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If you really were born to be wild, shouldn’t you have something wild on your bike with you? Like say, your bad-ass bichon frise?

That’s not a joke – you really can bring your little buddy along with you as your cruise up the highway with the wind in your hair. You just need a safe way to keep your canine securely attached to you and the bike and a pup willing to ride atop your hog.

Check out our quick picks below, or read ahead for more details!

Best Dog Carriers for Motorcycles: Quick Picks

Do Dogs Like Riding on Motorcycles?

When it comes to motorcycles, dogs are just like people: some love them, others don’t. It varies from one individual to the next.

Typically, dogs who have strong, confident personalities are more likely to take the noise, vibration and gale-force winds in stride than timid dogs are. This even applies to tiny breeds, who often have with big and bold personalities that belie their size.

In fact, because they are often accustomed to being carried and held, small dogs frequently feel more comfortable riding on motorcycles than larger dogs do.

Many large dogs find the notion of being carried slightly horrifying, and they respond by flailing about and trying to escape the situation.

Small dogs are also better suited for being passengers for logistical reasons.

They fit in smaller spaces and are easier to lift and manipulate. While a few riders manage to get their large dog to climb aboard and remain cool, calm, and collected, this is the exception and not the rule.

This all means that your spunky Chihuahua may be a much better riding buddy than your sensitive Doberman.

motorcycle dog carrier

8 Best Motorcycle Dog Carriers for Hitting the Road

There aren’t a great number of options in the motorcycle carrier market, but fortunately, a few of them are really solid products.

The following represent the best of the bunch:

1. Pillion Pooch

About: The Pillion Pooch is a comfy and spacious motorcycle dog carrier that was born of necessity — the product designers simply wanted a safe way to ride with their pups, so they created the Pillion Pooch!

Featuring a protective, military-grade aluminum roll cage, a zippable, water- and UV-resistant cover, and a rigid base, this carrier makes it easy to hit the open road with your four-footer.


The Pillion Pooch is essentially a metal roll cage that is attached to a rigid floor (with a cut-out to make it easy for your pupper to enter and exit). A weather-resistant cover fits over the top and provides your canine with some protection from the wind, rain, and road grit, but you can unzip the front to let your doggo feel the wind in his fur.

  • Restraints designed to secure dogs weighing up to 30 kilograms (about 66 pounds)
  • Designed to be narrower than your handlebars
  • Easy to put on or take off and weighs only 15 kilograms (about 33 pounds)
  • Available in a two-dog configuration, which features a second restraint
  • 39 centimeter by 62 centimeter footprint (approximately 15 inches by 24 inches)
  • 55 centimeters (approximately 21.5 inches) tall, giving most dogs plenty of headroom


  • Only motorcycle dog carrier we’ve found that’s suitable for pretty big pups
  • Roll cage provides additional protection for your pooch
  • Overhead restraints won’t get tangled
  • Two-dog models available


  • The only real downside to the Pillion Pooch is its price tag, but it still provides great value for what you get
  • Some pawrents aren’t crazy about the styling

2. K9 Moto Cockpit

About: The K9 Moto Cockpit is a custom-built canine cockpit that allows your dog to comfortably ride in style right behind you! Each cockpit is custom-designed based on the make and model of your motorcycle.

The design features a tubular steel frame, baseplates, a mounting bar, cushioned bars, and vinyl upholstery in the color and pattern of your choice.

The K9 Cockpit it designed to make your dog lie down during the ride, as this position is more comfortable for your pooch while also lowering the center of gravity and reducing the impact on the ride geometry.

This high-end cockpit looks fantastic, but it isn’t cheap, so it’s really only an option for riders willing to invest serious cash to allow their dogs to cruise.


  • Custom-built canine cockpit based on your motorcycle
  • High-quality frame, anchor points, and baseplates
  • Choose your own color of upholstery
  • Company also offers a companion harness and rain poncho as upsells
  • If the K9 Moto Cockpit is too pricey for you, you can purchase the cockpit build plans and put one together yourself!


  • Custom-built for your motorcycle to allow for a perfect fit
  • Ultra high-quality and sturdy dog motorcycle carrier
  • Ability to customize certain design aspects
  • Option to purchase the blueprint plans and build one yourself


  • Very expensive
  • Takes about 8-10 weeks to build

3. Kuryakyn Pet Palace Bag

About: The Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace Bag is a premium motorcycle dog carrier, designed to surround your pet in safe, great-looking luxury.

Made from 1200 denier UV-rated, water-resistant material and supported by a rigid internal frame, the Kuryakyn Pet Palace provides everything you’d want for cruising with your pup.

The carrier features four mesh windows for improved ventilation, as well as a removable foam cushion for added comfort, and an attachable carrying strap that lets it be used as a mobile carrier when off the bike.

In addition, this model includes a sissy bar strap, multiple D-rings, as well as adjustable straps to fine-tune the mounting for your bike.


  • Very high-quality material, including a sturdy rigid bottom
  • Removable bottom pad for added canine comfort
  • Four mesh windows for great ventilation
  • Internal D-ring and short leash attachment to secure dog inside the carrier
  • Option to open the top panel, when desired.
  • Several pockets and adjustable straps
  • 18.5 inches wide, 13 inches deep, and 14 inches tall


  • Owners loved the ample tie-on straps, connections, and pockets
  • Rigid bottom made it easy to achieve a snug connection
  • Made with very high-quality materials
  • Mesh windows help keep your canine comfy and enjoy the breeze


  • One customer complained that the published measurements were incorrect
  • Pricey, though it still provides good value

4. Beast Rider

About: The Beast Rider is a canine carrier made by motorcycle lovers, ensuring you and your large dog can travel safely and comfortably on your bike. Custom-made using an in-depth, old-school ordering form, this pup passenger seat attaches to your bike with adjustable leather straps for a snug fit.


  • Made with hand-tooled leather and shearling in various color and length options
  • Measures 20” wide and holds up to 75 pounds
  • Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes
  • Large size requires a tall passenger backest measuring at least 10”
  • Comes with a Beast Rider K9 harness for securing your pooch


  • Custom-built, ensuring you get a product that works best for you, your pooch, and your motorcycle
  • Quality gets a thumb up from pup parents
  • Style is unmatched, fitting in great with most cruisers
  • Made with top-notch materials, including real leather and shearling


  • Long lead time (18 to 20 weeks!)
  • As with other motorcycle dog carriers, it’s expensive

5. Saddlemen Pet Voyager

About: The Saddlemen Pet Voyager is a flexible and feature-packed motorcycle dog carrier that provides comfort and safety for your pet and convenience for you.

It not only features an array of pockets and pouches for storage, it can attach to your bike via a versa-mount seat harness or an adjustable sissy bar strap system.


  • Multiple vents and access flaps give your pup several ways to enjoy the ride
  • Quick-connect straps allow you to load or remove the bag in seconds
  • Features removable cushion and bottom tray
  • Sturdy handle-grip and backpack straps make it easy to carry
  • Includes tether ring to keep your pet securely leashed
  • 18.4 inches wide, 15.9 inches deep, and 15.3 inches tall


  • Comes with tons of useful bells and whistles (pockets, flaps, straps, etc.)
  • Several owners were pleasantly surprised at the bag’s overall quality
  • More affordable than most other high-end carriers


  • Despite the fact that this carrier can be mounted in multiple ways, some owners experienced bike compatibility issues
  • Lacks variety in styling

6.  Outward Hound PoochPouch

About: The Outward Hound PoochPouch provides a safe, secure, and comfortable ride for dogs and owners who prefer to ride in tandem. Made from water-resistant nylon fabric, the PoochPouch is a great way to carry your small dog around, whether you are on your bike or traveling around bipedally.


  • Worn on the front of your body, you can always keep an eye on your pup
  • Padded straps, padded back, and a padded pouch provide unsurpassed comfort
  • Includes both a safety-harness attachment and a drawstring top for safety
  • Mesh sides provide ventilation
  • Small model features an 11.5-inch-wide base; suitable for pups up to 12 inches tall
  • Medium model features a 13.2-inch-wide base; suitable for dogs up to 15 inches tall


  • Great for brief rides, but will also work for longer journeys 
  • Front-facing design is excellent for nervous dogs
  • Easy to go for a ride — just put it on, insert your pooch, and hop on


  • A few owners complained that the straps aren’t heavily padded
  • Doesn’t offer pupper protection if there’s a crash

7. NICREW Legs Out Front-Facing Dog Carrier

About: The NICREW Front-Facing Dog Carrier allows your puppy to ride with his legs and paws extended and exposed. It’s a clever design that both supports your dog well and allows you to carry him in a comfortable manner.

You can also wear this pack on your back, but your pup probably wants to see where you’re going, not where you’ve been.


  • 1 ½-inch-wide, comfort-padded straps won’t dig in to your shoulders
  • Mesh panels to provide great ventilation
  • Available in four sizes to ensure a great fit
  • Comes in three color patterns: black, denim blue and striped
  • Fits dogs with chest girths between 16 and 24 inches, depending on the size selected


  • Works for carrying your dog via foot or on your bike
  • Well-received by owners with dogs weighing more than 20 pounds (rare among wearable carriers) 
  • Multiple sizes and color patterns available


  • Several owners complained that the straps weren’t especially comfortable
  • Offers no protection in the event of an accident

8.  Milwaukee Leather Motorcycle Pet Carrier

About:  The Milwaukee Leather Motorcycle Pet Carrier is a durable carrier bag designed to keep your pup safe and comfortable while cruising around with his pet parent. The top-loader layout makes pooch access a breeze, while the solid black PVC material offers a neutral look.


  • Breathable mesh panels for ventilation
  • Multiple outside pockets for extra storage
  • Adjustable traps and clips for easy mounting
  • Measures 16 inches long, 12 inches deep, and 13 inches tall


  • Provides great value for those who want a high-quality carrier that doesn’t cost a fortune
  • Durable construction ensures the carrier should last
  • Easy to mount on your bike


  • Unfortunately, there weren’t many owner reviews available to consider
  • Lacks style options

Pet Parent Review: A pleased pawrent wrote in about this bag, praising its quality, even after two years of use. A recent accident put the carrier to the test, and the pup passenger, Herman, walked away without a scratch!

Important Considerations When Selecting a Motorcycle Dog Carrier

There are a variety of products designed to make it safer and more comfortable for your dog to ride. As with all products, there is a big difference between those that work well and those that do not.

Consider the following features when selecting a motorcycle carrier for your dog:

Crate-Style Carriers Vs. Wearable Carriers

There are two basic carrier styles:

  • Small crate-style carriers designed to mount on the back of your bike or sissy bar
  • Backpack-like products, designed to be worn on your body

Either style can work well for you and your pup, you’ll just have to consider your needs and your dog’s personality when making the choice.

Crate-style carriers will protect your pup better from the winds and road debris, as well as in the case of an accident. However, they don’t allow you as much contact with your pet and some dogs may feel safer riding around while directly strapped to mom or dad.


No matter which carrier style you select, you must ensure that it contains your dog safely.

Crate-style carriers should feature secure locks, leads, or latches to keep your dog from hoping out, and they must attach to your bike properly. Wearable carriers must keep your dog contained and prevent excessive wiggling, which may throw you off balance. Always check the safety buckles of these items, as all hardware isn’t created equal.

Be sure to outfit your dog with a good pair of protective dog goggles or glasses to ensure he doesn’t get anything in his eyes. It’s also a good idea to fit your little buddy with his own helmet to better protect him in the case of a crash.

 Weather-Proof Design

You probably won’t be riding through a downpour, but you’ll probably need to scoot through a little sprinkle from time to time. You may even ride in some light snow on occasion.

In either case, you’ll need to ensure the carrier keeps your pup warm and dry during such times.

Obviously, crate-style carriers will work better in this regard, but wearable carriers made of water-resistant materials can keep your dog relatively dry, too. The right carrier also makes traveling in warm or cold weather much safer for sniffers. Proper insulation keeps the chill away during cold weather, and great ventilation makes hot weather rides safer by warding off overheating.

Canine Comfort

If your dog isn’t comfortable in his carrier, he won’t enjoy the ride. Make sure that wearable carriers are made from comfortable materials and that none of the components will rub your pup’s skin and fur.

Crate-style carriers should feature enough space for your dog to turn around, sit up, and lay outstretched, as well as a comfortable floor surface. Removable cushions are popular, permitting your pooch to cozy up while still making cleaning as needed a breeze.

Mounting and Assembly

You’ll need to select a crate-style motorcycle dog carrier that is designed to fit your bike properly. Many units feature a number of adjustment points, enabling them to work with almost any bike, but others are designed for a specific make or model.

Of course, the same applies to wearable carriers – you need to make sure they’ll mount securely to your body. This is most likely to be a problem for riders who are especially tall, short, thin or not-so-thin.


Racking up the highway miles will take its toll on just about everything, including your dog-designed motorcycle carrier.

Accordingly, you’ll want to look for products with durable finishes and quality craftsmanship to prevent you from having to replace the carrier. Examine things like safety buckles, ventilation panels, and straps, as the quality of these is paramount to pupper safety.


Some municipalities place legal restrictions on riding motorcycles with dogs. They may require certain minimum standards, or they may prohibit the activity entirely. Always be sure to check with the locally relevant authorities to stay on the right side of the law.


Some carriers are better-looking than others, and if these kinds of things are important to you, be sure to consider the styling of your motorcycle dog carrier before making your final selection. Some (especially custom companies) offer fabric or color choice, letting you match your mutt’s motif.

Styling shouldn’t be one of the primary factors influencing your decision (you should place things like safety, comfort, and durability at the top of the list), but it will factor into the equation for most riders.


You’ll likely find it necessary to move the carrier around from time to time; some carriers even double as portable kennels.

Look for models that feature handles to facilitate this mobility. Portability isn’t really a concern for wearable-style carriers.


Dog carriers for motorcycles vary quite a bit in price. Generally, wearable carriers are less expensive than crate-style carriers, but prices also vary within each category and from product to product.

Try to avoid the cheapest products in any category (there’s usually a reason they have low price tags), and limit price comparisons to similar products.

FAQ: Best Motorcycle Dog Carriers

Do you still have questions about the best dog carriers for motorcycle riding? Concerns about other protection gear for biking with your barkers? Let’s dig into the most commonly asked questions surrounding the topic and the corresponding answers.

How can I carry my dog on my motorcycle?

Biking with your dog comes with a wide variety of transport options. Some pet parents prefer the feel of a sidecar with a tethered pooch, while others enjoy traveling with their canine close in a backpack carrier.

Another option is a motorcycle dog carrier or kennel, with these styles ranging from affordable finds made of durable fabric to a more expensive option that’s customized or crash-rated. A soft carrier may offer plenty of air through ventilation panel inserts, but they provide little to no protection in the event of a crash, so they’re definitely not the safest option.

Are sidecars safe for dogs?

Sidecars are safe for dogs to travel in, provided your motorcycle is capable and compatible to travel with a sidecar, and your doggo is secured within the sidecar. Your canine’s everyday collar or harness isn’t right for the job, however. Luckily, there are a wide variety of safety harnesses designed to keep your canine in place, giving you ample style and color choice.

That said, traveling in a sidecar may provide less crash protection for your floof during a road trip than riding in a safety-tested dog carrier. The open design of a sidecar also leaves your pup exposed to any weather condition or potential road debris.

How do you secure a dog in a sidecar?

The safest way to travel with your pooch in a sidecar while motorcycle riding is by securing him with a crash protection safety harness. Fastening your dog by the collar isn’t recommended due to discomfort and strangulation risks, while a run-of-the-mill harness just isn’t made for the job. Stick to protective gear designed for mutt motorcycle rides, as your pup is certainly precious cargo!

Can dogs ride in motorcycle sidecars?

Dogs can ride in motorcycle sidecars if your bike is set up to ride safely with one and your pooch is secured with a safety harness or similar safety device. Some dogs are happy with the side-by-side seating arrangement, but others are happier closer to humans, whether in a backpack-style carrier or a mounted one behind the rider.

What is the best way for a dog to ride in a motorcycle?

The best way for dogs to travel via motorcycle is in motorcycle dog kennels or carriers. These keep canines secured in place and allow you to focus on the road during motorcycle rides. Many feature a rigid frame and other safety device add-ons, protecting your pooch in the event of a crash.

There are a wide variety of styles to choose from, so pay close attention to each product’s weight limit, safety rating, and any nifty extra features, such as a removable comfort pad for easy cleaning, bubble window, or additional storage.


Does your dog like to tag along when you go cruising? What style carrier do you use? What have you learned about using a carrier that may benefit those who are looking for their first?

Let everyone know in the comments below!

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Ben is the managing editor for K9 of Mine and has spent most of his adult life working as a wildlife educator and animal-care professional. Ben’s had the chance to work with hundreds of different species, but his favorite animals have always been dogs. He currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his spoiled-rotten Rottweiler named J.B. Chances are, she’s currently giving him the eyes and begging to go to the park.

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    Dan Sergent

    What do you use to ride with your Rottweiler? I have one that is a pup, but am hoping to be able to bring her along.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Dan. I don’t ride a bike; I’m a Wrangler guy, so the pupper just rides shotgun.
      Best of luck though. Let us know if you figure out something that works well for your Rottie!

  3. Philip Towers Avatar
    Philip Towers

    I have a beautiful Cocker spaniel I guess he would be a medium sized dog. Could you please let me know what the best Dog carrier for my motorcycle would be.
    Thank you

  4. Cindy Taylor Avatar

    Hello. Has anyone figured out a way to carry their pups in a carrier on a Spyder rt limited?

  5. Beverly Avatar

    I’m looking for a pet carrier for my pitbull. 70+ lbs. I definitely wont be carrying her on my back or chest as I am a petit woman. I am looking for something that can be clipped on top of the motorcycle that can support a big lazy girl. Any suggestions.
    (My first initial move is a side car. But I would to ride freely with her behind me.)

  6. Danielle Elfstrom Avatar
    Danielle Elfstrom

    Am looking for safe secure backpack for our dog to come on bike rides with us. She is chihahua x pomerananian. As i sit behind my husband a front pack is no good. Our bike is a kawasaki vulcan with sissi seat so there is no room either for a dog carrier to strap to bike behind sissy seat.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Danielle. You may want to give our article about the best backpack carriers a look!

  7. Brad Goodsell Avatar
    Brad Goodsell

    I have a 2 yr old,collie,lab, Shepard mix .68lbs. I’m looking for a harness to put him securely on my trike. The one I have just insnt secure enough..Around town it’s great but I’m leary on safety on highway/interstate. We did a 100 mile trip n went well for 1st long trip but would like something more than one clip that hooks to seatbelt.

    1. Joshua Schrock Avatar
      Joshua Schrock

      Check out beastriders.com kinda pricey but seems to be the ticket for larger breed dogs 40+ pounds apparantly

  8. elva l simmons Avatar
    elva l simmons

    Do u make carriers for 30pd dogs

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Elva.
      We don’t make any carriers — we just share information about those that are already on the market. I’d recommend looking closely at the NICREW Legs Out Front-Facing Dog Carrier — it seems to be the best option for dogs at the larger end of the spectrum. Just be sure to measure your dog carefully and see if it looks like the carrier will fit.
      Best of luck! Let us know which one you choose!

    2. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Elva.
      We don’t make any carriers — we just share information about those that are already on the market. I’d recommend looking closely at the NICREW Legs Out Front-Facing Dog Carrier — it seems to be the best option for dogs at the larger end of the spectrum. Just be sure to measure your dog carefully and see if it looks like the carrier will fit.
      Best of luck! Let us know which one you choose!

  9. Evan Katzman Avatar

    I currently ride with a T-Bag for my 10lb yorkie on the back of my Suzuki Boulevard 650 cruiser. She loves it and is kinda famous. ha ha, Wondering if you have any recommend any bags that would work forward on my tank? Bike has a windscreen so no issue there. Thanks in advance

  10. Rachel Jones Avatar

    Hi, we’re looking for something for a slightly larger dog. Can you recommend something that would be good for a staffy?

    1. Mark Wessinger Avatar
      Mark Wessinger

      Here is a video of couple who rides with their German Shepherd.
      -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEpfkb6iSwo

  11. Don Zawacki Avatar
    Don Zawacki

    Seems like most of us have the same problem…securing larger dogs. I have an 80 lb American Bulldog and a Honda Goldwing (1800) and want something safe but simple enough to secure him to the passengers seat so he can come with me daily. The best thing I can come up with so far is a harness with D ring in back then running a strap on each side(attached to passenger hand holds) of bike up to D ring on harness. I can’t find any harnesses for motorcycle, only carriers (which aren’t big enough for him). Not sure why this kind of setup isn’t available, it seems like the simplest solution… or am I missing something?? Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Mark Wessinger Avatar
      Mark Wessinger

      I have constructed my own carrier for my Australian Cattledog, George and he loves it! Essentially, I modified a 24″x19″x17″ dog carrier to fit on my 1977 BMW R100. We rode from Blue River, Colorado to St. Louis, MO and back during the fall of 2016. This summer I modified the carrier to fit on my 2017 BMW R1200GS. We have not taken any long trips with the new motorcycle, but we do ride around the Fort Collins area. Modifications included cutting a hole in the top, fortifying the sides and base, and adding wind screens to the front and top. George also wears a Kurgo halter, Rex Specs goggles, and has a helmet on order.

      1. Rachel Jones Avatar
        Rachel Jones

        Hi, we’ve just bought the same bike & are looking for a way to take our dog along as well. Any ideas & pictures would be great

        1. Mark Wessinger Avatar
          Mark Wessinger

          I would be happy to send you a picture of my setup… my personal email is CMWessinger@me,com.

      2. Nancy Avatar

        Hello Mark. My husband and I each have our own Red Heeler that we want to take on our motorcycle trip this August. I would like to see pictures of the crate you modified as this seems the only logical way to tote around a larger dogs. Any suggestions too would be appreciated i.e. what to put inside for comfort.

        1. Mark Wessinger Avatar
          Mark Wessinger

          Hi Nancy –
          Send me an email at MCDogcarriers(at)gmail.com and I’ll send you pictures.

          1. Ben Team Avatar

            Hey, Mark.

            No problem sharing email addresses and info (for that matter, send us a photo too!).

            But I switched out the @ for an (at) to stop the bots from gettin’ ya!

          2. Mark Wessinger Avatar
            Mark Wessinger


          3. Mark Wessinger Avatar
            Mark Wessinger

            Hello Again,
            I would be happy to send you pictures of George in his carriers. We have a new, custom motorcycle dog tote, made of welded aluminum tubing built for us by Cycletote Bicycle trailers. How can I send you these photos – there does not seem to be an attachment option.

          4. Ben Team Avatar

            Awesome, Mark. We’d love to see them!
            Just attach them to an email: Info(at)K9ofMine(dot)com
            We look forward to it!

          5. Please do i have been trying to make my pitbull comforable Avatar
            Please do i have been trying to make my pitbull comforable

            Please do i have been trying ideas but need help

      3. Amanda Brown Avatar
        Amanda Brown

        Hi can you send me some instructions and a photo. In Australia with bmw and dog

  12. Sasha Avatar

    My 4 lb chihuahua LOVES my boyfriends street bike! She literally climbs the walls when she sees us getting geared up! At first we thought she was afraid or upset at the noise the bike made; nope, turns out this little speed demon just wants to go FAST!
    But safety FIRST, we did NOT want her exposed to the elements at all. If we know what a bug in the eye would do to us at even 30 mph we would never subject her to anything like that so she’s safely tucked away in a backpack style carrier with a bubble window and plenty of ventilation. We’ve modified it to include a pocket for a freezer gel pack for the stifling hot weather during the day and a green LED light at night that gives off some warmth from the battery pack so she doesn’t get too cold and she has a collapsible silicone dish for water that stows under her seat cushion.
    The bag has a bungee clip inside to secure her in place but really she doesn’t need it because she stays still even for hour long rides. She never squirms or makes sudden movements even with other dogs etc around. She’s a great riding partner.
    She loves looking out her bubble window to people watch and people love watching her. I’ve also noticed that people have stopped riding up on us; guess they don’t wanna be the person who kills the adorable dog (who cares about us right!?).

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Aw that’s so cool Sasha! Sounds like you have a great setup there. Glad you and the Chihuahua both get to enjoy the road 🙂

  13. Lynn Beckwith Avatar

    What is the largest dog that anyone has had on the grand pet palace? I’ve considered modifying a crate for my 35lb motomutt., but would rather use a proven option.

  14. Stephen Hope Avatar
    Stephen Hope

    I need a larger pet carrier for a short but stocky 40 lb dog. 24″ wide by 20″ would be just right. If anyone knows of something that size please comment.

  15. Shella Avatar

    I too, I’m looking for a larger carrier that will carry my 38 pound lab or doodle. Anything available?does anyone know? I ride solo so only have a single seat there would be room behind that

  16. Lisa LaFlam Avatar
    Lisa LaFlam

    I need a carrier for my trike, to hold my two Chihuahuas. They’ll be 3 lbs fully grown. I heard there’s one out there with two safety straps and a divider. do you know of anything?

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      I haven’t heard of it – do let me know if you find something like that, we’ll consider adding it to our list.

    2. David Avatar

      Go to beastrider.com

  17. Bob Sturm Avatar
    Bob Sturm

    I have an existing T-Bag Dresser Backseat Bag that I would like to use a platform for inserting a dog carrier to accommodate my Chiwawa. Buying a new bag when I already have a T Bag just doesn’t make sense. Do you have any recommendations?

  18. jim vasilopoulod Avatar
    jim vasilopoulod


    have u ever heard of a side hard saddlebag pet carrier? my bichon shitzu is 13 lbs and its just me and her so i want her closer to me as opposed to being on the very back behind tge passenger seat. perhaps a customized replacement hard side saddle that i can interchange when i take her with me? exhaust pipe is a concern obviosly but ive never actually felt for or noticed heat indside the hard saddle.

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      I’ve seen plenty of hard side saddebags, but never one designed to hold a dog. As you say, I’d be concerned about the exhaust pipe and the positioning of the saddlebags. It might be possible though. Like I said, haven’t seen them available though.

  19. Alfred Avatar

    I’m getting the Quick Star Pet Trailer for my 2 year old rescue mix German Shepherd/Bouvier, but i just got a 2nd dog, a 3 year old Jack Russell type rescue who presently weighs 25 pounds. The SPCA told me he has to gain about 5 lbs. So in perfect health he should weigh about 30 pounds .I drive a 2011 Canam Spyder RT. I know i have to get a sort of luggage rack for the back because the luggage compartment on my Spyder is not straight but rounded so they told me that i need the luggage rack to secure any pet carrier i put on it.

    My question is: is there a Pet carrier someone can recommend me that would fit a 30 pound dog for my Spyder. The back seat is not an option since when i retire my wife will be sitting there, but we’ed like to be able to travel with our two dogs, but right now i’m sort of frustrated in not being able to find any motorcycle pet carrier that fits medium sized dogs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. and i’m sure Rambo and Solo (aka Hans Solo) would be glad to be able to always follow us around as well.

    The trailer and a pet carrier for me would be awesome since in the summer month i take my Spyder to go to and back from work and this way i could just stay in my motorcycle gear hook up the pet trailer for my big dog and put the smaller one in the pet carrier where we’d all go to and from the dog park every day.

    thanks again for any help you can give me

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      That’s tough – I haven’t seen any pet carriers made specifically for motorcycles that can fit larger dogs, but I’ll keep an eye out. You could try Macgyver-ing something with a normal plastic carrier, but not sure how safe that would be.

  20. Chris Avatar

    As per Cathy and Jeremy. Looking for something for my pitbull, preferably to attach to the top of the left pannier, also on my Africa Twin.

  21. Jeremy Avatar

    I have exactly the same request as Cathy! My pitbull is approximately 55Lbs. He loves to ride on the scooter but I’d like to take him along when I go for longer trips with the Africa Twin. A larger version of the Kuryakin pet palace would be ideal! I see they came up with the “grand pet palace” but the dimensions seem too small and they set the recommended weight limit at 20lbs. I’m looking for a product that wouldn’t go too much over USD 200. Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Have you had any luck with this. I’m on exactly the same mission. Same dog breed, same bike. I’d like to be able to attach something to the top of the left pannier.

  22. Cathy Oswald Avatar
    Cathy Oswald

    I need a pet carrier to hold a pit bull. Do you know where to look

    1. Camille Avatar

      I have the same question. Do you have a size for a pitbull? Mine is 50#.

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