Our 10 Favorite Kong Dog Toys (and 3 We DON’T Like): K9 of Mine Staff Picks!



K9 of Mine Staff


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Our Favorite Kongs

Like Kong toys for your doggo?

Yeah — we do too. Most of ’em, anyway.

But because there are so many different types of Kongs on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming to pick one or two for your pooch. And that’s a shame, as many of these toys are not only fun for four-footers to play with, but they’re also helpful for training and dog-management purposes.

So, to help our readers out, we’ve had several members of the K9 of Mine team share their own personal experiences with these toys. We’ve then used these comments to assemble a list of our favorite Kongs, along with a few we’re not crazy about.

Read on to find the best Kong for your canine!

Our Favorite KONG Dog Toys: Quick Picks

  • #1 The Classic KONG [Best All-Around KONG]: The toy that started the Kong craze, it can be chewed, fetched, filled with tasty things, or even used for training.
  • #2 The KONG Extreme [Best KONG for Power Chewers]: A super-durable version of the Classic Kong, this is the best Kong for power-chewing pupperinos.
  • #3 The KONG Wobbler [The Best KONG for Solo Playtime]: A treat-dispensing, interactive toy, this Kong is great for solo playtime and stimulation.
Meet the Reviewers

We’ve collected the thoughts about Kongs from five key pack members here at K9 of Mine. This includes our CEO Megan Marrs, editor Ben Team, certified dog behavior consultant Kayla Fratt, and long-time contributors Kelsey Snyder and Kate Brunotts.

What Are KONG Toys?

Kong Toys

Most Kongs are dog toys made with chewing in mind

First created by Joe Markham back in 1970, these pupper playthings were inspired by Markham’s beloved but chewy-happy canine, Fritz, who had an affinity for rubber. 

With his doggo’s preference in mind, Markham crafted the classic red Kong we all know today. Over the years, he added more variations, including the Extreme Kong line for heavy-duty chewers in black, the Puppy Kong line made for teething in pink and light blue, and Senior Kong line for aging chompers in purple. 

Most Kong toys are made with globally sourced, non-toxic, BPA-free rubber in the USA. But there are exceptions, so always check each individual Kong toy’s country of origin, as some are made in China.

How and When Can You Use KONG Toys?

Kong has come a long way from the classic line of chews to provide toys that meet a host of canine enrichment needs, including:

  • Fetch: The Kong Ball, KongClassic Flyer, and KongSqueezz Ball are just some of the toys that satisfy your doggo’s need to chase and play.
  • Chew: Kong’s line includes countless chew-friendly toys, including the Kong Dental Dog Toy and Kong Classic Goodie Bone.
  • Solo play: Sometimes, you need your doggo to play independently, and the Kong Jump’N Jack Dog Toy and Kong Wobbler are two of Kong’s many offerings ready to keep him occupied.
  • Tug: Pull and play to your pup’s content with the Tugga Wubba, Wubba, and more, all made with your pup’s teeth in mind.
  • Foraging: Dogs love to hunt for food, and you can put this instinct to the test with the Kong Classic, Kong Activity Ball, and more, featuring stuffable centers.

Kong toys are beneficial not only during downtime around the house but also as brain games and exercise between training sessions, keeping your canine happy and engaged.

Our Favorite KONG Toys

Favorite Kong Toys

The K9 of Mine team has an assortment of doggos (tall and small), and most of ’em are Kong fans. We’ve gathered up the four-legged favorites for you to browse, hopefully helping you pick the Kong toy that your dog would enjoy most.  

1. Classic KONG

The Best All-Around KONG

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The Classic Kong

Classic KONG

Safe, fun to chew, and easy to stuff with goodies, this is the best starting point for owners who’re new to KONGs.

About: The Classic Kong is a treat-dispensing toy that’ll keep your dog chewing and licking for hours on end. Easily stuffable with goodies, just add cookies, peanut butter, or cheese spray to the Kong’s hollowed center and watch your pup go to town.


  • Crafted of natural rubber
  • Bouncy nature allows for rounds of fetch between chewing
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Made in the USA using globally sourced materials

Options: Available in 6 sizes, from XS to XXL.


  • Strong but malleable, the Kong classic is an excellent choice for average chewers.
  • Affordably priced and long-lasting, the Kong classic is a heck of a bargain. 
  • The ability to use the toy for fetch and chewing makes it a versatile pick. 


  • Some dogs refuse to chew rubber, no matter how hard you try to entice them.
  • Heavy-duty chewers need a stronger chew.
K9 of Mine: Staff Review

Hey guys and gals! Meg, here.

The Classic Kong is one of my favorite options for giving Remy something to lick up and distracting him when visitors are over.

I love to stuff the Kongs with a mix of wet food, canned pumpkin, and cottage cheese. Then I freeze it, and Remy has a snack to lick up when he needs help calming down (essential to have on hand for a dog like Remy who gets over aroused so easily). These things are awesome and so versatile!

Make sure to check out our video below where I’ll show you my favorite stuffed Kong recipes!

K9 of Mine: Staff Review

Kayla checking in! 

When my puppy Niffler was younger, our Classic Kong was an absolute lifesaver. I filled it with raw food grind for his meals and used it to keep him busy while I cleaned or worked or showered. 

We still use a Classic Kong almost daily in my house; I keep a bowl of 6 to 8 frozen Kongs on hand at all times. With high-energy and slightly anxious border collies in my home, it’s ultra-handy to be able to occupy and soothe them with a snack whenever we need. I love that I can rotate what I stuff the Kongs with to keep the dogs interested and healthy!

2. KONG Classic Extreme

About: Made with powerful chewers in mind, the Kong Classic Extreme is a tougher version of the classic Kong. Best of all, it’s dishwasher safe (like many other Kongs), making cleanup a breeze.

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Extreme Kong

KONG Classic Extreme

Similar to the Classic KONG, but made from stronger, heavier rubber to withstand your power-chewer’s chomers.


  • Crafted of non-toxic, BPA-free rubber
  • Easily stuffable with your dog’s favorite treats
  • Extra bouncy materials make for fantastic fetching fun
  • Made of globally sourced materials in the USA

Options: Available in 5 sizes ranging from small to XXL.


  • Affordably priced, it offers hours of fun for less.
  • The strong rubber holds up to most aggressive chewers.
  • As with the Classic Kong, pup parents love the ability to freeze this toy, thereby increasing the chewing difficulty of hidden goodies.


  • The Extreme line is overkill for average chewers.
  • The rubber smell can be off-putting to humans and dogs alike.
K9 of Mine: Staff Review

Hi there canines and kiddos! Kelsey, here.

We like the Kong Extreme Classic a bunch

Moxie (my Staffy mix) is a super chewer, and this is the only stuffable toy that has held up for her.

She’s had the same one for over a year now, and while we only offer it once in a while, it doesn’t show substantial damage other than some scuffing/scratching. It’s easy to clean and sturdy without causing any mouth ouchies like other chews. 

3. KONG Goodie Bone

About: The Kong Goodie Bone directs your dog’s chewing instincts to an appropriate (and delicious) outlet. Just slip your dog’s favorite treats into the ends and keep him chewing, licking, and pawing away.

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The Kong Goodie Bone

KONG Goodie Bone

A bone-shaped toy made from natural rubber that’s easy for dogs to grip and capable of holding various treats in both ends.


  • Manufactured with a durable, dog-friendly rubber
  • Fillable ends for long-lasting enrichment
  • Easy to clean between uses 
  • Made in the USA of globally sourced materials

Options: Available in small, medium, and large sizes along with Classic, Extreme, and Puppy versions of hardness.


  • The bone shape makes this toy easy for dogs to hold, carry, and chew.
  • This is a pretty affordable member of the Kong product line.
  • The Goodie Bone is pretty long-lasting as long as you pick the right strength (Classic, Extreme, or Puppy.)


  • Some owners and dogs found the rubber scent too strong.
  • Goodie Bones aren’t as durable as the Classic Kong shape for some chewers.
  • The hollow ends don’t hold a ton of soft filler — this is best used with long, hard treats.
K9 of Mine: Staff Review

Hey, ya’ll! Ben, here.

My pooch has had her Kong Goodie Bone for about 6 years now, and we’re pretty big fans of it. It was far too large and heavy for her as a young pup, but she’s grown into it nicely.

Now, my dog doesn’t really sit around just gnawing on this toy — she’s not really a chewer at all. But, she does like when I put a treat or bit of dog-safe peanut butter in the ends for her to lick out. And occasionally, I’ll trick her into playing fetch with it, just so I can watch her carrying it back to me (it’s pretty darn cute).

Suffice to say, it’s safe, durable, and gives me a good way to provide some quick enrichment when need be. Highly recommended.


4. KONG Tug

About: The Kong Tug is the ultimate pick for lovable lugs who can’t get enough tug of war. Featuring two nylon rings made to withstand the rigors of tug, it’s ready to provide game after game of fun. 

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Kong Tug Toy


A flexible tug toy that’s made from durable rubber and easy for you and your dog to grip during playtime.


  • Crafted with non-toxic rubber and stretchable nylon for a more comfortable game of tug
  • Control-Flex technology keeps tuggers safe from accidental snap-back during play
  • Easy to wipe clean as needed
  • Made of globally sourced ingredients in the USA

Options: Available in small, medium, and large sizes.


  • Lightweight and relatively easy to handle, it won’t bog down your fun.
  • Owners praise the length, as it puts plenty of space between tuggers to prevent accidental bites or head-clashing.
  • The toy’s unique shape makes it ideal for canine tug-of-war battles.


  • Since this isn’t intended for chewing, you have to make sure your dog doesn’t run off with it and cause damage.
  • A bigger, more padded grip would be comfier for human tuggers.
K9 of Mine: Staff Review

Ben here, again.

While my dog may not be a chewer, she loves — and I mean loves — playing tug-of-war. At least two or three times a day, I’ll look down from my computer to see her resting a tug toy on my lap and giving me the eyes.

She’s not terribly picky about tug toys, and this one may not even really be her favorite (she seems to prefer the plush variety a bit more, but she’ll gladly play with this one too).

But it is my favorite tug toy. The thing I like about it most is the ergonomics — it is really easy for me to hang on to (no small feat when a 95-pound Rottie is on the other end). It’s also super easy to clean once playtime is over.

As long as you don’t intend to let your dog chew on it on her own (it probably won’t hold up long for this kind of use), I whole-heartedly recommend it.

5. KONG Squeezz Ring

About: The Kong Squeezz Ring is made with tooth-friendly rubber that’s malleable enough to chew safely but strong enough to stand up to teeth. Loaded with hidden inner squeakers, it’ll keep your four-footer entertained.

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KONG Squeezz Ring

KONG Squeezz Ring

A fun and flexible toy with an internal squeaker and can be used for chewing, tugging, or games of fetch.


  • Manufactured with non-toxic, durable rubber
  • Squeaky sound drives dogs wild
  • Dishwasher safe for top-rack only
  • Made in China

Options: Offered in medium and large sizes.


  • While it’s not intended for heavy chewers, it withstands regular wear for average chompers.
  • The squeak is pretty loud compared to other toys, making squeaker-lovers rejoice.
  • Bouncy nature makes it fun for games of fetch too.


  • This toy will not withstand power chewers.
  • Some doggos did get their jaws stuck in the center, which can be scary, but it’s rare and fixable — it would be pretty easy to cut off, should an emergency arise.
K9 of Mine: Staff Review

Kelsey here, again. This time talking about the Kong Squeaky Toy.

First, a bit of an issue: These dog toys come with a heavy rubbery odor that requires some airing out. However, once this dissipates, it became a favorite toy bin pick for my pooches.

Unfortunately, it did become punctured after a few days, so it no longer squeaked, thereby ruining its appeal for my Staffy mix Moxie. But overall, it’s a good choice for an average chewer.

K9 of Mine: Staff Review

Ben, here again.

This simple little toy has proven to be much more appealing to my pooch than I’d have ever imagined. She’s not really a chewer (in the traditional sense), but she loves chasing this thing around and carrying it to and fro.

We’ve actually had it for about 5 years now, and (while it probably wouldn’t hold up for power chewers, like Kelsey’s dogs) it is still in pretty good shape.

6. KONG Wobbler

About: The Kong Wobbler provides interactive, fuss-free fun with its large inner treat reservoir. Designed to mimic foraging behavior, this honeycomb-shaped contraption keeps your pup guessing as it wobbles to and fro.

Best KONG for Solo Playtime

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Kong Wobbler

KONG Wobbler

A hard plastic, food-dispensing toy that spills kibble or treats as your dog bumps, nudges, and flings it.


  • Made of food-safe plastic polymer
  • Wobble action encourages your dog to nose, paw, and shake free treats
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup between uses
  • Made in the USA

Options: Offered in small and large sizes.


  • The brain game aspect is a win with pup parents who report it keeps their four-footers guessing.
  • The center capacity is large enough to use it as a slow feeder as well.
  • The twist-in technology keeps treats safely tucked inside.


  • Some dogs aren’t fans of the plastic material and will ignore the toy.
  • Power chewers will make quick work of this, so always supervise during use!
K9 of Mine: Staff Review

Meg here, again.
I’m a tremendous fan of the Kong Wobbler! It was Remy’s first feeding puzzle toy that I used for dinner, and for a while it was the only way to keep him distracted for longer than 5 minutes.

Since we started using this, the Kong Wobbler became a bit too easy for him and we graduated to the Bob-A-Lot toy, but I’ll still use the Kong Wobbler when I’m feeling lazy because it’s SO easy to load up and is just an all-around awesome puzzle toy – especially if your dog needs help building their confidence, as it’s fairly easy to get the hang of for most dogs!

And before you click that “Buy Now” button, be sure to checkout our in-depth, hands-on review of the Kong Wobbler!

K9 of Mine: Staff Review

Kayla back again — this time to talk Wobblers!

Adopting my border collie Barley was a super overwhelming experience. He was SO food driven and so high energy. One of the first purchases I made after bringing him home was a Kong Wobbler. We filled that with his favorite kibble every morning. Just playing with the Wobbler took a minute edge off of his energy, and I needed any softening that I could get!

As Barley got used to my home, I started to actually hide his Wobbler around the house so that when I left for work, he had a full-on scavenger hunt to find his meals. He loves pawing and nosing at the toy to earn his meals – you can see a grin on his face whenever the Wobbler makes an appearance.

7. KONG Flyer

About: The Kong Flyer is Kong’s take on the classic frisbee, delivering plastic-free fun that won’t crack during use. Gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums, your pup can happily catch this in midair with less risk to his mouth.

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Kong Flyer

KONG Flyer

A throwing-disc-style toy that’s easy to pick up and made from KONG’s durable, chewtastic rubber.


  • Crafted with durable, non-toxic rubber
  • Lightweight build that glides just as well as plastic
  • Has some bounce to keep your dog guessing
  • Made in the USA with globally sourced materials 

Options: Offered in small and large sizes along with Classic, Puppy, and Extreme strength.


  • The soft-catch style is safer for teeth than other disc toys.
  • Owners praise the disc’s durability. 
  • The rubber is easy to clean between uses. Just rinse and you’re good to go.
  • Unlike rigid discs, this one is super-easy for doggos to pick up.


  • Some owners found the flight skills of this flyer to be lacking.
  • Since this isn’t intended for use as a chew toy, you have to make sure your dog doesn’t run off with it to chomp, as it won’t hold up.
K9 of Mine: Staff Review

Ben here, again.

This toy really shocked me — well, my dog’s reaction to it did, anyway.

For some reason, my pooch completely lost her mind over this toy from the first second I pulled it out of the box. She chewed, chased, and wrestled with it for a solid 30 minutes before I even threw it once (though she flung it up in the air to herself several times).

It has continued to be a favorite of hers, and I’ve actually found her whining and going all bipedal in an effort to snatch it off the kitchen counter at times.

However, I am not quite as big a fan of it for one simple reason: It’s not especially easy to throw well. I’m no disc golf champ or anything, but I can throw a dang Frisbee. However, there’s definitely a bit of a learning curve to getting this thing to fly well.

But while it’s not a great choice for competitive dog disc games, it is undeniably a great toy for more casual fetch time.

8. KONG Wubba Classic

About: The Kong Wubba is a one-of-a-kind plaything for your dog’s toy bin. Made in a fun missile-like shape with tassels, it’s the perfect toy for fetch, tug, thrashing, and more.

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Kong Wubba

KONG Wubba Classic

A nice alternative to traditional KONGs, the Wubba is coated in nylon and suitable for tugging, tossing, and chewing.


  • Crafted of reinforced nylon
  • Hidden inner squeaky keeps canines engaged
  • Inner tennis ball bounces and squishes for hours of fun
  • Made in China

Options: Available in small, large, and X-Large.


  • The tentacles are too fun to fling for most dogs to resist.
  • The nylon fabric is safer for teeth than other options.
  • The nylon material is easy to spot clean as needed.


  • A Wubba can’t withstand power chewers for long.
  • The tentacles can be chewed off, causing serious choking or obstruction hazards, so watch your pup closely!
  • Unlike many other Kongs, it’s made in China.
K9 of Mine: Staff Review

Kelsey here, again.

This toy is an all-time favorite of my two Staffy/pibble mixes. We keep new ones on hand to switch them out as needed and have a bit of a Wubba graveyard in our living room.

These aren’t the most long-lasting of toys (a few hours until they’re fraying and the inner squeak is popped), but they’re a favorite for throwing, thrashing, and playing tug between the two. Just watch the tentacles, as they can be chewed off and swallowed. 

K9 of Mine: Staff Review

Kayla here, again!

Tough, squeaky, tuggable, and tossable? Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than a Wubba as an all-around toy for playful dogs.

My working dogs both LOVE getting their Wubba as a reward after a long search; it allows them to squeak loudly (it is loud), tug with me, fetch, or simply run in circles and whip the toy around to “kill” it.

Eventually our Wubbas are all dissected and need to be replaced, but that’s not due to poor construction: It’s simply that my dogs love the toy to death.

9. KONG Tugga Wubba

About: The Kong Tugga Wubba lets your four-footer go wild with its unique shape. Featuring a solid braided middle and two fun tasseled ends for thrashing and tugging, it’s a versatile pick for your dog’s toybox.  

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Kong tugga wubba

KONG Tugga Wubba

A unique, multifunction nylon dog toy with a braided mid section for chewing and tassels for tossin’.


  • Crafted with durable braided nylon
  • Shape is perfect for fetch and tug alike
  • Designed and tested in the USA
  • Made in China

Options: Offered in 3 sizes: small, large, and extra-large.


  • The tasseled ends are a hit with most dogs.
  • The material is much safer for teeth than some other tugs.
  • Lightweight and flexible, most dogs wing it around with ease.


  • This toy isn’t intended for chewing, so don’t expect it to hold up to chompers.
  • With its too-fun-not-to-fling design, this thing goes airborne quite frequently, which can be risky during indoor play.
K9 of Mine: Staff Review

Kelsey here, again.

I bought this in hopes that my Staffy mixes would use this for playing tug instead of their poor original Wubbas. Unfortunately, they preferred to chew this like a bone.

That said, it stood up to chewing for a few days before the center started fraying all over the rug. I wouldn’t recommend it for super chewers, but it’s a solid pick for gentle to average chewers looking for a better option than a standard rope toy.

10. Kong Squeezz Dumbbell 

About: The Kong Squeezz Dumbbell encourages your pooch to chomp and play with its inner squeakers and fun shape. Bouncy and lightweight, it’s perfect for a game of fetch.

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Kong Dumbell

Kong Squeezz Dumbbell

A rubber, dumbbell-shaped dog toy with an internal squeaker that’s great for chewing and games of fetch.


  • Made with non-toxic, dog-safe rubber
  • Flexible material is tooth-friendly
  • Dumbbell shape is easy for most dogs to carry
  • Made in China

Options: Offered in small, medium, and large.


  • Owners find it long-lasting with average chewers.
  • The squeaker volume gets a tail wag of approval from most dogs (though you might find it a little loud.)
  • Easy to clean, just rinse it between uses to keep it fresh.


  • The squeaker doesn’t have the longest lifespan.
  • Unfortunately, this toy isn’t as durable as other Kong offerings, so it shouldn’t be offered to super chewers.
K9 of Mine: Staff Review

Hey there four-footers and friends! Kate, here.

We got the chance to try out the Squeezzz ball dog toy with my 10-pound shih-tzu poodle mix Spicy. For reference, Spicy is pretty playful, but usually gravitates towards plush toys with squeakers, or anything that rolls. 

That being said, she loved this toy! Spicy loved being able to roll around the dumbbell and had fun nudging it across my apartment. It’s also nice that the toy bounces sporadically, much to Spicy’s delight. 

The small-sized dumbbell was perfect for my pooch, and Spicy was able to pick up this toy and toss it around despite her small stature. Spicy isn’t a super chewer, but the toy’s durable design feels like it will last a while without needing replacement for most dogs.

I appreciate that this toy has rounded edges so that it’s soft enough for Spicy to enthusiastically grab during an intense game of fetch. The bright emerald color also makes this toy easy to find, and while squeakers aren’t my favorite, Spicy loves this toy’s sound and it’s not totally ear-splitting. This dumbbell also features raised textured nubs which I’m sure my furball appreciates. 

Overall, Spicy and I give this toy two paws up! It can be a bit loud when tossed on hardwood floors, but it still makes an interactive and safe fetch toy that Spicy seems to enjoy. 

Three Kong Toys We’re Not Really Fond of

Kongs we don't like

While Kong has plenty of awesome toys, a few didn’t wow us as much as others. These might work great with your pup, but they weren’t crowd pleasers with our canines.

1. KONG Binkie 

About: The Kong Binkie encourages puppies to relieve chewing instincts in an appropriate way, sparing your favorite sneakers. Crafted in a pacifier shape, you can stuff the lower half with a tempting treat to keep your puppy engaged.

Adorable, But Not Always Appealing to Dogs

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KONG Binkie

KONG Binkie

An adorable pacifier-shaped rubber toy that can be filled with tasty treats and works great for chewin’ and fetchin’.


  • Constructed of dog-safe, BPA-free rubber
  • Designed with puppies in mind with a soft, tooth-friendly form
  • Easy to clean, just hand wash or pop in the dishwasher
  • Made from globally sourced materials in the USA

Options: Available in small and medium sizes.


  • The handled top is super helpful for enjoying tug with your pup.
  • This is more than affordable for lasting fun.


  • Some owners report their pups just weren’t into this toy.
  • Since Binkies only come in Puppy, they won’t stand up to powerful chewers.
K9 of Mine Staff Review

Hey guys and gals, Ben here again.

I actually bought this toy for my pooch on the way to pick her up from the breeder. I mostly picked it because I knew her soon-to-be mom would just find it too cute for words, but it also seemed like a good overall chew toy.

I still have it in a drawer somewhere, but it just never really lived up to my expectations. My pooch has never seemed particularly interested in it (and it’s a bit small for her at this point), and it is all but impossible to clean after stuffing with anything soft and tasty.

I wouldn’t consider it a “bad” toy and it’s certainly cute, but I’d gently nudge our readers in other directions. There are just better Kongs to spend your money on in my view.

2. KONG Tire 

About: The Kong Tire is made for powerful chewers in Kong’s Extreme formula. Whether used for a round of fetch or chewing enrichment, the tire’s great for hours of entertainment.

Durable, But There Are Better Options

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KONG tire


A durable, tire-shaped chew toy made from KONG’s Extreme rubber that’s also suitable for fetch.


  • Crafted with durable, dog-friendly rubber
  • Center ring can be stuffed with peanut butter or cheese spray
  • Unique shape keeps canines engaged
  • Made with globally sourced materials in the USA

Options: Offered in small and medium/large sizes along with a version for puppies in a softer rubber form.


  • Pup parents of heavy-duty chewers give it a paw’s up for durability. 
  • Pricing is pretty affordable for such a long-lasting toy.


  • Some owners report their pup getting their jaw caught in the center of the tire. While this won’t happen with every pooch, it’s worrisome enough to take note.
  • The overall weight and hardness aren’t appealing to every dog.
K9 of Mine Staff Review

Ben here, again.

I really wanted to like this toy, but I just didn’t. As mentioned, my dog isn’t really a chewer, but I thought she may enjoy it.

But she didn’t really seem to care about it at all. She nommed on it for about five minutes, and then moved on to other things. Honestly, it is much smaller than I thought it’d be, the texture doesn’t seem terribly pup appealing to me, and I just really don’t get why the toy would be appealing to most four-footers.

I wouldn’t classify this as a “bad” toy; it may work better with your four-footer. But for us, this was a waste of 15 bucks.


3. KONG Classic Ball 

About: The Kong Classic Ball offers interactive play with its hollow middle and bouncy nature. Toss it around the yard or stuff it with your pup’s favorite treats and watch your four-footer have a blast.

OK, But There Are Better Balls Available

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Kong Ball


A traditional ball, except that it’s made from KONG rubber and it features a hole through the middle.


  • Manufactured with pup-friendly rubber that can withstand chewing
  • Puncture-resistant for ongoing fun
  • Hollowed center perfect for filling with peanut butter and other goodies
  • Made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients

Options: Available in small and medium/large sizes and in the Classic and Extreme versions.


  • The bounce factor gets a thumbs up from pup owners.
  • The rubber stands up well to most doggos, lasting longer than a standard tennis ball.


  • The ball is on the heavy side, so some dogs may not enjoy it.
  • Super chewers and sharp puppy teeth can make quick work of the Classic Ball’s rubber. When in doubt, go Extreme.
K9 of Mine Staff Review

Ben here one last time.

There’s not much “wrong” with this toy, but I really struggle to see any advantages it provides over a dog-safe tennis ball or other fetch toy. It’s surprisingly heavy for its size, it’s pretty slick, and it gets rather grody after your dog slobbers it up.

Additionally, I would be mildly concerned with it posing a choking hazard, except that I threw it in a drawer and don’t intend to use it anymore.

Try it if you like, but do so carefully and temper your expectations.


There you have it! Ten of our favorite Kong toys and three we’re not huge fans of. Again, you should feel free to try any of the Kongs discussed above (as well as any of the others in the product lineup), but we just wanted to share our experiences, so you’d have a better chance of starting with a winner.

Do you have a favorite Kong we didn’t mention above? Have you had experiences that differed from ours? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Celeste Avatar

    My doggy loved the Kong tire I do not know why but he is a puppy so I can’t give it to him because it is an extreme (I did not read about the Kong’s before when I read that black was for extreme I took it away from him)

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Celeste.
      You can give your pup an “Extreme” series KONG toy — it won’t hurt him or anything. It’s just going to be harder than necessary for a little guy!