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chew proof dog bed

The Best Chew Proof Dog Beds: Tough Beds for Rough Dogs!

Even though beds are meant to be for resting, dog beds end up being a common chew toy for our rougher pets. The issue is that some dogs are quite strong, and in many cases the fabric material that dog beds

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best dog collar for pulling

Best Dog Collars For Pulling: Reclaim The Walk!

Taking your dog for a walk is a great way to bond with your pet, as well as get them the exercise they need to stay calm, happy, and healthy. However, some owners find themselves dreading and even avoiding

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the best dog beds for labradors

5 Best Dog Beds For Labs: Let Sleeping Labradors Lie!

Many dogs love cuddling up in a dog bed of their very own – and of course you want to make sure your canine companion has a dog bed he or she loves! However, different dogs have different needs.

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igloo dog house

Best Igloo Dog Houses: Why Dogs Love Them + Top Picks

What are Igloo Dog Houses? Igloo dog houses are just what their name suggests – dog houses shaped like igloos! But why are dog igloo houses popular? There are a number of different reasons why some

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airline approved dog crates

Airline Approved Dog Crates: Best Dog Travel Crates

Today we’re giving you an in-depth guide on dog travel crates for the cargo hold. Air travel is stressful for pets, but with these guidelines and suggestions, we’ll help you ensure that your

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canicross training

Dog Joring Gear: Bikejoring, Skijoring, and Canicross Gear

What is Dog Joring? Dog joring is the practice of having your dog tow you, performed through bikejoring, skiijoring, or canicross. In order to successfully perform dog-pulling sports with your canine,

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how to care for old dogs

5 Best Dog Beds for Senior Arthritic Dogs

It’s hard seeing your canine companion age, but a quality dog bed can bring tons of happiness and comfort to your dog during his golden years. Today we’re outlining popular features you’ll

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