7 Best Calming Dog Beds: A Soothing Sanctuary For Spot!

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calming dog beds

Does your sweetheart have trouble sleeping? Does she always seem stressed out or anxious?

Unfortunately, many dogs experience anxiety which can make it tricky for them to settle down and get some quality rest. This can prevent them from ever feeling calm and refreshed, which will only exacerbate their anxiety even more, thereby setting up a vicious cycle. 

Fortunately, you might be able to address this issue by providing your pooch with a calming dog bed. We’ll explain what calming beds are, describe how they work, and help you pick the best one for your pooch below!

Quick Picks: Best Calming Dog Beds

  1. Best Friends Donut Bed [Best Overall Calming Dog Bed]: Your pooch pal will love this calming donut-style bed complete with high bolsters and a supportive yet soft surface
  2. Bedsure Calming Bed [Most Affordable Calming Dog Bed]: This calming bed offers great  bang for your buck with machine-washable materials and a sturdy non-slip design.
  3. Pet Fusion Crate Bed [Best Calming Dog Bed For Crate Users]: If your canine loves his crate, this crate bed from Pet Fusion is certainly worth a try with its memory-foam and lavender infused design.

What Is a Calming Dog Bed? Do They Really Help Calm Dogs Down? 

a bed that keeps dogs calm

There isn’t an official designation for a “calming” dog bed. 

Generally, the term is applied to beds that come with design features that help promote relaxation and security. That being said, all doggos are individuals, and characteristics that may help one feel calm and relaxed, may not affect another four-footer in the same way.  

But despite their differences and the lack of an official definition, some beds really do seem to help dogs feel calm and secure. And this, in turn, will help translate to a better night’s sleep for Spot, which may help reduce long-term stress, anxiety, and insecurity. 

Calming Dog Bed Features

So, what exactly can you expect from a calming dog bed? Most of the best calming dog beds share a number of similar features that help to reduce canine anxiety and fear, and provide more comfort. 

Some of the beds provide many of these features, while others only include a couple. Nevertheless, here are some of the features you may find in a calming canine cove:

  • Bolsters — Many of these beds feature bolsters (raised, typically padded sections around the perimeter of the bed) which can help your furry friend feel contained or just give him somewhere supportive to rest his head. 
  • Soft — Calming dog beds are typically super soft to help your furry friend drift off to dreamland. 
  • Faux Fur — These beds often feature faux fur or other soft textures to keep your canine comfy and warm. 
  • Orthopedic Foams — Calming beds sometimes have memory foam or other orthopedic foams to cushion your canine and keep her comfy. 
  • Heating Elements — Some beds feature heating elements which are especially helpful for smaller dogs who may have trouble maintaining body heat. 
  • Attached Blankets or Covers — Some pups appreciate the ability to “cocoon” in their beds, so many calming dog beds include attached blankets so that your furry friend can feel secure. 
  • Aromatherapy — While the research isn’t conclusive, there’s some evidence supporting the notion that lavender scents can help calm dogs. Some calming dog beds may be infused with lavender to help your pooch feel totally zen. 

The 7 Best Calming Dog Beds


Ready to find an excellent bed to help your dog doze off? Without further ado, here are seven  of the best calming dog beds for you to consider for your canine.

1. Best Friends Donut Bed

Best Overall Calming Dog Bed

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Best Friends By Sheri Donut Bed

Best Friends Donut Bed

A furry, machine-washable, donut-style bed with high sides.

About: Best Friends offers this calming, donut-style bed with super soft, vegan fabric to keep your furry friend feeling his best. It also features AirLoft fibers, which help the bed’s bolsters to keep their shape while your hound sleeps.  


  • High 7-inch walls to cuddle your canine 
  • Designed for dogs up to 25 pounds
  • Comes in neutral taupe, dark brown, and grey colors to fit within any space
  • Machine-washable design
  • AirLoft fibers help keep the donut bed shape over time 


  • Fantastic quality for the price
  • Most dogs enjoy the bed’s soft feel
  • The high bolsters provide great security
  • Pet parents appreciated that the bed was easy to clean


  • Not suitable for dogs over 25 pounds
  • Machine drying may alter the texture

2. Bedsure Calming Bed

Most Affordable Dog Calming Bed

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Bedsure Calming Cat Beds for Indoor Cats - Small Cat Bed Washable 20 inches, Anti-Slip Round Fluffy Plush Faux Fur Pet Bed, Fits up to 15 lbs Pets, Camel

Bedsure Calming Bed

An affordable, cushioning, donut-style bed available in several sizes.

Yes, we realize that this product photo features a cat. Rest assured, these beds are suitable for dogs too.

About: This calming bed from Bedsure features a round donut design and a warm, plush fabric exterior. And in addition to the luxurious texture, this bed features an encircling bolster to keep your canine secure and calm while he’s relaxing. 


  • Flexible bed fits most dogs up to 100 pounds with 4 different size options
  • Donut design provides strong, supportive bolsters to cuddle your canine
  • Non-slip bottom keeps calming bed in place
  • Choose between neutral tan or grey color options
  • Ultra-soft machine-washable fabric 


  • It’s available in sizes suitable for large dogs
  • Most dogs seemed to find the bolster comforting
  • The bed’s super-soft texture earned tons of praise
  • It’s super easy to clean


  • The faux fur can shed
  • The bolsters don’t retain their shape very well

3. Pet Fusion Calming Cuddler 

Best Calming Dog Bed With Included Blankets 

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Pet Fusion Calming Cuddler Dog Bed

Pet Fusion Calming Cuddler

A comfy memory foam dog bed with an attached blanket.

About: Does your best buddy like to burrow? This bed from Pet Fusion might make an ideal pick with a loose blanket design for your dog to dig into. The calming bed is complete with supportive memory foam and bolsters. 


  • Lose blanket design promotes burrowing 
  • Memory foam base helps keep your dog supported
  • Non-skid bottom keeps the bed in place
  • Firm bolsters provide additional support
  • Embedded waterproof inner liner 


  • The attached blanket is really comforting for some dogs
  • Owners raved about the bolster’s construction
  • Waterproof liners are always a plus


  • Unfortunately the waterproof liner didn’t always work for owners
  • The zippers are somewhat delicate

4. FurHaven Bed

Best Wraparound-Style Calming Bed

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FurHaven Bed

FurHaven Bed

A wraparound-style calming bed that cradles your canine companion. 

About: If your canine enjoys being cradled, this wraparound calming bed might be the perfect pick. This bed features a high “ceiling” and bolsters, giving your hound his own haven to relax in. With plush velvet fabric, your pooch will have no trouble falling asleep in this cozy cove.


  • Unique wrap around design keeps your furry friend secure while sleeping
  • Choose between 4 different color options and small or medium sizes
  • Tall fiber-full walls provide extra warmth
  • Non-slip bed base
  • Plush velvet fabric 


  • Wraparound design provides unmatched security
  • Very high-quality bed for the price
  • Helps keep dogs warmer than many other beds


  • It isn’t available in sizes for large dogs
  • The bolsters don’t always hold their shape well

5. Pet Fusion Crate Bed

Best Calming Bed for Crate Use

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No products found.

Pet Fusion Crate Bed

A lavender-infused, memory foam calming bed designed for crate use.

About: This innovative crate bed from Pet Fusion is fairly new on the market which prevents us from listing it as the “best overall” pick, but it’s definitely pretty intriguing. With a crate-compatible design, memory foam core, and lavender infused layer, this bed is specifically designed to keep your canine calm. 


  • Memory foam bed provides pups with plenty of cushioning support
  • Soft lavender infused fabric may help calm down canines
  • Crate-compatible bed
  • Built-in bolsters to keep your dog comfortable
  • Temperature controlled foam helps regulate heat for all-season use  


  • Whether the lavender helps or not, this is still a cozy, calming bed
  • Several owners reported the bed helped soothe nervous dogs
  • Perfect for use in a crate


  • Not chewproof
  • It isn’t as cushioned as some other options

6. Nononfish Calming Dog Bed

Calming Bed with the Most Size and Color Options 

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Round Dog Beds for Large Dogs Washable Shag Faux Fur Donut Cuddler 48 inches - Primarily Calming Anti Anxiety Soft Warm Pet Bed for Large Dogs up to 150 Pounds

Nononfish Calming Dog Bed

A comfy, donut-style calming bed available in myriad sizes and colors.

About: Whether you have a big best buddy or a fun-sized furry friend, this Calming Dog Bed from Nononfish is suitable for tiny terriers as well as furry friends up to 150 pounds. With 7 different sizes and 13 different color options, you’re sure to find the perfect haven for your hound. 


  • The entire bed is machine-wash friendly
  • Soft vegan fabric keeps your companion cozy
  • Anti-slip base keeps this bed in place
  • Plush bed molds to your dog’s body
  • 7 sizing options and 13 color choices


  • Features an ultra-soft, plush exterior
  • You can throw the entire thing in the wash
  • The built-in bolsters provide additional security


  • The texture of the fabric can change after being machine washed
  • It’s not chewproof

7. Orthocomfort Cuddler

Warmest Calming Dog Bed

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Best Friends By Sheri Orthocomfort Cuddler

Orthocomfort Cuddler

A warm and snuggly calming bed for puppies or smaller-sized dogs. 

About: Are you seeking a bed to keep your tiny pooch warm while he sleeps? This self-warming bed from Orthocomfort has high bolster walls, a plush exterior, and plenty of room to help your sweetheart drift off to dreamland. 


  • Machine washable bed comes comes in 6 different color options
  • Surrounding bolsters help keep your best buddy comfortable 
  • Air-loft fiber helps the bed keep its shape over time 
  • Ultra-soft fabric
  • Warm, oversized bed help keeps canines cozy while sleeping


  • Most pups seem to love this bed
  • The high bolster walls and plush fabric help keep your dog super warm 
  • It appears to retain its shape well


  • They run small
  • We don’t like the use of the term “self-warming” (see below)
“Self-Warming” Dog Beds

Normally, dog beds marketed as being “self-warming” feature a layer of heat-reflecting foil inside. This layer helps to reflect your doggo’s body heat right back at her, thereby keeping her warmer than a traditional bed would.

This bed does not have such a layer, so we’d prefer if the manufacturer didn’t use this phrase in the description.

Technically speaking, all dog beds are “self-warming,” as your dog’s body heat will warm them up. However, taken this way, the term becomes entirely useless.

All that said, you can check out some true self-warming and heated dog beds here!

Additional Canine-Calming Strategies 


There are plenty of other ways to help your canine feel calm. Here are a couple of strategies you might want to consider in addition to seeking out a calming dog bed:

  • Work with Your Veterinarian: Anxiety could be a sign of an underlying medical issue, so it’s a good idea to check in with your veterinarian if you’ve noticed a change in your furry friend’s behavior. You might be referred to a certified dog behavior consultant, but it’s always a good idea to rule out any medical issue upfront.  
  • Thundershirts: Thundershirts are designed specifically to curb canine anxiety, so they are certainly worth a try. These fitted garments help relieve stress by providing compression. 
  • CBD: Properly administered CBD oils for dogs can help your pooch feel calm, though you’ll certainly need to consult your veterinarian for proper administration instructions. 
  • Anxiety Medications: It’s possible that your veterinarian will prescribe canine anxiety medication to help your pooch feel his best. If you can’t see your vet for a while, consider trying over-the-counter dog calming chew supplements too that can be offered as treats!
  • Dark, Cozy Crates: Plenty of pooches appreciate a dark crate to feel cozy. You can try using a crate cover, or simply using a lightweight blanket or towel to cover up the sides of the crate. 
  • Anxiety Toys: Dog anxiety toys can help soothe Spot when he’s stressed and even give your furry friend a cuddle companion while he sleeps. 
  • Long Walks: Your dog may just be restless rather than anxious — make sure he’s getting the adequate amount of exercise and playtime every day so that he can properly sleep at night. 


The best calming dog beds can make an excellent tool for helping your furry friend get a good night’s rest. Be sure to employ other calming techniques to make sure your canine companion feels his very best. 

Does your dog have a calming bed? How do you help Spot feel serene? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below! 

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