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best dog seat belt

Going somewhere in the car with your dog can be an absolute nightmare, even if it is just a 10-minute drive.

If your dog is extremely energetic it no doubt runs right into your car to stick its head out of the open window. Too much non-stop movement can result in your dog getting car sick. Your dog can also jump in front and distract you while you’re driving.

Not only is it annoying, but it is also dangerous as it distracts you and makes you lose concentration.

Having a specially-designed seat belt is one of the best things you can buy for your dog and for yourself as it prevents distractions and avoids danger.

What To Look For In A Dog Seat Belt

When it comes to choosing the seat belt for your dog, you need to be looking out for some key features:

  • Size. Not all dog seat belts will fit all dogs – make sure you measure your dog and choose a seat belt that fits him or her appropriately.
  • Clipping. Some seat belts for dogs allow you to quickly and easily clip your dog seat belt onto your dog’s regular harness. This keeps your dog safe from any heavy breaking or sudden stops you may have to do.

Best Dog Seat Belt for Canines in Cars

We’ll be highlighting four popular dog seat belts that are popular, have received solid reviews, and are reasonably priced.

All these dog seat belts are also available from Amazon, for added convenience.

1. Leegoal Nylon Dog Seat Belt Harness

dog seat belt

About: This Leegoal Nylon Dog Car Seat Belt Harness helps to keep your dog protected in place without causing harm to it at the same time.

Price: $
Our Rating:

  • Fits Any Car. Universal pet harness that fits any type of vehicle.
  • Adjustable. This dog seat belt is adjustable between 8 to 16 inches long, allowing you to alter it depending on the size of your dog.
  • Choice of Colors. This dog seat belt is available in black, pink, blue, green, and red.


Pros: Selection of colors and adjustable fit.


Cons: Some owners report that the seat belt buckle does not fit properly, with owners having a difficult time unbuckling the buckle once locked.

Also note that this seat belt for dogs cannot be attached to a regular collar or harness, as the dog as potential to get whiplash if in an accident.

2. Etekcity Adjustable Dog Seatbelt

seatbelt for dogs

About: The Etekcity Safety Harness is a great way to keep your dog fully safe from any crashes or sudden stops that may occur. It is also suitable for other pets such as cats.

Price: $
Our Rating:

Due to raving reviews, we select the Etekcity Dog Seat Belt as our #1 Recommended Pick!

  • Adjustable length of between 16-27 inches.
  • Hassle-free seat belt clip which is designed to latch into your car with ease.
  • Universal clip to work with any pet harness you may own.
  • Constructed from high quality durable nylon fabric to ensure safety.
  • Gives your pet comfort, allowing it to freely sit, stand and lay down without distracting you when you are driving.


Pros: High quality material and easy to use. Comes in a 2 pack!


Cons: The only downside is that it is not suitable for a very large dog. Dog must weigh less than 110 lbs.

3. Guardian Gear Seat Belt For Dogs

dog seatbelt

About: This innovative Guardian Gear Seat Belt connector wraps around your car’s seat belt to keep your dog firmly in place, allowing you to easily set it up and prevent your dog from distracting you whilst you are driving.

Price: $$
Our Rating:

  • Secure clip that attaches to your dog’s harness for safe car travel.
  • Clips to any dog harness.
  • Uses velcro closure to wrap around seat belt connector, plus nickel-plated swivel clip that attaches to the dog’s harness.
  • The seat belt wrap measures 10-1/2 inch length by 2-1/2inch width.


Pros: Easier for some to use than dog seat belts that clip into regular seat belt buckle.


Cons: Some owners are annoyed that the connector can sometimes slide up and down, but this shouldn’t have an affect on safety of the dog.

4. Bergan Dog Auto Harness with Tether

seatbelt for dogs

About: This Bergan Harness With Tether seat belt is great at keeping dogs fully protected for any collisions that may occur while also reducing distractions driving with your energetic dog.

Price: $$
Our Rating:

  • Comes in Several Sizes. Available in small, medium, large, and extra large.
  • Comes with Harness + Safety Tether. This complete dog seat belt harness system comes with a harness and an adjustable safety tether, featuring two high-grade weight-bearing aluminum carabineers.
  • Durable. Durable material but lightweight, keeping your dog comfortable.
  • Can Handle Large Dogs. The extra-large version is able to hold a dog up to 150 lbs.
  • ASPCA Approved. This is the only dog seat belt recommended by the ASPCA.


Pros: This dog seat belt meets the Pet Safety Durability Test, designed to ensure confidence that a harness will withstand forces generated from sudden stops while minimizing distractions from traveling pets. It’s also the best choice for extra large dogs, with a size made just for them.


Cons: Some customers have struggled with the fit of it, so make sure you get the correct size for your dog.

Final Review of Dog Seat Belts

In conclusion, the best dog seat belt is the Etekcity or the Guardian. Both offer maximum security for your dog, all at a very affordable price, making them both good value for your money.

However, if you want something specific that fits your dog as it is either very small or very large, then I would suggest the Bergan, as it comes in different sizes that will fit your small to large dog perfectly.

Honestly though, all of these are good choices to keep your dog safe and prevent them from distracting you while you drive. If seat belts don’t work for you and your pup, dog car crates may be another option to consider.

If you’ve used one of these products and have something to say, share your thoughts in the comments!

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