through since Dustie Rose passed, the fine folks at Farmers Dog sent us a BEAUTIFUL POTTED PLANT and a very thoughtful card! How many companies elevate to this LEVEL OF CARING for their customers and pets?! This POTTED PLANT will serve as a living memorial to the FOND MEMORIES we have of Dustie Rose and Maggie Mae for MANY YEARS TO COME!
    THANK YOU, FARMERS DOG for going ABOVE AND BEYOND! My wife and I are grateful!

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Richard.

      We’re so sorry to hear about Dustie Rose, but we’re glad Maggie Mae is doing well on the new food!
      Also, it’s great to hear that The Farmer’s Dog went above-and-beyond by sending you a thoughtful gift in remembrance of your pooch.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with our readers!

  5. Samantha Avatar

    A week is not enough time to reveal if the new food is helping. We had an allergy test which revealed exactly what not to feed him so we could feed him the right foods for our dog.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Samantha. That’s a great way of sorting your way through food-allergy issues.
      We hope the tests have pointed you in the right direction!

  6. Debra Arner Avatar
    Debra Arner

    I have newly tried Farmers dog food because I have very picky eater to even her own weightloss etc so finding something she can eat would be great. So I thought that $2 a day would be great right up until I shopped for the ingredients for her food and buying 90% ground beef or chicken is not always possible especially with Covid messing up most of the groceries we use to get easily. So I reached out to them for substitutions and they don’t have any…..when they made the recipes they could have interjected lower cost groceries to make this user friendly for everyone (not just those people who make 6 figures and I told them that as most of the comments on their site are people saying can’t they use something else like frozen chicken breasts instead of ground chicken…figure in the increased sodium and make buying 6# of check go from $45 to $20 easy things…..I hope they note what people are saying and create some new recipes….just my thoughts and actions so far. another interesting fact is the difference between the supplements on Farmers dog and Balance IT….so very different

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Debra. We appreciate you sharing your experiences with The Farmer’s Dog. COVID certainly has made grocery shopping a challenge at times, but to be fair, it has also caused disruptions in the conventional dog food supply chain too.
      Best of luck!

  7. margot f saunders Avatar
    margot f saunders

    Farmers Dog Food ( has been shipping packages of beef dog food, mislabeled as their chicken dog food. This is a problem for many dogs because the beef food packages include lentils, to which many dogs have allergic reactions — including my dog. These packages have been mistakenly shipped all over the country.

    I had purchased the chicken dog food packages (which are listed on the website as not including any lentils) and received packages that were labeled chicken dog food, but were actually beef dog food, with lentils.

    The company has admitted to this mistake, but refuses to agree to contact all the other recipients of their mislabeled dog food. My dog suffered problems from eating the lentils, and I would think that many other dogs have as well.

    Perhaps K9 of Mine might convince Farmers Dog to do the right thing and notify all of its customers who received the wrong dog food of this mistake.

  8. Ang Avatar

    I would never order from you ,you won’t tell how a 1 bag cost.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Ang.
      First, a point of clarity: “We” aren’t The Farmer’s Dog; we’re K9 of Mine (nice to meet ya!). We’re just sharing info about their meals to help owners decide if it’d be a good fit for their pooch.

      About the pricing, The Farmer’s Dog meals (and the meals of most other fresh food brands) are custom formulated for your specific pet. So, the bags aren’t priced like ordinary kibble. You’ll need to fill out a brief questionnaire to find out how much it would cost to feed your pupper.

      I know that’s slightly less convenient than just looking at a price tag, but that’s just part of the gig when ordering custom foods.
      Hope that helps! Best of luck in your search for a dog food.

  9. Lawrence Avatar

    Just plain way too expensive……as some comments prior there are same or equal foods at better pricing !!

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Lawrence.
      The Farmer’s Dog (and fresh foods in general) are certainly not cheap, but some owners feel like it’s worth paying a premium to give their pooch super-tasty food.
      Check out our complete review of fresh dog food brands if you’d like to see some other options.
      Best of luck!

  10. R. Kroeber Avatar
    R. Kroeber

    I’m generally happy with my dog’s current food. I Just wanted to out Farmer’s Dog and see if she liked it better or not, not sign up for recurring deliveries right out of the gate. The 60% off was a teaser price and I get that. But if you’re going to rope me into a regular delivery schedule when I haven’t decided whether I want to continue, well… that’s a deal-breaker. I’m fine with you charging me full price on a one-off delivery and then let me get back to you if I want to re-up on a regular schedule. Don’t make me have to commit first and then hassle with cancellation later.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Completely valid complaint, R.
      But for better or worse, these types of “mandatory enrollment” programs seem to be the norm for many product categories these days.
      Thanks for sharing your experiences!

      1. Debbie Avatar

        I get a month supply and freeze it is that ok to freeze

  11. Dianne Brackett Avatar
    Dianne Brackett

    My dogs eat 2 meals a day. Breakfast at (9:00 am) and Dinner at (5:00pm). Do your plans adhere to this schedule?

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Dianne.
      That shouldn’t be a problem, just let the Farmer’s Dog know your schedule when ordering.
      Best of luck!

  12. Denice J Miller Avatar
    Denice J Miller

    We are customers of Farmer’s Dog and it has been a favorite with our dogs. We no longer need the food for SheDaisy. please remove her from your plan but continue for Collette. Thank you,
    Denice J Miller

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Denice.
      We’re glad the food worked out for your pooches, but you’ll have to reach out to Farmer’s Dog to make changes to your orders or account.
      Thanks for sharing, though!

  13. Laurie Avatar

    My dog got deathly sick after eating the farmers dog food.
    She passed away the following week

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      That’s terrible, Laurie! We’re so sorry to hear that.

      We completely understand if you don’t want to discuss it further, but we’d be curious to know if your vet identified the exact cause of her passing.
      Regardless, we’d recommend checking out some of our resources on dealing with the loss of a dog.

  14. Carmen Gill Avatar
    Carmen Gill

    I like to try my little dog

  15. MD Avatar

    My dog has been on farmers dog for about 6 months. She started to lean out, which was great, but she continued to lose too much weight. We increased her calories a couple of times through TFD but weight loss continued. We even took her to the vet to be sure there wasn’t something else going on.

    Now, we have started supplementing her food with rice, etc to get her more calories since it costs more money to continually increase the amount of food from TFD.

    Ultimately, TFD says that their calories calculation is a starting point and you should adjust accordingly, but it was pretty unreasonable low for my dog’s breed and they won’t share how they come up with the calorie estimate. The lack of transparency is frustrating. It sorta feels like you are started on a low calorie plan, your dog gets accustomed to the new food, and you have to keep increasing the amount of food which costs more money.

    I’ll stick with it for now but will be looking for other options out there soon.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Huh. That’s interesting, MD.
      Sorry Farmer’s Dog isn’t working out ideally for you guys, but we appreciate you sharing your experiences.

  16. Ronald Mendyk Avatar
    Ronald Mendyk

    Need to change Harley food plan

  17. cacarr Avatar

    Regarding a food curing itchiness — *most* of the time itching is from environmental allergies *not* food. So it would be an allergy to dust mites or pollen, that sort of thing, same as a human.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Cacarr.
      I’m not aware of any hard data that identifies the most common cause of itching (or even a comparative study), but I’d be happy to take a look if you have one.
      That said, you are correct that environmental allergies are another common cause of itchiness.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  18. Robert Ortiz Avatar
    Robert Ortiz

    Read your article on The Farmer’s Dog food and found it quite informative, thank you. Having taught for 18yrs, the slow learner, the learning disabled, the advanced gifted students & adults, taught night school for the GED certificate. This night class offered Spanish, History, beginning & advanced mathematics (up to Algebra II) Having qualified myself I will offer you some “constructive criticism” Your article has grammatical errors. You should reread your article and make the corrections. Example: your (when it should be you’re) it, its, & it’s and others. Your article was interesting and informative, thank you … LORD BLESS YOU!!!

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Robert. We’re so glad you enjoyed the article.
      The SPAG issues are my fault.
      We’re a small and busy team, and I must have simply missed this article during the uploading process. As I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s exceedingly easy to make these kind of minor flubs when working under a tight deadline.
      Suffice to say, we appreciate you pointing out the errors, and we’ve fixed them!
      Thanks for reading!

  19. K.J. SOMERS Avatar

    Can the packets of food be frozen?? What is the probability of the food going bad via shipping problems or heat, such as food borne illness or bacterial growth??

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, K.J.
      You can freeze the individual packets. The Farmer’s Dog discusses a bit about food-safety and shipping on the FAQ page of their website.
      Let us know how you like them!

  20. Catherine Harper Avatar
    Catherine Harper

    I ordered The Farmer’s Dog for my one year old Lhasa Apso who had grown tired of her kibble. I was hoping adding in some fresh food would encourage her to be more enthusiastic about eating. I do not give her any ‘people food’, except carrot snacks. At first she seemed to really like the Turkey recipe, but was less enthused by the 3rd day leftovers in a package. The Beef recipe went about the same. And it’s not visually appealing to me. I did not order Pork. That just grosses me out for some reason. After about a month of TFD in her diet, she decided she would just eat her kibble again most days. It may not be the food, maybe she’s finicky. I’m looking to try another company for comparison after I use up my second shipment. I’m considering NomNom. The pouches by TFD are messy to use if you have to portion them out over multiple days, and they seem to lose their appeal by day 3. I like the single serving option with NomNom. Feeding a picky eater is always a challenge. Thanks for your reviews!

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Thank you, Catherine, for sharing your experiences! Best of luck finding the perfect food for your finicky four-footer!

    2. Tamara Avatar

      My dog liked it in the beginning and now almost stopped eating it. She is only 5 lbs (Maltipoo) and she started to lose weight so I have to be careful. The last two packages of beef, she wasn’t eating that at all so I had throw it all away after trying to get her to eat with mixing it with water, then mixing it with kibble, but nothing worked, not even sprinkling some of her treats that we broke down to small pieces. This morning I started with a fresh pack of chicken which she ignored so after a while I added fresh cooked chicken and she ate that right away. My son used TFD for his Lab who lost a lot of weight on it and made the dog more lean but the dog kept losing weight which seems to be a sign of not enough calories. TFD replied he can buy more packages toads calories which adds a lot of money as my son thought that TFD could maybe add calories to a package. So he canceled his subscription and I will try two more days and if she keeps refusing the food then I Ave no other choice then to cancel as $ 150 a month for throwing away food is too much for me. The way TFD ship their food is awesome, and the personalized packages are so nice and easy to use but my dog is final decision maker and either this food was not processed well as why would she like it during the trial version and the next shipment and now refuses to eat while she is completely healthy.

      1. Lisa O Avatar
        Lisa O

        I have been feeding my Shih Tzu and Maltipoo TFD for 6+ months and both are underweight now. I’ve increased portions with what’s left but will cancel as increasing calories raises the price to $40-$50/week per pup! Bummed because they do love it.