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Pet portraits are a great way to memorialize a pet and create a beautiful piece of art that will serve as a lasting memory of all the wonderful times you and your pet have shared together.

There are tons of great services, as well as individual artists, eager to create a gorgeous portrait of your pet. Today we’ll detail what to consider before you order a portrait, as well as highlight a few services and artists we recommend.

Best Pet Portrait Services: Quick Picks

  • Paint Your Life. A moderately-priced pet portrait service that will transform your dog’s photo into a painting you’ll treasure for years. Unlimited revisions, money-back guarantee, and tons of framing options. Also lets you choose a specific artist, so great for those who want a certain look or style. K9 of Mine readers can get 20% off with code K9OFMINE20order now!
  • PortraitFlip. An ultra-affordable pet portrait service that allows an artist to paint or draw your pet through the medium of your choice. Unlimited revisions and money-back guarantee included. Also lets you add additional pets or humans into the portrait for a minimal additional cost, so great for a fur family portrait! K9 of Mine readers can get 10% off – order now (use coupon code “OFF10” at checkout)!
  • EdsWatercolours on Etsy [Most Unique Style] If you’re looking for a more stylized pet portrait, try checking out Eddie Kagimu’s work on Etsy. His light, loose style won’t be a fit for those who want a more traditional portrait, but his work is ideal for those looking for a different look.

Reasons to Get a Pet Portrait

There are plenty of reasons why an owner may choose to get a portrait done of their pet – let’s talk about a few different reasons here.

  • Memorialize a Deceased Pet. Many owners will choose to get a portrait done of their pet after they’ve passed away to serve as a loving tribute to their beloved friend.
  • As a Gift. Pet portraits can function as really fantastic gifts for dog owners – whether for a spouse, friend, or family member. Pet portraits are often something that all owners would love to have, but may not immediately think of for themselves. This makes pet portraits great gifts for those people who seem to have everything.
  • Just For Fun. Who doesn’t want a lovely picture of their favorite four-footer above the mantel?

Factors to Consider When Ordering a Pet Portrait

There are several things owners will want to consider when ordering a portrait.

  • Medium. Portraits can be created in a wide variety of mediums, from pencil and charcoal to watercolor and oil paintings. Oil will likely be the priciest, while pencil and charcoal tend to be less expensive due to the lack of color involved. The type of medium you choose can greatly affect the look and feel of your portrait, so choose wisely! And don’t worry – we’ll talk in more detail about mediums below.
  • Photos. Even the best artist will need photos to work with. Make sure you have a nice selection of photos for your artist. Some artists may only need one photo, but others will want a variety of shots and angles so that they can get a full sense of your dog’s build and character. If you have a specific photo or dog pose you want your artist to work with, that’s something to keep in mind too. Not sure how to get a good pic? Check out our dog photography tips to learn how to snap the perfect pup pic!
  • Size. Portraits can range in size from a classic 8″ x 10″ to larger sizes like 20″ x 24″ or even 48″ x 72″ for jumbo sizing! Make sure to consider where you plan on hanging your portrait, as that can greatly influence sizing.
  • Frames. Some artists will offer to frame your portrait as an add-on. It’s up to you whether or not you’d like to take advantage of framing services. I personally feel it’s much easier to let a pro properly frame your painting, but of course, it’s your choice! Some services also offer canvas wrapping, where the canvas is wrapped around the edges of the painting, erasing a need for a frame. Of course, choosing a style and color frame is a whole additional selection that must be made!
  • Service vs Private Artist. There are many services online that will hire an artist for you and have them create a portrait. Some services let you select an artist, while others may choose for you. This can save you a lot of time, rather than forcing you to hunt down a private artist yourself. However, you often can have more communication and input with a private artist. Browsing through an individual artist’s portfolio can also be beneficial if there is a specific kind of style or look you are going for with your pet’s portrait.
  • You & Pet vs Pet Alone. Some owners want to have a portrait done of themselves and their pet together, while others may want just a portrait of Fido alone. It’s up to you, but know that portraits with more subjects tend to be a little pricier.

Pet Portrait Mediums: Which to Choose?

Not sure what kind of medium you want for your pet portrait? It can be a tricky decision, as different mediums often allow for different tones and emotion.

While there are of course plenty more mediums than just the ones listed here, we’re highlighting a few of the most popular portrait mediums below.

  • Charcoal. Charcoal can result in beautiful contrast, often with a loose, atmospheric result. If you don’t mind losing the color, charcoal can be quite striking for black and white pets.
  • Pencil. Due to the multitude of individual marks that must be made, pencil works can be time-consuming, but result in incredible detail. If you want to be able to see every piece of fur on your pup’s face, pencil is a good choice. Pencil also tends to look the most realistic.
  • Colored Pencil. The same as pencil work, but with color! Colored pencil allows for the detail of pencil, but with color. Pencil mediums also can help emphasize coat texture, so if that’s a defining aspect of your pooch’s look, you may want to consider pencil or colored pencil.
  • Pastel. Pastels often result in a softer look while retaining great vibrancy.
  • Watercolor. Watercolor can result in some very unique and create portraits, often with a looser look.
  • Oil & Acrylic. Oil is the traditional portrait medium, and has been the gold standard for centuries. Both oil and acrylic paint result in durable portraits and allow for great texture. Pet portraits in oil are especially ideal for those who want that classic portrait look and feel.
  • Digital. Some artists will create a pet portrait for you digitally, resulting in a really stunning and unique piece made through artist editing software. Digital portraits are often much cheaper than hand-painted pieces (no costly materials outside of the software are required). They can also be created in a huge variety of styles – your imagination is the limit! However, printing a digital portrait yourself can get quite pricey, so make sure to take into account printing prices before opting for a digital portrait.

Color vs. Black And White Pet Portraits

Most owners will assume that they want a pet portrait in color. While this is often a great choice, it’s smart to not totally discount black and white options either. The black and white look of charcoal and pencil portraits can be quite striking. The powerful contrast can make a huge impression that color portraits simply can’t pull off.

If your dog has a black, grey, or not especially colorful coat, check out some black and white pet portraits and see if they appeal to you. On the other hand, if your pet has a rich, colorful coat that is a huge part of who they are, you’ll likely want to stick with color!

Best Pet Portrait Services + Reviews

1. Paint Your Life


Paint Your Life is a service that connects you in with a network of artists who specialize in creating custom pet portraits from photographs.

Choose from a number of highly talented artists and browse samples of artwork to choose the perfect artist style for what you’re looking for.

I’ve actually commissioned a custom pet portrait with Paint Your Life – you can read my full review of this service here!

You can choose the materials you’d like for your pet portrait, with options of:

  • Oil
  • Charcoal
  • Watercolor
  • Pencil
  • Pastel
  • Acrylic

Prices are also quite reasonable, varying depending on materials and size.

While exact prices can vary depending on the medium you select, for a standard oil portrait (most popular) of one pet, prices are as follows (as of time of publishing):

  • 8 x 10: $199
  • 11 x 14: $239
  • 16 x 20: $339
  • 24 x 26: $429
  • 30 x 40: $459

Note: Listed here are a few popular sizes, but there are actually several more sizes offered in the full pricing list, both larger and in-between the sizes shown here.

Some major advantages to using Paint My Life Include:

  • Great Variety of Artists & Styles. You can get access to a huge variety of artists and different creative styles – ranging from classic and regal to funky and modern.
  • Many Framing Options. Get your portrait framed prior to having it shipped (with tons of framing style options), which can save some time and hassle over getting it framed yourself afterward.
  • Free Shipping. All portraits ship for free (which is a big deal because shipping costs can be quite substantial, especially for larger portraits.
  • Unlimited Revisions + Online Proofing. If you don’t love how the painting looks, the artist will continue to work on and adjust the portrait until you are happy with it! You can also see images online of how your painting is progressing.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Even after limitless revisions and seeing online updates of the portrait, if it arrives at you’re home and you are unhappy, you can send back the portrait within 30 days for a full refund.
  • 10% Deposit. You’ll only need to pay for 10% of the painting cost upfront – pay the rest once you’ve approved the final piece.
  • Additional Deals for More Paintings. Paint My Life also offers some great discounts when you order multiple paintings, such as 50% off your 2nd portrait.

I personally love that you get to see a huge variety of artists and styles, all in one place. It’s quite a bit easier than visiting dozens of artist pages individually.

In addition, they often have coupons that allow you to get an even better deal. In fact, Paint My Life has a special deal for K9 of Mine readers – get 20% off with code K9OFMINE20.

Those who have used Paint My Life tend to be quite satisfied. In addition to positive user testimonials shown on the Paint My Life website itself, they also have a 5 out of 5 rating on Trust Pilot, a website dedicated to user reviews of various services.

paintlife testimonial

What We Love: Paint My Life offers access to a variety of artists so you can choose a unique style you love, along with many framing options and upgrades available to those who want them.

What Could Be Better: Paint My Life isn’t a cheap service, although they do often offer discounts and promotions during holidays, so keep an eye out to save money!

2. PortraitFlip

PortraitFlip Screenshot2

Disclosure: PortraitFlip is included in this round-up as part of a sponsored promotion.

PortraitFlip is a service that lets you send in a photograph of your pet and receive a lovely custom portrait of your pooch.

Portraits are available in a variety of mediums like acrylic, watercolor, and oil paintings as well as colored pencil drawings, pencil sketches, and charcoal.  

Each piece is hand-painted by professional artists, and customers are allowed unlimited revisions to ensure that they come away with a portrait of their pet that they truly adore.

Customers only need to pay 30% of the painting cost upfront and can pay the rest once they are happy with the final product. PortraitFlip offers a 100% money-back guarantee too, so you’re in good hands!

PortraitFlip Sizes & Prices

Oil paintings tend to be PortraitFlip’s most popular offering. Paintings are available in several sizes, with prices starting at the level indicated below:

  • 12 x 12: $125
  • 12 x 16: $145
  • 16 x 20: $175
  • 18 x 24: $205
  • 20 x 30: $245
  • 24 x 36: $265
  • 30 x 40: $360
  • 36 x 48: $420
  • 48 x 72: $480

Note: Prices shown are for unframed, rolled oil portraits of a single pet.

Key Features:

  • Choose Custom Background. PortraitFlip offers the option to choose a background for your pet’s portrait – use another image you have on hand, or describe what you want to the artist.
  • Free Shipping Available. Choose between two shipping options – free shipping, which takes 25-27 business days, and express shipping, which takes 16-18 business days.
  • 30% Deposit. Pay just 30% of the portrait cost upfront, and pay the rest when you see the final product.
  • Unlimited Revisions. Work with the artist on as many revisions as needed until you are completely satisfied with your piece.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with the portrait, get your money back, no questions asked.

For finishing options, you’ll have the choice between:

  • Rolled (Free): Portrait is rolled in an art tube and sent to you. It can later be framed whenever you choose. 
  • Gallery Wrapped (Paid Option): The canvas is stretched across a stretcher bar and secured on the back of a wooden frame. Charges vary based on portrait size.
  • Framed (Paid Option): Portrait is securely framed and can be hung on the walls of your home. Charges vary based on size.
PortraitFlip sample
Don’t forget to use code “OFF10” to obtain your discount!

What We Love: Portrait Flip is a very affordable pet portrait service offering a variety of mediums and sizes.

What Could Be Better: There are a few options Portrait Flip doesn’t offer that Paint Your Life does – specifically, the option to choose your artist.

Best Etsy Pet Portrait Artists

We love using Paint Your Life, Portrait Flip, and similar pet portrait services for most owner needs. However, if you’re looking for a particular style or something a bit more unusual, Etsy is often a great spot to find artists who can create a pet portrait for you with a unique look or design.

Here are a few of our favorite Etsy pet portrait artists!

1. Emma Kaufmann via Etsy

On Etsy, artist Emma Kaufmann creates beautiful watercolor puppy portraits for those seeking a loving tribute to their canine pal. These bright, colorful portraits really captured my eye, and I bet you’ll like them too!

Check out some of her work:

pet portrait watercolor
pet portraits from photos

Kaufmann’s pet portrait prices range depending on the size and how many pets you want. She charges:

  • One pet 18″x 24″: $96
  • Two pets 18″ x 24″: $120

Kaufmann has a straight 5-star rating on Etsy, so you know you’re in good hands! Contact her on Etsy to order a pet portrait from her.

2. Vivian Cooper via Etsy

Next we have another Etsy artist, Vivian Cooper. Cooper provides more traditional pet portraits done in pastels and watercolors.

traditional pet portraits
pet portraits pastel

Her prices (as of 2018) for custom pet portraits from photos are as follows:

  • 16×20 watercolor: $320
  • 11×14 watercolor: $190

Cooper also has a straight 5-star rating on Etsy. Contact her to commission a beautiful pet portrait.

3. Eddie Kagimu via Etsy

Eddie Kagimu goes by EdsWatercolours on Etsy, and if you like the loose, light look of watercolors, you’ll adore Ed’s work. As a watercolor fan myself, I absolutely adore these pieces.


Unfortunately, these unique, one-of-a-kind watercolors come at a cost – they’re quite pricey!

However, there are several different breeds portrayed by Ed, and if you don’t mind settling with a watercolor print rather than a custom portrait piece, you can get one of these nifty pieces without spending tons of cash.

4. Elshan Custom Watercolor Portraits


Watercolor fans will also enjoy art by Etsy artist Elshan. These custom watercolor pet portraits are modern, simple, and affordable – since the style is less detail-oriented, the cost is quite reasonable. Those who can’t afford traditional oil portraits should definitely give these watercolor-style pieces a look! Check out Elshan’s Etsy store and painting buying options here!

5. Carly Weaver’s Woodblock Custom Portraits


Carly is Etsy artist who offers unique canine custom portraits – these pieces are actually drawn onto woodblocks!

Colored pencil is drawn onto 6×6″ birchwood blocks for unique pet portraits that are great for sitting on desks or hanging up in smaller spaces. Check out Carly’s woodblock pet portrait here!

6. VeryPet via Etsy


These lovely and fun custom watercolor portraits from are great for owners who want a bit of added customization – owners can have their dog’s name printed below the portrait, or even add a favorite quote as well. Compared to most traditional pet portrait paintings, these are very affordable!

See more info about these custom pet illustrations here!

7. Digital Pet Portraits from Marion De Lauzan


These digital pet portraits from Marion De Lauzan are ideal for owners who want a more pop-style portrait.

Customers send in a high-res photo of their dog, and the photo is digitally painted in a unique, Andy Warhol-like aesthetic.

What’s really cool is that you have the option of receiving the portrait printed on paper or canvas – or, you can simply receive the digital file at a discount and print out the portrait yourself (although full warning, printing a digital painting yourself and ensuring the printer and computer color settings are optimally calibrated is quite the trying task).

Learn about Marion De Lauzan’s custom pet pop portraits here!

8. Themed Pet Portraits via Etsy


Does your pooch pounce around like a Prince all day? Consider ordering a pet portrait to match his personality! These hilarious character-themed pet portraiture paintings are completely unique and will be sure to have visitors cracking up.

Customers can opt for printed or digital copies of these custom pieces, and come in a variety of themes from English royalty to Star Wars! Check out these theme pet portraits here on Etsy!

Other Custom Pet Portrait Paintings (Non-Etsy)

9. Enzie Shahmiri

Next is artist Enzie Shahmiri who does digital portraits with hand-painted elements. Her work is truly stunning – take a look at a few of my favorites!

dog portraits
pet portraits etsy
dog photography

Shahmiri’s commission pieces start at under $100.

It’s my understanding that Shahmiri does portraits in which much of the work is created digitally, with some hand-painted details added afterwards to give it an authentic, classic-portrait feel. However, I don’t completely understand the process, and I’d recommend discussing your portrait commission with her personally before moving forward to ensure that you’ll end up with a product that you expect.

Shahmiri also does more traditional oil portraits if you’d rather commission one of those.

10. Fiona Hsieh

This next artist is a personal favorite of mine, as I completely adore her style. Fiona Hsieh is an animation student at CalArts, and her work is really charming and unique.

Take a look at her pet sketches – I think they look like Disney dogs! These doodle-style animal portrait drawings cost between $60-90 per animal.

pet portraits from photos
pet portraits artists

Hsieh also offers more complex, landscape pieces that are truly stunning. These commissioned custom portraits range from $200-$300 depending on the details.

pet portraits
custom dog portraits

You can contact her at [email protected]

11. Pet Studio Art

Pet Studio Art is another spot where you can order custom pet portrait pop art paintings by artist Stephanie Conrad. Stephanie’s pieces have a unique, fun look to them.

pet portrait paintings

Here’s a quick peek at her work:

As you can see, prices vary:

  • $215 for 11×14 canvas
  • $225 for 12×12 canvas
  • $315 for 20×20 canvas
  • $375 for 12×24 canvas

Order one of her custom pet paintings on her website, Pet Studio Art!

12. Jen Reichle

Jen Reichle is another artist who offers some great custom canine portraits!

In addition to her oil portraits (which feature some adorable dogs dressed in festive garb), she also does watercolor portraits, and even pet portraits done in wine (great for the family wino)!

oil pet costume
pet wine portraits 1

Jen also does – and this is probably one of the coolest styles of portraits I’ve seen – zentangles!


These are great for owners looking for a really different take on the traditional pet portrait.

13. Mary Cunningham

Marybeth Cunningham is an artist who does custom hand-painted watercolor pet portraits from your photos.

Her pet portraits are colorful and fun while balancing realistic detail. Her prices are moderate, ranging from $180 to $250, matted, depending on the size of the portrait. 

Here are some samples of her work:

watercolor portrait from photo
canine portraits

Where to Find More Pet Portrait Artists?

Still haven’t seen an option you like? I’d suggest browsing Etsy – there are thousands of pet portrait artists there, painting in every kind of style and medium you can imagine. You’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love, but it may take ages digging through all your options there!

Have you ever gotten a pet portrait done? How did it come out? Share your experience in the comments!

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Meg Marrs

Meg Marrs is the Founder and Director of Marketing at K9 of Mine. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! She loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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    I’m looking to work with a company that is a national sponsor of dog related products and/or services. I paint very unique Vangoghist style pet portraits – commissions – and looking for the right company to either partner with. Not sure if there is a way to attach a photo of some of my paintings but I have provided the use of my work for their marketing materials and products to benefit The Humane Society and K-9 Assistance.
    See this link to facebook:
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    I’m not an artist, but I run an app that creates pet portraits with artificial intelligence. It’s not for everyone, but it’s an interesting alternative to a human painter, and you can create as many portraits as you like for free (only pay if you decide to get one printed). Here’s the app –

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    Wow! Very impressive list. I will take some time to study these. Thanks.

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    It’s great how this article covers so many different kinds of pet portrait artists, and gives respect to digital artists. My name is Neal Helman, and I’m one of those digital pet portrait artists. I paint with a tablet and software that simulates paints and brushes, and then I have my work printed as giclées on canvas or fine art paper. I paint in a style I’ve heard called Expressive Realism. All I know is I’ve gotten tons of compliments on my work. I’d love to be included in this article. You can see galleries at Thanks.

  8. Wayne Avatar

    Great article! I actually got a pet portrait done just a few weeks ago and I’m so happy with how it turned out! It helped me a lot to overcome my great loss. I got mine from and I can only recommend the artist!

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    Hi Meg

    It’s great that you’ve created a page of info about differenet types of pet portraits. I just wanted to mention something though – you said that ‘ Digital portraits are often much cheaper than hand-painted pieces (no costly materials outside of the software are required)’. Whilst they tend to be cheaper, they can take as long as a traditional piece to produce, but more significantly – the materials are costly. A computer capable of handling large files and memory hungry software costs well over £1000, and a good drawing tablet, which is an essential piece of kit for a digital creative, costs from £300 for a basic model. Then there is the cost of software. It’s worth bearing that in mind, as the set up costs are far more expensive than buying traditional art supplies (and many people still view digital art as inferior to traditional art, despite the wealth of talented practitioners out there), so it’s always good to balance the scales. Your point about colour matching is spot on, though 🙂

    1. Rikki Bertagnolli Avatar
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      Rachel, you just described my reality! I’m
      using SkillShare to learn how to do digital corgi portraits and the costs add up fast! I started learning how, when I saw the $$$ of pet portraits. I know why they cost so much now. The time to create, time and money to learn how, supplies, equipment; its infinite. My 32GB iPad I got for Christmas was full after I installed the apps. SkillShare subscription, art App, Apple Pencil, iPad – and now I’m debating getting a fancy camera lens, new camera, Tri pod, lighting, brushes. I’m now dabbling on how to get started with a business doing digital pet portraits of corgis.

      Great Article Meg! Can you explain all of life’s’ topics?

      @PicklesTheCuteCorgi is our Instagram handle 🙂

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    Great article! If you are looking to do a review of portrait artists again, please consider my website. I am an Iowa based artist specializing in oils, but also offer sketches and illustrations in inks, pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, and Manga marker. My art has been featured at the Gold Coast Art Fair in Grant Park, Chicago! .

  13. Robin Zebley Avatar

    Would love to have you take a look at my etsy shop,, and consider including me as one of the best pet portrait artists on Etsy next year! I specialize in large oil paintings and combining many photo sources for multiple pet portraits. Have a wonderful day, (but any day with a pet is wonderful!) Robin

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    Check out this artist … an artist who has been breeding, training and showing pure bred dogs for over 25 years! Most oil paintings/ canine portraits are just $5/sq inch with a two week turn around time! Quality work!

  15. Stephanie Weaver Avatar

    Good article!

    I actually started painting pets as a result of people seeing my pet’s pet portraits that I painted. I have a knack for accurately representing their heart in the paintings through their eyes. And because I love animals way more than humans :), I donate 10% to non profit animal welfare organizations for every sale I make. Check out my work at:

    Stephanie Weaver

  16. Nabil Alaoui Avatar

    Meg, this is a great list of artists who create pet portraits!

    I’m loving the fact that you’ve featured both cheap and expensive alternatives.

    Etsy truly is an amazing website when looking for pet art, that’s where I got started as well.

    Like BethSmiddy says below, I love what I do but the most difficult part really is the marketing.

    I’m also hoping you’ll take a peak at my website and if you like what you see – feel free to tell your readers about it or include it in your post. Thank you for helping out, from Gothenburg, Sweden!

    Nabil –

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    Beth Smiddy

  18. Rosie Coyne Avatar

    I’m trained as an illustrator, with a commercial / advertising background but have always loved painting pet portraits in watercolour. I’ve recently devoted more time to promoting this aspect of my work and have finally launched my website:
    If you produce another review like this, i’d love for you to check out my work! All the best, Rosie

  19. Joshua Mattson Avatar

    I personally use Halie French Artwork for my pet portraits. Have had two 8×10 oils done of my long gone pups and they sit on either side of my tv so they are always with me. Also have several watercolors and prints from she is also @Haliegrl on instagram and haliefrenchartwork on facebook. Very reasonable prices and very nice to deal with.

  20. Fiona Purdy Avatar

    I PAINT LOVE!! I also create BEAUTIFUL hand painted Portraits of cherished dogs, cats & horses, in acrylic on canvas, and pen/in & acrylic on fine art paper. Visit my website to see my work – and to commission me to create a work of love pf your dog!

  21. Capri Avatar

    Thanks for the amazing guide! I create pet portrait jewellery (necklace, bracelet, keychain) for my clients in sterling silver. You can see my work here

  22. Amy Webb Avatar
    Amy Webb

    Nice work guys. You should all be proud. For me and many others, Eddie kagimu from EdsWatercolours on etsy is something special. His style is unlike any other. Love your posts by the way

    1. Meghan Avatar

      Hey Amy – will definitely check out Eddie Kagimu on Etsy, thanks for the recommendation!

  23. Penny Avatar

    I’m a pet portrait artist from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, please take a look at my facebookpage for exemples.

  24. Bonnie Avatar

    I love those portraits. Especially the last one! I must say I am biased though because for me Jen from is amazing!! Maybe she can be on the list too? I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    All the best

    1. Meghan Avatar

      Just took a look at Jen’s portraits at Playfully Refined – very cool! We’ll definitely work on adding her to the list. I especially love the Zentangle portraits, what a creative idea! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  25. Darlene Perkins Avatar
    Darlene Perkins

    Vivien Cooper has done three portraits of my beloved English bulldog, Eli. She started a series for me last year, 1) his young “puppy” years, 2) his energized years (before health issues slowed him down and he was able to keep up with the grandchildren), 3) and after he crossed over on 2/02/15, his golden years. She also did a sketch of Eli and me together. Other than having Eli’s ashes, these paintings are my most cherished items of him. She captured his soul through her paintings.

    1. Vivian Cooper Avatar

      Awww Thank you so much for the kind words Darlene. It was really all my pleasure working with you.

  26. Emma Kaufmann Avatar

    Thanks so much for featuring my work. Thanks so much for introducing me to these other fabulous pet artists too. 🙂

  27. Vivian Cooper Avatar

    Thank you so much for placing my work in such great company. I am honored to be included with such talented artists.

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