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Dog-Proof Screen Door Options: 7 Ways to Save Your Screen

Screen doors give you a great way to allow fresh air into your home, while still keeping mosquitoes and other unwelcome creatures from coming inside to feast. But if you have a dog (and I am assuming you

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game of thrones direwolf

Responsible Direwolf Ownership

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you are undoubtedly aware that Season 7 of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones will begin airing this Sunday night. Like many of you, we’re

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finding dog sitter tips

7 Tips for Hiring a Dog-Sitter: Finding the Best Canine Caretaker!

You’re excited for your upcoming trip, but there’s just one problem: Who will watch your dog? If you’ve decided to prioritize your peace of mind and your pup’s well-being, you’re probably planning

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best jobs for dog lovers

6 Best Jobs for Dog Lovers: Making a Career Out of Caring For Canines

Do you love spending time with your precious pooches? Maybe you should consider turning your love for dogs into a career on the side – or even a full-time career.We took a look at some of the best careers

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15 Dog-Friendly Restaurant Chains

In recent years, it’s become increasingly more common for people to take their dog along while running errands or getting a bite to eat, rather than leaving them at home. But you can’t take your

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How to Bottle Feed A Puppy

From time to time, owners are faced with the responsibility of bottle-feeding a young puppy – some are even faced with the task of feeding an entire litter! While this can seem like a bit overwhelming

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The 5 Best Rugs for Dog Owners

Rugs are a great way to soften up the hardwood or tiled floor in your home, but dogs (and their feline counterparts) can quickly wreak havoc rug, carpets, and anything else that’s ground level. And

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How Do I Stop My Dog from Eating Rocks?

Dogs rarely hesitate to taste anything that looks vaguely interesting. Whether they are sifting for “treats” in your cat’s litter box or sampling some two-day old garbage at the bottom of the trash

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dog belly bands

Belly Bands for Dogs: What Are They and Which Are Best?

Housebreaking a dog can be one of the most difficult aspects of pet care. While going through this trying time, belly bands can help facilitate the house breaking process, at least in the case of male

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best dog boat ramps

Best Dog Boat & Pool Ramps: Water Adventure Safety!

Many dogs love to swim (mine swims circular laps while barking at the splashing water). It’s rarely difficult for dogs to enter or exit the water when hanging out at the beach, but getting into and out

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