5 Best Dog Beds for Camping: The Wild Wilderness!

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Dog Beds By Meg Marrs 10 min read March 8, 2021

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There is no one better to share the great outdoors with than your best friend—man’s best friend, that is. Taking your dog with you on a camping trip is an excellent way to bond while providing a much-needed escape for both you and your pet.

Just as you may prefer a soft sleeping bag or a firm fold-out cot, your dog surely has a preference as well. Both you and Fido deserve at least a bit of creature comforts during your camping trip, so consider where your dog enjoys sleeping at home when selecting a bed for traveling.

While your couch can’t come with you, beds of varying softness and spaciousness are available for your canine consideration.

There are several factors you’ll want to consider when selecting a portable dog bed—let’s explore them below!

Best Camping Dog Beds: Our Top Picks

See our quick picks here, or keep reading for more buying considerations and detailed reviews.

Camping Dog Bed Considerations: Important Factors

Without a doubt, selecting the right dog bed for your camping trip is dependent on the needs of both you and your dog.

While there are many different types of beds to satisfy most needs, here are a few considerations you’ll want to review before selecting one that’s best for you.

CAN IT BE CLEANED? Let’s face it—your dog is going to get dirty while you’re camping. Some portable beds can be thrown in the washing machine as soon as you get home.

Many beds designed for the outdoors are made of materials that stand up to dirt and mud better than common household beds. Some are designed to even be quickly and easily wiped down with a spray hose at the campsite!

HOW LONG WILL IT LAST? Camping beds are made of a variety of different materials, resulting in various lifespans for beds. A quick camping trip or two a year might mean that durability isn’t an important factor, but if you and your pooch are regular campers then durability is certainly something to consider.

You may also want to think about what beds are waterproof as you make your selection – if you have a water-loving Lab, a bed that isn’t waterproof might not even make it through the first camping weekend!

CAN IT BE PACKED EASILY? Space limitations may affect your choice of dog bed if you are camping. Look over the dimensions of beds before you purchase to ensure you’ll have the space to bring it along. Many travel camping dog beds are compactable and can be rolled or folded for added convenience.

WHAT DOES YOUR DOG WANT? From cushioned to inflated to elevated, many varieties of dog beds are available in camping-friendly forms so that virtually whatever your dog has at home is available to bring along. While you’ll probably think tee-pee style dog beds are simply the cutest, your dog will probably be happier with something a bit more durable (unless you’re doing some casual backyard camping – in which case, we think tee-pee beds are just too adorable to pass up on).

Take into consideration the features of his or her bed that your dog likes best when selecting a travel dog bed. Does he or she like a large bed to stretch out? What about soft or firm textures?

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Picking the Camping Bed That’s Best For Your Canine

Our dogs are temperamental sleepers—they each have their favorite unique spots to catch some z’s. You’re probably attentive to these spots, so keep them in mind when selecting a travel dog bed.

Here’s some key features of portable beds that will help you pinpoint the type of bed your dog needs on the road:

ELEVATION: For us humans, most camping trips will involve roughing it by sleeping on the cold hard ground. But for dogs with arthritis or similar issues, this may cause serious pain.

An elevated bed provides an excellent alternative to the standard bed, and should help relieve these problems. Luckily, there are more than a few collapsible elevated dog beds on the market!

TEMPERATURE: The time of year and the weather outside may make a difference in the type of bed you select. If you are camping in relatively cold temperatures, you may consider a bed with a covering, which functions like a canine sleeping bag to keep your pup warm all night long. An elevated bed, on the other hand, provides great air circulation to keep your dog cool if you’re camping in the heat of the summer.

SIZE: Your dog’s size and personal pooch preferences will also have a say in what bed you go for. If your dog stretches out across his bed at home, opt for a long and spacious camping canine bed. Others may feel safer with a tight fit.

Many sizes are available when it comes to portable dog beds, so make sure you choose the one that will suit your pooch the best. Also make sure to consider where your dog bed will fit and be positioned with selecting a tent (and be sure to check out our top picks for best tents for camping with dogs)!

5 Best Dog Beds For Camping: Our Top Picks

You have many options when it comes to a travel dog bed, but here are our top five picks we think you should consider:



Sale Chuckit Travel Dog Bed (39'L x 30'W) Water Resistant, Blue
−$13.52 $31.47


2,595 Reviews
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  • Portable Pet Bed: This travel dog bed has a double offset soft to touch quilted quality...
  • Travel Ready: A must have with your best friend on the go, this outdoor bed fits most dogs and is...
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The Canine Hardware Chuckit Travel Bed is the lowest priced bed on our list, made from microfiber and rubber with opposing textures on both sides to give your dog a soft and cozy place to relax. Your dog will enjoy drifting off to dreamland on the cozy suede texture of this easily transported bed.

At 30 inches by 39 inches, this bed is large enough to accommodate middling to large sized dogs. This bed is constructed with materials similar to your bedspread or your sleeping bag, meaning it can easily be thrown in the washing machine to clean off the residue from those camping adventures.

The quilted pattern also assists in the washing process as it keeps the stuffing spread evenly throughout the bed.

This bed is designed specifically for travel, and it comes with a nylon bag for easy stowing and transporting.

Pros: Owners say that their dogs love the softness of the bed, and they end up using it beyond their camping trips in the car and at home. The lightweight material and travel bag make this bed ideal for camping—for both the car, campsite, and wherever adventure may lead you!

Cons: Some owners report that their dogs easily destroyed the bed while playing; dogs may think this bed is a texture like their stuffed toys, so some find it enjoyable to tear apart and destroy beyond repair. If they start to tear at the bed, give them a more appropriate toy as a substitute!



  • Ideal for larger breeds
  • Sets up and folds down in seconds for storage/travel
  • Easy carry case included

This Folding Pet Bed by Carlson Pet Products is another bed on our list at the lower edge of the price range, and the only elevated bed on our list.

This bed sits on legs more than a half-foot above the ground, providing relief for dogs that may deal with arthritis or joint issues who won’t be comfortable so close to the hard ground.

This folding bed can hold up to 95 pounds, and the top is 46.5 inches by two feet; this is a great sized bed for larger dogs, or for those smaller dogs who enjoy stretching out across a bed twice their size.

The design is perfect for camping, as it folds up like a lawn chair and can easily be stuffed in its travel case.

Pros: This is a low-cost elevated bed, so if your pet does not like sleeping on the hard ground or suffers from joint problems, this should provide relief. The folding design makes travel easy and eliminates the assembly headache of some folding beds.

Cons: The top does not have extra padding, so you may want to consider placing an extra blanket or pad on the top to provide some extra comfort for your dog.



  • Great for Travel & Adventure - Cozy portable dog bed is travel friendly and perfect for every...
  • Waterproof Top & Bottom Dog Bed – Camping dog bed has a durable water resistant top made of...
  • Portable Pet Bed Rolls Up for storage - Travel dog bed is portable for travel purposes; easily rolls...
  • Outdoor Dog Bed Size – 2 sizes: Medium size when open- 27” x 36” x 2”, when rolled up-...

The Kurgo Loft Wander Dog Bed for Travel is a mid-priced roll-up bed made from a sturdy waterproof material that is perfect for the rugged outdoors.

This bed comes in both medium and large to accommodate dogs of all shapes and sizes, as well as red and brown colors to suit your style. Dogs enjoy the smooth texture and soft filling, and owners enjoy the durability and easy cleaning of this bed.

The top portion, where your dog will lay, is made of Microtomic rip stop material, and the bottom is made from Rufftex to avoid slipping; these materials are particularly durable and waterproof and can stand up to even the messiest adventures.

For easy traveling, the bed rolls up quickly like a sleeping bag. This bed additionally comes with a lifetime warranty.

Pros: The waterproof aspect will keep your dog warm and dry, and cleaning should be a breeze in the washing machine. While it can easily be squished up for quick and easy storage, it still holds enough fill to keep your dog comfortable and dry if the ground is soggy.

Cons: Some customers wished that this bed were softer and more cushioned for their dogs, as the padding is a bit on the light side. It might not be the best choice for senior or arthritic dogs who need multiple layer of support foam to be comfortable.



  • Open size 42" X 32" X 2"; rolled size 32" X 6"; weight 3. 6 lbs.
  • 1. 5" Inner foam mattress self inflates with a twist of a nozzle; adjustments can be made by blowing...
  • Machine washable puncture resistant and water resistant bottom and sides protect the bed from rough...

The Lightspeed Outdoor Self Inflating Travel Dog Bed is another of the mid-price beds on our list, and utilizes some pretty unique technology.

This bed can be inflated with air when you twist a knob, making it easy to get your pup’s camp set up in just a few minutes. It can also be blown up manually, if need be.

Made from waterproof material and topped with comforting fleece, this bed takes into account your dog’s comfort and your own convenience.

Filled with air when in use, the deflated bed can be rolled up for compact traveling, complete with convenient straps. It can be machine-washed, it’s made of durable material to protect the inflatable mattress, and it’s both water- and puncture-resistant.

Additionally, this bed comes with a one year warranty, so if things go wrong you can always exchange it.

Pros: Dogs and owners both love this bed—dogs love its soft fleece top and spacious size, while owners love that it is extremely durable and made of high-quality material.

Cons: Some owners reported that the automatic inflating feature sometimes needs a bit more air from the human to fully inflate.



  • MADE FOR ADVENTURE: The Highlands Sleeping Bag is a packable, durable sleeping bag for comfort and...
  • STAY WARM: The lightweight synthetic insulation provides warmth and protection from hard, cold...

Ruffwear’s Highlands Sleeping Bag for Dogs is at the upper end of the price spectrum, but is made of quality materials combined with a unique design that provides great comfort for your canine.

The design is just like a human sleeping bag, so your dog can enjoy snuggling under the warmth of the soft insulated interior.

Similar to a human sleeping bag, this bed zips around your dog to keep him or her warm on those cool nights under the stars. The polyester exterior is water-resistant to keep mud and dampness at bay, and the bed also is equipped with hoops so it can be hung out for faster drying.

This bed is also machine washable, and comes with a bag for easy travel.

Pros: Customers report that this bed keeps their dogs especially warm and cozy in colder temperatures. The bed is made of high-quality material that owners attest last quite well.

Cons: This bed only comes in one size, and my not fit larger dogs; dogs who love to stretch out while sleeping may also find the sleeping bag style constricting. 


Though you may be roughing it in the wilderness, your dog still deserves to be comfortable as possible when you take him or her on a camping trip!

Bringing along a comfortable bed will provide your pooch with a touch of the comfort of home while you decompress in the great outdoors.

For more canine camping gear, make sure to also check out our articles on:

Do you ever take your dog camping with you? What does your dog like to sleep on when outdoors? Let us know in the comments below!

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