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30+ Dog Names That Mean “Protector”

There’s a reason dogs are called man’s best friend—they are there to protect us physically and emotionally. A protector dog name is the perfect selection for the watchdog of your home and your feelings.

From foreign translations to common names meaning protector, find the perfect name to match your pooch’s protective attitude!

Common Words Meaning “Protector”

  • Angel
  • Bulwark (a defensive structure)
  • Champ / Champion
  • Chief
  • Escort
  • Fortify
  • Guardian
  • Guide
  • Keeper
  • Knight
  • Patron
  • Shield
  • Warden

Names That Mean Protector

  • Alastair – Scottish name meaning “defender”
  • Alessandra – Greek name meaning “protector”
  • Alexa – Greek name meaning “defender”
  • Alois – German name meaning “warrior”
  • Aloysius – French name meaning “warrior”
  • Andro – Greek name meaning “warrior”
  • Batair – Gaelic name meaning “warrior”
  • Edmond – English name meaning “protector”
  • Ehno – Italian name meaning “protector”
  • Elvy – English name meaning “elf warrior”
  • Griffith – Welsh name meaning “chief”
  • Igor – Russian name meaning “warrior”
  • Velma – English name meaning “protector”

Protector in Different Languages

  • Kaitsja (protector in Estonian)
  • Babesle (protector in Basque)
  • Schutz (protector in German)
  • Verndari (protector in Icelandic)
  • Mlinzi (protector in Swahili)

Any other ideas for dog names that mean protector? Share your ideas in the comments!

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MyDearestDog says October 17, 2018

Funny article. I think Batair is really great. These Gaelic names always sound great to me. Thanks for sharing!

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