Breed Profile: Chorkie – Yorkie / Chihuahua

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If you love Chihuahuas as well as Yorkshire Terriers, the Chorkie may be the perfect pup for you!

What Is a Chorkie?

Chorkies (also known as Yorkchis) are mixed-breed pups, created by crossing a Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) with a Chihuahua. They began popping up in the mid-90s, and they’ve become even more popular since then.

Most people who welcome a Chorkie into their life are overjoyed with their pup, but it’s important to understand the characteristics, needs, and habits of both parent breeds before taking the Chorkie plunge!

chorkie dog

Before Adding a Mixed-Breed Pup to Your Home

Mixed breed pups often make awesome pets, and their mixed ancestry often means they possess a unique look. Of course, you should always do your homework before adding any new pet to your family, but this can be kinda tricky when you have your heart set on a mixed-breed dog.

Remember that even purebred dogs vary widely from one individual to another. Siblings from the same litter can vary in terms of body structure, color markings, personality, intelligence and health. Obviously, mixed breed dogs can display this much variation and then some!

All this simply means that you should take your time when selecting a Chorkie. Whenever possible, try to meet several pups in a litter before making your decision.

Chorkie 101: What’s a Chorkie All About?

yorkshire terrier chihuahua mix

Size: Small. Typically 6 – 9 inches high.

Weight: Typically 8 – 10 lbs

Life Span: 10- 15 years (average for most small breeds)

Energy Level: Moderate to High Energy. They’ll require plenty of play time around the house and at least semi-frequent walks (although short walks should be fine).

Training: Chorkies are very intelligent, like both their parent breeds. They are generally quite trainable, but require firm leadership and guidance.

Grooming: Moderate. Chorkies are generally light shedders, but their long, glossy fur is certainly more maintenance than a Chihuahua’s short-haired coat. Daily brushing and detangling is recommended.

Vocal Level: Like Chihuahuas, Chorkies can be more on the barky side – they’re often eager to notify owners of intruders or unusual activity. This makes them a good choice for intruder deterrence.

Health Problems: Because Chorkies are a mixed breed, they do not commonly suffer from any particular health problems that affect the parent breeds. However, they can be susceptible to allergies and skin issues.

Lifestyle: Chorkies will be comfortable in apartments or houses. They will be best suited in families with older children or living with adults or seniors. Chorkies likely won’t thrive or do well in homes with small children. They also don’t generally care for the cold.

Check out this video of Penny, a 10 week old Chorkie, exploring a park!

How Well Do These Breeds Blend?

For the most part, Chorkies are a wonderful combination of the Chihuahua and Yorkie breeds, who immediately endear themselves to their owners.


Yorkshire terriers contribute an adventurous, yet affectionate, spirit to the mix, while Chihuahuas contribute plenty of attitude and swagger. Both are relatively similar sizes, which helps limit the structural problems that sometimes occur in mixed breeds comprised of very different sized breeds.

All in all, it’s quite a nice mix! However, it is important to consider some of the primary traits of each breed, so you can understand what you may get when you mix the two.

Most Notable Traits of Chihuahuas


Among other things, Chihuahuas are known for being:

  • Sassy (the AKC actually describes them as “graceful, charming, and sassy”)
  • Playful, but not excessively so
  • Unlikely to stray far from their owners
  • Quite intelligent
  • Very easy to train
  • Can be prickly with other dogs
  • Sensitive
  • Occur in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Require minimal grooming and maintenance
  • Typically easy to housetrain

Most Notable Traits of Yorkies

yorkshire terrier puppy

Some of the most notable traits of Yorkies include:

  • They are typically quite affectionate
  • They are bursting with energy and exuberance that exceeds their size
  • Are usually healthy and rarely experience health problems
  • Relatively unlikely to become obese
  • Somewhat friendly with other dogs
  • Very sensitive dogs
  • Typically clad only in brown, grey and black tones
  • Require a lot of grooming and maintenance
  • Often difficult to housetrain

What Qualities Usually Come Out in the Mix?

You can never be certain what you’ll get when you mix a Chihuahua and a Yorkshire terrier, but most share a few common characteristics.

chorkie puppy
pic from imgur

While there are surely countless exceptions, most Chorkies exhibit the following traits:

Chorkies typically have the long, silky locks of their Yorkshire terrier parent.

Chorkies may have either the deer or apple-shaped heads of their Chihuahua parent.

Chorkies may possess either pointy and alert, or droopy and relaxed ears.

Chorkies tend to come in a variety of different color patterns.

Chorkies rarely shed very much.

Chorkies usually bond very strongly with their families, and are always eager to show it

Potential Red Flags to Note

Many people opt for a mixed breed puppy after having a positive experience with either of the parent breeds. But unfortunately, this can cause problems when the pup’s parent breeds exhibit very different characteristics.

A few examples of these types of problems include:

Chorkies require much more exercise than your average Chihuahua.

This often causes problems in those who adopt Chorkies without realizing this important difference.

Chihuahuas are quite playful, but they don’t need to get out and run like many Yorkies and Chorkies do. You’ll probably need to take your Chorkie on at least one long walk per day (or spend 20 to 30 minutes playing outside).

chihuahua yorkie
image from flickr

 Some Chorkies are too nervous and nippy for families with young kids.

Proper training and socialization often help to limit these types of problems, but Chorkies frequently lack the kid-friendly nature of their Chihuahua parents.

This is not likely to be a problem for older children, who can be taught the proper ways of interacting with the family’s new dog.

 Chorkies often inherit the social skills of their Chihuahua parent, which can make them antagonistic to other dogs.

Early socialization can help curtail this problem, but Chorkies are rarely as dog-friendly as Yorkies are. This is an important characteristic to note if you spend a lot of time at the dog park or have other dogs.

However, if you live alone and don’t plan to get out and about very often, this isn’t a big deal.

chorkie canine
pic from imgur

 Chorkies often require more maintenance than Chihuahuas do.

For example, because Chorkies often possess the long hair of their Yorkie parent, they usually require much more grooming than many former Chihuahua owners are prepared for. Fortunately, like both of their parents, Chorkies don’t shed very much.

 Chorkies can be challenging to housebreak.

Some Chorkies learn the dos and don’ts of pooping and peeing pretty quickly, while others will provide a lifetime of accident-related headaches. Unfortunately, this is not something that you can predict when picking out a puppy.

Crate training is usually helpful, but many will have accidents for the duration of their life.

image from flickr

Are You a Good Match for a Chorkie?

If you are interested in adopting or buying a cute little toy dog, who is a great combination of sassy and sweet, a Chorkie may be a great option for you.

They can make good pets for first-time owners, although you may run into a bit of difficulty housebreaking your new pup. They aren’t a good choice for owners who are away from the home a great deal, nor are they ideal for families with small kids, but they will make great companions for most others.


Have you ever parented a Chorkie? How did it work out for you? Let us know all about it in the comments below!

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I have a Chihuahua x yorkie and he’s the best dog I could ever ask for he doesn’t shed he’s 16 and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down he still acts like a puppy

Ben Team

He sounds great, Dean! Thanks for sharing.

Lynn fraser

We got ourselves a little black chorkie he has a beautiful long shiny pure black coat and has the most beautiful eyes.
Got Cody at 10 weeks, has slept through all night from the day
we brought him home. Fully house trained by 12 weeks
He us a joy to have, full of energy and so loving

Ben Team

Cody sounds wonderful, Lynn!
Thanks for sharing.


I adopted a 9month old Chorkie named Marley over a year ago. He immediately took to me and slept In my lap on the long drive home. But getting him home was harder, he was so nervous he held his pee till I had him in the grocery cart and he let go all over my purse and groceries! Yikes! I had to acclimate him to apt living, running down 2 floors to go potty. He had a few accidents, and he tore up a few papers when I left. But after i showed him that wasnt ok, he stopped. I gave him a bath with Pantene, not knowing about their dry skin, which made him itch like crazy! I thought he had fleas and so did myneighbors, I was ready to find him another home those first couple weeks, but all of a sudden it just clicked. He and I learned to adapt to each other’s and I couldn’t imagine life without my little chorkie! ,

Ben Team

Hey, Tasha. Glad you and Marley have figured things out and are doing well now!
Thanks for sharing your story.

Jerry jones

I am currently parenting Chorkies and they seem to be doing very well with young children actually they seem to love them I’ve had problems with one of them potty training but he starting to get the message. I love them and I have started to breeding. My female Chihuahua just had another litter and they vary in color or black-and-white brown and tan and black and tan. Can’t wait until they’re older.

Rachel Bersch

I just got a Chorkie and her name is Chevy she is 8 weeks old now she is very play full She is very smart she’s potty trained I try to teach her different things. She sure picks up quick I really enjoy her She’s my life.

Lora Anderson

I have a 7 week old chorkie (mom is a Chihuahua and dad is a yorkie). He has learned in 2 days how to use the training potty pad. He has had only one accident in the last 2 days, usually when he is running around the room and he forgets. The main question I have is although I have several teething items for him which he does use, however his favorite thing he loves to bite my hands and feet. When he does this I do direct him back to his teething items yet everyone he either runs back to chew on the rug or bite me. Any advice would be helpful.

Ben Team

Hey, Lora. Yeah, you’re going to want to continue to encourage him to chew on acceptable things rather than the rug or your hands.
Check out our article on puppy play biting to learn some additional tips.
Best of luck!

Judith E. Clair

I am a senior who lives in a retirement center where small dogs are very welcome. I am looking for such a dog who is an adult because I live on the second floor and think a puppy might be too much for me. I have had a chihuahua which I adopted in Kenya at age 3. She was adored and went with me almost everywhere…often right in my purse under my arm. I loved Sarah, and of course would love to have her back but that cannot be. I have had two miniature schnauzers and adored their qualities as well. So now I would happily adopt an adult chihuahua mix, and wonder if you might have a female perhaps who has had puppies and might be ready for a forever home. You might be interested to know that we are living longer, and have a surprising number of folk here who are in their hundreds. I have many years left and enough energy to carefully care for a small dog.

Ben Team

Hey, Judith. You sound like you’d be a wonderful owner, but we don’t have any dogs — we simply provide information about them.
It shouldn’t be terribly difficult to find an adult Chihuahua mix in your area, you’ll just have to do some searching.
Best of luck!

Patty Scanlon

I am adopting 2 Chorkie 6 month old female puppies. I currently have a Chihuahua/Minpin mix 9 years old/male. Any tips on how to introduce them to each other? The babies will be coming home in 3 days. Would greatly appreciate any support. Thank you

Ben Team

Hey, Patty. We have just the article for you: How to Introduce a Puppy to a Older Resident Dog.
Best of luck with your new puppers!

Joyce Spencer

I am experiencing trouble with the potty. She goes whereever she wants. Unless I literally am under her butt all day. Any suggestions?

Sharon Dougherty

Are chorkiies hypoallergenic

Ben Team

Hey, Sharon.
No breed is truly “hypoallergenic,” but neither Chihuahuas nor Yorkies shed a bunch, so Chorkies are a reasonably good option for allergy sufferers.
Best of luck!

Jo Williams

I have to wonderful Chorkies. They are full sisters and will be 12 October 21, 2019. One is brown, but graying, heavy hair, weighs 14 lbs and looks more like a Yorke. The other is white with a brown back and a few more brown spots and weighs 10.5 lbs.
They are so sweet and loving, jealous when one gets more loving. I am widowed and would be unbareably lonely if it weren’t for the two ‘babies’. They were easily potty trained. They sleep with me, one on each side of me. They love to go outside and will potty outside some.
The smaller one is very protective of me…if a stranger comes near me, she will growl and let the person know that she is my protector.
No one can come near my house they miss, always barking to alert me.
I love them so much and they return the love.


Thank you for rescuing her!!! She was so blessed to have you save her from such a horrible life!
Seems like she knows how blessed she was because of how much she loves you back!!! Also, you are blessed as well!
I just a month ago, got a rescue Chorkie, Bandit! We named him Bandit because he steals things and runs like a Bandit! He and his 2 siblings was one day old when they lost their mother and was found by homeless people who was giving him water through a syringe!!! When they rescued him he barely had a pulse! As soon as I laid eyes on him through the website, I was in love!! When he came to do a home visit, I knew for sure he was going to be part of our family! Our 11 yr old German Shepherd Zeus, loves him like his own, plays with him, protects him, when I am up cleaning, Bandit sleep with his big Brother!!!
He has captured our hearts forever!




I am the furr mom of a male Chorkie, Ren. He is 4, born on the 4th of July…Temperament is sweet , very social, barks once in a blue moon when odd noises are outside..we have an acre so he is loving his yard. I do keep him on a 50′ lead since he is very curious and may chase a rabbit or groundhog, of which he is smaller than both, he is 9lbs of love. Ren is sassy and has a strut like the big boys.

sharon schmidt

I have a chorky she is still a puppy. I have a problem with her immunizations she gets sick with fevers and chills it is scary. She weighs 3.5 pounds. My daughter was a vet tech she informed me that a 3 pound dogs gets the same dose as a 100 pound dog. Other than that she was easy to house break and she is a very sweet loving dog.

Lynn Sweed

Help…have 2 small dogs shi tzu and llhaso apso who get on fine…arm being twisted to have a Chorkie but with Bichon thrown in the mix…do I dont I should I shouldn’t I…Breeder knows once in here they dont go anywhere…the pup is a little girl and I have still another 6 weeks to decide unless someone wants her more.


Can you tell me about a Chorkie (mom) and shi tzui/chihuahua (dad)

Kelly Kelly

I would love to send a photo of my chorkie.

Meg Marrs

Hey Kelly! We’d love to feature your little guy! You can post the photo on our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/k9ofmine/ or email it to us at info(at)k9ofmine(dot)com!


I inherited custody of a 5yr old chorkie who has become my little sidekick. Sadie came to me from a home where she was loved but not taken care of. She was crated 24 hrs at a time and had no companionship. I took her in as a temporary favor until I found out how her home life actually was. I’ve now had her for a year and a half and I refuse to give her back. I will not put her back in that unhealthy environment. Sadie didn’t know what a treat was or how to play with toys. In fact she was terrified of squeaky toys until about a year ago. Not anymore tho haaaa Sadie has more toys and clothes and treats than some children do. This dog is so beyond loved and she is so quick to show her love right back. She has the funniest personality of any dog I’ve ever encountered. She goes everywhere with me and if I go somewhere that I can’t take her she throws a temper tantrum and will attack my feet as I’m trying to leave. Spoiled rotten to say the least 🙂 I honestly don’t think I will ever own a different breed besides this one. Sadie has been the best thing to enter my life ever!! I highly recommend this breed to anyone who needs a sweet, loving protective companion:)

Karen Ward

We have a 9 year old Chorkie and he is typical of all your descriptions. He is VERY protective, especially of me, and can be snappy with little kids and other dogs. We just got a new puppy! She is 9 weeks old and is short haired. She is soooo cute and has lots of energy. Our older dog is what I consider big for the breed. He’s not very tall but is long and he MAY have gained a few pounds…LOL. Our puppy will not likely get over 5 pounds so we have to be careful with her. She’s very tiny!

Elisa Diamond

I’ve had an adorable little girl Chorkie now for 3 months. She’s 18 weeks, & her original owners had a problem and asked me please take her a couple weeks early. I didn’t want to but figured she would probably be better off than put in a bad situation. She has been a complete delight. She was housebroken impressively quick. I have an older, larger dog, &long gr they get along great except sometimes she gets to be a bit much for her big sis. A lot of energy, but long walks help get it out. I love her, she’s a lot of fun.

Donna Dovico

I recently have gotten a chorkie.
Had him only 6 days he apart completely pee pad broke already.
He also will use.bathroom outside when taken out with our dog .
He does require lots of attention Rion wakes up 3 times a night to alert me.to the fact he has to go potty.
He is a..lively, lively, fun family dog


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