6 Best Outdoor Dog Beds: Snoozing Outside!

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best outdoor dog beds

Quick Picks: Best Outdoor Dog Beds

  • Coolaro Pet Bed. Sturdy and ultra-affordable raised mesh bed with great airflow and several sizes.
  • K&H Bolster Pet Cot. Similar to the Coolaro, but with boltser sides for dogs that enjoy a headrest.
  • Pawhut w/ Canopy. Ideal for dogs who need help staying cool outside in the sun, as it features a shade-providing attachable canopy.

Why Buy an Outdoor Bed?

Even if your pet spends nights safely indoors, there are still many reasons you might consider dropping a little cash on an outdoor bed.

If you live in town like me, there might not be many shady places for your pup to lay down off the pavement. Keep in mind that, not only is cement rough and uncomfortable, it gets very hot in the summer sun. Having an elevated outdoor bed gives your pet a comfy place to rest that even lets him feel a little breeze.

Even if your backyard is well-shaded and grassy, an outdoor bed can help keep your canine cleaner and healthier as he snoozes outside. Elevated beds – the most common type of outdoor bed – raises your dog off of the ground while he lounges.

This means less dirt tracked into your home, as well as fewer insects in your dog’s fur. If your yard or campsite is home to fire ants or other such critters, an outdoor bed is an especially worthwhile investment.

Another factor to consider is climate. If you live in an area with sizzling summers, your pup may get overheated when he plays outside and could have a hard time cooling off. This is doubly true if your pup is large, overweight, or particularly furry.

An outdoor bed could help your dog cool down faster since many have an elevated design and use breathable fabrics that allow the fresh air to circulate and reach every part of your pooch. It’s worth noting that these beds aren’t exclusively for outdoor use – they can work great inside as well!

What Should I Look for in an Outdoor Bed?

  • Elevation. An elevated bed keeps your pup out of the dirt, off the pavement, and away from bugs. Many such designs also provide relief for aching joints.
  • Breathable fabrics. When combined with elevation, breathable fabrics create a hammock-like bed for your dog. He can enjoy a little siesta surrounded by cooling breezes.
  • Durability. If your bed is going to primarily be outside, it needs to stand up both to the elements and your pooch at his highest energy levels. This is why it’s especially important to look for beds made of materials resistant to mold, mildew, and pests.
  • Portability. Many owners buy outdoor dog beds to use on camping trips or other adventures. If you plan on taking your outdoor pet bed someplace other than your backyard, you’ll want to make sure you get something that is portable or, at the very least, easy to take apart and put back together.

Top 6 Outdoor Dog Beds

1. Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric

You might recognize the brand ‘Coolaroo’ – it is an environmentally-conscious Australian company specializing in outdoor products to keep humans and pets cool through the steamy summer. Their elevated dog bed is a durable and comfortable option for your pooch that won’t break the bank.

Coolaroo The Original Cooling Elevated Dog Bed, Indoor and Outdoor, Large, Nutmeg
9,485 Reviews
Coolaroo The Original Cooling Elevated Dog Bed, Indoor and Outdoor, Large, Nutmeg
  • COOLING DOG BED – Coolaroo’s signature breathable fabric promotes air circulation on all sides...
  • RELIEVES JOINT PRESSURE POINTS - Raised dog bed design helps to eliminate hot spots and fabric...
  • EASY TO CLEAN - washable pet bed with removable cover makes it easy to clean, simply hose off with...
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Fabric is 100% Recyclable GREENGUARD certified fabric: free of harmful lead and...

This bed comes in 4 sizes:

  • small (sleeping surface of 28”x22.75”, holds up to 50 pounds)
  • medium (sleeping surface of 35.5”x25.5”, holds up to 75 pounds)
  • large (sleeping surface of 43.5”x31.5”, holds up to 100 pounds)
  • extra-large (sleeping surface of 52”x37”, holds over 100 pounds)

The sleeping area is elevated 8 inches off the ground for all sizes except extra-large, which is elevated nearly 9 inches. The suspended design of the bed also takes pressure off your pup’s joints so he rests comfortably.

The fabric is made of durable, high-density polyethylene that stays cool and is resistant to fleas, mites, mold, and mildew. Replacements can be purchased separately.

The bed is also portable and can be assembled easily with a large phillips-head screwdriver (not included). In addition, the bed is GREENGAURD certified and features a frame made of 100% recyclable lead.


This is a very durable bed, with one reviewer commenting that the bed was still in good condition after being used outdoors for 6 years! The bed can be hosed off easily and, if the fabric is beyond repair, customers were very satisfied with the fair price of the replacement cover. Many reviewers note that it is great to travel with and can even be used indoors. Pups – even those with a few aches and pains – seem to find the bed comfy, and enjoy the breeze that can pass below the mat.


The biggest complaint about this bed is that it can be difficult to put together and that the directions included in the box aren’t very helpful. Luckily, the company has provided a YouTube tutorial to help their customers with bed assembly. A small percentage of customers also noted that the fabric could get stretched out and that the screws sometimes needed to be re-tightened.

2. K&H Elevated Pet Bed with Removable Bolsters

This affordably-priced outdoor bed stands out for the pillowed edges (also known as bolsters) offering support for your pet’s noggin.

K&H also offers a number of companion products (including a canopy) to make sleeping outdoors a comfortable – and even luxurious – experience for your pooch.

K&H Pet Products Bolster Dog Cot Cooling Indoor/Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed Hammock with Removable Bolsters, Washable Mesh Cover, Raised Camping Dog Bed for Medium Dogs - Chocolate Medium 25" X 32"
  • BOLSTERED OUTDOOR DOG BED: Dog cot made of waterproof, heavy-denier fabric with fluffy plush bolster...
  • STRONG & STURDY: Dog cots lightweight metal frame and heavy denier cover holds over 200 pounds, dog...
  • QUICK & EASY ASSEMBLY: Easy to assemble and disassemble, no tools necessary making this outdoor dog...
  • EASY CLEAN-UP: Removable cover and bolster is machine washable and can even be hosed off outdoors

This bed comes in 3 sizes:

  • small (sleeping surface of 14”x16”)
  • medium (sleeping surface of 22”x26”)
  • large (sleeping surface of 27”x36”)

The frame itself can sustain up to 150 pounds, so even hefty canines will be able to enjoy this bed!

The sleeping area for this bed is elevated 7 inches off the ground, which helps relieve your pup’s joint pain and lets the natural air flow cool your pet off.

There are removable bolsters along three sides of this bed. They are overstuffed to better support your pet’s head and are machine-washable for your convenience. Bolsters are especially handy for dogs that like to rest their heads on a pillow or raised surface.

The cover has wide edges made with a thick, durable, waterproof polyester. The mesh center is resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria.

This bed has a lot of extra options available for separate purchase. There are replacement covers and, depending on the season and your pet’s needs, you can even upgrade to a cooling cover or a self-warming cover. If your pup is sun-sensitive, you might consider adding a shade canopy.

Assembly is simple and requires no additional tools. As an added bonus, the company provides a one-year limited warranty.


If your pooch likes a little head support, this is an excellent choice. While the pillow was the main selling point for most, people were pleasantly surprised by the overall product. It is sturdy and lightweight; it also appears to be genuinely easy to put together (no customers had complaints), so it would be a good bed to travel with. Many owners also commented that it is easy to wipe or hose down and doesn’t hold in odors. Pups seem to find it very comfortable, with some even preferring it to the couch!


There were very few negative reviews of this product. The few that there were focused on the quality of the fabric, commenting that it lost its color or the seams came undone. It is worth noting that the company appears to have very good customer service, reaching out to several of the reviewers who had issues.

3. PawHut Elevated Cooling Dog Bed Cot with Canopy

The PawHut Cot With Canopy is a mid-priced dog bed that is especially attractive if you have a pup who likes to lounge in the shade.

PawHut Elevated Portable Dog Cot Cooling Pet Bed with UV Protection Canopy Shade, 36 inch
378 Reviews
PawHut Elevated Portable Dog Cot Cooling Pet Bed with UV Protection Canopy Shade, 36 inch
  • Elevated Airflow: An elevated dog bed frame, cot-style design lifts your pet more than 7 inches off...
  • Breathable Fabric: The bed’s durable mesh fabric adds breathability to help keep your pet cool,...
  • Durable Design: The mesh fabric is held tightly in place by a lightweight yet strong powder-coated...

This bed is also specially-designed to be portable, so it’s a great option for pet owners who bring their four-legged friend on outdoor adventures.

This bed comes in only one size. In its entirety, the bed is 36”x30” and can hold up to 77 pounds, making it about a medium compared to other brands.

This bed is elevated 7.5 inches off the ground to encourage air flow and keep your pup cool. The canopy is just under 29 inches tall. It easily hooks into the corners of the bed and is secured by bungee cords. The fabric is made of a polyester commonly used to make lightweight tents.

The cover of the bed is made of high-density polyester, meant to be lightweight and breathable as well as durable. There are also two sections of mesh in the center of the bed.

This bed is very easy to travel with. It is foldable, so you don’t need to take anything apart when you’re on-the-go. It even comes with a travel bag!


This bed is easy and fun to bring on camping trips and to set up in the backyard on a sunny day. Most customers shared that the initial assembly was very simple and that, after that, it could be unfolded in less than 30 seconds. Between the canopy and the elevated mesh bed, most owners felt that this was a great option for pups who easily get overheated in the summertime.


The biggest issue with this bed is that it is not meant for heavier dogs. Customers with pups over 80 pounds often found that the cover of the bed started to rip apart at the seams under their dog’s weight, so this might not be a great choice if your pooch is a bit large. It is also unclear how easy this bed is to clean. One reviewer noted that the fabric stained easily; however, this shouldn’t be a dealbreaker for an outdoor bed.

4. Gen7Pets Cool Air Trailblazer Pet Cot

Gen7Pets is a Christian company that is known for their innovation in products for the pet (or owner) on-the-go.

Recently, their pet strollers have been quite popular, and we expect that the Cool Air Trailblazer Pet Cot could cause a stir as well. It is a little pricier than some other options, but features a truly unique, travel-friendly design.

Gen7Pets Trailblazer Cool-Air Cot, Medium
  • Cool-Air Cot: Raised 7" off the ground and made up of a furniture-grade mesh that provides Smart...
  • Above And Beyond: Your pet will be safe from muddy, hot, or wet grounds when camping, traveling, at...

This bed comes in two sizes. The medium (30” wide and 21” deep) is for pets up to 60 pounds; the large (36” wide and 22” deep) is for pets up to 90 pounds.

This bed has a rust-resistant steel frame and a curved back that is raised 8 inches.

The frame has a unique shape to give your pup slight elevation off the ground. Instead of having 4 legs, this bed is one continuous piece with a 180-degree bend. The fabric is stretched across the top half, and is double-stitched to decrease the likelihood of ripping along the seams.

The mesh is designed to let air through to both cool off your pup and drain rainwater. The mesh area can also be adjusted to be more or less firm according to your pet’s preference.

This product is designed for easy travel, with the bed simply snapping together and apart.


So far, customers have found that this bed is easy-to-assemble, sturdy, and well-balanced. Several owners commented that this bed was a great option for older, aching pooches; the unique shape of the bed frame gives it less elevation than other outdoor beds, making it easier to get in and out of. This bed, in particular, appeared to be used in a wide variety of situations. Owners set it up in the yard, indoors, at campsites, and even at the beach, much to their pooch’s satisfaction.


This is another bed that is better for smaller dogs. While the bed can sustain the advertised weight (90 pounds), it is unclear whether or not the large bed can accommodate a dog that size. If you have a larger dog, it may be a good idea to look through the photos people uploaded in the reviews (there are many) to see how your dog might fit. One final thing to keep in mind: this is a relatively new product with few customer reviews. That said, Gen7Pets has a great reputation, so it’s unlikely the product will be a dud.

5. Kuranda Aluminum Outdoor Dog Bed

Kuranda has a fantastic reputation for heavy-duty dog beds and customer service.

Their outdoor bed comes with a high price tag, but, if your pup destroys every bed he gets and you have a little extra money to spend, the Kuranda bed is a solid option for dogs of any size.

No products found.

This bed comes in 6 sizes:

  • mini (25”x18”)
  • small (30”x20”)
  • medium (35”x23”)
  • large (40”x25”)
  • extra-large (44”x27”)
  • extra-extra-large (50”x36”)

The frame takes up about 1.5 inches on each edge. All sizes can sustain up to 250 pounds – so it’s a great pick for really big dogs!

The bed is raised 7 inches. The elevated design of the bed not only keeps your pup cool and dry, but also provides support for dogs with orthopedic issues.

The frame is very sturdy, chewproof, and made from lightweight aluminum that doesn’t get hot in the sun.

The bed is made with a heavy-duty fabric (40oz vinyl fabric) that is used in many high-quality camping and construction tarps. You can expect it to stand up to pups that like to dig their nails into their bed.

The bed also comes with a 1-year warranty on both the frame and the fabric.


This bed appears to be all but indestructible, standing up to chewers, diggers, and even the elements, according to the vast majority of reviews. Owners with larger breeds, in particular, seemed to be big fans of this durable bed. If you want something to just leave in the yard that is easy to hose off, this is product would likely be a good choice for you (although it’s worth noting many people do use these beds indoors). In addition to a high-quality product, even negative reviewers were very satisfied with this company’s top customer service.


Some customers commented that the fabric of this bed got too hot. If your pup is sensitive to heat, you might consider similar Kuranda beds that uses more breathable (but less durable) fabrics like cordura. A few customers also complained that the bed did not stand up to their pet’s claws and teeth; however, the company was very prompt in responding to these comments, reminding customers the bed is covered by a 1-year warranty. Finally, this bed may be more difficult to put together and more expensive than other options on the market

6. OxGord Steel-Framed Portable Elevated Pet Bed

The OxGord elevated bed is a cheap and cheerful option for a dog owner on a budget.

Like most outdoor dog beds, this bed is elevated and made of materials that can withstand a bit of weathering. Especially if you’re just buying the bed for a weekend camping trip, this bed could be a great option.

Paws & Pals Elevated Dog Bed - Steel Frame, Temp Control, Indestructible Chew-Proof Pet Cot w/Trampoline Suspended Raised Hammock Best for Portable in/Out Door Use Cooling Platform | Medium
  • DIMENSIONS: MEDIUM 32” x 25” x 8” (Frame), 25” x 26” (Mesh). Holds up to 35 pounds
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Wipe down with cleanser or soap
  • FOR USE INDOORS OR OUTDOORS: Waterproof design is great for outdoors

This bed comes in two sizes: medium and large. The medium bed can hold up to 40 pounds and has a sleeping area of 25”x25”. The large can hold up to 88 pounds and has a sleeping area of 29”x22”.

The mesh sleeping area is elevated 8 inches above the ground and, since the mesh is breathable, your pup can stay cool even in the dog days of summer. It’s handy that this bed is easy to assemble and disassemble, requiring just 4 bolts and a hex key (included) to put it together.

Because there are rubber pads covering the metal legs to prevent the bed from scratching your floor, it can be used on any type of flooring and even indoors.

The bed is waterproof, durable, and easy-to-clean, so you don’t need to worry about this bed getting destroyed by your pup or the elements.


It’s a cheap way to keep your bed out of the dirt on a camping trip or off the hot cement in the summer. Most owners also found this bed easy-to-assemble, taking no more than 10 minutes (although some recommend a second pair of hands to get in the last bolt).


While some reviewers commented that they thought the large bed was sturdy enough and big enough for great danes and other large breeds, the manufacturer only recommends even the large bed for dogs 88 pounds or less. Otherwise, some reviewers felt that the mesh did not hold up well over time. As such, this bed might be better for short-term or occasional use.

Have you ever bought your pup and outdoor bed? Why did you buy one? Where you satisfied with the product you purchased? Let us know in the comments below!

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