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The German shepherd breed is generally considered one of the most intelligent, dedicated, loyal, and family orientated companions available in the doggy world.

Whether they’re short-haired German shepherds or long-haired, these canines make excellent guard dogs and usually get along very well with children. Throwing in a mix to this breed just strengthens and enhances these naturally appealing traits.

So, without further ado, let’s check out some amazing German shepherd mixes!

31 Great German Shepherd Mixes!

german shepherd mix puppy

We’ve collected a list of 31 German shepherd mixed breeds for you – let us know at the end which are your favorites!

1. Golden Shepherd (German Shepherd x Golden Retriever Mix)

The golden shepherd is a golden-haired beauty that will win your heart with those soulful eyes. With both parents renowned for being uber-affectionate family dogs, this mix might grow up to be a sweetheart who thrives on one-on-one interaction with her owners and especially adores the tiny human variety.

Both retriever and shepherd parents love to eat, so make sure you keep this marvelous mix at a healthy weight. This pup will be large, making joint health a priority throughout his life.

2. The Shug (German Shepherd x Pug Mix)

This miracle mutt is none other than the German shepherd pug. The best of both doggie worlds are all rolled up into this one adorable and energetic bundle of joy. This pug and shepherd breed may wind up being an extremely loyal companion, as the shepherd’s devotion to his family is nearly unmatched. He may also exhibit impressive intelligence and serve as an alert guard dog if he takes after his shepherd side.

On the other hand, the pug is a clownish canine with a friendly, playful heart, potentially making this pup a sillier sweetheart than the traditional shepherd. This goofy nature is fun at home but can be a hassle during training sessions. Keep him on track with treats and training toys.

Do you love this pug mix? Check out our list of pug mixes!

3. Chow Shepherd (German Shepherd x Chow Mix)

This cutie’s face will always be begging for cuddles. Don’t be alarmed when he licks your nose, though – the Chow Shepherd sometimes sports the same spotted or blue tongue common to his chow ancestors. He may also have one heck of a coat, as the chow has a lion-like ‘do that can get next-level nuts when paired with the dense mane of a shepherd. Keep a brush and vacuum handy to tackle all that fluff!

It’s worth noting that Chow Chow mixed breeds have the potential to be more aloof and independent thinking, as is common for the chow. Combining that with the shepherd’s more watchful and nervous nature could result in a challenging dog – but it really depends on the individual pup.

4. Labrashepherd (German Shepherd x Labrador Mix)

lab shepherd mix

The Labrashepherd (also known as a Sheprador) has the potential to be a calm, loving, and even-tempered animal, as both parenting pups have biddable personalities when trained and socialized correctly. The happy-go-lucky nature of a Lab and the strong working drive of a shepherd can form a great right-hand Rover, too, with your pooch possibly thriving in service roles.

With all that in mind, this pup combines two high-energy breeds, so he’s a poor match for couch potatoes and would do best with an active owner or family where daily exercise and outings occur. Hikers and joggers especially may be perfect for this pupperino.

Love all-things Labrador? Discover more amazing Lab mixes.

5. Siberian Shepherd (German Shepherd x Siberian Husky Mix)

Also known as the shepherd husky and Gerberian shepsky, this exquisitely handsome boy might have you falling over your feet with his striking looks, which may include the blue eyes of a husky. His coat is likely to be dense and ready for winter, too, though top-notch de-shedding tools, like the best brushes for huskies, are musts to tackle all that shedding.

This pupperoni will likely be a real hard worker, too – an inherited trait from the shepherd and husky breed parentage. Make sure these energized pups have plenty of exercise, interactive toys, and activities to provide mental stimulation. These aren’t optional, as daily physical and mental exercise are musts for this mutt.

6. Shollie (German Shepherd x Collie Mix)

A unique combination of the collie and shepherd gives us this gorgeous designer breed. A stunning potential of coat patterns and textures await, though you can expect to do grooming with each, whether you’re de-shedding a dense shepherd coat or preventing tangles on the longer collie ‘do. We’d also recommend keeping a dog-hair-ready vacuum on hand to battle all that fur around the house.

As for personality, this mix may have an amazing temperament, as the collie is famously calm, level-headed, and sweet compared to the bouncy exuberance sometimes seen in shepherds. With both parenting breeds being intelligent and eager to please, basic obedience training may be a breeze, too. Just switch up your lessons as your dog progresses and give him plenty of exercise to keep him on target.

7. Corman Shepherd (German Shepherd x Corgi Mix)

The Corman shepherd has the potential to be a bold and energetic bundle of dynamite. He’s also one of the more unpredictable canines as far as looks on our list, potentially getting the long, low frame of a corgi or the leggy look of a shepherd. Either way, keep him at a healthy weight since both breeds are prone to joint issues.

A herder by nature and a loyal companion, it’s vital that you take the time to train this active dynamo, as this mix can become destructive when bored and not sufficiently stimulated. He’s a good candidate for a canine sport, like agility or obedience!

If you’re a Corgi fan, make sure you check out our list of Corgi mixed breeds too!

8. Shepweiler or Rottweiler Shepherd (German Shepherd x Rottweiler Mix)

german shepherd mix

As the combination of two world-class guard dogs, the Shepweiler might grow up to be immensely protective of his owners, family, and surroundings, acting more like a bodyguard than a buddy at times. A well-muscled, protective dog who can always be found at your side? Sounds good to me! As with both parent breeds, the Shepweiler learns best with positive reinforcement and patient, consistent training. He should also be properly socialized to prevent aggression issues.

With this woofer’s size, joint health is paramount. Ensure he gets daily exercise that isn’t too hard on his body, and monitor his weight, as you want to prevent this pooch from packing on extra pounds that can stress his frame. Another option is to start a joint care routine, such as adding a glucosamine supplement to his daily menu.

9. Shepadoodle (German Shepherd x Poodle Mix)

Blending two smart cookie canines with working roots makes for one great companion, especially if your pup gets the shepherd’s legendary loyalty and the poodle’s proud spirit. Training him may be a delight, provided your lessons are fun and varied. Repetition is not your friend with a super smart doggo. Switching things up and keeping the mood light go far with this floof in training.

Grooming this mix may be challenging if the poodle genes dominate, resulting in a curly coat. If that’s the case, regular professional grooming and maintenance brushing between appointments are essential to prevent matting. This is not the dog if you want an easy keeper!

Think poodle crosses are pawesome? See more on our list of poodle mixes.

10. Wolf Shepherd (German Shepherd x Wolf Mix)

Wow! What a striking and intimidating doggo. This breed is a cross between a domesticated shepherd and a genuine wolf.

Please keep in mind that these animals are illegal to own in certain areas, so please research carefully to avoid any heartbreak should you not be able to keep them legally. Designer breeders for a cross as unique as this one can be challenging to come by, and with good reason, as true hybrid dogs aren’t for the average family.

With a sensitive temperament and above-average hearing, you might wind up with a guard dog of indisputable qualities. These dogs are natural hunters, so it will be wise to keep them separate from other small pets like cats, rabbits, and hamsters. This isn’t a great breed cross for a first-time dog owner… or most owners, honestly.

11. Shepkita (German Shepherd x Akita Mix)

This mix has the recipe of being an excellent protector. He does, however, require intensive training, as he loves a challenge and can often be considered a little stubborn. First-time owners aren’t a good match for him, as he’ll push boundaries. Early, focused training and socialization can help get him started with his best paw forward.

Heavy shedding is to be expected with this combo, with the shepherd and Akita famously fuzzy. The Akita also “blows” his coat twice yearly, leading to epic hairballs around the house. If you’re not a fan of fluff around the house, this is not the mix for you.

All about Akitas? Discover more amazing mutts with our list of Akita mixes.

12. Alaskan Shepherd (German Shepherd x Alaskan Malamute Mix)

Look at that fluffy coat! All that potential fur has the makings of an excellent cold-weather breed, though this mix still needs to be brought in to warm up and bond with his family — no matter how much he swears he wants to lie in the snow. It also leaves him at risk of overheating in warm weather. Air conditioning and cooling vests will be his best friend during summer.

The size of this blended barker and the malamute’s tendency to go rogue when commands are issued make early obedience training a must. You want this canine under control before he becomes too large to handle. A well-stocked training treat pouch will go a long way in keeping him on track during lessons!

13. Euro Mountain Sheparnese (German Shepherd x Bernese Mountain Dog Mix)

Potentially willful, sometimes stubborn, but likely ever-friendly, this is one interesting mix. Almost like having a teenager in the house, this shepherd-type dog will test your patience and push the envelope, making training and an experienced owner vital. Despite this rebellious streak, he’ll likely prefer being your constant, loyal companion, as his parent breeds are both “Velcro” dogs.

The Bernese and shepherd are known to be great family dogs with proper training, so this pup has the potential to be an excellent addition to households with kiddos. Just be sure your little ones know to treat this good boy (and every dog) with respect. No tail pulling!

14. German Sheppit (German Shepherd x Pit Bull Mix)

Now, who can resist that innocent “Nope, it wasn’t me” face? This pit mix has the potential to be one playful pooch with a bright mind, making a well-stocked toy basket a must. Kong dog toys (especially the stuffable kind) and rope toys are likely to be in this woof’s wheelhouse.

Fun times aside, this mix is primed to be a powerful animal with a high energy level, and training is thus non-negotiable. He needs a firm, strong, but loving owner and handler. Newbie dog parents aren’t recommended for him.

Love pitties and mixes? Explore more of these amazing mutts on our list of pit bull mixes.

15. New Shep (German Shepherd x Newfoundland Mix)

This breed is an interesting mix of the Newfoundland and German shepherd, potentially forming a giant powder puff who loves water! If he does, he can make the perfect swimming companion for your children in many cases since Newfs and shepherds are both great family dogs. Devoted, loyal, obedient, and easily trainable, you can’t ask for much more from its parenting breeds’ traits.

The one drawback is that these canine cuties have a double coat and are bound to shed heavily, but it’s a small price to pay for this gentle giant. If you’re a Newfie diehard, check out our Newfoundland mixed breed list too!

16. Saint Shepherd (German Shepherd x Saint Bernard Mix)

The biggest requirement before bringing your Saint Shepherd home? Well, space of course! This is a giant dog and needs plenty of room to run off all that excess energy. You’ll also want to pick out a reliable vacuum for that gorgeous double coat.

This behemoth is a loyal, loving, and protective yet intimidating watchdog, probably due to his sheer size. He needs an experienced handler and ongoing training, however, or he’ll walk all over you. This isn’t the mutt for beginners.

17. German Ridgeback (German Shepherd x Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix)

This mixed breed may have a strong sense of loyalty and work ethic, but beware: do not leave this puppy to his own devices! You might not particularly like the end results, as he might redecorate your home… sometimes down to the studs. This isn’t definite since ridgebacks aren’t nearly as attention-seeking and prone to separation anxiety as shepherds, but we wouldn’t chance it. Instead, we’d crate train your puppy from the start to keep him (and your house) safe.

Size is another thing to consider, as both parents are at least 22 inches tall, so you’ll have to make room for this dashing dog. A large, fenced-in yard and daily hikes or jogs are ideal to get his body moving and grooving.

Love the look of this mix? See more regal Rhodesian ridgeback mixes.

18. German Australian Shepherd (German Shepherd x Australian Shepherd Mix)

This mixed mutt might be an extremely intelligent, alert, loyal addition to your home, with the added advantage of having the heart of a warrior, courtesy of his German side. He may also be incredibly playful, as the Aussie runs on fun. With all that in mind, this canine cutie would benefit from an active family and shouldn’t be considered for couch-warming duty every day.

Grooming this cutie can be a tall order, as the Aussie has a longer coat while the shepherd’s famous for his thick, heavy-shedding pelt. Brushing this barker a few times a week is the bare minimum, regardless of his coat length. You’ll always want a good lint roller on hand.

19. Border Shepherd (German Shepherd x Border Collie Mix)

Border collie mix

Are you looking for a legendary sporting dog or farm worker? This mixed mutt might be the dog for you. Both the border collie and shepherd are incredibly smart, athletic, and dogged when it comes to work ethic, making this mutt a natural in the pasture herding sheet or hurling himself off a platform in a dock diving event. Just be sure you can handle the go-go-go ways of this woof, or he’ll walk all over you.

Bringing together two of the world’s smartest dog breeds might sound like a good idea, but the end result has the potential to be a demanding doggo with vigorous mental stimulation needs that the average person can’t handle. Puzzle dog toys can help here and there, but this floof needs daily tasks to be truly satisfied.

20. Shepherd Beagle (German Shepherd x Beagle)

This sweet sniffer might be one of the smallest mutts on our list, but he’s surely not lacking in cuteness! He’s likely not going to lack in heart or affection, either, as both parenting breeds are known to be loving companions. With proper training, this pupperino is poised to be a good match for family life, too.

Noise may be a concern with this canine combination, as the beagle is among the most vocal dog breeds. Shepherds can be bark-happy, too, so it’s vital to work on curbing nuisance barking early on to prevent upsetting your neighbors.

Go bonkers for beagles? See more adorable beagle mixes.

21. German Shepherd x Bulldog Mix

Adorable, right? This cute combo critter might have one of the most expressive faces on our list. Just watch this face in warmer weather if your barker is considered brachycephalic, as he may overheat quickly during the summer. If this pooch pops out more flat-faced than your average shepherd, air conditioning, cooling beds, and cold water will be his best friend all summer long.

Stubbornness may be a serious challenge with the floof, along with dog aggression. To keep these behaviors in check, start obedience training and socialization early on and continue teaching and shaping your sniffer through life, as learning isn’t just a puppy process. Lifelong good experiences and work help your dog be his best self.

22. German Airedale (German Shepherd x Airedale Terrier)

This terrier-shepherd twist might be a jackpot of personality, seeing as the Airedale is known for being clever as can be and a sweetheart, while the shepherd’s loyalty and courage seemingly know no limits. Together, this might form the ultimate companion. At the same time, it’s also a recipe for separation anxiety and restlessness if your Rover is trained, exercised, and given affection daily.

The coat of this canine may need professional grooming if your pooch inherits the Airedale ‘do, but you can also buy grooming clippers and learn to do the work yourself to save doggy dollars and bond with your barker. You’ll want to anticipate heavy shedding, too, just in case, as the shepherd is a famous fuzz thrower around the house.

23. German Shepherd x Greyhound Mix

This mutt mashup is harder to predict appearance-wise than most, as he can have the smooth fuzz and lanky body of the greyhound, or he may pop out with the dense coat of a shepherd and muscles (and ears) for days. Expect some shedding, and if you live in a cold climate, you may need to buy a winter dog coat if your pup takes after the greyhound.

Daily exercise is a must for this doggo, though his overall needs will vary. Greyhounds often need short bursts of activity like sprinting, while shepherds need prolonged bouts of physical and mental exercise, preferably achieved through a job like herding or playing canine sports.

Go gaga for greyhounds? Get to know more greyhound mixes with us!

24. German Shepherd x Basset Hound Mix

Yes, you read that right, and no, we don’t know how something like this happens, but let’s admire the cute factor, OK? This adorable doggo is likely to have one heck of a nose for sniffing out fun, new scents. Because of this, you’ll want to keep him leashed when he’s not in a fully fenced space. He’s likely to follow his nose instead of commands!

Watch the weight of this woofer, especially if he inherits the long, low frame of the Basset. His elbows, hips, and back are susceptible to wear and tear and injury — risks that are worsened if your pup is packing extra pudge. Stick to a healthy diet with balanced treats and daily exercise to keep him moving and grooving comfortably into his golden years.

25. Shepherd Boxer (German Shepherd x Boxer Mix)

The boxer is famously happy-go-lucky and goofy, while the shepherd is the MVP of every activity, making this cute combination the pairing of the class clown with the teacher’s pet. The sky truly is the limit to how his personality will be. Regardless of how silly or focused this floof is, he’ll need an experienced pet parent ready to work on regular obedience training and socialization.

The playful nature of both parenting pups might make this pooch a perfect match for family life, though we’d recommend him for older kiddos since he may be large and bouncy as he learns his mutt manners. That said, he’s a natural choice for active families who frequent hiking trails and love backyard play. Just keep toys for aggressive chewers handy, as he’s likely to power through everyday pupper playthings.

Love boxer and boxer crosses? Meet more of them on our list of boxer mixes.

26. German Shepherd x Bull Terrier Mix

Combining the working drive of a shepherd with a terrier’s tenacity is asking for a spitfire, and this blended barker may very well be just that. Of all the shepherd mixes on our list, he’s towards the top as far as most likely to need an experienced owner. Daily physical and mental exercise are essential in keeping this canine content, along with obedience training and socialization to help him be his best self.

Your grooming routine with this Rover is a tossup, but it’s safe to expect some shedding. The bull terrier’s short fuzz does decorate your furniture, though not nearly as much as the shepherd’s dense coat, which is known for leaving tumbleweeds around the house.

27. German Shepherd x Bloodhound Mix

What a droopy gentleman! As cute as he is unique, this combo canine is one of the coolest on our list and one of the hardest to predict. While a shepherd usually has an obedient nature, the bloodhound is his opposite, often choosing to follow his famous nose over commands. There’s no telling which personality your pooch will inherit, so this isn’t the dog for beginners.

This large barker’s weight should be monitored, with both parenting breeds at risk of joint issues like hip dysplasia. Extra weight puts unnecessary stress on your floof’s frame, so a healthy doggo diet and plenty of exercise can go a long way in keeping your canine healthy long-term.

28. German Cattle Dog (German Shepherd x Australian Cattle Dog Mix)

Wow, this pooch has the potential to be one hardworking woofer, as both the shepherd and cattle dog originated as farm dogs capable of handling multiple independent tasks. These origins come with an intelligent nature your mutt may inherit, so expect to work out his mind and body daily to keep boredom at bay.

While this pup may make a good choice for families with older kiddos, you’ll want to socialize him early with strange people and other animals, especially smaller family pets he may be tempted to chase. With such a strong prey drive in both parenting breeds, he isn’t a dog to trust off-leash outside of a fully enclosed yard.

29. German Shepherd x Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix

A rainbow of color options awaits with this mixed woofer, thanks to his Catahoula side. This might mean a spotted, merle, or solid-colored canine! His coat is also a toss-up, potentially being the short, spiky Catahoula ‘do or the thicker pelt of the shepherd, famously known for heavy shedding.

The likely energetic nature of this pup is an excellent match for hiking enthusiasts or joggers, but it can be a bit much for the average owner. Also, while likely to be an intelligent breed blend, this pooch may have a stubborn streak a mile wide. Starting obedience training early with plenty of rewards is recommended.

30. Doberman Shepherd (German Shepherd x Doberman Pinscher Mix)

Pairing this German duo will likely form one powerful breed blend, as both parenting pups are strong working dogs with a famously loyal nature. This barker may be a great match if you’re after a sport dog or obedience wiz. That said, he’s best suited for experienced dog owners, as he’s a lot of dog to handle with a mind of his own.

Both parenting breeds are Velcro dog breeds, so this sniffer may want to be the center of attention more often than not. While having a shadow is nice if you work from home and like the extra lovin’, it may turn into separation anxiety if you work long hours outside of the home.

Delighted with Dobermans? Discover more dashing Doberman mixes with our list.

31. Shepinois (German Shepherd x Belgian Malinois Mix)

Police dogs combine in this driven doggo, more than likely to be large and in charge of any situation. Most likely athletic with an energetic nature, he may be a good match for a runner or cyclist looking for a jogging or bikejoring buddy.

As a combination of two intelligent working parent breeds, this high-octane doggo needs an experienced owner committed to lifelong training, socialization, and plenty of exercise. He is not suited for warming your couch day in and day out, nor is he a proper fit for newbie pet parents, as he’s likely to have strong protective instincts and a tendency to act and ask questions later.

FAQ About German Shepherd Mixes

german shepherd rope fetch chew

If you’re still on the hunt for one of these sweet and spirited German shepherd mixes, check out some of these commonly asked questions and answers.

What are the specific guidelines for adopting a German shepherd mix?

Good breeders will only sell to a family with a yard and German shepherd experience, as German shepherd mixes need plenty of space for these dogs to run around freely to get exercise. German shepherd mixes (as well as purebred German shepherds) should also be owner primarily by those who have experience with the breed, as German shepherds are naturally prone to anxiety and need an experienced, confident handler.

A reputable breeder should offer a written contract that guarantees the puppy back from the buyer if they can’t keep it. The breeder should meet our breeder checklist, have been in business for several years, and their puppies should be well socialized. Make sure to meet the parents, and do not purchase puppies if you can’t meet the parents, or if the parents show signs of fear, stress, or aggression.

How much does it cost to adopt a German shepherd mix?

The cost varies from place to place and breeder to breeder, but on average, expect to spend about $400 to $800 for a mixed breed German shepherd pup. If you adopt a German shepherd mix from a shelter, pricing will vary depending on the rescue, usually with a range from $0 to $300.

Are there any health issues associated with German shepherd mixes?

If a German shepherd mix is not from a good breeder, then there may be health problems. German shepherds are prone to a number of different genetic health conditions. The most common health concerns include hip, elbow, and joint dysplasia, cancer, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, narcolepsy, and eye problems.

As with any dog, it’s important to keep German shepherd mixes up to date on all veterinary checkups.

Are German shepherd mixes active?

While canine crosses can take on any combination of traits from either of their pooch parents, German shepherds require plenty of daily exercise. GSDs have a high activity level and need to be kept busy mentally and physically.

Not all German shepherd mixes will need vigorous exercise per day, but you should have the capacity to take on an active furry friend just in case.

What is a German shepherd mix?

A German shepherd mix is a breed resulting from the combination of the German shepherd with other popular dog breeds.

These dogs are medium to large in size, and can vary in appearance based on what breeds they inherit traits from.

German shepherd mixes do not always look entirely like the German shepherd, as they could also take after their other dog breed parents.

How should you train a German shepherd mix?

The best way to approach training a German shepherd mix is to provide lots of training sessions focused on positive reinforcement. These pups can be fairly sensitive and eager to please. Thankfully, most GSD mixes are super smart and can master just about any trick with a little time and practice.

What is the rarest German shepherd mix?

There’s no telling which mix is truly the rarest, but less common shepherd mixes include those combined with Rhodesian ridgebacks, Basset hounds, and bulldogs. You can find all sorts of whacky pairings from oops litters, too!

How do I know what my German shepherd is mixed with?

Without meeting your pup’s parent breeds, the only way to know your shepherd mix’s exact lineage is to have a dog DNA test done. Curious about the process? Check out our hands-on review of the Embark DNA test.

What is the best German shepherd mix?

The best shepherd mix is one that matches your lifestyle. If you’re a regular runner in a colder climate who doesn’t mind shedding fluff around the house, a shepherd mixed with husky might be up your alley. Someone after more of a kid-friendly canine might be better matched with a shepherd-golden retriever mix.

Unfortunately, predicting the ultimate personality of any dog is hard, but more so with mixes, who may inherit more traits from one parenting breed than the other — and it isn’t always positive ones, either. This also applies to the doggo’s overall looks, as a shepherd mix may get the dense coat and heavy shedding of a shepherd or shorter, more manageable fur from another parents. There’s no telling, so prepare for anything!


So there you have it! Some of the best German shepherd mixes around. Which one was your favorite? Have you ever met any of these cuties in real life?

Let us know in the comments below!

And, if you have your own GSD or GSD mix at home, make sure to check out our guide to the best dog toys for German shepherds, as well as our piece on the best dog food for German shepherds!

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    Excellent blog – we’ve loved being the owner of multiple different x German Shepherds breeds. Our latest is with a Great Dane – and she is one of the best yet.
    We are currently looking to get her another companion and came across your blog – you’ve given us so many great options/ideas.
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      Thanks for the kind words, Greg. We’re delighted that you enjoyed the article.
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    My Boerboel gave birth to 7male GSD/Boerboel pupps and they are all to adorable. Nevertheless when the pupps were born the Boerboel became agressive towards the GSD which never happened before but instinctively he kept he’s distance. The puppies are now 12weeks old and only now the Boerboel is tollerant and allowing him to play with them.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Congratulations on the puppies, Fabian! Sorry to hear that mama seemed a little overprotective at first, but that’s not entirely uncommon.
      At any rate, it sounds like everyone is getting along well now.

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    German Shepherd and Brown Mountain Cur Mix are beautiful. My girl is very playful and protective. She also has a unique voice and loves playing ball.

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      She sounds great, Kaitlin! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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      Hey there, Abby.
      We have the perfect article for you: Best and Worst Breeds for First-Time Owners.

      But we would urge you to think carefully about picking up two dogs at once — particularly as you don’t have much dog experience. Adding two dogs to your home is not simply doubling the work of getting one — it can actually lead to a host of other problems, as you may be faced with social problems between the two pooches.

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  10. Kris Avatar

    Dear Meg,
    I ended up on your site in search of possible breeding mixes with German Shepperd. I have adopted a puppy in Spain, which is a mix of German Shepperd (we think) and …. ???
    Would you mind to share your opinion if I can share a picture with you?


    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Kris.
      You’re welcome to share a photo with us, but we probably won’t be able to give you a definitive answer. The only way to know for certain which breeds are in your doggo’s family tree is by performing a dog DNA test.
      But we’re happy to take a look!

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    I love the Golden Shepherd because it looks a lot like my dog Brandy. She is a mix between what I like to call a Gercasian Shepherd and a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

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  17. Debbie Plata Avatar
    Debbie Plata

    I just got a Golden shepherd female puppy. She is Absolutely adorable, it took 2 weeks she was potty trained, At 3 months she can sit, shake, play fetch and return the ball. She does get separation anxiety when I leave. She hasn’t been destructive at all, she sits and whines at the door. Very smart and loyal. She loves people and kids anyone who will give her attention. Best breed of 2 Awesome dogs. Her mom is a Golden retriever and her dad is a German shepherd.

  18. Matthew Avatar

    In my opinion the shollie is probably the best German shepherd mix there is. They both are intelligent and loyal dogs.

  19. Colin Avatar

    While I do like this most of this and the pics are beautiful, I really wish you wouldn’t encourage people to get wolf dogs. It takes hundreds of years to domesticate a wild species and wolf dogs are dangerous. Maybe they’re illegal for a reason

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Colin. Glad you liked the photos.
      I don’t think we’re encouraging anyone to get a wolf/dog — just explaining a little about them and sharing a cute photo.
      Thanks for reading!

  20. Lesetja Mokoatlo Avatar
    Lesetja Mokoatlo

    I liked much the mixed breed of German and Australian shepherds what nice and strong looking dog. Having it I will also know that my home is secured as both breeds are always alert, energetic and protective.

  21. Al Bresser Avatar
    Al Bresser

    I like numbers 17 and 4 would like either one for a pet

  22. Larry Smith Avatar

    We have a new airdale puppy. Would like to have the puppy package,

  23. Natalie Avatar

    How do you go about finding these designer dogs , I would love to get a Shepard/ poodle mix .

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Natalie. The best way is just do a Google search for breeders in your area, or, if you are looking for a specific breed or mix, just search for that.
      Best of luck!

  24. Marla Avatar

    I had a golden Shepard and he was perfect. We were fortunate to have him for 14.5 years and were devastated when he passed. I want to adopt another but am having difficulty locating golden Shepherd’s for adoption. Any suggestions on finding one.

  25. Melanie M Willoughby Avatar
    Melanie M Willoughby

    I like the color of the dog for my daughter cause my daughter love some of her German shepard dog

  26. Catherine Cryan Avatar
    Catherine Cryan

    I had a 38 pound, German Shepherd/Whippet mix. She was absolutely breath taking with her carmel, black, and white colors. She had even markings, all four legs were evenly white up to the joints, then carmel, and her back was black, like a Shepherd. I wish I could post a picture of her here, to show off what a beautiful dog she was. She was very loyal and extremely protective of me. She was an excellent watch dog, and extremely easy to train. She claimed her territory around other dogs, but none the less, she got used to them, under her terms. She was jealous of other dogs too, and gave me her sad eye look when I loved on another dog. She had such a darling face, that looked like a baby doe. She lived to be 15 years. Rest in peace my Bailey girl. Mommy misses you! I know you are on the rainbow bridge chasing squirrels.

  27. Sandy Avatar

    Although I love all dogs, why you would be promoting mixed with this Noble Breed.

  28. Lucy Hernandez Avatar
    Lucy Hernandez

    You are missing maatiff and german shepard

  29. Maureen G Ausbrook Avatar
    Maureen G Ausbrook

    For the last 11 yrs I’ve shared my life with the most wonderful dog I’ve ever known — he’s a German Shepherd/Alaskan Malamute mix and his funny and gentle personality, coupled with his stunning intelligence and astute awareness have made him absolutely exceptional. I’ve never had a dog take cues from me like he does; he reads me brilliantly. He can be a very intimidating dog but he’s very astute at sizing up a situation. For instance, a strange child will elicit slurpy kisses and a natural herding and protective instinct to guard (even an unknown child). However, no adult he doesn’t know will ever get near me unless I tell him it’s OK. He can be Mary Poppins or Cujo — and it’s natural in him. I’ve taken this dog with me when I teach, visit hospitals and conduct services (I’m a teacher and ordained clergy). He seeks out people who are depressed or anxious. I’ve seen it happen time and again. He just knows who needs him. He’s gentle with smaller animals and even protective. He adores my cats and my friend’s parrot. I found him at a shelter when he was 2 yrs old. He’d been terribly abused but it was love at first sight. He took one look at me and I at him and that was it. He walked out of the shelter stuck to me like glue. He was so attached I decided he should be named either Velcro or Shadow, and since he’s primarily black and has a certain quiet presence I chose Shadow and I could tell he liked it. He is now a beloved member of my extended family, my friends and their families, and my wider community. Except for one cataract he’s always been very healthy (he had cataract surgery and his vision is fully restored). Now at the age of 13 he’s experiencing one bad hip but it rarely slows him down. He can run and jump and generally seems fine. His other joints are excellent. I think this particular mix creates a power, healthy, keenly astute and amazingly loyal, loving and fun companion. Everyone who knows him would agree. Shadow is truly the most exceptional dog I’ve ever had and I’ve always had great dogs.

  30. Ck Avatar

    Haw do you trail a strong willed
    shepard /dingo

  31. Timothy E Mays Avatar

    I have a German Shepherd puppy but she is mixed and I want to find out what she is mix with she has big ears but she is kinda of short she is 9 months old I would like to know what she is mixed with

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Timothy. Check out our article about the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit.
      Let us know how it works for you!

  32. martha Avatar

    you forgot about the foxhound German shepherd mix

  33. Alma Lozano Avatar
    Alma Lozano

    My favorite is a real German shepherd 100 %.

  34. Ralph Bradley Avatar
    Ralph Bradley

    Interested in a German Shepherd/Collie or /Lab. Can you advise?

  35. Marsha Squibb Avatar
    Marsha Squibb

    I want one.of each please!!!

  36. Kevin Cyr Avatar
    Kevin Cyr

    I’m a disabled gentleman looking for a working service dog. Due to my disability my financial situation is not what I would like, but I’m willing to give what I can. I like the wolf Shepherd and the Chow Shepherd. If you can help me I would be extremely grateful even if I was pointed in the right direction. Thank you for your time. Respectfully, Kevin

  37. Clarine Avatar

    We have a beagle shepherd mix.most loving family dog.very protective of her family.we love her so much beautiful dog.

  38. me Avatar

    you forgot the best one of them all…

    pure bred!

  39. Michele Avatar

    I recently acquired a german shepard mix cant tell what he is mixed with is there any other way than a DNA test to tell what he is?

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Nope – really a DNA test is your only option. Even visual identification is pretty unreliable. We reviewed the Embark dog DNA test here – check it out!

  40. Debbie Avatar

    Why keep mixing breeds? Too many dog breeders out there and too many unwanted dogs. I wish people would spay and Nueter and I wish breeders had to be licensed and pay taxes and were controlled!!

    1. Fabio Giraldo Avatar
      Fabio Giraldo

      Debbie, I think I went to school with you. Is your last name Downer?

  41. Jaylynn Orozco Avatar
    Jaylynn Orozco

    You did not mention
    German Shepherd and Labrador..I have one, her name is MAXINE, she is all black with stand up ears. She is beautiful.!! very loving and smart.

    1. Gabriel D. Martin Avatar
      Gabriel D. Martin

      I have a Shepherd/Lab mix as well. Black with 1/2 standing ears. Big and strong. Very smart, loving, and loves to play and swim.

  42. Jamie Hamilton Avatar

    You completely missed the Great Pyrenees/German Shepherd breed! As pups they are energetic and playful but do not know their own strength. They are very obedient, very loyal, loves kids and any domestic pet I’ve ever had (and I’ve had alot of them). They are fiercely protective of their family.

  43. Surabhi borah Avatar

    Need a golden retiver mix dog

  44. Tracy Avatar

    Any graman shaphard mix with lab shir Pei pappion collie with pic

  45. Sonnya Avatar

    How come no mention of the Shepherd Maltese mix

  46. Ashley Avatar

    I like to find out more about the breed.

  47. Susan Parker Avatar
    Susan Parker

    They’re all so cute and I’m certain very cuddly. However, I’m over all the shedding and that’s why my next Service Animal could possibly be the Shepadoodle. But you gotta love all of these beauties!!

  48. david straub Avatar

    I like the German Shepherd / Saint Bernard mix and the German Sheppard/ Australian Shepherd mix

  49. Vanessa Avatar

    These puppies are beautiful!.

  50. Joey Avatar

    Had one loved him got his brother also name Leo

  51. Shaylei Avatar

    Wow that was vary cool love German Shepard’s got one my self

  52. Hc Avatar

    Yea a couple of those dogs a just a doodle mix, a normal collie, and a normal corgi. I work with both pure breed dogs and mixes. Cute dogs but don’t use pictures that are not the actual mix.

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Hey HC – thanks for the corrections! We go off of user-reported photos, so hard to know for sure which pics are legit, since there is no official database for these cross-breeds. We’ll work on updating with more appropriate photos.

      1. Delia Avatar

        Any advice on how to find out which breeds are lurking in my German Shepherd mix?

        1. Ben Team Avatar

          Hey, Delia.
          Just check out our review of the Embark Dog DNA Test!

  53. dogsease Avatar

    i love cute dogs as well.

  54. nubia zazzini Avatar
    nubia zazzini

    Great doggies

  55. Jeanne Jacquet Avatar

    You are missing the Doberman Pinscher/German Shepherd mix. The smartest and most loyal dog I have had.

  56. Megan Avatar

    I love all the cute doggeis