7 Ways to Use Your Dog In Your Proposal

Cuteness Explosion By Meg Marrs 2 min read May 4, 2020

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dog proposal
proposing with your dog

Thinking of popping the question and want your canine bud to play a part? Great idea! Here are some dog proposal ideas to help you come up with some fun ways to incorporate your dog into a proposal.

1. Dress Your Dog Up for the Occasion

Dress up your dog for your proposal with an adorable dog bow tie like this collar bow tie from SooperTramp. This adorable dog bow tie will have your best bud looking like your best man as you get down on one knee.

dog proposal bowtie

Also check out similar bow tie collars in red and plaid.

2. Personalized Dog Tag

Another option is to order a customized proposal dog tag for your four-legged pal to wear. Ask your significant other to take a peek at their new tag, and watch their face light up!

dog proposal

(adorable photo above is care of The Bridal Detective)

Petco has some quick and easy options for creating custom dog tags, if you’re interested in this idea.

3. Have Your Dog Deliver a Very Special Letter

Write your fiancee-to-be a romantic and touching love letter, then have your pooch play mail man and deliver the note.

4. Get Your Canine to Wear a Sign

Create a custom sign for your dog to wear. Then tell you significant others to meet you and the pooch somewhere (whether at home or at the local dog park).

proposing with dog

If you like this photo (and who doesn’t?), consider checking out this seller on Etsy, where they can make you a custom sign just like this one.

5. Teach Your Dog to Fetch Your Ring

This one requires some training if your dog doesn’t know how to fetch, and plenty of practice of course!

Tell your significant other that your dog has a new trick to show off. When your dog runs off and comes back with a special box, your significant other will be super surprised!

6. Use a Special Custom Doggie Ring Bearer Collar

With more couples wanting to make their pooch part of their engagement, more unique proposal and wedding dog collars are becoming available that are custom designed for four-legged ring bearers.

Here are a few ones to consider:

dog proposal ideas

This gorgeous lace dog collar comes from a highly rated Etsy seller, who also sells tons of other beautiful dog collars for engagements, weddings, or just general fanciness. Definitely check out their amazing selection on Etsy!

You could also go with a classic dog collar with custom text. This clean and elegant look is nice because your significant other won’t suspect a thing, until they read the engraving.

how to propose using your dog

You can also go with a pillow collar, which you can easily attach an engagement ring to.

dog ring bearer pillow

7. Color Them Surprised!

Looking for a louder gesture of love? Consider giving your dog a one-of-a-kind design with Pet Paint (totally safe, temporary, and non-toxic).

dog proposal idea

Once you’ve nailed the proposal, make sure to check out our post on adorable dog wedding attire so your pup can be a part of the big day!

What are your dog proposal ideas? Share your best ideas in the comments!

dog dressed as hillary clinton
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