7 Best Wide Dog Collars: Extra Comfort for Your Canine

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Collars & Harnesses By Gem Sheps 10 min read May 23, 2021

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Real talk: Dressing your dog is one of the best parts of dog ownership, other than the whole unconditional love situation. And your dog’s collar is not only the basic foundation of his wardrobe, but it is also an important tool for keeping him safe. 

A wide collar — usually 1.5 to 3 inches in width, as opposed to the standard 1-inch width of most collars — makes both a bold statement and helps protect your pooch’s throat.

Below, we’ll explain everything you need to know about wide dog collars and identify a few of our favorites. Read on to learn more, or just check out our quick picks if you’re in a hurry! 

Wide Dog Collars: Quick Picks!

  • #1 OneTigris Military Collar [Best Overall Wide Collar] — Mixing equal parts durability and comfort, the OneTigris Collar is the perfect choice for most dogs in need of a wide collar.
  • #2 EzyDog Neo Classic Wide Dog Collar [Best Wide Collar for Swimming Dogs] — Designed to dry quickly and repel awful aquatic odors, the EzyDog Neo is a perfect option for water-loving canines.
  • #3 Buckle-Down Superman Seat-Belt Collar [Coolest Wide Collar Around] — The primary selling point of this collar is its super-cool print, but it’s seat-belt-style buckle is also pretty awesome.

Why Use a Wide Dog Collar? 

Wide collars are a relatively new craze and have a lot of people wondering what the benefits are. 

In addition to being chic and trendy, wide collars tend to be safer and stronger than their thin counterparts. The extra material distributes pressure against your dog’s throat more evenly, which can reduce tracheal damage in the long run.

Plus, they’re just more comfy for many canines.


Which Dogs Need a Wide Collar? 

The stronger the dog, the more pressure he puts against his collar, so wide collars are the best dog collars for big dogs – especially heavy pullers.

This includes breeds like Great Danes, mastiffs, Doberman pinschers, Rottweilers, and others of similar size.

Sighthounds, like whippets and greyhounds, may also benefit from wide collars. Because their frames are so thin, and they’re notably more fragile than other dogs, having extra cushioning and evenly distributing pressure on their throats through the use of a wide, comfortable dog collar helps prevent damage. 

Are Wide Dog Collars Ever a Bad Idea? 

Every dog is different, but wide collars are a pretty safe bet when it comes to walking tools. Still, some small dogs may get agitated by the size and weight of wide collars if they really can’t stand the sensation of having something around their neck. 

Some owners may prefer a harness over a collar, especially since harnesses can offer additional pull preventing perks like front clips.

Also, dogs prone to tracheal damage — like most miniature and toy breeds — benefit from a specialized small dog harness for walking purposes instead of a flat collar, no matter how wide.

If you’re not sure whether a wide collar is appropriate for your pooch, just ask your vet for advice.

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The Seven Best Wide Dog Collars

Below, we’ve identified a few of our favorite wide collars on the market. One of these is sure to be a great match for your pupper!

1. OneTigris Military Dog Collar 

About: The OneTigris Military Dog Collar promises comfort for pooches that serve this country and pooches that simply serve their human.


OneTigris Dog Collar

  • Durable nylon exterior and cushioned interior for comfort
  • Metal D-ring and heavy-duty, two-pronged buckle
  • 5 different hole sets make it easy to achieve a great fit
  • Available in 3 sizes and 5 colors

Features: With comfort and protection in the foresight of its design, this collar features padding on the inside of the collar to prevent discomfort and irritation.

A 10-centimeter (3.94 inch) Velcro patch allows you to add a personal flair to the collar with one of OneTigris’s patches or any other Velcro patch you want to decorate your pooch with. The collar has a double-grommet buckle and a heavy-duty D-ring for extra security.  

Options: The OneTigris Military Dog Collar comes in medium and large sizes, and five color options: Black, Coyote Brown, Grey, OD Green, and Ranger Green.


Sturdy, simple, and stylin’, the OneTigris Collar was a winner with most owners. Thanks to the included cushioning and the customizable patches, this is a great collar for working dogs.


Some owners noted that the grommets begin to come up over time, which may pinch fur or skin.

2. Buckle-Down Superman Shield Seatbelt Buckle Dog Collar 

About: The Buckle-Down Superman Dog Collar is a flashy, retro collar for the super-best super-dogs around. 

Buckle Down Super Man Collar

Buckle-Down Superman Collar

  • Adorable Superman print
  • Available in 2 different wide sizes
  • Seat-belt-style buckle releases with the push of a button
  • Durable steel D-ring

Features: Stainless steel equipment and durable nylon help this collar stand up to your dog’s super strength. The easy-release seat-belt-style buckle makes life easier by letting you take the collar off with the simple press of a button. 

Options: The Superman Shield collar is available in two sizes: Wide-Small (for pit bulls, whippets, greyhounds, and other dogs of similar size) and Wide-Medium (for boxers, English bulldogs, Weimaraners, and similar-sized dogs). Buckle-Down has a range of other seat belt buckle collars — including our favorite, which features an R2D2 print — that go up to size Wide-Large (for Great Dane-sized dogs).


This vibrant, heavy-duty collar is great for the super dog in your life. The stainless steel features are unlikely to break and your pup’s heroic activities will have a little extra flair to them.


Users claim that the seat belt can be difficult to unbuckle, and may require extra upkeep to keep it fully functioning. The collar is also a bit heavy due to the stainless steel features.

3. Beirui Rhinestones Dog Collar

About: Talk about bringing a new meaning to the phrase walk, walk, fashion baby, Beirui’s Glittering Rhinestones Dog Collar is sure to catch the attention of everyone around the neighborhood.


  • ❤ THICK DURABLE PU LEATHER - The material of the collar is PU leather. It's thick and strong,but...
  • ❤ FASHION & STYLISH - It's full studded by bling bling rhinestones.Funny and amazing pet neck...
  • ❤ STURDY DIAMONS STUDDED & NOT EASY FALLEN OFF - Frankly speaking,all rhinestones collars have a...
  • ❤ FIT MEDIUM LARGE DOGS ONLY - 2" Width and 4 Sizes (Small 15 - 18" | Medium 17" - 20" | Large 19"...

Features: There’s nothing better than a nice, thick, cruelty-free leather collar, except perhaps a glittering one.

The rhinestones go all the way through this colorful and unique dog collar so they don’t fall out easily, and the smooth backing on the studs ensures your dog won’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

Options: The Beirui Rhinestones Dog Collar comes in five colors: Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, Silver, and Turquoise. It comes in four sizes, and fits dogs with necks from 15 to 24 inches around. 


This sparkling, faux leather collar is thick and durable with secure metal features. It’s perfect for the pooch who loves to be the talk of the park.


A number of buyers noted that the color begins cracking and peeling after a short period of use, so you’ll want to treat this collar gingerly.

4. EzyDog Neo Classic Wide Dog Collar

About: Water dog owners, rejoice! You no longer have to worry about your dog constantly trying to ruin his collar by dragging it through the muck and mud. The EzyDog Neo Classic Wide Dog Collar is here to be your saving grace.


  • OUR CLASSIC WIDE WATERPROOF COLLAR: A beefy 1.75 inches wide and made with soft polyester and...
  • BUILT-IN ID CLIP & STAINLESS-STEEL D-RING: We've included a separate built-in ID Clip to securely...
  • QUICK RELEASE BUCKLES & ONE TIME FIT SYSTEM: The NEO is fast and easy to get on and off thanks to...
  • INTEGRATED REFLECTIVE PIPING FOR NIGHT SAFETY: Integrated Reflective Piping means greater visibility...

Features: This collar is ideal for any dog that can’t get enough of the water: dock dogs, lake dogs, beach dogs, river dogs, you name ‘em.

Made of neoprene rubber — think wet suit material — and polyester, this EzyDog collar is designed to be quick-drying and less stinky than other collars that get wet.

You can adjust the collar to fit your dog’s neck with a Velcro strap and use the plastic buckle to take it on and off. There’s reflective stitching to increase safety during evening dips, and all the material is resistant to corrosion. 

Options: The EzyDog Neo collar comes in four colors: Black, Green Camo, Pink Camo, and Red. Dogs with necks sized large through XXXL can enjoy swimming in this sleek collar!


If you’ve got a dog that just won’t stay dry, this is the collar for you. The material is stink-resistant and catches light for extra safety during late-night and early-morning adventures. 


Some buyers report that the plastic buckle doesn’t stand up well to excessive pressure, so this collar may not be suitable for strong pullers.

Got a little dog that loves to swim? There’s an EzyDog Neo Collar for him too!

5. Rc Pets 1-1/2″ Wide Dog Clip Collar

About: For an adorable, classic collar — just, y’know, wider — the RC Pet Products 1.5 inch Clip Collar is a perfect fit. 


  • The fully adjustable WIDE clip collar is made from soft quality webbing with a nickel plated D ring....
  • 100% original RC Pets patterns, Proudly made in Canada
  • Reflective RC Pets Signature label keeps your pet visible at night
  • Size large adjusts to fit a neck size of 15-25 inches

Features: This collar is simple and guarantees craftsmanship and quality. The extra-hard plastic buckle is break-resistant, and a reflective patch on the collar offers extra safety at night. Plus, you can find leashes with matching patterns — we love a coordinated look!

Options: The RC Pet Products 1.5-inch-wide dog collar comes in medium and large sizes, and 24 different patterns! Wowza!


Basic, beautiful, and reliable. If you’re a simple man with simple pleasures and you need a simple but strong collar, this is the one for you. You found it, buddy. Good boy.


There aren’t many complaints about the RC Pet Products 1.5-inch Collar to report. General agreement from a community of dog owners? Hard to believe, but it’s true!

6. Bully’s Dog Collar 

About: If you’ve got a real chunk of a boy — big head, no thoughts — then Bully’s Pitbull Collar is the perfect gear for your big ol’ beast. 


  • Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Collar with Super Durable Construction is Extremely Tough
  • Tactical Grade Materials are Light Weight and Comfortable, Perfect for Training
  • Stainless Steel Hardware Will Not Rust or Tarnish
  • Washable, Adjustable, and Extra Wide for Added Comfort

Features: Designed for the “biggest and burliest,” according to the Bully team, this strong dog collar for pit bulls is made of heavy duty nylon and stainless steel, but feels lightweight. It’s washable, adjustable, and made to last.

Options : This collar comes in six bold colors and a wide range of sizes — from XS to XXXL! The width comes in variations as well: 1.2 inches, 1.5 inches, and 2 inches.


Dogs that play, party, and exercise hard can trust that the Bully Pitbull Collar will stick with them through it all. The collar was designed with high wear-and-tear in mind and is built to survive it all. 


The general consensus on this strong dog collar for pit bulls is that it rocks, but a few very picky owners reported that it could be even stronger. Ah well, can’t make everyone happy.

7. Bestia Maximus Genuine Leather Dog Collar

About: For a look that says “I’m the best boy and I know it,” you can’t go wrong with the Bestia Maximus Genuine Leather Dog Collar.


  • Handmade quality from Bestia Custom Dog Gear
  • 100% Leather- buffalo leather base layer and lamb leather lining
  • Very durable and long-lasting collar - durability guaranteed!
  • Made in Europe- Support our tradition to producing the best quality dog gear worldwide!

Features: This gorgeous, ornate collar is a whopping 2.5 inches wide and 100 percent leather. The orthopedic foam on the inside ensures comfort for even the thickest of necks, making it a great collar for strong pullers. 

Options: The Bestia Maximus collar comes in four sizes and fits dogs with 16.7- to 29.6-inch necks. For reference, a basketball is 29.5 inches around. That’s a thicc boy.


A quality leather collar is a stunning accessory and this Bestia Maximus collar is no exception. The thick leathers and heavy-duty attachments are secure and durable. It’s genuinely gorgeous. To be honest — I wish my doggo was big enough to use this one! 


This is easily the priciest collar on the list, and some customers noted that the gold studs and emblems can loosen and require repair. Luckily, customers also said that Bestia has a great customer service team willing to help out.  


That about does it for our top picks for wide dog collars. Remember, if you didn’t see anything here that you liked, you always have the option of making your own DIY dog collar too!

Got a favorite wide collar we didn’t mention on this list? Know of a great wide collar maker and want to blow up their spot? Drop us a comment below!

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