10 Ways to Celebrate 4/20 with Your Dog: A Canine-and-Cannabis Combo

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Dogs enjoying 420 holiday

Once again, the most glorious of holidays is upon us, and it’s time to celebrate all things cannabis! And because we at K9 of Mine are obsessed with canines, we wanted to share some great ways to include your dog in the day’s festivities.

Read on to learn a few of the ways we’d recommend including your pooch in the party.

Before going any further, let’s be crystal clear: Do NOT get your dog stoned.

Marijuana is toxic to dogs, and your pet will NOT enjoy being high. It not only causes dogs to suffer from extreme anxiety, but the effects of THC last much longer for dogs than they do people – they may actually last for days.

In fact, it’s important to seek veterinary care if your dog manages to nom on your stash or slurp up an edible when you aren’t looking. Your dog probably won’t die from such an indiscretion, but he may feel like he’s going to.

Also, this is for entertainment purposes only, don’t partake in pot unless you’re in a weed-legal state, don’t drive stoned, yada, yada, yada.

1. Hook your dog up with some CBD oil or treats.

CBD for dogs

You can’t get Spot stoned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help him relax with some dog CBD designed for canines!

For the unaware, cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the active ingredients (cannabinoids), in cannabis plants. Your favorite cannabinoid is likely THC (the one that gets you high), but there are dozens of others, which all trigger different effects in dogs and people.

CBD appears completely safe for canines in reasonable quantities, and it won’t get your dog baked. But it may help melt away any anxiety he’s feeling, and it may even help reduce any inflammation he’s experiencing (more research is needed, but so far, it looks promising).

So, let your pooch enjoy a dog-safe indulgence while you’re enjoying a people-pleasing edible of your own.

2. Grab Some Celebratory Toys for Your Bud Buddy

While playing tug with your furry pal is always a fun time, it can be even more joyous when indulging in the green stuff. While you’re at it, surprise your pooch with these hilarious bud-themed toys from BarkBox!

bud hounds

Just make sure to order ASAP so you can get these limited-time toys while they’re still available.

Miss out on Bark Box’s toys? Don’t worry — check out some other weed dog toys!

3. Get Back to Nature with Your Dog

We all enjoy partaking in different ways, but some people (*cough*) like to enjoy the natural world while satisfying our THC itch. And fortunately, this is a perfect way to let your dog celebrate 4/20 with you! So, consider going for a hike with your dog.

Just grab your pup, a leash, and some water, then head out to the great outdoors.

A high hiking expedition can be a fun experience for you and your pooch. Indulge your elevated curiosity and observe your dog as he sniffs local flora and fauna. Who knows – your dog might encourage you to identify plants and trees you’ve never noticed before (apps like PlantSnap are great for meeting and greeting plants you’ve never seen before)!

As you explore the great outdoors with your canine, just be sure to do so safely.

Don’t drive impaired and make sure you keep your canine on leash to avoid negative encounters with coyotes, owls, snakes, and other potentially dangerous critters. Also, make sure you can identify poison ivy at a glance — your pup probably won’t get a rash from it, but he may transfer the plant’s oils to you!

4. Go for a Jog with Your Pupperino

This kind of physical activity isn’t everyone’s idea of a good ganja time, but some people actually like to exercise after indulging.

*Stares suspiciously at one particular member of the K9 of Mine team.*

some dogs like running

If that’s how you like to get down while getting high, and your pup likes running, then have at it! Lace up your sneaks, grab the pooch, fill up a water bottle or two, and start picking ‘em up and putting ‘em down.

Of course, not all dogs make great running companions, so consider your canine’s health status and age before bringing him on a run. And if you don’t normally jog with your pal, make sure to ease into things – don’t start off with a 5-mile run if your pet isn’t accustomed to this level of physical exertion.

5. Embrace Couch Lock with Your Canine and Enjoy Some DogTV

Chances are, you’re going to find yourself stuck on the couch at some point during the high holiday. Our advice? Don’t fight it. Grab the remote and a tasty beverage, curl up with your canine, and check out some DogTV.

Watching Dog TV with your pet

A channel designed specifically for our furry friends, DogTV hosts a variety of shows that’ll catch your pet’s interest and keep his brain buzzing.

I can neither confirm nor deny that you may even get caught up in the pretty pictures and nature-themed sounds and find yourself zoning out for an hour or three.

That’s definitely never happened to me.

6. Get Crafty and Make Your Dog Some New Gear

Like to catch a buzz and get crafty? Great news: There are tons of things you can make for your dog, ranging from collars to leashes to bad-ass dog bandanas. You may even want to consider making a DIY Thundershirt if your pooch suffers from anxiety.

Just be sensible about the whole thing. Be careful with scissors, measure your dog before starting, and do yourself a favor and set up some good lighting first.  

7. Explore Your Dog’s Musical Tastes

Unless this is your first 4/20 rodeo, I don’t have to explain that music and marijuana go together like stems and seeds. But what about your doggo? Will he enjoy listening to some tunes?

Well, it’s not entirely clear. We’ve discussed this issue in depth before, but some dogs do appear to like some kinds of music (especially classical stuff).

My own dog doesn’t seem to mind or enjoy (or really even notice) when I crank the tunes. But to be fair, I’m more of a rock-rap-reggae-jazz kinda guy, and there isn’t much (any) classical music in my Spotify playlists.

But I will say that she almost always reacts when I plug in a guitar or bass (she gets insanely curious about how I’m making these magical sounds come out of a strange box.

So, whether your pup likes music or not, now is as good a time to find out as any.

8. Indulge in Some Munchie Madness with Your Mutt

You’re undoubtedly going to experience a hankering for some tasty treats during the day’s festivities, so make sure your dog gets to enjoy something delicious too!

Since it’s a special occasion, we’d recommend these easy DIY pumpkin dog treats. Pumpkin not only has a taste many dogs love, it also provides some tummy-soothing benefits that your pooch will appreciate.

If these treats aren’t your jam, you can also make your pup a dog-safe cake!

No matter what kind of delicious treat you decide to whip up for your four-footer, be sure to stick to foods that are safe to share with your dog and avoid toxic ingredients. This includes things like chocolate, xylitol (an artificial sweetener), grapes, and macadamia nuts.

9. Zen Out and Catch Up on Some Grooming Duties

Chances are, you’ve already discovered that repetitive, semi-mindless tasks can be quite soothing when stoned. So, take this opportunity to catch up on some of your dog’s grooming needs.

There’s just something about repeatedly brushing your bestie while blitzed that will help alleviate your stress. And for that matter, it’ll also give you a great way to bond with your pet.

If you like, you can even use this time to grind your dog’s nails. The monotonous “brrrrrr” sound of the grinder will have you blissfully daydreaming, while you grind your dog’s nails back down to a safe and proper length.

Just make sure you’re careful while doing so – nicking your dog’s quick will be quite the buzzkill.

Wearing a 4/20-appropriate T-shirt is optional, but obviously encouraged.

10. Teach Your Dog a New Trick

April 20th is all about having a good time. And because there are few things as fun as teaching your pet a new and entertaining trick, cannabis celebration day is a great time to show your pup how to do something new.

But we don’t mean teach your dog to hand-target or how to walk in perfect “heel” position. Do those kinds of things some other time.

Four-twenty, on the other hand, is a great occasion to teach your dog a fun, silly trick that isn’t really important. If it works out, great! If not, no harm done, and you got to hang out with your pooch for a while, which is always a win.

A couple of things you may want to try include:

OK, so that last one may take some time, but now’s the perfect time to start!


Look, we’re having some fun here.

Your dog doesn’t know or care that you’re celebrating a very important holiday. But, as far as we’re concerned, you never need an excuse to celebrate life with your doggo, so stop being a drag, man. Spend some time with your four-footer and just try to enjoy the day.

We wish everyone a happy 4/20 – just make sure to celebrate safely! Let us know how you’re letting Fido get in on the festivities below!

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Ben Team

Ben is the managing editor for K9 of Mine and has spent most of his adult life working as a wildlife educator and animal-care professional. Ben’s had the chance to work with hundreds of different species, but his favorite animals have always been dogs. He currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his spoiled-rotten Rottweiler named J.B. Chances are, she’s currently giving him the eyes and begging to go to the park.

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  1. Nikita Avatar

    Absolutely love this article! I’m a medical marijuana user in Missouri, and I have a 1 year old pitbull/boxer mix pup. Thank you for giving us some great ways to celebrate a favor holiday with my canine buddy.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      So glad you enjoyed it, Nikita!
      Have fun celebrating with your pupper.

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