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borador dog

When you combine two already-awesome things, you usually wind up with something even better. And this is especially true when you are talking about mixed-breed dogs.

For example, Labradoodles, Chorkies and Gerberian Shepskies are a few of the most well-known and popular designer dogs, but few mixtures are as reliably awesome as the Borador – a cross between a border collie and a Labrador retriever.

Borador mixed breed dog
Image from Pinterest

The Parent Breeds: Labrador + Border Collie = Borador

Anytime you are considering adding a mixed breed pooch to your family, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the basic traits of both parent breeds. While mutts aren’t always a perfect blend of their parents, and many favor one parent or the other, it is important to make sure you are prepared for your new pooch.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in the world (the most popular breed, according to the AKC). They are famous for being loving, fun, energetic and intelligent pups, and most people who can provide proper training and sufficient exercise fall in love with their labs.

Although originally developed to help fishermen collect their nets and retrieve escaping fish, they also excel in hunting, therapy and bomb-sniffing contexts.

Of course, labs also make fantastic family pets; they are gentle with children, friendly with strangers and simply love to hang out with their people.

Labs are medium-sized dogs, who typically weigh somewhere in the 50- to 80-pound range. They have very thick, short- to medium-length hair and come in three different color forms: Black, golden and chocolate.

Check out some great breeds that look similar to Labs!

Border Collies

Border collies were originally used as herding dogs, but they also make great family pets.

Border collies have one of the most well-developed work ethics of any breed, and they are very smart (many authorities consider them the most intelligent breed). This means that you must keep them busy and stimulated, or else they may become destructive.


Border collies are very good at a number of different jobs, and people frequently use them in agility, disc, obedience and tracking competitions. Most are very friendly and loving with their families, although they occasionally exhibit a bit of dog aggression.

Border collies are covered in fairly long, soft hair, and they are generally black with white masks, chests and feet. However, some border collies also display patches of brown. Most weigh between about 30 and 50 pounds.

Borador Traits and Characteristics

While boradors can vary from individual to individual, most are relatively similar in terms of appearance, personality and skills.

Borador Mix
Image from Pinterest

Size and Shape

Boradors are medium-sized dogs, who are generally about 15 to 17 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 35 and 65 pounds. However, all dogs are individuals, and some will fall outside of this range. Boradors usually have a lab-like build, although they are often on the thin side.

 Color Patterns

Most boradors have black and white markings, like their border collie parent. However, the amount of white fur varies greatly, with some individuals being nearly black and others possessing several large, white patches. The most common places to see white on these dogs is the face and chest.


Boradors are typically lovely dogs, who are sweet and affectionate with their families. While they will gladly bark at strange noises or people, they make friends quickly and generally get along with people and dogs alike.

Boradors are usually gentle with children (although they may “herd” children, thanks to their border collie ancestry).


Boradors usually prefer to be with their pack as much as possible. This can lead to separation anxiety and other problems, if they are left alone for long periods of time. Accordingly, these dogs aren’t a great choice for homes that remain empty most of the day.

borador collie labrador
Image from Pinterest


As you may expect, when you cross two of the smartest dog breeds in the world, their offspring tend to be pretty sharp puppies. While this is usually viewed as a positive trait, you’ll need to be sure to keep their brains active to keep them from acting out in destructive ways.

Make sure to have some dog puzzle toys on hand to keep those canine brains sharp!

 Energy Level

Given the fact that both of their parent breeds are bursting with energy, it should come as no surprise that boradors are some of the most energetic dogs on the planet.

Owners who are not willing to go on multiple walks and toss the ball for a while on a daily basis should look elsewhere for a pet. Boradors who do not get enough exercise and playtime often become very destructive and depressed.

 Training Potential

Most boradors love to work with and please their person, so they are generally easy to train. However, their impressive intelligence can occasionally make training difficult, as they can be headstrong from time to time.

Nevertheless, most boradors respond well to firm, consistent training based on positive reinforcement, so grab your clicker and a handful of treats and teach your borador a new trick!

 Health Profile

Boradors are generally healthy dogs, who are not especially susceptible to many illnesses or ailments. Like most other dogs, they can become obese if overfed and under exercised, which can lead to things like diabetes and joint problems, so you’ll want to keep your pup fit and trim.

Bloat can also be a concern, given their relatively deep chests, so encourage your dog to eat slowly (consider investing in a slow eating bowl or – even better – start a hand feeding routine) and insist on a period of calmness after meals.

 Maintenance Needs

Boradors tend to have the short hair of their lab parent, which means they need relatively little grooming or maintenance.

You’ll need to bathe your pup regularly (once every week or two is a good dog bathing schedule), brush him off afterward to remove as much fur as possible and that’s about it. Of course, you’ll also want to use a good flea and tick medicine too.


The average lifespan of boradors can vary widely, but most probably live between 10 and 12 years. Dogs who receive proper veterinary care, a healthy diet and plenty of exercise will generally outlive those who don’t, so owners play an important part in their dog’s lifespan.

Best People and Families for Boradors

The best families for boradors are active and love to get out and about with their pooch. They want a lot of attention from their family, but this doesn’t mean lazing about on the couch all day – they want to get out and do something.

Fortunately, these are glass-half-full dogs, so it doesn’t matter very much what you do!

Borador Collie Lab Mix
Image from Imgur

They are perhaps better suited for large families than they are for small families, as this will allow the humans in your pack to take turns trying to wear out the pup (it won’t be easy), rather than the responsibility falling to one person.

They may not be the best choice for families that already have other pets (particularly cats), although some seem to get along with other pets more than others.


Have you ever met a borador, or do you have one yourself? We’d love to hear about your experiences. What kinds of things surprised you about your borador? Did she present any special challenges?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Meg Marrs

Meg Marrs is the Founder and Director of Marketing at K9 of Mine. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! She loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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  1. Jordan watkis Avatar
    Jordan watkis

    Took in a borador from the neighbour of a coworker who no longer wanted her. She was around 1 and a half when my girlfriend and I got her. She spent that whole year or so living in a garage behind a barricade or outside tied to the basketball net, so as you can imagine she came with some trauma, lacked training, and some health issues. She is the SWEETEST and most loving animal I’ve ever met, always ready for an adventure and just wants to be around us. While she can be reactive (likely due to being caged off from the world) she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. I could really go on forever but plain and simple the most amazing companion who will love you unconditionally. I recommend one to anyone who has the time and can handle the amount of exercise they deserve and need

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      She sounds wonderful, Jordan! We’re so glad she ended up with you and your girlfriend, and we appreciate you sharing her story!

  2. mark robertson Avatar
    mark robertson

    Best dog in the world, that would be a yes. Just lost mine at 13 yrs old and what a dog he was. Ive played frisbee sense a kid, and when i got him he rode in my truck with me but inside my frisbee. We would put on his sunglasses and go to the park and the more people watched us the better he got. This dog is so well knowin in my county caused he loved everybody. And lets say they loved him also. When he died ive never had so many guys friends shead tears for him. Rudy was one of a kind and truly missed by all.. if u get a chance get one there assume…

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      He sounds like he was a fantastic pup, Mark! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bill Avatar

    We had a borador for about 12 years until he needed to be put down last April for medical reasons. He was a great dog and we felt terrible for losing him. Iin December we became minders of a rescue borador from Mississippi. We believe him to be approximately 5-6months old, and he’s a handful. We are thrilled again to have a puppy to look after.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Sorry to hear about the pooch that passed, Bill, but we’re glad you have a new pup to spoil!
      Best of luck with him!

  4. Nev Avatar

    Just lost the best dog ever this year after 10 glorious years of happiness. My Rocker Spaniel (Cocker Spaniel dog cross Rottweiler bitch) Hector, looks like a rottie but all cocker inside. Super guardian friend protector , strangerdanger alert , sympathiser empath, loyal to almost a fault , happy tailwagging superstar who could lick your face off with doggy kisses. And yes he was a bugger with other dogs with the Rottie dominant trait.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Nev. We’re sorry to hear about Hector’s passing, but appreciate you telling us about him.
      Be sure to check out some of our resources about pet loss — they may help during this difficult time.

  5. Joanne Marciniak Avatar
    Joanne Marciniak

    We have a Boradoor. Her name is Willow, she is two years old. We brought her into our family daycare as a puppy. She’s been a wonderful addition. She is a very busy little girl, and is excellent with the children.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      She sounds great, Joanne.

  6. Barb Warner Avatar
    Barb Warner

    I own a 4 yr old lab/border collie. The BC was a surprise as I thought he was all lab. I got him at 8 weeks … I’d never had a puppy before. Sarge is the best dog I have ever owned. He’s black & white, has a lab head but is lean like a BC. Black spots appeared on his white bits (4 white Sox and tip of his tail plus his chest and a spot by his nose) and he has an upturned curly, feathery tail and feathery rear. He’s a perfect combination of lovable doofus lab and smart-as-a-whip BC. He’s so sociable and personable. He gets along with all dogs, cats, bunnies and loves little kids. He’s NOT food motivated!!! His most favourite things in the world are playing fetch, swimming and chasing squirrels. He’s the love of my life.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Sarge sounds great, Barb! Thanks for sharing some info about him.
      Give him some scritches from us.

    2. Sam Avatar

      You could be talking about our Floki! Loveable, energetic but sometimes also a bit mischievous. Can be headstrong. Loves playing fetch and swimming and running with the deer or trying to beat the ducks at take off on the canal. But he would never harm them. We have a ton cat, who is a few years older. They get along famously as long as Floki accepts that Abraham is the boss. They even drink from the same water bowl!
      He does need a lot of walks every day. We have a big garden but it’s not fenced in yet so it always has to be supervised. He knows all the dogs in the area and as soon as one goes byon his walk, Floki is off saying hello and trying to play! He can get smelly and needs to be regularly bathed and he sheds like crazy. All in all a beautiful, loving member of the family!

  7. Diane Ringler Avatar
    Diane Ringler

    I have a as you call it a borador. But my dog looks border collie. But taller than the average border collie because of the black lab in him. Are their other owners that have the same type as mine?

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      There may be other owners out there with a similar doggo, Diane!
      That’s part of the fun of mixed breeds — you never know which parent they’re going to take after.

  8. Rebecca Avatar

    Heidi showed up in our yard 4 years ago and never left, even though she was free to come and go as she pleased. After a week of her not having any intention of leaving, she became part of our family. according to the vet, she was about 8 months old when she showed up. We had no idea where she came from but we lived in the country and believed that she was dumped. We had no history on her but knew from the get-go she was super smart. And up until 3 days ago, we really didn’t know what breed she was (on paper she was always “lab mix”), until my husband started showing me pictures of lab/border collie mixes. And right then I KNEW she was a Borador. I read the description of them in this article and that confirmed my hunch. She is so smart, and everything I have read about Borador describes her to a tee. I just want to thank you for this article, now that I know what she is, I feel like I have a deeper understanding of how her brain works. The last 4 years I have tried to do my best for her and now I feel like I have the tools to understand her even better, and I will continue to do everything in my power to make every day of her life the best it can be. Thank you for finally giving me a piece of the puzzle that has been missing for 4 years!

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Rebecca.
      We’re glad you liked the article, but you may want to check out a doggie DNA test — it is the only way to be sure of the identity of a mixed-breed doggo.
      Either way, give Heidi some scritches for us!

  9. Heather Bartle Avatar
    Heather Bartle

    We got Bertie our 14 month old borador as a puppy of 8 weeks for company for our 9 year old golden Labrador Millie after losing our 14 year old rescue lab/collie Lucky. Bertie is everything you have suggested. Energetic, very loving and watches our every move. He has never soiled in the house from day one. He does however have a need to always be in front of when we are out walking and squeals like a baby if any of us including Millie step in front of him. We are hoping he will calm down in this respect as he gets older but that’s probably wishful thinking. He is gorgeous though and no regrets

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Bertie sounds wonderful, Heather! Thanks for telling us about him.

  10. Sarah Avatar

    We’ve had Stark since he was 8 weeks old and he turned 10 last month. He is the best dog that I have ever had. He has the fur of a border collie but is all black in color. He definitely gets complimented on how handsome he is. He is great with kids of all ages including babies. When my oldest was born he would sleep by his crib and come find me when he was crying. He even helped train our rescue dog, Ozzy, when we brought him home 5 years ago. He is extremely smart, patient and loves to be cuddled. He still loves to play fetch and tug of war. He loves walks and even holds his own leash. He does great off-leash as well but does like to explore more now as he’s gotten older. He has always loved to swim and jump in whatever water is around when he can. We’re even thinking about getting a puppy soon so that he can have time to help train the puppy as well. He loves attention and has never met a stranger. He was very easy to train, know all the basic commands, replies when asked if he needs to go outside and no matter where we are at home or outside in the yard when we tell him to get in his ‘cage’ he goes right to his blanket in the ‘cage’ under the stairs. I say cage but it’s an 8 ft by 4ft drywalled section underneath the landing of our stairs. Complete with a custom-made Dutch door, lights, and both of their names engraved on a plaque above the door.
    He’s only ever had 1 ear infection and arthritis but he gets a supplement for that every day. He has been a very healthy and easy to take care of dog. He is one of a kind and we love him.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Stark and Ozzy sound great, Sarah! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Adam Avatar

    I’ve had my borador since 2018 and my family and I absolutely LOVE him! He’s probably the smartest dog I’ve ever had. Keen sense of hearing, relatively low maintenance when it comes to health problems (had an ear infection, but taken care of w/ antibiotics), and being 1/2 retriever, he taught himself how to play fetch! My daughter taught him to sit when commanded and to go to his crate when told to “kennel up”. We got lucky because he was a shelter pet that was dropped at a local grade school. He went from being abandoned, to being spoiled. Premium dog food, regular veterinary care, and a house full of love. We love him and we know he loves us!

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      He sounds fantastic, Adam. Glad you and your family found him.

  12. Elizabeth Delisle Avatar
    Elizabeth Delisle

    I have a 2 year old borador named Ally. I’ve had her since she was 8weeks and she has been the best dog I could have ever asked for.
    She was trained in the blink of an eye, has never destroyed/chewed on anything and will generally just match my energy level (if I am feeling mellow, she will cuddle, but when off leash hike comes, she will let all her energy out)
    Every day with her is a pleasure and I love her dearly.
    Go boradors!!

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Ally sounds great, Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Gary L Brooks Avatar
    Gary L Brooks

    Our Oscar came to us 4 yrs ago from a rescue center when he was 2. We fell in love immediately. He looks like a lab with distinct border collie colors.
    I’m recently retired, and my wife Cindy works from home. So ‘his honor’ is rarely alone. He’s extremely smart, and loves to play. We have 5 grandkids that treat him like a bear rug, and he loves it. We live in a villa in the woods next to a park with walking trails, koi ponds & a tennis court that is more often used as a dog park. Oscar is the mayor of Twin Oaks park. Everyone knows & loves him. We walk/play there at least 3 times a day, year-round. (Good for us, too!) One if his favorite things is chasing (herding) the bullfrogs back into the pond in the evening. His body clock is impeccable. He tells us when it’s time to eat, walk, or hit the hay. We’re not really sure who rescued who…

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      What a cute story, Gary!
      Oscar sounds absolutely wonderful, and we’re happy you found each other!

    2. Gary & Cindy Avatar
      Gary & Cindy

      p.s. Meant to mention… Oscar is a ‘snorter’. Whenever he’s happy/excited/hungry, he snorts like a pig. Apparently something Labs do. Lots of chuckles from folks in the park when they hear it for the first time. Which only makes him do it more:)
      Any other ‘snorters’ out there..?

  14. Cindy Avatar

    We found our sweet Sophie at the pound. She was around 3 months. She is the sweetest, puppy, already loves us and her “brother” they love to play! I had always wondered about her goofy ness , and our chats… she has the border collie look with short hair and the white on her nose, chest and 3 white paws. She is a love and I was glad to read up on the breed!❤️

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Sophie sounds wonderful, Cindy! Thanks for sharing!

  15. lia kennedy Avatar
    lia kennedy

    I have just found out the breed of my dog Kofu I’ve had him nearly 3yrs next month and he is a very intelligent dog whom likes to play and bark his head off at any nose but when his daddy comes home he gets excited and near on smothers him and lots of kisses and when we go out in the car all he does is bark at all we pass.
    Hes neva left alone for very long and he has 2 female companions staffies x bull mastiffs.
    Yes he likes to herd but not sheep but chickens n ducks etc. On the whole could not wish for a companion.

  16. Sharon Avatar

    We have a Border Collie, her mother had 1/4 of lab in her. I’d say our puppy is more Border Collie than lab. We’re a couple with a granddaughter who visits. The puppy is bringing great joy to us! So smart, yes is active when she’s playing.

  17. Laura Avatar

    We’ve been hoping to adopt a Borador for a while now, ever since meeting a friend’s. Finding a reputable breeder has been hard. Does anyone know of a good Borador breeder in the Western US or CAN?

  18. Susan Avatar

    I was just looking up the life expectancy of these dogs as mine is 14 years old today. She is a lovely dog, we’ve had her since the day she was born and her mum who was a Lab sadly died a few years ago. My dog is called Betty and her Dad was a border collie, she is a very nice natured dog and looks more collie than lab with a shorter coat. Her two brothers (kept by other family memebers) look more lab, one of her brothers is still alive and the other died two weeks ago. She’s still pretty fit and can manage a 4 mile walk as long as it’s not too warm outside. She gets a bit anxious if we aren’t with her, more so since her mum died. It will be a sad day when the time comes. I’m aware we are on borrowed time with her being 14.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Betty sounds lovely, Susan. We’ve got our fingers crossed that she lives for many more years!

    2. Chris Avatar

      I have a Borador as well, Ms. Annie Bacons.
      She rescued me 13 years ago when she was about 2.
      Shes ultra smart, shes never been one for games, and fun, she likes to work.
      Shes been glued to my side since she came home, even for being nearly 15, her eyesight is quite good, and her hips are holding up well. She does have a really awesome tri color coat around her shoulders, the indiviual strands are 3 colors. And she does have a undercoat, but it its long enough to manage easily.
      Annie is the best, and people are pretty shocked when they find out shes never had any training whatsoever, but still responds, and she will hop up on the couch and chat with you.
      Boradors are great

  19. Barb Warner Avatar
    Barb Warner

    I have a 3 yr old boy I got at 8 weeks. He is the love of my life and best dog I’ve ever had. Easily trained (by me), NOT food motivated, very sociable … gets along with all dogs, puppies and older dogs and even cats.
    Once this pandemic crap is over, I’ll have him trained as a therapy dog so I can take him into hospitals and retirement homes. He loves the dog park and definitely is high energy. He has played with dogs who (according to the owner) who have never played with other dogs. We get lots of play date requests. My Sarge wins over everyone and I am blessed HE chose me to be his Mom when he was 5 weeks. I was holding him and his sister. He crawled up my sweater and licked my cheek.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Awww! He sounds absolutely wonderful, Barb.
      Thanks for telling us all about Sarge!

  20. Jess Avatar

    I have a borador Rex. He is 8 months and we love him soo much. I run a daycare and have 6-10 kids under the age of 5 and he is amazing with them. They are his best friends. He gets sad when they go home. One problem that we do have is that he barks and growl’s at strangers. He even does it to our teenagers friends. Once he knows you he is all smiles, but out on walks or when a new person comes over it takes a good 20 minutes for him to stop. Out in walks he barks at every person but other then that he is AMAZING. I’m hoping as he grows up he will learn not to be so spooked at strangers.

  21. Brenda Avatar

    I just brought our new boy home yesterday. His name is Jack he is a Lab Border Collie mix. He is the funniest cutest puppy. I am looking forward to spending a lot of time with my new running partner.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Congratulations, Brenda! Enjoy your new pooch!

  22. Stephanie Lippel Avatar
    Stephanie Lippel

    My guy is a border collie/lab mix, possibly with a little bit of something else because his fur is strangely short and curly. Otherwise, he has all the characteristics of a borador.
    He’s eight and a half now, and has just started to slow down a bit. He was very active when he was younger, and still has quite a bit of energy, but his hips are starting to bother him. He is absolutely the sweetest, most attentive little guy out there. I love him so much, and so does everyone who meets him.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      He sounds wonderful, Stephanie! Feel free to share a photo of him with us!

  23. Ankush Sharma Avatar
    Ankush Sharma

    I’ve a borador we call him togo or pupu.
    he’s vwry loving and cares a lot about us but he’s restless, always energetic.
    he always wants to go out and doesn’t like to be left alone, he’s extremely intelligent, many people often tell me he’s sharp like a human mind.
    As much as I’ve experienced, this breed doesn’t get sick, the only possible illness I’ve seen is fleas, so uses medicated shampoo & moisturizer for fleas and ticks.
    also regularly feed him/her milk so he doesn’t suffer from constipation in winters, here in winters he was not having water so I’ve to increase water dose in food. Hairfall twice a year is also a pretty normal in this dog so train doggo to stay in the areas you’ve allowed him/her.

  24. Martha Hastings Avatar
    Martha Hastings

    My Labordor is a go with the flow friendly girl. She loves to be active, runs at the beach and chases/swims after balls is her favorite. Loves to greet everyone. Nicknamed the little sherriff because she tries to calm down the other dogs if they get rowdy! Fun police Captain. Color is English cream lab with white markings. Stunning, cute, and full of life and love. Well behaved, great traveler, excellent off leash. Loves all people and dogs. 32 pounds of sweetness.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      She sounds fabulous, Martha! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Neil Dickson Avatar
    Neil Dickson

    Hi, what a great article! We got Jessie when she was a wee tiny pup from a litter of 13, she was the runt. Her mum was a lab and her Dad a border Collie from Cork – yep, the family were on holiday and must’ve turned their backs. I have 2 kids and can honsetly say that Jessie, now 5, is THE most amazing dog. She runs with me along the river Lagan here in Belfast and through the feilds and forests, she’ll walk for miles with me and go swimming for her ball at every opportunity. I can’t tire her out but she does sleep really well. Great family dog, great pet and great companion. The only downpoint is the seperation anxiety, yeah, I kinda messed up by taking her to my workshop everyday and now I can’t as its too dusty and noisy, also she sometimes growls at my youngest (to be fair, he tortured her when he was 3-5 lol) but she knows its wrong and would never act on it. All in all a perfect dog I’d say!

  26. Amber Cole Avatar
    Amber Cole

    We have a 10 week old borador and so far is the best boy, he’s happy and playful and loves everyone. Thanks for the info, we are excited to see him grow up

  27. Christine G Avatar
    Christine G

    I adopted a black lab/wolf/border collie mix on college. He has since passed away after 16 amazing years. This dog was by far the most intelligent dog I have ever known. He knew the difference between his plush toys. He would stand between myself and a stranger if he didn’t trust the stranger. Every time I would get ready to leave the house he would grab my wallet and keys and put them by the front door. And I didn’t train him to do any of this. He eventually taught himself to climb a tree in the backyard after multiple times of me blocking every other exit he tried. He just took himself for walks and came home. But as a puppy they are very destructive if not exercised enough. They do need a lot of mental stimulation as well. But they are so loving and gentle and just the sweetest dogs. I miss my sweet boy!

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Awww! Thanks for sharing, Christine.
      He sounds like he was a wonderful pooch.

  28. Doug Avatar

    I’ve had two Lab – Border mixes. Spot on with
    most of the article, including the separation anxiety and bloat.

    My second one had to be put down because of bloat (aka twisted stomach/GSV). It was cost prohibitive to save her life.

  29. DONNA GILBERT Avatar

    Advice: acclaimate boxer collies/ lab mix to cats. A 2 y/o neuter mixed who loves chases cats & take the lead when we walk. Actually dog pulls me continuosly while walking him.Help!!!. Also advise on simple commands for obedience.


    I got a borador as a puppy……she is very active/lovable/funny, never owned a dog before (only cats) but decided where i moved too was ideal countryside for walks…..she greets me after work which i love (only 6hrs) but me & a neighbour let each others dogs out once home so never shut in for long/alone, would recommend this sort of dog with kids (any age) my young grandkids love running/playing with her & she is always giving them a reason to chase her.

  31. Jenn Avatar

    I have an almost 11-year-old Chocolate Lab/Border Collie & I had no idea they had a special nickname! My Mocha has been a great dog & is still full of energy!

  32. Stam Avatar

    I am the proud owner of a borador. His name is Bruno. He is the BEST dog I ever had. Intelligent, energetic…I swear, sometimes I feel he’s ready to speak. He’s my best friend, my companion, my brother, my son. I won’t trade him for the world. I saved him…and he saved me. Greetings from Hellas. Keep up the good work!

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Aw Bruno sounds awesome!

  33. Jane Ashby Avatar
    Jane Ashby

    I have a lab/border collie cross. Lottie is my baby girl. She barks too much when she sees someone walking by our house, but she is just trying to alert us of a “possible intruder?”
    She is wonderful with everyone who comes into our home. She adores my three, small grandchildren. She can sometime get very excited and jump up on visitors.
    Lottie is fine with her cat brother. She sniffs him sometimes and he hisses but they coexist very well.
    I would definitely recommend a Borador to anyone! My experience has been wonderful!



  35. MaxH Avatar

    I am now on my second Borador. The first one was the BEST DOG EVER who used his superior intelligence to do the right thing and was gentle to all animals. I could have him sit and stay without a leash outside a restaurant while I fetched food on busy streets. My second Borador is just as good—super smart, athletic, good with kids/small animals, and the cuddliest dog I’ve ever known. Yes, they need to be exercised and stimulated, but if you can provide that, you cannot do better than Boradors. My godson says “you always have the best dogs,” which is true.

  36. John Avatar

    Unfortunately my borador will need to be put down in the next few days but he has lived to the ripe old age of over over 13 years. This is despite him being an “outside dog”. However he’s always had a double walled and double roofed dog house I made myself, the inside wall of which was made with cedar and the inside of the walls and roof were insulated with styrofoam. He’s always had plenty of blankets and a dog bed lining the bottom to keep from getting cold in winter and I’ve always ran anywhere from 250-750 watts of heat lamps to keep cold air from entering his dog house. I’ve also zip tied a fan in his kennel in the hotter months to help him cool off. He has always been the sweetest, most affectionate, and gentle dog I’ve ever known and I’ve been blessed to have him as the first dog I’ve ever owned. Unfortunately he’s basically stopped eating for the last 2 weeks or so, only eating enough and drinking enough to keep himself alive. It’s gotten worse in the last week too. After several days of trying the most expensive Purina, Diamond, and Royal Canine dry foods as well as canned wet dog food to no avail I found that he would eat chicken nuggets and triple cheeseburgers from McDonalds (plain and with no grill seasoning). After a few days of that he’s slowly tapered off of how much he eats of it too despite me buying it fresh and warm every single day on the way home from work and hand feeding him. He’s been dewormed and has been given shots of antibiotics yet they have only done so much to improve his health. I just read above that the life expectancy of a borador is 10-12 years. This breaks my heart. I fear it’s time I say goodbye to my longtime friend.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, John. That’s absolutely heart-breaking.
      We appreciate all of the effort your putting into keeping your buddy comfortable.
      Please give him a hug and some scritches for us.

    2. Józsa Avatar

      for your dog.
      I’ve got a 5 month borador. I hope, she will be a good girl, Than yours was.

  37. Nicol Rampton Avatar
    Nicol Rampton

    Absolutely love these dogs, have 3 myself! One is 8, one is 4 and the baby is 9 months. They really do have a lot of energy, sadly we can tell our oldest has started slowing down, but still does his best to keep up with the other two. Once you’ve have this breed you’d never consider another breed. Totally in love with them.

  38. Norma LaFave Avatar
    Norma LaFave

    We have a borador, she is thhe sweetest girl. She is not hyper lovws us and we love her. Friendly with other dogs. She is smart strong willed. She knows what she likes. We take for walks and frisbee and she love going on our Yamaha side by side. We adopted her from a pond she was 9 mo old. Love her so much she is almost 3 now she goes with us everywhere. She never forgets a person she meets.

  39. Mary Dowell Avatar
    Mary Dowell

    Do wonderful to hear so many wonderful things being said about my Borador! You’ve described my dear Nikki (Nikita) to a T. Thank u for the work that you’ve done/are doing.

  40. Misty L Griffitts-Tompsett Avatar
    Misty L Griffitts-Tompsett

    We just adopted what we suspect is a borador from the pound. In less than a month he is housebroken, kennel trained, and just a super awesome dog. He loves to play and he loves to cuddle. I can’t imagine someone so cruel as to have just thrown away our awesome dog(the people at the pound found him at the dump), but I also can’t imagine our home without him. On a side note. He loves wrestling with his canine companion, and chasing the cats

  41. George Frew Avatar
    George Frew

    On my 6th dog..a beautiful 10 yr old male Golden Retriever who might not make it to Christmas. I will be picking up a 14 WK old puppy , a 4 breed mix..mother ( Bernese Mt/ Blue heeler), father ( black lab/border collie)..I have had dogs for 53 years..
    ..obedience training & competition to the highest level winning titles all the way.I see this new pup as a new and wonderful challenge & companion. Suggestions ? -:)
    George Frew

  42. Linda Louis Avatar
    Linda Louis

    I live in India, a land where a large number of good breeds of dogs end up on the streets. I had adopted two such streeties, one of them being a male Borador, although we weren’t aware of that art that time. Since so many breeds get mixed up on the streets of India on a regular basis, we didn’t bother thinking so much about its lineage. Now that it had been so many years since I lost my darling Viktor in an accident (while moving from one city to another), I came across the pictures and article on this type of dogs. I was honestly surpassed to know that we (me and my husband) actually had set type if dog that we weren’t even aware of. The other dog looked like a cross between spitz/pomeranian and Labrador. (Yes labs are quite popular in India too!)

  43. lori ann peterson Avatar
    lori ann peterson

    I just rescued a 15 month old lab border collie mix. SO far hes awesome . Pulls a little on hikes but he was more of a city dog before so this is all new to him and hes loving it . He needs a little training but I can see hes very smart were joining a 6 week training session tonight .

  44. Gina Avatar

    We have two 6 month old Borador (cute name) puppies. I always call them border retrievers. They’re brother and sister. The female is calm and affectionate and has longer hair. She is smaller like a border collie but it almost solid black. The male is more playful and is larger and built like a lab with the coloring of a border. He has a white chest. Hard to tell they are siblings due to the size difference. They are both extremely, amazingly smart. So easy to train and so eager to please. Wonderful companions.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      They sound adorable, Gina! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  45. Marissa Acuna Avatar
    Marissa Acuna

    My boyfriend and I were just researching and trying to figure out what kind of breed my 8 mo. old puppy is and he randomly came across a picture of a borador that looked exactly like my puppy. So we then read about a million different articles and we now firmly believe that we have figured out what he is. Which explains so much with most of his behavior and just always being ready to play and do for car rides or runs. I definitely learned more about him with certain things I couldn’t figure out. He is also the goofiest and most loving puppy I have met and had in my life.

  46. Stryker Avatar

    I have a (just turned) 3 year old Borador. What a ball of energy he is… just before I got him I had a full blooded Lab which was my best friend. I took that dog everywhere and he was a lover to those he accepted as friends and very standoffish to those he didn’t trust. At 9 years old I had no choice but to put him down to a rare illness so my friends got tired of me “Not being myself” so they went out and got the Borador, named Stryker.

    This dog has a very goofy character/personality. He is great but he has one bad habit and that he tries to corral anything with wheels. He is also very timid of loud noises and can become very protective if somebody is overly animated.

    My sister came from another state with her family for a visit when Stryker was about 1 year old. I had trained him in the basic commands of Sit, lay down, come and a few more. In 24 hours my sister and her grown children had taught him how to shake hands with both paws separately with the command “Other paw” and the same with giving high five. There are some other things they taught him..

    I am not sure after him if I would be willing to get another Borador as I’m getting up there in age and this guy takes all my energy. Due to personal illness I am able to spend nearly all day with him but for me that means constant walks, constantly always wanting to play and at times can get a little scary because if he’s on the go or out playing he doesn’t want to stop and at times I need to make him stop to even get a drink of water. He’s doesn’t eat much at all which is great on my wallet as I’ve had others that would pig themselves.

    Anyway, enough rambling. If you got the time, the space and the energy then I highly recommend a Borador. They are so reactive to positive training (Most dogs are), They love their family, extremely smart and alert.

  47. Diane Sport Avatar
    Diane Sport

    I’m pretty sure my Storm is a borador. He looks very much like some of the pictures. He is all black with a white patch on his chest. I have always wondered why he doesn’t look and act more like a Labrador. Yes, he is very smart and trainable. He is getting better but has chewed up a lot of stuff in the house. He has a female American Bulldog companion. And he loves to play with the chihuahua mix. He is smaller than a lab, but he is very svelte and handsome. He loves the dog park and daycare. He is way to much dog for me but I will keep him, because it would break my heart to lose him.

  48. Mellissa Raphael Avatar
    Mellissa Raphael

    I have a 6 year old Boradore – he is all lab in the body & appetite but has the black and white sock markings of a border collie. At 6, he’s 35 kilos and the absolute best mate of all time. I’m a single 34 year old, active and work full time. Now that he’s older he’s okay all day at home but as a puppy I did have dog walkers twice per week to take him outside. He is super calm and smart – walks off leash, sits at the front of the supermarket waiting without being tied up. Very polite. But not when foods around! Haha.
    He does have some mild hip displacia that we manage by keeping his weight down, and he can no longer run long distance. But apart from that he’s the most loyal, tolerant, smart & gorgeous boy of all time.

  49. Linda Avatar

    I adopted a 16 month old borador 2.5 months ago. He jumps on people and is VERY mouthy and nippy. Any suggestions?

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Linda. Check out our article about aggressive puppies. It may help you solve your issues.
      Best of luck!

    2. Mellissa Raphael Avatar
      Mellissa Raphael

      Sounds like he needs some basic manners training. He needs to learn the work NO. Getting excited and giving a dog attention as soon as you see them can make them needy and jump. Ask people to turn away and give no attention when he goes to jump. With the nipping – that can be the hearding instinct kicking in. Distract and divert the behaviour with chew toys and mind stimulating toys like treat balls etc. Boradores don’t necessarily need heaps of exercise- but mental stimulation and playtime. Tug of war is also good bonding.
      Think of the attention seeking like a child, they need to be stimulated and loved just the right amount as well.

  50. annette pitzer Avatar
    annette pitzer

    I’m wondering about the name boracollie to describe a bortier collie and labrador cross..people might wonder what the bora come wnoever started the mixture didn’t use something like borderlabs so the dog public will know what the 2 breeds are? that was supposed to be border collie

    1. annette pitzer Avatar
      annette pitzer

      I know it can’t be changed but I was thinking borderlab would have been a better choice.

  51. Sheila Avatar

    We have a 12.5 year old Borador. I have never had a dog before and was very hesitant when we brought him home. However, he is smart, loving, gentle, funny. He has the long hair of the boarder collie and has this little bounce in his step when he walks. He is so easy to train; he still continues to learn. Our yard is fenced but not gated, and he stays on our property without being restrained. We’ve received so many compliments on his temperament. We’ve been blessed with this awesome companion. Love him to bits!

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      He sounds fantastic, Sheila! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  52. Dave Taylor Avatar

    I got a black labmix collie terrier and I was told he would b 30 to 50 pounds is that abt right hes 15 weeks old


    I can’t get mine to get along with my other dog which is sir charlescavilliarbison. Soon as she seem him she jumps on him, I hoping when she done with the teeth she would stop it

  54. lynne kermack Avatar
    lynne kermack

    We adopted our borador as a result of a rescue mission when friends adopted a rescue dog that produced in a litter, a strange combo pups! I always just thought of our girl as a “heinz 57” and only recently discovered there was a recognised cross breed that she fitted. She was an amazing girl, smart, active and totally loyal. Affectionate and a wonderful companion. We sadly lost her at 13 1/2 due to a kidney disorder. She had also had the crutiate issues ( make sure you are insured!!) that others have mentioned.However, we wouldn’t have changed her ! Our children were young when we got her and they both loved her dearly and her them. Such a loss in our lives. We will get another dog and I am 100% sure I will look for the same cross. A fantastic mix of all that is good in those breeds. We feel so fortunate we accidentally found this out.

  55. Michelle Avatar

    We adopted Lola when she was 4 (7 now). She is our family’s first dog and the most amazing and loving dog ever! Everything you said about Boradors is spot on. Lola Loves to play with other dogs BUT she also can be aggressive because she is super possessive of her pack (us). One other trait I didn’t see you mention is the insane love of water! If Lola is anywhere near the creek…she’s full body in it!

  56. Kathleen Hafner Avatar
    Kathleen Hafner

    Definitely have a Borador. She is 11ish. We adopted her after she was left out our other dog’s Daycare pregnant. Her name is Cappe and we love her to death. Everything described here is the truth. Our other dog, Deemie, who does not like other dogs around us likes her. They sleep together and play together at Daycare. Cappe definitely loves to give Deemie dog kisses frequently.

  57. Ellen Avatar

    We just got a borador.thank you for your information.we never heard of this breed.but we love how baby is.

  58. Michael L and Paula J Sajec Avatar
    Michael L and Paula J Sajec

    We were given an 8 week old female Borador for Christmas. She is adorable. She has no fear of her full grown 20 month old big sister, a Great Danoodle. They play well together already. Our pup’s mother was a Silver lab, her dad was a Border Collie. Her coat is all black with a touch of white on her chest. Her fur feels like velvet. She is surprisingly long legged, like her mom. We think she will be quite a bit larger than her Border Collie papa. 😉

  59. Crystal Avatar

    I have an 8 year old Borador who is extremely smart and also a hearder lol I always called her my Labradoraboardercollie she is the sweetest dog ever ☺️Her dad was 110 lb black lab and her mom was a 75 lb black lab/boarder colli mix so she has more lab features physically, but mentally I definitely see both! I’m so glad I found this site so I can learn more about my best friend!

  60. Kaye Avatar

    I adopted my girl Molly at 6 weeks old last March. She was the last of an “oops!” litter. Her dad was a big pure black lab and mom was half black lab mixed with what her vet thought was some kind of terrier. I’ve always had rescued labs and this was my first puppy so I was just happy not to pay $1000’s for her! Molly is generally a happy pup but she SHREDS EVERYTHING!! She goes through a 2 foot rawhide bone every week, and stuffed toys last less than 24 hrs. She even shreds her Kong toys!! Needless to say this was a huge departure from the easy-going labs that I was used to. Fast forward to last night and I met a pup that looks (and acts) exactly like my Molly!! So I asked the owner what breed and he said Lab & Border Collie. Which led me here! I’m glad to finally know what breed she is and what to do to keep her happy!!! I was thinking lab/shepherd because of her longer nose and tendency to herd me and my kids- but her energy was still too high for a shepherd. Well now I know- and I’m off to the pet store for some puzzle toys and more rawhide (of course)!!

  61. Nikki Avatar

    My almost 1.5 year old baby boy is about 75 pounds. I got him at a shelter where they only knew that his mom was a chocolate lab, but with his white spots and longer hair I knew he was mixed with something. I always knew he was going to be bigger with his huge paws as a puppy, but definitely never expected him to be almost 80 lbs. He is very energetic and loves going to the dog park, exploring nature preserves, swimming, and destroying every chew toy in site. Every time I go to the store I have to pick up a new toy or bone for him because he goes through them so quickly. First dog I’ve ever owned that actually buries bones?? Didn’t know that was real until Wybie came along.

  62. Veronica Vicino Avatar
    Veronica Vicino

    I rescued my puppy 8 months ago when he was only 6 months old.
    He’s the cutest and smartest boy.
    Super smart, energetic and cuddly.
    He goes to doggie day care 1 or twice a week so he can socialize and exercise.
    He loves car rides.
    When he’s at home, he loves playing catch ( mostly tennis balls), hang out in our backyard. chew on his toys and chill (mostly on the couch) but he likes mats and towels as well.
    The “herder” aspect is true. I noticed it at thanksgiving when he was around kids.
    He’s really protective.
    He’s really the best!

  63. Brooke F Avatar
    Brooke F

    my beautiful rescue girl is the best dog ever on earth. Got her at 1.5 years, and have worked on lots of training. She’s mellow in the house, loves to run and exercise herself in the yard(farm), guards the chicken coop, quiet, always smiling, always swimming. She’s 6 now. I’ve bred labs, and trained lots of dogs and horses and this one is the most exceptional. We call her a certified love dog.

  64. ZACK Avatar

    I adopted a 2 YO ‘Border Collie’ named Boots from Shelter Paws Rescue in Cincinnati,OH in 2005. It didn’t take long until I realized he wasn’t a purebred Border Collie. I just told people he’s was a border collie/ lab mix. It wasn’t until today I found out that its an unofficial breed. Boots was high energy from the beginning. He would pull me on walks like a horse. He was 50 lbs. Strong and yet fast and agile. He would run figure eights around me and do 4 mile walks in freezing temps/ two ft snow, three mile runs in the summer heat with me. I realized that I had to exercise this dog or he would destroy my house…eating shoes garbage etc. He was able to walk up and down my apt stairs until he passed at the age of 15 and 9 months. Even then he was still happy and still active. He had advanced arthritis (all the walks over the years seemed to help when he got older), advanced cataracts/ limited vision, mostly deaf and his kidneys were 50% functional. In the end it was incontinence(full bladder dump) from the kidney issue and old age that was the deciding factor. Even with diapers for a year it was getting out of control. It was a shame. IMO he wouldv’e made it to 17 had it not been for the kidney/ incontinent problem. I always said that whatever he was…was a great combination. Now I know.. A Borador! RIP Mr. Boots~The Best’s Dog on the Planet

  65. Raegan Young Avatar
    Raegan Young

    I just adopted my borador from the shelter and she’s so sweet. She’s almost 5 months old and her name is Nala. She was abandoned as a puppy so she hates to be alone. She loves to sleep either cuddled up to me or my boyfriend or sleeps right in between us. I’ve had her for a week now and she picked up on the potty training really fast for peeing but having a bit of trouble with pooping in the house. She’s very smart. She didn’t know her name that well but has learned it very fast. She hates cars when they drive by and she actually stays really close by when she’s off the leash. She’s definitely got an attitude but she’s so stinking cute! I haven’t had her for long but I’m so in love with her.

  66. Sarah Avatar

    I am hoping to adopt a 2 year old lab collie cross soon. The rescue centre say she is extremely timid, doesn’t like walking on the lead and is not food or toy motivated. When I met her although afraid she seemed lovely and gentle and did eat a couple of treats from me and licked my hands. I wonder if she may have never lived in home before so doesn’t know how to play and walk lead etc. Any tips on how I can help her to be a happy playful dog? The tales on the site all give me hope that she could be a joy.

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      I’d suggest checking out our guide to dog adoption – we talk a lot in parts 2 & 3 about getting to know and bond with your dog. A lot of dogs don’t do well in the shelter environment, so the best situation is to see how she does in your home. A foster trial might be a good idea!

  67. Emily Avatar

    I’ve got a 6 month old borador puppy named Mocha. We got here at 4 months through a rescue. She is one active puppy. We are taking her to training classes and making sure she gets lots of socialization. She had huge ears at 4 months, but is now starting to grow into them. She loves chewing on her rope toys and Kongs. We’re waiting to she is a little older before giving her antlers. We have another 6 year old female dog who is a mix of basenji and terrier, and is only 20 pounds. We have been trying to teach Mocha to play gently with smaller dogs. She does go to the dog park where she is with bigger dogs and gets to play and run around.

  68. Sue D. Avatar
    Sue D.

    I just got a Border Collie/Lab mix (or so the shelter thinks). She is one and a very sweet girl. She is still pretty timid – if we are up and moving around, she is cautious. If we sit to watch t.v., she’ll be right there on the couch. She likes to dig and chew, so I have given her some Kong toys with treats and strong chew toys and antlers. She is so funny playing with my Newfie – she can jump right over him. She sometimes chases the cat, but he is getting used to her and doesn’t run as much. She tends to get a little jealous and butt in when we are giving attention to one of the other animals. She looks very much like the dogs on this blog, but she has blue eyes. I think she is going to turn out to be an awesome dog, and I might take her to agility classes.

  69. tina chandler Avatar
    tina chandler

    I have a ten month old borador. He looks just like the one in this article. He has Soo much energy. Loves to Chee on everything. He goes thru many chew toys a week. He has literally made a track around my back yard where he sounds like a racehorse running by. Over n over n over he goes roud.

  70. Mel Avatar

    I have an 11 year old borador named Daisy. We found her when she was 3, on Craigslist from a family who adopted her from a rescue. We won the lottery that day! She is 80 lbs of pure love! She’s a soft gentle soul but she also has a reactive temperament. Our cat at the time was being bullied by a neighbor cat. She is an outdoorsy cat but stayed inside for fear of the neighborhood bully. Daisy could see the situation and reacted; she would Chase off that neighbor cat and and a short time won Pixie over. For a while pixie would not go outside unless Daisy was out there with her; such a sweet beautiful relationship! A few years ago we got chickens and ducks. During the Spring our Drakes fight quite a bit. Daisy – with her gentle temperament and soft bite – will put herself between the fighting drakes. She’ll step back and do it again then as a last resort will gently tug on their tails with her mouth. I find this so remarkable! She has such love and grace and a peaceful heart! Every human and animal that has ever encountered her has fallen in love immediately or in a short amount of time. Daisy is patient, forgiving, energetic, loyal, ready to snuggle at any moment and will drop everything to play catch with a tennis ball. Her herding skills are clumsy; she has an existential need to Corral and keep an animal in place but she does it in a way that keep those neighbor dogs and cats coming. I could go on and on….. I hope we have at least a couple more years with her. When the time comes for us to adopt another dog I will probably look for another Borador. However, I’m certain that no other dog in this universe could ever replace her. She is so so special!

  71. Robin Gaynes Avatar
    Robin Gaynes

    We rescued a borador from our local SPCA here in Las Vegas. Some family moved and just left her tied up in their empty apartment. She is the BEST DOG ever! My heart is so full with her in our little family. Our old grumpy Maltese even loves her. The “sisters” look after one another. However, Lady (the borador) did try to herd the little Lola around the house for the first few weeks.

  72. Bux Avatar

    We have a borador since February 2018. He is very sweet and he needs a lot of attention. He is also very active, wich can be pretty exhausting. My dog has a lot of similaritys comparing to this text. He learn pretty fast, but he can also be pretty stubborn sometimes. However he’s the sweetest dog ever, and he always makes me happy.

  73. Gee Avatar

    I just adopted my Borador this past June. She had just retired as a service dog and was put in a foster home where I adopted her. She is 5.5 yo. BEST. DOG. EVER. She is extremely smart, loves to play fetch, go on long walks, plays football with the kids, best cuddler ever. I just taught her how to roll over and she learned it within 3 days!

  74. Samantha Grider Avatar
    Samantha Grider

    We just got our Borador three weeks ago and he’s amazing! He’s completely potty trained and knows sit and stay. We’re working on fetch and manners when we see people and dogs on walks but once we get his attention back on us he listens! He does however hate the shower curtain with a passion and tries to kill it at least once a day. I’ve never had such a smart or loving dog!

    1. Veronica Vicino Avatar
      Veronica Vicino

      So funny you said that.
      My dog hates certain objects as well. For example, when he was a puppy, he hated plastic bags. Now he’s fine with them.
      He still hates the vacuum machine and hanging clothes.
      He’s not a big fan of new things, so with my husband we joke that he’s just like his dad. for example the first time he was Halloween decorafions he wasn’t fine with them for the first couple of days. Same thing for Christmas decorations.

  75. Michelle Jasperson` Avatar
    Michelle Jasperson`

    My borador just passed away on August 17-2018. He lived to be 14 years old. He was a wonderful family member. My son used to ride him like a horse when he was 4 years old. Bear was his name and he his temperament was awesome. He never went after anything. He loved people, kids and other dogs. He was very loyal and friendly. Loved to be loved. He learned things very easy. I taught him high five and shake. . He learned Hand signals. I tired these with my purebred border collies and they refused to learn them. He was very healthy and had no problems, except he did have some Masses (tumors) growing on him and we did have to have them removed- twice. They were non-cancerous. Then on August 16- we found out that he had osteocarcoma in his Right hind leg- It was really bad and he had been in pain for about 1 week. We had him on Pain medication but we thought it was due to arthritis. – X-ray relieved that it was cancer and it was eating the whole inside of the fibula. It was really bad and there was no cure. Amputation was not a fix because the recovery would be extremely painful- So we lost our beloved Baby Bear on Friday August 17-2018. We are having a very hard time with the Grief.

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      I’m so sorry for your loss Michelle. Bear sounds like he had a wonderful life and was well loved.

    2. ian sutherland Avatar
      ian sutherland

      i fully get your pain and hurt,, iv been there and still can not replace my pugwash collie cross

  76. Nina Avatar

    My black lab mixed with border collie is very aggressive with other dogs and strangers. She’s hard to train and loses focus. My parents are going to get rid of her so Im asking help how to train her. She’s very important to me and shes a year old.

    1. Penny Sayles Avatar
      Penny Sayles

      Have patience, ours came around at 2 years old. Please email me!

  77. BC Avatar

    Are Labrador / border collie crosses usually smaller than both breeds or about the same, please? I’m looking for something smaller eg. considering a spanador too. Thanks, Bruce

    1. Laura Avatar

      My pup is about 50 lbs. she’s built like a lab, but thinner. I’m a short girl, and this dog isn’t too big for me at all. She’s perfect. Minimal shedding and incredibly smart. I already taught her two tricks in two weeks, and that’s not because I’m a good dog trainer lol 10/10 recommend

      1. BC Avatar

        Thank you! We got ours last week – lab/collie cross and already part of the family. 🙂

  78. Jeanne Dailey Avatar
    Jeanne Dailey

    I have a black lab/ boarder collie mix best dog I ever have had her name is Isis jean she will be 5 on December 20. I rescued her from a family that chained her up outside all day and locked her up in a cage in the basement at night and I didn’t feel that was right. Now she is my ride to die princess and I’m so thankful to have her

    1. Briana Nicole Avatar
      Briana Nicole

      Hi Jeanne!
      I have also rescued a black lab/ border collie mix who was abused and she is the sweetest kindest dog to us but still has a lot of work to do with others in terms of timidness and aggression. Was this something that you had to overcome? If so, how did you do it?
      Thank you!

      1. Jeanne Dailey Avatar
        Jeanne Dailey

        I had no issues other than her eating the crouches out of our underwear and pants no behavior problem at all she is very loving and listen very well.she does really good with children and very protective of me.

  79. Gemma Garcia Avatar
    Gemma Garcia

    My Borador are all like a Border Collie white with black spot not like in your pictures its all look like labrador

  80. Jennifer Avatar

    I have a four year old borador. His name is Loki, and he is the best dog on the planet. He is kind and sweet. He loves his family and wants to be with us at all times. He keeps track of us and takes care of us. He truly is man’s best friend. He definitely got more of the lab side because he is a lot more chilled out than described here. However, he can be in the yard all day with the kids. Loki’s best quality is his temperament with children. My children, well any children, can come near him, and he knows to be calm and understanding. I have absolutely no complaints about my extremely smart loving dog. Almost everything here describes my dog, however, he does shed a lot and needs extra attention for grooming. The only bad quality I can see is he loves to chase cats, not aggressively though.

  81. J5 Avatar

    I had a borador for 13 ish years. Had to put her down several months ago. I can’t imagine another mix. I’d been around border clies all my life and friends had labs.. it turned out to be in ansanely smart breed. HIGHLY trainable. It seemed like the older it got the easier it was. Like OLD dog New tricks! She learned so many new tricks after 10 years old. And this dog, although energetic, could chill all night. But you need interaction. She was the best dog ever and I can’t say enough about the smart breeds. My dog would stop possums, cats from tearing up trash. Catch flies like a toad, hunt beetles, and any other creepy crawly that likedbto come into the house. Except ants. I wish she slurped them up but noooo. Anyway she (like all border Collies) hated independence day, and like all labs fetched like a boss. She knew the difference when I said get x toy y toy or z toy. Super smart. And cuddling? Forget about it. The lab cuddling and paws and the border collie cuddling are unchallenged. It was epic.

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Aw thanks for sharing your lovely experience with your beloved Borador!

  82. Tori Avatar

    My husband and I just recently adopted a borador. She’s one year old, maybe a little bit older. So far she has been so sweet, obedient, and affectionate! What surprises me is that the breed is typically high energy and needs a lot of activity, but that isn’t the case with mine. She is very calm and loves to just snuggle or sleep most of the time. I’m not sure why she has a different temperament from most, but she’s such a gift! The shelter told us she was a stray, but you wouldn’t think it with how well behaved she is! We leave her in the apartment for a few hours (no cage) and she does just fine. She doesn’t have any accidents or tear anything up. I would like to teach her to play with toys because so far she hasn’t shown any interest! Just wanted to share for anyone who maybe lives in an apartment/doesn’t have kids or can’t be home all day – it isn’t impossible to adopt this breed! It really just depends on the dog. He/she may surprise you!

  83. jen alpert Avatar
    jen alpert

    my borador just turned 13 yrs old. He is the best dog i have ever owned. He is very smart and gentle with my children, cat and chickens. my chickens enjoy sitting on him in the yard and he puts up with other animlas who want to play with him. He loves to swim in the lake and has endless energy for an old dog and takes a lot of ball and frisbee playing to wear him down for a good night sleep. If you get a Borador you Must play a lot with them to keep them happy.

  84. Allison Curry Avatar
    Allison Curry

    Our soon to be one yr old Borador (we were told of breed at rescue) is very smart but very weary of strangers on our walks, even if they have met them on previous walks despite treats and them not approaching her. We’ve had her since 10 wks old. . Still working on socialization.

  85. Logan Avatar

    Hi, I have a borador and she is the best dog I have ever owned! I got her as a rescue when she was 3 months old and now she is 7 months old. She is extremely smart and very protective of me and her family. when someone she doesn’t know walks up to my house or my car she will growl and sometimes bark but she won’t ever hurt anyone she just lets me know when someone is around. And she has a big interest in cats but she never gets to be around them because they always run from her lol. And she loves playing with other dogs that are her size or smaller but she is scared of any dog bigger than her and will growl or hide behind me if it is near by. And I always take her with me everywhere that’s possible because she doesn’t ever like being alone. But She is an awesome dog and I love her very much, I 10/10 recommend a borador as your next dog!

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Aww she sounds great!

  86. Jalyn Avatar

    I have a borador named Daisy. Her an her brother were found on the side on the highway in Mississippi at about 14 weeks. She just turned 5 on March 1 and she’s my best friend. She gets very jealous when her brother comes over and lets him know that shes the boss. She is the alpha so she doesn’t really get along well with other dogs. She will go after them but if I work with her and the other dog she will be fine. She is extremely smart I taught her high five, left paw right paw, and to shake with her right paw only in less then 5 minutes! I taught her sign language as well so I dont even need to say the commands. Or if I snap she will sit if I do It again she will lie down. She was always really healthy uptil last year. We found out she has this disorder called EPI ( Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficancy) So basically she doesn’t have the cells she needs to digest fat. Apparently it is passed down as a recessive gene through border collies and shepherds. It doesn’t affect anything besides what she eats. Special medicaded food and only fat free treats. She is also deathly allergic to Peanuts and Treenuts ( which is the weirdest thing). Shes super chill and loves to take a nap but will just as well run laps around the yard. She is super good with kids and people. My Autistic cousin is super rough with her and shes really good about it. She could be playing and acting like a lunitic but is i say “Ahh enough” she’ll stop right away and lie down so u can rub her belly.

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Daisy sounds like a sweet girl and a real smarty pants! Sorry to hear about her EPI but it sounds like you’re managing it well.

  87. Yvonne Avatar

    Brings immense joy to us , very intelligent & loves to be busy walking or finding things in the house.Only minus she is quite an anxious dog & timid around strangers dogs & people.

  88. Tyler John Avatar
    Tyler John

    I had a bordador that passed away this past December. Her name was Nalley. She was my best friend. I took her with me everywhere. I have had other dogs in the past but just never connected with them the way that I did with her. The more I read up on the breed of dog The more I see that the breeds temperament is pretty much the same across the board. I have been searching for another female but haven’t had any luck. I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to post something on here in the hopes that someone may be able to point me in the right direction. I live just outside of Allentown Pennsylvania and my email is [email protected] any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

    1. Angel Avatar

      Hi Tyler, so sorry about your loss. That’s so painful to lose your best friend.
      Have you tried checking border collie rescue groups? They have a lot of border collie mixes. That’s where I got my girl.

    2. SusanB Avatar

      My son just adopted a Border Collie/Lab mix last week from Justice Rescue in Spring City, PA. It shouldn’t be more than an hour drive for you. Check out their website. The one they adopted was 3 months old. They spayed her and gave her all her puppy shots. I think she was the last one of that litter to be adopted, but I think they have a few others that may be older. Good Luck!

  89. Jennifer McInerney Avatar
    Jennifer McInerney

    My lab border collie mix is almost nine and you would never guess! He is very high energy-we run 2+ miles 5 days a week to keep him from driving us crazy. He is super smart -doesn’t leave our unfenced yard and works with both voice and hand commands. At the end of the day though he is a big lover who is always up for a snuggle and loves to be with the family all the time! Can’t imagine a better dog.

  90. Kayla Newman Avatar

    Ive had my lab boarder collie mix for a good month now I should say. She is about 3 to 4 months old now and is the biggest ball of joy. Always running around the house biting at your ankles finding anything to chew on! Still struggling with the potty training and puppy biting but she’s definitely starting to get the hang of what the difference between right and wrong is and is slowly staring to understand what I’m trying to tell her. Super smart puppy and very lovable I highly recommend getting this dog

  91. Kimbra Bendord Avatar
    Kimbra Bendord

    I have a beautiful, energetic lab border mix dog. He is 2 and I also rescued him from a shelter. He is very lovable and follows everyone around the house. He is very alert and the only problem I have is that I cannot get him out of my bed. He loves to cuddle at night.

  92. Niki Held Avatar
    Niki Held

    Awww! These sweethearts look exactly like my Lola! She’s 13 now and the sweetest and smartest dog! She knows her toys by name, knows all commands, and I even taught her to smile last year! She’s been my constant companion and my love. I adopted her from a shelter when she was a puppy. I thought she was just s brilliant mutt, but now i can tell her she’s a fancy, designer dog! Haha!

    1. Gwen Avatar

      How did your puppy to smile. Cool trick!

  93. Catherine Arsenault Avatar
    Catherine Arsenault

    Everyone always asks what breed my dog is cause he is so handsome. But no one really ever guessed. Think I found it

  94. Laura Avatar

    Hello! I loved the article. My dog’s picture is on here. Her name is Rosie. She’s the 4th picture. The dog sitting on the hardwood floor. Rosie lives in Colorado now and she is 2 years old. Let me know if you have and questions about her!!!!!

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Aw, we’re so happy to have Rosie on the list! She’s such a cutie.

  95. Emily Avatar

    How do i get my broader collie potty trained

  96. Leigh Avatar

    We can’t guarantee that our boy is lab collie but we suspect so. He is ball obsessed and needs regular excersize but doesn’t tolerate heat well so overheats easily in hot weather. He loves the beach and water and has webbed feet. He is a big sook though and gets scared of sudden loud noises and territorial dogs. He is my devoted companio who follows me everywhere. He is a fussy eater and doesn’t have the greediness of a lab. I’d love to know for certain if we’ve guessed the right breed mix.

  97. KKM Avatar

    I rescued a lab border collie mix who lived to be 17 yrs old. She was the best pup ever!! Smart, loyal and loving until the very end. Of course it only took me about 2 months to rescue a new lab border collie mix because even though I have two other adult dogs (cocker spaniels) who I love dearly I missed the energy in the house. I always say they have two speeds… full speed or crashed out with very little in between. THey okay hard but sleep hard too even a puppies. If you get them some good toys to keep them occupied they are good about playing with or without you otherwise you might not get much done when you are at home. They are good with other dogs, people and even my 2 kitties but they must be socialized and exercised regularly and if so you probably won’t find a better pup than a lab border collie mix!

  98. Julia Avatar

    We adopted a border collie/ lab mix from the shelter back in August. We were told she was about 2 years old. When we took her to be spayed, they told us that she couldn’t be more than 8-9 months old and she had not had a heat cycle yet. She is amazing and full of love and energy. If we don’t keep her busy, she destroys everything in site!

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Sounds like a keeper!

    2. Valerie Comeau Avatar
      Valerie Comeau

      I’ve just adopted a death row dog and have a sneaking suspicion he’s a bordercollie/lab. He’s around 6 (which we wanted as an older couple) and so well mannered. He’s as smart as a whip and extremely lovable. He gets along great with my other dog and my cats as long as they don’t try to run, then he’ll try to herd them. Such a pleasure though! We hit the lottery for sure ❤️ I have noticed he has dry skin. He has been flea treated but is still itchy. Is there a food that is better suited to their breed than others? He’s eating beef Blue Buffalo right now which is what we were feeding our other dog.

      1. Ben Team Avatar

        Hey there, Valerie. Congrats on the new pooch!

        I just wanted to sneak in to your convo and share two articles that may interest you:

        Best Dog Foods for Border Collies
        Best Dog Foods for Labrador Retrievers

        Spoiler alert: You’ll see Blue Buffalo recipes in both articles.

  99. Margaret J. Brady Avatar

    I am looking for a dog bed that helps with older dogs with arthritis.

  100. Rick Williams Avatar
    Rick Williams

    I have a Borador he’s 7 years of age now doesn’t act that old, we go to the dog park every day weather permitting as you mentioned being full of energy he is. He loves to run mainly with other dogs. I have had other dogs in the past alot of labs mostly but this Borador has to be my favorite. I’m looking to get him a play mate in the near future

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Aw, so glad you two are having fun together!

    2. XARLI Avatar

      I grew up with a dog like this (it was the 1980s so he wasn´t a “borador”, just a “mutt”!) he was an AMAZING, friendly, intelligent dog who continued to play with the energy of a puppy up until the very end…

      1. Alan Avatar

        Me too, my dog sasha was purchased as a pup 6m before I was born and as an only child she was my big sister. Helped me learn to walk, pulled my sledge. She too was an 80s dog (born 78) and was what we referred to then as a mongrel (mutt) now she would be classed as a borador. She was the most caring and affectionate dog I have ever come across. Still miss her.

  101. Jenny H Avatar
    Jenny H

    I’ve always thought that the best dogs for ordinary people are Lab/Kelpie crosses. (Of course Kelpies are infinitely better that Border Collies 🙂

    1. Jenny H Avatar
      Jenny H

      But Kelpies come as Bench Kelpies (aka bred for conformation show) and Working Kelpies. Unless you have a spare 25 hours a day or 2 000 acres and a mob of sheep I don’t recommend Working Kelpies. Bench Kelpies only need about 18 hours a day of your time.

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