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cost of dog x-rays

How Much Do Dog X-Rays Cost?

Most owners are already prepared to plop down a stack of cash when visiting the vet, but anytime your vet mentions the word “x-ray,” you’ll need to be prepared to dig a little deeper than usual.

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Dogs get hairballs

Do Dogs Get Hairballs?   

Although they’re more common with cats, dogs can suffer from the occasional hairball. They usually aren’t a big deal, but they can occasionally cause serious medical problems. So don’t ignore them! We’ll

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Best Glucosamine for Dogs: Liquid, Chewables, & More

Nutraceuticals – essentially foods or supplements that provide health benefits that exceed their nutritional value – appeal to many dog owners, and they are currently administered to treat a range

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When Do Dogs Stop Growing? Understanding Your Pup’s Final Size!

One of the most rewarding things about puppies is watching them grow. But just like most other mammals, dogs eventually reach their mature size and stop growing. While many individuals continue to “fill

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how often do dogs get periods

How Often Do Dogs Get Periods?

If you have an unaltered female dog for long enough, you’ll eventually notice that she gets a period from time to time. Like humans, dogs get periods if they fail to become pregnant during the fertile

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dog lift harness

Best Dog Lift Harnesses: Help For Mobility-Impaired Canines

I’m just going to go ahead and say that this topic makes me a bit sad, and I’m not exactly stoked to write about sick and injured pups. But unfortunately, many dogs suffer physical ailments that prevent

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declawing dogs

Is It Possible to Declaw a Dog? Should I Consider It?

Although it is becoming increasingly rare, many cats undergo a procedure called an onychectomy – better known as declawing. Typically, the procedure is performed to prevent cats from injuring people

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dog paw yeast infection

My Dog Has a Yeast Infection on His Paws: How Do I Treat It?

Paw yeast infections are one of the more common ailments of dogs. And although they aren’t life-threatening or likely to ruin your dog’s quality of life, they can be quite irritating for your pooch. Accordingly,

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best dental chews for dogs

5 Best Dental Chews for Dogs + What Dangers to Look Out For

If you’ve ever felt the pain of a cavity or unrelenting hell that is a broken tooth, you’d probably swim through a lake of lava to shield your loved ones from the same pain – including your dog. But

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dog ate tampon

Help, My Dog Ate a Tampon! What Do I Do?

More than one owner has come home to find that their dog has picked through the bathroom trashcan. And while there are often plenty of things in there that can catch a dog’s attention, used feminine

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