Best Dog Parks in Miami, Florida: 11 Memorable Mutt Zones

Dog Parks By Kelsey Leicht 15 min read August 25, 2023

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Best Dog Parks in Miami, Florida

Looking for somewhere safe for your dog to enjoy off-leash play in the Magic City? Why not visit one of the city’s dog parks, ranging from suburban sprawls to beachside barkin’ digs?

We’ll share the best dog parks in Miami, break down what to look for in a dog park, and discuss mutt manners to mind in these fun play places for pups below.

The 11 Best Dog Parks in Miami

A black fluffy dog on the beach

There are loads of four-footer fun places in Florida’s most fashionable city. Check out our top picks for the best dog parks in Miami.

1. Belle Isle Dog Park

Belle Isle Dog Park
Image from Belle Isle Blog

About: Belle Isle Dog Park is an island oasis for dogs with lush greenery and trees seldom seen in city landscapes. A metal-slatted fence surrounds the dog runs, keeping your canine contained while he enjoys an off-leash romp in an open-field-style run.


Special notes:

  • Safe, separate runs for large and small dogs
  • The double-gated entrances offer more security than standard setups
  • The fence isn’t the tallest, which may be a problem for fence leapers
  • Grass, dirt, and gravel terrain (which can get muddy after rain, so bring a towel)
  • Water fountains with dog bowls for hound hydration
  • Several benches in shaded areas for beating the Miami heat 
  • Walking trails for enjoying leashed walks beyond the dog runs
  • All visiting dogs must be fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered
  • Onsite trash cans and poop bag dispensers (always back your own, just in case)
Can pet insurance benefit your dog?

Visiting a dog park comes with a risk of injury, whether from a brawl with another barker or a tendon tear during rowdy play. Your pup can also get sick from other sniffers. In many cases, the benefits of pet insurance far outweigh the costs as long as you opt for illness and injury coverage.

2. Blanche Park Dog Park

Blanche Park Dog Park
Image from Four Square

About: Small but mighty, Blanche Park Dog Park has many of the perks you’d like in a pupper play area, like double-gated entrances, tough fencing, and open space for sprinting. Unfortunately, there isn’t a separate area for small floofs or seniors, so it may not be the right fit for every fur family.


Special notes:

  • Artificial grass and paved terrain keep the mud at bay (a nice perk in uber-wet Miami!)
  • Metal-slatted fencing stands roughly 4 feet tall
  • Several small hills for pups to enjoy
  • Limit of 3 dogs per person
  • Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated with visible tags to enter
  • Poop bag dispensers and trash cans are located throughout the park
  • Human and dog water fountains are available onsite
  • Mature trees and manmade canopies offer shade from the sun
  • One of the busier dog parks on our list
  • Next to a playground, so it can be noisy at times
  • Several walking trails close by for leashed walks
  • Several benches are available for owners to relax while pups play

3. Haulover Beach Dog Beach Park

Haulover Beach Dog Beach Park
Image from Four Square

About: This dog beach is too great to miss with your mutt, located only 40 minutes north of the city’s main hustle and bustle. Your dog can enjoy the waves at your side in a designated doggo section or one of two fenced play zones separated by size requirements. 


Special notes:

  • Dog runs are a mix of grass and dirt; the beachy area is sand and water (pack towels and expect to vacuum your car after!)
  • With the presence of water, a dog life vest is recommended, particularly if you’re unsure of your dog’s swimming skills
  • Picnic tables and drinking fountains available for human visitors 
  • Dog water fountains are also available
  • Poop must be promptly picked up, and all holes must be filled
  • Puppies under 6 months old aren’t allowed
  • Limit of 2 dogs per owner

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4. Margaret Pace Dog Park

Margaret Pace Dog Park
Image from Facebook

About: Featuring two sections for off-leash fun, this tail-wagging hot spot has water views and a nearby dog-friendly cafe for grabbing grub after a day of fun. All dogs must be up-to-date on rabies, licensed by the city, and wear tags in plain view on his collar or harness.


Special notes:

  • Small and large dog areas
  • Artificial turf, concrete, and mulch terrain in the dog runs
  • Metal barred fencing in the off-leash areas (it is on the shorter side, however)
  • Drinking fountains for humans and dogs
  • Waste cleanup areas for convenient poop scoops
  • Benches let you rest your feet
  • A few trees offer some shade
Is your pup current on his pest prevention?

Dog parks can be crawling with ticks, and your dog’s always at risk of catching fleas around other canines. This means up-to-date and effective flea and tick preventatives are musts before a visit. Flea collars and topicals are popular choices but always check with your vet for what works best for your woof’s needs.

Heartworm prevention is also necessary, though your sniffer should be current on this regardless of how often he visits dog parks.

5. South Pointe Park Bark Park

South Pointe Park Bark Park
Image from Four Square

About: Far from a traditional dog park, South Pointe Park Bark Park is an unfenced patch of grass and mulch allowing for off-leash fun for well-trained dogs with fully dependable recall. It isn’t the place for every dog, but this may be a great fit if your dog has training chops and social skills that shine.


Special notes:

  • Grass and mulch terrain
  • Dogs must be leashed in areas beyond the designated off-leash section
  • Onsite water fountain available for thirsty pups
  • Walking trails are available outside the off-leash areas (pups must be on a lead!)
  • No separation between large and small dogs

6. Amelia Earhart Bark Park

Amelia Earhart Bark Park
Image from Four Square

About: Visit this free-to-enter dog destination within the 515-acre Amelia Earhart Park, a sprawling green space of lakes, fields, and mature trees. Multiple waste disposal stations make for easier cleanup, but a major drawback is its breed ban barring pit bulls. 


Special notes:

  • Features 2 fully fenced dog runs – 1 for large doggos and 1 for petite pups
  • Grass, dirt, and concrete found within dog runs (may get messy!)
  • Some agility obstacles are in place for pups to play on
  • Water fountains for humans and dogs
  • Canines must wear current licensing and rabies tags in clear view
  • Parking is $7 on weekends and holidays
  • Several benches for kicking back during your canine’s shenanigans
  • Loads of trails to explore for leashed adventures outside the dog runs

7. Bark Park Dog Park at Tropical Park

Bark Park Dog Park at Tropical Park
Image from Four Square

About: With two fully fenced dog runs, including a separate area for small dogs, Bark Park Dog Park offers lots of rooms for Rover to stretch his legs, whether he’s a fan of zooming beside barking buddies or sniffing up a storm and following new scents. Built-in water stations offer hound hydration stations, while cleanup stations make for easier poo patrol.


Special notes:

  • Grass, dirt, and concrete found within dog runs
  • Agility equipment is set up for dogs to explore
  • Multiple benches and picnic tables are available
  • Mature trees offer lots of shade
  • Bathrooms available nearby
  • Lake for swimming if your woof’s a water baby
  • All dogs must be fully vaccinated and licensed 
  • Owners can also enjoy leashed walks around the rest of Tropical Park

8. Perrine Wayside Dog Park

Perrine Wayside Dog Park
Image from Facebook

About: Stretching over 3 acres with a lake at its center, this doggy oasis isn’t technically in Miami’s borders, but with a quick 30-minute drive, your dog can enjoy the dog runs for off-leash fun or roam its trails for leashed exercise. All pups must be accompanied by an adult, with a max of three dogs per person allowed.


Special notes:

  • A mix of grass and dirt terrain for doggos
  • Metal barred fences keep canines contained
  • Dual-gated entrances for secure dog run movement
  • All dogs have to be current on vaccinations and registration, plus wearing corresponding tags
  • Puppies under 4 months aren’t allowed
  • No food can be taken into the dog runs
  • Onsite trash cans for disposing of dog waste
  • Females in heat aren’t permitted
  • Small and large dog sections are separate to keep canines safe
  • Pet water fountains keep floof hydrated

9. Coconut Grove Dog Park

About: Hidden within David T. Kennedy Park, this fun place offers stunning views and heaps of green grass to sniff and roll around in. Chainlink fencing keeps canines contained, while regular foot traffic keeps the park populated with new fur faces.


Special notes:

  • Separate dog runs for small and large pups
  • Grass and dirt terrain (bring a towel and expect to wash your pup, as it gets messy!)
  • Poo cleanup stations onsite 
  • Double-gated entrances
  • Agility equipment is set up for pups to try
  • Dogs must be leashed entering and exiting the dog parks, plus when beyond its fencing
  • Multiple mature trees within the dog runs for shade and sniffertunities
  • Seating areas include tables and benches available for two-legged visitors
  • More than 20 acres of park to also explore for a leashed sniff fest down trails

10. South Miami Dog Park

South Miami Dog Park
Image from SouthMiamiFL.gov

About: The South Miami Dog Park is a strip of dog-friendly greenery with an artificially turfed and graveled terrain most dogs love, plus benches humans appreciate. Agility equipment and other pupper playthings are also set up, giving your mutt a chance to try his paw at something new.


Special notes:

  • Entirely enclosed in tall wood and metal fencing
  • Single play space with no separate areas for small and senior dogs
  • Double-gated entrances for added security
  • Some shade from mature trees and a pavilion
  • Trash cans available onsite
  • Limited parking can be a headache

11. Washington Dog Bark Parks

Washington Dog Bark Parks
Image from Yelp

About: Gift your golden boy with an off-leash fun day at one of these fenced fur hangouts. You can also adventure beyond the pupper parks for a leashed walk down paved trails and shaded areas.


Special notes:

  • Divided into small (Annex Dog Park) and large dog (Washington Dog Bark Park) sections
  • Each dog run contains a mix of grass, gravel, dirt, and concrete terrain
  • Water stations are available for dogs, and water fountains for humans
  • Ask that all dogs be up-to-date on vaccines and display applicable rabies and licensing tags
  • Handicap accessible
  • No human potty facilities
  • Several benches for humans (or for dogs to explore)
  • Onsite poop disposal stations 

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Things to Look for in a Dog Park

Dog in harness with owner

Finding the perfect dog park for your pup starts with asking some hard questions of every contender, as dog parks vary in terms of quality. Some are bare-bones parks without many amenities, while others are top-of-the-line play zones with agility equipment and more.

Before visiting any dog park, investigate the following:

  • Fence style: Is the fence tall enough to keep your cutie contained? Are the bars close enough together to keep him from slipping out? Is it made from chainlink that your canine may be able to climb? The right fence is vital in keeping your dog safe during play.
  • Separate play space: If you have a senior or small dog, you’ll want to stick to parks that feature separate sections. This will protect him from large or young dogs that may injure him during play. This is especially critical with petite pups, as large dogs with a high prey drive may see Spot as a snack.
  • Size: Dog parks range from small city corners to sprawling fenced fields. The right layout for your Rover depends on his size, exercise needs, and training. Smaller sites can be too cramped for the largest dog breeds while rolling fields are a nightmare if your pup hasn’t learned to come when called.
  • Terrain type: In Miami, you can find a variety of terrains, from natural grass to artificial turf and sand. Each has pros and cons, especially considering South Florida’s infamous rain. Either way, packing a towel is always recommended. 
  • Water sources: Miami’s heat is nothing to play around with. Dogs should always have access to fresh water throughout playtime. If a place doesn’t offer any, bring your own dog water bottle.
  • Shaded areas: The Florida sun is brutal in summer, making shaded areas from trees or awnings must-haves to avoid broiling as your barker plays.
  • Seating: While not essential, having nearby benches or picnic tables to sit on while your pup runs around with his friends is nice.
  • Waste disposal: Some dog parks have pooper scoopers you can use, and others stock dog poop bags for easy cleanup. Trash cans are usually a staple, too, but always double-check to be sure. Even if a park has onsite pet cleanup stations, pack poop bags just in case. You never know if they’ll run out!
  • Hours: Is the dog park open from dawn to dusk, or does it operate on an afternoon-only schedule? Does it shut down on certain days for maintenance? Knowing these facts in advance can save you from future headaches.
  • Peak times: Dog parks tend to come alive after work hours, with things getting crowded around 4:00 PM. This can cause more cramped conditions, waiting periods, and limited time in the dog runs.
  • Park rules: Regulations vary from park to park, with some requiring proof of vaccination to visit, while others settle for the presence of your dog’s rabies tag alone. Others ban children from off-leash areas, and some even have breed restrictions, such as not allowing pit bulls and similar sniffers from visiting.

Aside from reading about facilities, take a trip to a dog park without your dog for an authentic feel of the setup. Inspect the fence condition, the amount of unscooped poop, and the park’s energy. Are there many engaged owners, or is every person staring at a cell phone?

Dog Park Manners 101

dog-on-dog aggression

No one likes being a rule breaker or being perceived as rude. Familiarizing yourself with dog park etiquette is necessary if you’re unfamiliar with the unspoken rules of the four-footed fun zones to avoid a four-footer faux pas.

When venturing to any dog park, remember to:

  • Scoop your dog’s poop: The worst dog owners leave doggy diamonds everywhere their woof goes. Unscooped poop isn’t just gross; it can be a health hazard to other dogs. Pack extra dog poop bags and use them.
  • Clean up other messes your mutt makes: If your dog digs or shreds anything, do your best to return the park to its proper state before leaving. Better yet, stop your dog in the act and redirect him to a more favorable play activity.
  • Treat other pet parents with kindness: Keep the peace and be cordial with other owners, even if there’s a tense situation between doggos. Being rude gets no one anywhere. Level heads and friendly waves go a long way.
  • Follow posted park rules: Thumbing your nose at the park’s regulations disrespects other dog owners in attendance. The rules apply to you too, Karen. Respect them or stay home.
  • Own your dog’s actions: Your dog is your responsibility, including any damages or injuries he causes. If your dog does something, make it right, whether by financially covering the costs or fixing a flowerbed he dug up.
  • Carry a leash: Beyond off-leash areas, your dog should be leashed. It doesn’t matter how great his recall is. Almost every jurisdiction has rules about leashing dogs in public.
  • Discourage problematic behavior: Mounting and jumping on other dogs can lead to a scrap, so redirect your pooch as soon as he starts. This also includes your dog harassing other people through rude sniffing or mouthing.
  • Leave food at home: Food introduces many problems in multi-dog settings. Leave human food and treats at home to avoid headaches entirely.
  • Keep your dog’s vaccinations up-to-date: Most pup parks require this anyway, but even if they don’t, this is vital in keeping your canine and others safe from preventable illness. Rabies and distemper are the bare minimum illnesses to vaccinate against, but Bordetella can also protect against some strains of kennel cough.
  • Leave females in heat at home: In-season mutts could cause a real headache in a place packed with dogs, including males (some that may be intact!) Just skip public outings and opt for at-home play.
  • Skip the park if your pup is sick: Under-the-weather woofs shouldn’t mix and mingle with other mutts. Even if the illness isn’t contagious, your dog isn’t feeling his best and might be grouchier than usual.
  • Only visit the park if your dog plays respectfully and likes other dogs: Too many pet parents disregard doggo temperament before trying out dog parks. The result can be a stressed-out canine or a dangerous dog fight. If your pup is anxious or dog-selective, choose better solo options for fun, like taking leisurely walks with him on a long leash.

These aren’t every rule in the book, as there are common sense considerations, too, like not yelling at other people’s pets and using appropriate language. If you wouldn’t act a certain way in front of your boss (or mama!), don’t do it at the dog park. 

Have you visited the locations on our list of the best dog parks in Miami? Is there another four-footed hangout your dog adores? Share with us in the comments. We’d love to hear about your must-visit Miami dog parks!

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