Best Dog Rope Toys: Roping Up the Fun

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Toys By Kelsey Leicht 28 min read January 13, 2023

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best rope toy for dogs

Fun to chew and tug, rope toys are a dog entertainment staple. Typically consisting of sections of rope that are braided or knotted, dog rope toys are usually hardy enough to withstand heavy-duty teething, making them popular choices for puppies and chewers.

They are also one of the most versatile toys available in terms of design, with some having built-in balls, bones, and more to enhance play and interaction. 

Let’s weave through the facts about these chomper-friendly playthings and explore some of the best dog rope toys available below.

Best Dog Rope Toys: Quick Picks

  • #1 MAMMOTH Flossy Chews Rope Tug [Best Basic Rope Toy] — Simple, yet high-quality, this no-frills rope toy will make most canines jump for joy!
  • #2 MLCINI Rope Toy Combo Pack [Best Overall Variety Pack] — Not sure what kind of rope toy your dog will like best? This 10-piece combo pack covers all of the bases.
  • #3 OUTERDO Suction Cup Rope Toy [Best Rope Toy for Solo Play] — Need a way to keep your dog entertained when you can’t? You can attach this toy to a smooth wall and let your pooch tug his heart out!
  • #4 LECHONG Figure-8 Rope Toy [Best Rope Toy for Tug-of-War] — If your pupper loves nothing more than a good game of tug-of-war, this is easily the best option on the market.
  • #5 BLUEISLAND Ball Rope Toy [Best Rope Toy for Aggressive Chewers] — If your dog makes quick work of average toys, you’ll definitely want to give this heavy-duty rope toy consideration.

Are Rope Dog Toys Good for Dogs?

Rope toys have a mixed reputation, but with proper use, they can be an excellent addition to your doggo’s toy chest. 

Not only are they durable enough to withstand chewing and games of tug, but dog rope toys keep your doggo engaged thanks to their irresistible design that’s fun to fling, flop, and shake around the house

Dog rope toys are also an essential part of training for many working pooches too, as they offer a calorie-free way to reward canines for a job well done. In addition, chewing the rope can help prevent and dislodge dental buildup, leading to healthier teeth. 

dog with rope toy

How Do Rope Dog Toys Differ? Aren’t They All the Same?

Like all doggy devices, rope toys come in many shapes and sizes. 

There are standard ropes that have braided or knotted sections, as well as more elaborate designs in the shape of animals. Some have a ball attached for spirited games of fetch, while a few feature suction cups that allow your pup to partake in solo tug of war.

Construction is another major difference between rope dog toys. Not only do they come in varying materials that affect the overall durability, but they’re also made in different countries. Because safety and quality standards vary across the globe, many pup parents may prefer made-in-the-USA toys, for instance.

The Best Dog Rope Toys

Here are some of the top-ranked dog rope toys available, varying from those best-suited for heavy chewers to multi-piece sets for small dogs. 

 1. MAMMOTH Flossy Chews Rope Tug

About: MAMMOTH’s Flossy Chew Rope Tug has three strong knots in a standard line design. Made with average chewers in mind, this versatile toy has a size option for most dog breeds, allowing you to pick what’s best for your fur friend. 

Best Basic Rope Toy

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Mammoth Flossy Chews Rope Tug – Premium Cotton-Poly Tug Toy for Dogs – Interactive Rope Toy (Colors May Vary)

MAMMOTH Flossy Chews Rope Tug

A three-knot, cotton blended tug rope made for average chewers and available in 4 sizes.


  • Made with a cotton blend that handles chewing while gently cleaning teeth and gums
  • Frayed ends are fun for your pup to shake and rummage through
  • Manufactured in Mexico
  • Ideal for average chewers who aren’t prone to shredding their toys

Options: Available in extra-small (10-inch), small (15-inch), medium (20-inch), and extra-large (36-inch)


Gentle to average chewers will find this rope toy irresistible. It’s relatively lightweight and easy on teeth, making it ideal for smaller dogs, too. Pup parents noted that with monitored use, they found this toy to last a while with their average chewer of a canine. 


This rope cannot withstand ultra heavy chewing and can be shredded by super chewers. This makes it a serious hazard if given to the wrong dog.

2. Otterly Pets Rope Toy Set

About: Otterly Pets’ Rope Toy Set includes two tug toys, a standard knotted rope, and a rope ball for your pooch to chase, chew, and tug. Ideal for figuring out your pup’s favorites, this set will keep your dog entertained with its variety.

Best Variety Kit for Small to Medium Breeds

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Otterly Pets Puppy Dog Pet Rope Toys for Small to Medium Dogs (Set of 4)

Otterly Pets Rope Toy Set

A 100% cotton variety kit that includes several different fun rope toys.


  • Crafted of 100-percent natural cotton that won’t hurt your pooch’s mouth
  • Best suited for low to moderate chewers that are small to medium-sized breeds
  • Made in China, though customer service is USA-based 


Designed with small to medium-sized pups in mind, this variety pack is perfect for a wide assortment of breeds. The toys won’t be too big for small fries and puppies to maneuver, and with four separate pieces, you can rotate during play to extend each toy’s lifespan.


These are not suited for aggressive chewers and are dangerous if used around larger dogs that may be able to swallow them. A few reviewers noted a strong smell emanating from the ropes themselves upon opening, too, but if left to air out, most found that the smell dissipates. 

3. WINGPET’s Interactive Rope Toy

About: The Interactive Rope Toy by WINGPET is a knotted ball featuring six dangling rope tendrils for your dog to grip, shake, and chew. This toy keeps the fun coming and can be used for games of fetch, too. 

Best Tentacled Rope Toy

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Rope Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers, Interactive Dog Chew Toys - Thick Knot Rope and TUG of WAR Balls - Natural Cotton - Dog Teeth Cleaning - Tough Durable - Great for Dogs Exercise Trainning

WINGPET’s Interactive Rope Toy

This six-tentacled rope toy is a great alternative to typical ropes, and it also works for fetch!


  • Manufactured with cotton in China
  • A multi-purpose toy that can be used as a ball, tug, and chew
  • Each knotted end features an alternating texture of braided rope to intrigue curious doggos
  • Suitable for low to moderate chewers

Options: The WINGPET Interactive Rope Toy is one-size-fits-most, with the ball itself being 3.6 inches in diameter. 


Owners adore this tentacled toy for fetch and tug especially, as the multitude of knotted sections gives you plenty to hold onto, avoiding the dreaded slobbery hand syndrome. This was a hit in multi-dog households, too, as its size fits most dog breeds, and multiple dogs can play with it at once.


This is another that isn’t meant for aggressive chewers. Despite the design, determined chewers will work through the dangling appendages that aren’t thick enough to withstand strong jaws.

4. MLCINI Rope Toy Combo Pack

About: The MLCINI Rope Toy Combo Pack contains 10 exciting toys for your pup to enjoy, including standard knotted ropes, tugs, and balls. The variety of sizes makes it ideal for many dog breeds, though the smaller items shouldn’t be offered to large dogs.

Best Overall Variety Pack

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MLCINI Dog Toys Rope Dog Toys Dog Toy Set 14 Pack Dog Squeaky Ball Plush Dog Toys Nylon Dog Bone Dog Toys for Aggressive chewers for Small,Medium&Large Dogs

MLCINI Rope Toy Combo Pack

This 10-toy pack comes with 6 different high-quality rope toys and a few bonus items!


  • The rope toys are made with a cotton fiber that will gently clean your dog’s teeth
  • Included balls are constructed of rubber and latex for bounce
  • The country of origin is not clearly listed, unfortunately
  • Can hold up to low to moderate chewing


The wide assortment is ideal for figuring out what your pooch does and doesn’t like, especially if he’s a puppy or newly adopted. You can also rotate the supply to keep the toys looking great and your dog engaged with a “new” toy for each play session.


Destructive doggos will make quick work of most of the toys in this set. The varying sizes can be tricky for multi-dog houses, too, as smaller items can be choking hazards to larger dogs.

5. Jalousie Rope Toy Combo Set

About: The Rope Toy Combo by Jalousie will keep your dog busy with a broad selection of items to choose from, including tug ropes, balls, and rings. It’s a solid choice to beef up your pupper’s toy collection without breaking the bank.

Best Jumbo Toy Set

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Jalousie 14 Pack Puppy Chew Dog Rope Toy Assortment for Small Medium Large Breeds

Jalousie Rope Toy Combo Set

This multi-toy combo kit gives owners a great way to figure out their pup’s favorite toy type.


  • Included ropes are made of cotton, though the country of origin isn’t listed
  • Work best with leisurely to moderate chewers
  • Toys won’t harm your pup’s mouth but can handle some chewing
  • Ideal for puppies and those who tire quickly of a toy, as they can be rotated to keep your pooch engaged

Options: There is a medium to large breed option that includes 14 items and a small dog variety pack of 6 toys.


Pup parents love the variety of toys offered in this set, as there is something for every doggo, whether he’s a ball lover, frisbee chaser, or a toy hoarder. The sizes won praise too, as owners found them very fitting. 


These toys are not meant for heavy chewers, as the cotton cannot withstand aggressive teething. Multiple owners found the materials to be inferior when it came to rough play.

6. OUTERDO Suction Cup Rope Toy

About: The OUTERDO Suction Cup Rope Toy makes do-it-yourself play an option for high-energy pups thanks to its innovative and easy-to-use design. Just fix the suction cup side to the floor, step on the back to squeeze out the air, and let your pooch embark on rounds of fun with its attached ball.

Best Rope Toy for Solo Play

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q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B084MH5M28&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=k9ofmine 20&language=en USir?t=k9ofmine 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B084MH5M28

OUTERDO Suction Cup Rope Toy

This rope toy comes with a suction cup that allows for hours of solo playtime.


  • Made with a cotton blend rope and rubber ball
  • Manufactured in China
  • The included ball has good bounce to it, keeping your fur friend entertained
  • The ball-on-a-rope design prevents the ball from bouncing around your house during non-playtimes
  • Can be used for fetch as well, though not recommended as a chew toy as the rope isn’t strong enough to withstand serious chewing action

Options: Available in a small dog and a medium to large breed size.


This toy won heaps of praise from pawrents of ball-loving pooches, who find the design and bounce irresistible. The suction strength is also a favorite, as it holds firm, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your pooch’s antics without working up a sweat.


This isn’t ideal for dogs that like to chew rope, as the toy’s cord isn’t designed to withstand chompers. Some reviewers noted suction issues, but per a few reviews, cleaning the flat surface beforehand is imperative to ensure a proper seal.

7. KILIKI 3-Foot Rope Toy

About: KILIKI’s 3-Foot Rope Toy is a jumbo-sized strip of knotted rope that takes playtime to new lengths — literally. Unlike smaller designs, this 3-footer gives your large breed dog a lot to work with, leading to safer, more entertaining rounds of play.

Best Large-Breed Dog Toy

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EASTBLUE Dog Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers: 3 Feet 5 Knots Indestructible Dog Chew Toys Tough Nature Cotton for Medium and Large Breed¡­

KILIKI 3-Foot Rope Toy

Designed specifically for large canines, this five-knot toy is perfect for big pooches. that love to tug.


  • Made with 100-percent natural cotton, though the country of origin isn’t listed
  • Includes five hardy knots, giving you a grip during tug of war
  • Can handle moderate chewing but won’t damage your dog’s teeth
  • Best suited for large breeds due to its length and 1.5-pound weight


Pup parents praise the toughness of this rope, with many noting how well it handles chewing and tug of war. Its size was another high point, with owners loving that their large breed finally had something with multiple knots to enjoy, leading to a longer lifespan.


Unfortunately, the frayed ends are too inviting to dogs that love to shred, according to reviews. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, you may want to keep scrolling and be sure to monitor your dog extra closely when playing with this rope.

8. Alvi & Remi Teething Rope Toy Set

About: Alvi & Remi’s Set of Teething Rope Toys is a solid addition to your dog’s toy box, offering the standard rope options to see what your pooch likes. Whether you have a fetch lover or a bone fanatic, this quartet has you and your fur friend covered.

Best Simple Combo Set for Small and Medium Dogs

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q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01GF2PQ9G&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=k9ofmine 20&language=en USir?t=k9ofmine 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01GF2PQ9G

Alvi & Remi Teething Rope Set

Designed for small to medium dogs, this four-toy combo kit gives your dog his choice of ropes.


  • Each toy is made of cotton, though the country of origin isn’t clearly listed
  • The perfect size for small or medium pupperonis
  • Can handle regular chewing, but not suggested for aggressive chewers
  • Helps clean teeth and gums with pliable yet firm construction


Those who have teething puppies gave this collection two paws up for providing safe relief for their fur kid’s nagging gums and puppy teeth. Others enjoyed that these toys didn’t shed as much as some store-bought models, leading to fuzz-free fun around the house. 


This set isn’t ideal for serious chewing, as the material doesn’t seem to hold up to shredding according to the reviews. Aside from that, this seems like a pretty awesome toy set.  

9. PEUPET Puppy Teething Toy Set

About: The Puppy Teething Toys Set by PEUPET offers your chew-happy fur baby appropriate pieces to practice his chomp skills on. With a 3- and a 4-piece option available, each set includes a mix of toys to hold your puppy’s short attention span.

Best Set for Teething Puppies

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Puppy Toys for Teething,Dog Toys for Small Dogs with Cotton Cloth Rope,Durable Puppy Teething Chew Toys for Small and Medium Dogs (3 Pcs Pink

PEUPET Puppy Teething Toys

Made with natural cotton cloth, these rope-like toys are perfect for teething puppies.


  • Crafted with thermoplastic rubber and cotton cloth 
  • Made in China
  • The textured surface of the rubber pieces feel great on teething gums
  • Ideal for light to moderate chewers 

Options: The 3-pack varieties comes in yellow and pink, while the 4-pack set comes in pink and blue.


The soft and squishy rubber material earned a round of applause from reviewers, who found the toys to be easy to chomp for small breeds and puppies who may struggle to grip harder items. 


As with all dog toys, this set may not be strong enough for all chewers. A few reviewers noted that their pups managed to gnaw off bits of the thermoplastic rubber, while others stated that the cloth shreds too easily for their liking.

10. MAMMOTH 14-Inch Squeaky Cloth Rope

About: MAMMOTH 14-Inch Squeaky Cloth Rope is a great pick if your dog loves a good squeak when he chews but has a talent for surgically removing squeaker packs with his teeth. It has the same chew-friendly fibers you’d expect with the unexpected perk of a hardy squeaker.

Best Squeaking Rope

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MAMMOTH Squeaky Cloth Rope toy for dogs

MAMMOTH Squeaky Cloth Rope

This cloth rope toy comes with an attached squeaker for extra playtime fun.


  • Constructed of cloth fibers and thermoplastic rubber 
  • Made in China
  • Works best with medium to large breeds who are moderate chewers
  • The squeaker is as fun to squeak as it is to chew thanks to its texture


Owners found that the cloth material lasted longer than traditional stringed cotton rope toys and also noted that it didn’t seem to “shed” as much around the house. The squeaker was also reported to be well-made and not easily broken. 


The squeaker is a bit too big for smaller dogs to enjoy. Some reviewers also noted that their extreme chewers destroyed the toy quickly, although it seemed to last well for most dogs.

11. Petony Rope Ball Toy Set

About: Petony’s Rope Ball Toy Set is the holy grail for ball-loving pooches. Featuring three ball-on-a-rope designs, a loose rope ball, and more, this set is the ultimate pick for endless rounds of fetch.

Best Rope Ball Combo Kit

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Petony Outdoor Dog Toys

Petony Rope Ball Toy Set

This variety pack comes with 8 different fun rope toys for fetch and tugging fun!


  • Made of a non-toxic cotton rope, though the country of origin isn’t listed
  • Can withstand moderate chewing without harming your pooch’s teeth or gums
  • The 8-pack of goodies contains everything your dog needs for tug of war, fetch, and everyday chewing
  • Great for curious puppies or older dogs that may need more stimulation


Puppy parents are wagging their tails over this set, as the variety keeps rambunctious fur kids guessing. The ability to rotate toys is another perk, as you don’t have to double-up use of a toy for tug of war and fetch, giving them a longer shelf life. 


Heavy chewers are incompatible with these toys and shred them easily according to reviews. Some noted that the rope seemed a little thin, which may make these best-suited for small dogs or leisurely chewers. 

12. The Nero Ball on a Rope Toy: Best Roped Ball Toy

About: Exercising your dog is (hopefully) slobber-free with the Nero Ball, a ball-on-a-rope design that lets you fling the ball a country mile using the attached rope, giving you a handle to work with.

The toy can also be used for a game of tug of war, and it’ll keep your pooch’s teeth on the ball and away from your fingers.

Best Rope-and-Ball Toy

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The Nero Ball Classic TM - K-9 Ball On a Rope Reward and Exercise Rubber Ball - Fetch Ball

Nero Ball-on-a-Rope Toy

This rope-on-a-ball toy allows you to keep your hands slobber-free while playing fetch.


  • Crafted of 100-percent natural rubber and nylon
  • US-based company, though the country of origin isn’t clear
  • The rope can be removed if you’d like to play fetch without it
  • Intended for training and fetch — not chewing
  • The company donates a portion of all sales to police and military causes and offers discounts to canine handlers


The weight of the ball wowed many reviewers who found that it flew farther than traditional tennis balls when thrown. It also withstood more tooth activity than other balls that can be easily flattened by chew-happy canines.


If you’re looking for a rope toy that can be used for chewing as well, this is not the toy for you. Reviewers found the nylon rope to be too thin for serious chewing action.

13. Booda Fresh N Floss Rope

About: Booda’s Fresh N Floss Rope has the stringy ends your doggo finds irresistible, giving him a soft grip to shake and chomp — all while cleaning his teeth. With knotted portions for gripping during tug of war, this versatile toy is as fun as it is practical.

Best Flossy Rope Toy

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Booda Fresh-N-Floss 3 Knot Tug Rope Dog Toy, Large, Spearmint

This rope toy will keep your pup’s teeth clean and breath fresh while he plays.


  • Made in Mexico 
  • Made from mint-scented nylon
  • Helps freshen breath as your dog chews
  • Strong enough to handle chewing yet won’t damage gums or teeth
  • Various size options cover most breeds
  • Can stand up to moderate chewers, but its frayed ends aren’t ideal if your dog loves to shred his toys

Options: There is a two and three-knot option as well as three sizes: medium, large, and extra-large.


Owners gave this toy high marks for durability, with several reviews noting that the rope lasted far longer than others in the past. Others loved the lack of thread shedding around the house, a common problem with rope toys.


This rope isn’t the best pick for dogs that like to eat string due to its design. Some reviews note that the sizing is inconsistent, though this may be a quality control issue in manufacturing rather than an issue with the toy itself.

14. LECHONG Figure-8 Rope Toy

About: The LECHONG 8-Shaped Rope Toy is made for tug of war, and its shape gives you and your pooch a wide, sturdy grip to work with, preventing accidental injury to hands or mouths. 

Best Rope Toy for Tuggers

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Dog Rope Toy Dog Chew Toys, 8-Shaped Durable Dog Training Toys for Large Dogs, Upgrade Indestructible Tug of War Dog Toys for Teething Chewing and Playing

LECHONG Figure-8 Rope Toy

The perfect rope toy for tuggin’ pups, this toy is easy for you and your pooch to grip.


  • Manufactured with cotton and PVC
  • Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t disclose the country of origin 
  • Best for medium to large-sized breeds, as small dogs may find the toy too heavy to carry
  • A great way to burn off excess energy and redirect teething and mouthing behaviors, especially in puppies

Options: Available in the traditional 8-shape as well as an X-shape


As far as tug toys go, this one is a step above the competition, according to pup parents. It has some weight to it and can withstand tug sessions between you and your dog or two furry opponents. The reinforced center bracket deters pups from attempting to chew it in half, too.


The hard PVC center isn’t ideal for pups prone to plastic-chewing, as not only can your pooch accidentally ingest some, but he might hurt his teeth or gums while chomping. The rope is not hardy enough for heavy chewing, either, according to owners.

15. SunGrow Rope Knot Animal Duo: Best Shaped Rope Toy

About: SunGrow’s Rope Knot Animal Duo are shaped into a sturdy giraffe and a dog, giving your pooch a buddy for chew time. Neither feature the frayed ends that so many pooches seem to annihilate in seconds, making them an excellent choice for those that need more structure in a toy.

Best Shaped Rope Toy

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SunGrow Giraffe Cotton Knot Puppy & Ferret Ropes, Handwoven Chew Items for Small Breeds Dog, for Teeth and Gums, 2 Pieces per Pack

SunGrow Rope Knot Animal Duo

Designed to look like a dog and a giraffe, these fun toys will keep your dog busy for hours.


  • Made with pure natural cotton rope and edible dye
  • Unfortunately, the country of origin isn’t clear 
  • Hardy enough to handle moderate to heavy chewing
  • Good for teething puppies, and its fibers clean your dog’s teeth as he chews
  • Lightweight construction works well with even small dogs, though we wouldn’t offer the smaller dog-shaped toy to large breeds because of its size


For the most part, this cute duo seemed to hold up to reviewers’ chewers. The structure is a bit firmer than traditional rope toys, which can fend off the dreaded shredding a little longer than most.


If your pooch tends to gnaw the arms and legs off of toys, you should avoid these figurines. While these rope animals are cute, the limbs can be a choking or obstruction hazard. Others mentioned that their dog did not like the stiff texture. 

16. KONG Puppy Goodie Bone Rope Toy

About: KONG’s Puppy Goodie Bone Rope Toy tackles teething with ease, enticing puppies to chew the bone rather than your furniture thanks to its included slots for hiding treats, allowing it to function as a kind of puzzle toy.

Suitable for chewing, fetch, and tug, this is a versatile piece to add to your puppy’s toy bin.

Best Rope Toy for Tiny Teethers

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KONG - Puppy Goodie Bone with Rope - Teething Rubber, Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy - for X-Small Puppies - Blue

KONG Puppy Goodie Bone Rope Toy

This multi-texture toy is great for soothing tiny teeth and gums.


  • The dog toy is made in the USA, though its materials are globally sourced
  • Designed for toy and small breed puppies, so it’s easy for little dogs to tote around
  • Varying textures hold a curious puppy’s attention, while the rubber bone and cotton rope clean teeth and gums gently
  • Suitable for small dogs only, as it can’t withstand powerful jaws

Options: Offered in an extra-small size, this toy comes in pink and blue.


The ability to load your pooch’s favorite snacks in the attached bone won tail wags from owners, who found the incentive kept their pup’s attention on the bone rather than chewing the rope. The quality was a win with most owners, too.


Some doggo guardians found that the toy ran small for their liking. Others noted that the knots seemed to come undone easily.

17. Pacific Pups Products Set of Heavy-Duty Rope Toys: Best Stuffing and Squeak-free Combo Pack

About: Pacific Pups Products’ set of heavy-duty rope toys includes a collection of toys suited for medium to heavy chewers. There’s something for every pup personality, including a fun frisbee, chewy carrot, and long tug rope.

Best Stuffing & Squeaker Free Combo Kit

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Pacific Pups Products Dog Rope Toys - Dog Rope Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers, 11 Heavy Duty Dog Ropes for Aggressive Chewers, Cotton Rope Dog Toys Pack, Benefits Non-Profit Dog Rescue Dog Tug Ropes

Pacific Pups Products Rope Toy Set

This 11-piece rope toy set is great for dogs who deserve a variety of toys.


  • While these cotton fiber toys are made in China, they are plastic-free and meet ASTM F963 standards, a stringent toy-testing procedure that certifies safe play
  • Lack dangerous squeakers or filing (especially handy for dogs who eat toy stuffing)
  • Textured finishes clean teeth as your pup chews
  • Sizing is great for medium to large-sized breeds
  • Work best for moderate to heavy chewers


The lack of stuffing and squeakers earned serious praise from pup parents, along with the overall durability of the toys compared to others. The charitable side of the company gets a bark of approval, too, as they donate proceeds to Pacific Pups Rescue, a non-profit that saves dogs from high-risk shelters.


Despite some of the toys holding up to heavy chewing, not all items can handle aggressive chewing. Several of the included toys may be too large for small dogs, too.

18. USA Bones & Chews Cotton Rope with Bones

About: USA Bones & Chews Cotton Rope with Bones mixes treats with toys, giving your pooch the bones he craves with a fun rope to fling.  

Best Rope Toy with Real Bones

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rope and bone toy

USA Bones & Chews Cotton Rope with Bones

A rope-and-bone toy for dogs who love chewing on real bones.


  • Crafted in the USA from US-made products, including beef bones and a cotton blend rope
  • Chemical and preservative-free for Fido-friendly play and teeth cleaning
  • Work best with light to moderate chewers, as aggressive chewers will destroy the rope
  • Should be used outdoors or in a suitable room if your dog likes to toss his rope toys since the bones can do some damage if tossed around


Parents of bone-loving canines give a tail wag of approval for the toy, with pups loving the pair of attached bones. Since they’re looped in the rope, they’re safer to enjoy, preventing your dog from fitting the entire bone in his mouth at once.


While it’s also advertised as a tug toy, we’d urge caution when doing so, as the bones could cause accidental tooth or gum injuries (as is true for many types of dog chews). Several owners found the rope to be too thin, which makes it a no-go for rope-chomping pooches.

Dog Safety Tip: Bones can cause broken teeth and, if swallowed, obstructions and similar injuries. Never leave a dog unsupervised with a bone.

19. USA Bones & Chews Rope with Hooves

About: The Rope with Hooves by USA Bones & Chews is a hardy pick for dogs who love to chew. It has the rope your dog loves along with the fun addition of two tasty hooves, keeping him interested in the toy and not your shoes.

Best Rope-and-a-Bone Alternative

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bone-and-rope toy

USA Bones & Chews Rope with Hooves

A safer version of the classic bone-on-a-rope, this toy will keep your dog busy for hours.


  • Assembled in the USA from US-made cotton-polyester blend rope and hooves
  • Suitable for low to moderate chewers and fits most dog breeds
  • Hooves are trimmed for safer play, eliminating sharp edges that can harm your pooch’s mouth or gums
  • Not treated with synthetic chemicals or preservatives


Owners love how the hooves give your pooch a treat to enjoy in a safe manner, preventing him from popping the entire hoof in his mouth. The addition of the hooves also helps the toy hold up over time.


The rope is thin compared to standard rope toys, so if your dog is a big-time rope chewer, this may not be the toy for him. Hooves are also on the smelly side.

Dog Safety Tip: Like bones, hooves can cause broken teeth and, if swallowed, obstructions and similar injuries. Never leave a dog unsupervised with a hoof.

20. Multipet’s Nuts for Knots Rope Ball

About: Perfect for playing fetch and chewing alike, Multipet’s Nuts for Knots Rope Ball is a ball made completely of knotted rope. Tough enough to handle moderate to heavy chewers, dogs and owners are nuts about this knotted ball.

Best Entirely Rope Ball

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ball toy made of rope

Multipet’s Nuts for Knots Rope Ball

This simple-and-straightforward rope toy is great for fetch-loving Fidos.


  • Constructed of knotted cotton rope, though the country of origin isn’t clearly noted
  • Rounded shape gives the ball a leg up on heavy chewers, as it can’t be readily gnawed by powerful rear molars like standard rope toys
  • While offered in several sizes, select one that cannot fit entirely in your dog’s mouth for safe play
  • A great choice for tennis ball assassins, as it won’t be readily crushed

Options: This toy is offered in small, medium, and large size options.


Durability was cited repeatedly by reviewers who found that this ball held up to heavy chewing. It’s especially good for puppies, whose sharp teeth tend to puncture rubber balls. The ball also doesn’t shred a ton of threads, which is a major win.


If your dog likes to try to ingest rope, you should avoid this toy since the shape is too tempting. A few reviewers mentioned that the toy unraveled on them, though this appears to be a manufacturing error with the interior gluing. 

21. BLUEISLAND Ball Rope Toy

About: BLUEISLAND Ball Rope Toy has a firm rubber center for gripping with two knotted and tasselled ends for rounds of tug of war. Made with chewers in mind, your doggo can munch away between rounds of play. 

Best Rope Toy for Aggressive Chewers

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LECHONG Durable Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewer, Combine Ball Rope Dog Toy 13.5 Inch Nearly Indestructible Dog Toy with Convex Design for Puppy Small Medium and Large Dogs 1test

BLUEISLAND Durable Dog Chew

Specifically made for aggressive chewers, this rope toy also comes with a big rubber section most dogs love.


  • Made with natural hard rubber and cotton rope
  • Textured centerpiece massages gums as your pupper chews
  • The rubber is sturdy enough to withstand moderate to heavy chewing
  • Country of origin is not listed


Durability was a win compared to other toys, with the rubber piece especially holding up well to chewing according to owners. Dogs didn’t seem to mind the taste of the rubber either, a common complaint with similar toys.


Those who own pooches prone to disassembling toys were less than pleased, as determined doggos redesign the toy by gnawing the rope knots off and running away with the rubber ball. If your dog is a rubber chomper, this may not be the best idea, since bits can be removed if he’s powerful enough.


What Are the Best Types of Rope Toys for Dogs?

The best type of rope toy will vary with your doggo’s interests and personality. It also depends on how heavy of a chewer he is. Here are a few common traits and the rope toy that works best for each.

What Are the Best Types of Dog Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers? 

If your pup is a super chewer, you may want to look into a rope toy with a built-in bone. He’ll likely love chewing on the bone at times, which will not only make him happy, but it’ll help give the rope sections a “break” from his teeth and allow them to last longer. 

Some have several bones spaced throughout the rope, giving your canine a selection to choose from over time. With these aggressive chewers, you want to look for a thicker rope that is braided for reinforcement, preferably. 

What Are the Best Rope Toys for Dogs Who Like Tug of War? 

For epic rounds of tug of war, you may want to look for a dog rope toy that is shaped like the number 8, as each side features a loop for you and your pooch to grip (or two four-footed tuggers.) 

If you’re using the rope for just you and your dog, you can search for one that has a handle, giving you a comfy grip to avoid the roughness of the rope on your hands. 

Important Safety Tip: Handled tug toys should be put away after use since grips are tempting to chompers.

What Are the Best Rope Options for Fetch Lovers? 

Fetch-addicted doggos will appreciate rope toys with a ball attachment. These versatile toys give your pup something to chase, chew, and throw around, keeping him entertained for hours.

Ball-adorned ropes can make rounds of fetch better for you, too, as they keep the slobber-coated ball out of your hand

When selecting a dog rope toy featuring a ball, make sure you pick one with a ball that your dog can comfortably (and safely) carry in his mouth. Too large of a ball will render the toy useless, while too small of a ball can be a choking hazard.


What Kind of Rope Toy Should I Get a High Energy Dog? 

A great option for dogs with endless energy is a suction-cup rope toy. These toys can be attached to a wall or floor and let your pooch enjoy endless rounds of solo tug of war.

The suction cup keeps the rope in place, allowing your pup to tug to his heart’s content. Some are made with a stretchier rope, too, adding to the fun. These typically work best with small or medium-sized puppers, as really big boys and girls are sometimes too strong for the suction cup. 

What Type of Dog Rope Toys Are Best for Puppies? 

The most important aspect of puppy-friendly rope toys is construction since puppy teeth are sharp, and puppy teething leads to lots of chewing. You should avoid rope toys with handles during puppyhood, as the plastic is an easy target for growing chompers

With new puppies, there’s a good chance you aren’t quite sure what he’ll like yet, so feel free to explore rope toy designs that will keep him entertained. You may also want to consider multi-toy packs (we point out a few below), as they’ll let you figure out your four-footer’s favorites.   

Ropes with attached balls or bones are always welcome, though you should make sure they’re large enough not to risk choking. 

What Size Dog Rope Toy Should You Get? 

A one-size-fits-all approach is not a good idea when it comes to dog rope toys. For the sake of safety and fun, you need to select a rope toy of the proper size for your pooch.

You want to ensure your dog can easily lift the rope and that the material isn’t too thick for him to handle. You also want to avoid ropes that are too small or thin if you have a large dog or powerful chewer, as these ropes can quickly become a choking hazard since they’re easy to break. 

Just use your best judgment when browsing, and keep your dog’s habits in mind before making the final purchase.

Are Rope Toys Dangerous for Dogs?

As with all dog toys, there are some risks to watch out for with dog rope chews. Vets give rope toys mixed reviews, and you need to take special precautions to ensure safe play

Like balls, bones, and chews, dog rope toys do come with a risk of ingestion and obstruction if you do not monitor them while they’re in use.

There is also a risk of tooth or mouth injury, especially if you or your dog play too rough during tug of war. 

Rope Dog Toy Safety Tips

As mentioned above, there are a few precautions you should take to ensure safe pupper play with rope toys, including: 

  • Always monitor your dog while he plays with a rope chew (and all other toys!)
  • If your dog has a habit of eating things he shouldn’t, skip the rope toy
  • Never buy a rope toy that your dog can fully fit in his mouth
  • Ideally, only purchase dog rope toys that feature knotted sections that your dog cannot fit entirely in his mouth
  • If you have a multi-dog household with pups of differing sizes, always opt for the largest ropes to avoid accidents
  • Once your dog begins to shred the rope, it’s time to toss and replace it
  • Always purchase dogs toys from reputable retailers
  • Clean dog rope toys as needed to prevent bacterial buildup (most can be hand-washed safely with dish soap and air-dried)


Does your doggo have any of these rope toys in his collection? Is there another rope toy your pup can’t get enough of? Let us know in the comments below!

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