7 Places to Get Free Dog Food for Low-Income Families

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Financial troubles are difficult for every member of your family – including your dog. In fact, if you really get painted into a financial corner, you may have trouble affording your pet’s food.

Fortunately, many non-profit groups and other organizations have programs designed to help owners in exactly these types of circumstances. Most of these resources are administered on a local level, so the specifics vary from one location to the next. You may need to do a little digging to discover what’s available in your area.

But, we’ll direct you toward some of the best places to start below. We’ll also explain a few other ways for low-income families to obtain other pet supplies and services for little or no money.

Unfortunately, We Can’t Help Ourselves

We hope that the resources and ideas listed below will help you in your search for free or low-cost dog food.

However, we cannot provide free food or financial assistance ourselves. Please do not contact us with these types of requests.

Common Sources for Free or Low-Cost Dog Food

A variety of organizations and businesses are willing to help low-income families feed their pets. Some of the most notable include:

1. Pet Shelters

Pet shelters often struggle to keep the animals under their care fed, but some of the most successful ones receive enough funding to provide food to needy families too. Some even establish pet-food banks!

Use this ASPCA resource to find shelters in your area.

2. Dog- or Pet-Oriented Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations come in a variety of flavors – they aren’t all shelters. Many non-profits have programs designed to help feed dogs that live with low-income families. For example, the Humane Society of the United States (related to, but different from, your local Humane Society Shelter) maintains a list of resources available to low-income dog and cat owners.

3. Veterinary Clinics

Some vets – particularly those in rural or impoverished areas – participate in charitable programs that provide free or low-cost dog food to families in need. Many will also provide reduced fees for spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and other services. Once again, the HSUS is here to help you find low-cost veterinary services.

4. Breed-Specific Organizations

Many breed advocacy groups and clubs provide assistance to low-income families. You’ll have to search for organizations that focus on your dog’s breed, but this AKC Parent Club List will make it easy to get started.

Also make sure to find breed advocacy groups online (even Facebook groups), as you may find locals who would gladly assist a fellow owner, even if that means shipping over food from another part of the country.

5. Pet Stores

Your local pet store may be willing to cut you a deal on your dog food bill if you explain your circumstances. Others may even be willing to let you barter services in exchange for dog food.

6. Religious Institutions

Churches, synagogues, mosques, and other religious institutions often provide assistance to low-income families, and this may include donating dog food.

You’re most likely to obtain assistance from your own religious institution, but many are willing to help anyone in need, regardless of religious affiliation.

7. Manufacturers

Some manufacturers offer free dog food samples – you simply need to write or call them and make a request. You won’t be able to feed your dog over the long-term with free samples, and you don’t want to be constantly changing your dog’s food (this can cause intestinal issues), but a few free trial-size bags of dog food in your cupboard may help out in a pinch.

8. Online Message Boards (Craigslist, etc.)

Whether they simply purchased too much food, had to rehome a dog, or purchased a bag of kibble that their dog didn’t like, people occasionally find themselves with surplus food and pet supplies on hand. These folks will often decide to simply give these items away, so it’s worth searching Craigslist’s “free” section and other online message boards.

You should obviously be very careful when doing so, as you won’t know the person making the donation. But if you’re truly in a bind, this may be a viable option.

Other Forms of Assistance for Low-Income Pet Owners

Food isn’t the only thing your dog needs. He’ll also need a bed, collar, leash, some toys, and other items. Fortunately, there are a few avenues by which you can often find low-cost or free versions of these supplies.

Your vet may be willing to provide services at reduced fees. Most vets go into the field of animal care because they love animals. This means that they’ll often be willing to work with you to ensure you can afford the care your pet needs. They may be willing to reduce the fees associated with various services or allow you to pay for services over time. Also check out our list of organizations that help pay for veterinary bills, as that may be another way you can cut down on the cost of your dog’s medical care.

Local pet stores – especially those of the mom-and-pop variety – may be willing to give discounts to people having trouble affording their pet’s needs. They may also be able to give you a heads up regarding upcoming sales, clearance events, or similar promotions.

Social media networks often give you the chance to speak with other dog owners and find unique opportunities. You can search for mentions of free dog supplies or send out a message or request to your friends and acquaintances. This is often a great way to acquire second-hand beds, crates, and similar items.

As with foods, some manufacturers will provide free samples – often in exchange for a review on Amazon, Yelp, or some other website. Don’t get too excited; manufacturers aren’t going to line up to send you a free crate or dog bed, but some may provide low-cost items (such as ID tags, collars, supplements, or grooming products) in exchange for your honest feedback about the product.

free dog food

Moral Support: Gathering Your Guts

It can be difficult to contact aid organizations or shelters to ask for help. Many people are embarrassed to ask for assistance and fear being judged. This leads many people to procrastinate – often at their pet’s expense. But don’t worry: It’s rarely as bad as you think it will be.

First of all, relatively few people decide to work in a non-profit or low-income assistance organization to dole out judgment; they go into such work because they love animals and want to help. They are typically warm, compassionate, and empathetic, and they’ll be happy to help in any way they can.

Additionally, the employees and staff at most non-profits and aid organizations have been trained to assist people in tough situations. They’ve assisted other owners in similar circumstances before and are taught techniques to help people without making them feel bad about their circumstances.

It’s usually best to rip off the Band-Aid quickly. So, go ahead and pick up the phone or visit one of these organizations in person. Chances are they’ll quickly put you at ease and, before you know it, they’ll be helping you obtain food for your dog.

Some people may feel better sending an email rather than speaking directly with the staff. That’s usually perfectly acceptable, and it may even be an easier method of communication for the staff. Don’t feel like you need to explain your life story in the first email – you simply need to make the connection and start the ball rolling.

For example, try something like this:

Hello. My name is ____________ and my family is currently experiencing some financial difficulties. We are doing everything we can to rectify the situation, but we are having trouble keeping our beloved family pet well-fed.

We were hoping that your organization may provide some type of assistance to families in situations like ours, or that you may be able to let us know about other local organizations that do.

We love our pet dearly and regret that we need to ask for help. We’d thoroughly appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Thank you for your time,


(Feel free to copy and paste the above passage.)

Add your contact information to the bottom and attach a photo of your family with the pet. Make sure that you are patient while awaiting a response. Most shelters and non-profits are woefully understaffed, so it can take them several days (perhaps even a week or more) to get back to you. This further illustrates the importance in reaching out for help early, before your situation becomes too dire.

Learn about a few things you can temporarily feed your pet if you run out of dog food.

As you can see, help is available in a variety of places. Start by investigating the links, recommendations, and resources listed above, but if those prove fruitless, you’ll need to expand your search.

Are you aware of any specific aid organizations or non-profit centers that provide assistance to low-income families? We’d love you to share any relevant information in the comments below. The info you provide may very well help a family going through some tough times to keep their beloved pet healthy, happy, and well-fed.

Please note: We are not ourselves able to provide assistance with food, as we do not sell dog food! We will not respond to requests for dog food as we are unable to send any. Please use the resources mentioned in the article.

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Ben Team

Ben is the managing editor for K9 of Mine and has spent most of his adult life working as a wildlife educator and animal-care professional. Ben’s had the chance to work with hundreds of different species, but his favorite animals have always been dogs. He currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his spoiled-rotten Rottweiler named J.B. Chances are, she’s currently giving him the eyes and begging to go to the park.

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  1. Orlando Blount Avatar
    Orlando Blount

    Need a big bag of dog food for my dogs adults dogs too two dogs

  2. Lisa Rico Avatar
    Lisa Rico

    Yes, I was wondering how can I get help getting dog food for my dog. N right now I’m don’t have no money to buy food for my dog. So I was wondering if I can get some help fir food for my dog. But I don’t git no transportation . I leave in a homeless shelter

  3. Jesus arbelo Avatar
    Jesus arbelo

    Social services just put me up in hotel and need help with dog food for my yorkie please 620)205-6124 please help me out

  4. Tim Avatar

    What’s the best way to potty train a puppy

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      There are several different approaches to house-training puppies, Tim. I have always leaned toward crate training, but some prefer to take the puppy pad approach instead.
      Best of luck!

  5. Tamie L. Hucks Avatar
    Tamie L. Hucks

    I have enjoyed reading this material. I am disabled and, I find myself I these very shoes. I have a beautiful Pit/Bully gray and white named, Princess Soxie Belle. I really hope, I can find help with her food and other vet
    needs. Sincerely, Tamie Hucks

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Best of luck in your search, Tamie!

  6. Lakita Evans Avatar
    Lakita Evans

    I have a black Labrador retriever I love him to death that’s my baby his name is Oreo

  7. Luz Avatar

    Trying to get free benefits for my dog food and disabled but it’s hard

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Luz. It certainly can be challenging, but we hope some of the resources listed above prove helpful.

  8. Sheila Lofton Avatar
    Sheila Lofton

    I’m low income I own a pomariana puppy I need help with food in medical assitane he is 7 yrs old

  9. Anna M Avatar
    Anna M

    A lot of these links are dead, especially at the Humane Society of the US. I am experiencing a financial hardship that will last a few weeks. My 5 dogs which include an Australian Terrier, a Beagle/Blue Heeler mix and 3 German Shepherds are eating every other day. This page was exciting at first, but the dead links were a huge disappointment. I live in a rural area so resources are limited. Our county doesn’t even have an animal shelter. Most of the back ass hillbillies around here will stand by and watch their own livestock starve to death. A neighbor just did that with a horse yesterday. So I guess that the dogs are going to have to do with eating every other day until the mechanics find out why my husbands air brakes on his semi are locking up and he can start making some daggone money. I don’t know any CDL driver who is going to haul a heavy load with no brakes. I wish that I had a fairy godmother to turn my chickens eggs into gold.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Anna.
      We’re sorry to hear about your situation, but we can’t control when charitable organizations end their programs or alter their sites (which breaks our links).

      We try to update this page as often as is feasible, but we are a small team who remains constantly busy managing the site.

      Best of luck!

    2. Shirley Avatar

      I would give away my animals to the shelter, even if there’s not a local one you can certainly find a shelter nearby. But just feeding them every other day is not healthy for them; you can’t support them so give them a shot at a real life where they aren’t suffering from good neglect. Sorry to be harsh, I too am without a job experiencing a financial crisis, but I’ll be damned if my 2 dogs EVER go without food- id sell off my belongings first! Just food for thought if you’re telling the truth and THAT bad off. Btw, call animal control and report animal abuse and neglect on your neighbors….this is just sad and gross that ppl look the other way. There’s always resources, quit expecting others to help especially if you can’t take care of innocent animals. Sorry not sorry.

  10. Jeffery Goines Avatar
    Jeffery Goines

    My name is Jeff I have two weeks before I get my check and I have no food or dog food for my little dog can you please help me

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Jeff. We’re sorry to hear about your situation, but there’s not much we can do ourselves.
      Try some of the tips provided in the article — we hope they help!

  11. Francis Bone Avatar
    Francis Bone

    I need to get some assistance for my pet! And it needs to be for food! He is a full German Shepherd and he eats twice a day and getting food is really hard and I really have a hard time with buying it! And I didn’t know that they have food stamps for dogs but I learned that they do and I’m trying to get food stamps for him

  12. Terry H. Avatar
    Terry H.

    Thanks for the “advice” but I find one of your last statements kind of funny as I’m sure 9 1/2 of 10 organizations , places , vets and such are going to say the very same thing…..
    “We don’t donate anything or we are not in the position to help, contact us again in six months “.

    A few yrs. Ago my husband lost his job and I’m a stay at home mom that does side jobs but not enough to pay the bills. Well I called every one but the state senator or president for help and wound up with ZERO help. They all had so many loop holes including it being the ‘county’ we live in, which is not really small yet all of the larger counties around us had all sorts of organizations to help. Even red cross turned us down so I am going to remain pessimistic and assume I will get absolutely ZERO assistance for my pets.
    It’s a nice thought but more like a big dream.

    Best Wishes
    To the people that night
    Get lucky …

  13. Rachel Avatar

    Are you Help me with my four-year-old pitbull I have nowhere to keep him in my heart breaks he’s under the ditch I need to find a home for him please help

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Rachel. We’re so sorry to hear that you’re in a tough spot.

      There’s not much we can do ourselves, but you may want to try Rehome by Adopt a Pet. Some of our other readers have found them helpful.

      Best of luck!

  14. Mary Avatar

    Can you help me with some pet food please

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Mary. Just check out some of the resources provided in the article.

  15. Kerrie Brooke Avatar
    Kerrie Brooke

    Hi I’m really struggling at the moment and free dog food would really help. Porsha is my world 5 months old around 20-25 kg and she is American bulldog…kind regards Kerrie xx

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Kerrie.
      There’s not much we can do ourselves, but try some of the resources listed in the article.
      Best of luck!

  16. Carol Allen Avatar
    Carol Allen

    Hello my name is Carol I live in Glasgow Kentucky I’ve ran a little short this month didn’t have no money to get my dog no dog food I have a sharpie in my baby where can I get free dog food and I don’t have no money right now what can I do

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Carol. Sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time. Just try some of the resources discussed in the article above.
      We’ve got our fingers crossed for you!

  17. Wilma Bowland Avatar
    Wilma Bowland

    Husband has been off work since March 27 hurt physical therapy for three weeks no money have two chauauhas and 1 rottweiler.need help with dog food any help is appreciated..thank you bless you.we live in west Virginia.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Wilma.
      We’re so sorry to hear about your struggles! Please inquire with some of the resources listed above — hopefully one will be able to help.
      Best of luck!

  18. Paul Babarbagallo Avatar
    Paul Babarbagallo

    I need some help feeding my dog time are to tough just curious where I can get some free dog food for my dog for a couple months please and thank you

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Paul. Sorry to hear you are going through a tough time.
      Try some of the suggestions discussed in the article and let us know if any prove helpful.
      Best of luck!

  19. Gail Coleman Avatar
    Gail Coleman

    I need help with feeding my puppy

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Gail. Sorry to hear about your struggles. Hopefully, one or more of the resources mentioned in the article will help.
      Best of luck!

  20. Keith Atnip Avatar
    Keith Atnip

    Would like get free dog food need help with animals
    running low in funds .

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Sorry to hear that, Keith. Try reaching out to some of those places we mention in the article.
      Best of luck!

  21. Leann Avatar

    Hi I’m trying to feed the homeless puppy’s and the older dogs if u wanna help u can donate or cashapp me so I can do so I can only do so much my cashapp is cuddlebugs95 and would love to give them homes as well

  22. Sphamandla Avatar

    Am looking for free dog food because I love dogs so much but I don’t have money to buy them I live in soweto at naledi

  23. Shannon Avatar

    I have seven puppies and five adult dogs and I need somewhere where I can get some free dog food for the next month or so because I’ve been out of work because of covid

  24. Lisa Avatar

    Hi I’m looking for any organization in need of free pet food and supplies for my pets in the state of hartford ct thanks

  25. Shannon Michelle Peters Avatar
    Shannon Michelle Peters

    I’m in need of puppy food and kitty food and kitty litter I’ve got 2 Chihuahuas they only eat the little bites I have 2 kittens I live in Lexington Kentucky if you can help I would greatly appreciate it so much just having hard financial struggles

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      So sorry to hear that, Shannon.
      Be sure to check out some of the resources provided in the article.
      Best of luck!

  26. P. Brandi Avatar
    P. Brandi

    For all you who need help with pet supplies. Craigslist is a good option. Look free. You can find everything there

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      You know, that’s actually a great point, P. Brandi.
      People must be careful when doing so and employ good common sense, but I’ve actually added that suggestion to the article.
      Thanks for the idea!

  27. Bridget Fournier Avatar
    Bridget Fournier

    Hi there I live in the West end barhaven area I’m not sure who I was dealing with before covid hit but I was getting free dog food delivered to me by a lady by the name of Joyce and barhaven things are very very tight for me right now I have a Bouvier day flown that I’m having a hard time feeding if somebody could call me back at 613-795-7824 it’d be greatly appreciated times are very very tough and my dog is like my child please call me back thank you

  28. theresa Lynn Euten Avatar
    theresa Lynn Euten

    We love playing with them,we treat them like our babies.
    I try with everything I can not to not let them go hunger.
    They are younglings

  29. Lwandile Magwaza Avatar
    Lwandile Magwaza

    I need dog ood donation please my community dogs are also in hunger the community struggles to buy them healthy food resulting to deaths in many puppies and dogs
    I wish you can really help …..Am also a young man whose determined to help stray dogs because some people seem them as bad animals and rabbis spread to me they are more than that they also need love like the other pets
    The donation could help Am located in South Africa in KZN place called Ulundi

  30. Linda Avatar

    We need a crate a puppy bed flea and tick supplies a lease

  31. Louise Hayes Avatar
    Louise Hayes

    I was wandering if u helped with dog and cat food

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Louise.
      We can’t help, but we’d recommend trying some of the tips provided in the article.
      Best of luck!

  32. Debbie Nixon Avatar
    Debbie Nixon

    I am disable and I have no money till next Friday I have no dog food or no cat food in the house I have 4 dogs and 2 cats I live in tunstall and I have no car and no pet food bank in stoke on trent please can you delivered me some free dog food and free cat food pate all jelly 1 big dog and 3 small dogs and 2cats for tomorrow I am on benefits 8 Persia walk tunstall

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      So sorry to hear about your struggles, Debbie.
      Just try some of the suggestions we share in the article.
      Best of luck!

  33. Tammy L Ashleyi Avatar
    Tammy L Ashleyi

    I have 3 dogs 2 cats need help with food for them I get ssi and it’s not much I don’t have a car and can’t drive I’m disabled I live in Adair Iowa please help

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Tammy.
      Sorry to hear about your challenges — just try implementing some of the tips explained in the article.
      Best of luck!

  34. Lonnia Baker Avatar
    Lonnia Baker

    I have 9 dogs and I am out of dog food you see I have no income because I lost my husband in a car crash he was our income and I ran out of dog food today I have 4 big dogs and 5 little dogs I had food for them up to now please tell me where I can get some food for my dogs

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Lonnia.
      Sorry to hear about your troubles, but you’ll just have to try some of the suggestions we share in the article.
      Best of luck!

  35. Nicole Bilby Avatar
    Nicole Bilby

    I have too dogs and I am getting very low in dog food and dog treats they have to be grain free because that is what I feed my dogs with please help me and send me a email my name is Nicole bilby and I have a English bulldog and shituz poodle and they are both my therapy dogs and I am also trying to get them registered because the previous owner that had them before me they lost all the paper work on them and I am dealing with this all on a fixed income

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Nicole.
      Sorry to hear about your challenges — just reach out to some of the resources we discuss above.
      Best of luck!

  36. Thomas Shelton Avatar
    Thomas Shelton

    We have 3 German Shephard pups

  37. Jonathan Mann Avatar
    Jonathan Mann

    I am a Navy Service Connected PTSD ,Anxiety Disorder ,Sleep disorder too. I am in the process of getting a Maltese for a therapy Dog ,But I have no income at all. Is there an organization out there for Us military families in need of pet food. Thank you very much.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Jonathan.
      We’re not aware of a specific organization that helps military families, but maybe one of our readers knows of one.

      Incidentally, I removed your phone number to protect your privacy.
      Best of luck!

  38. Christina M Russell Avatar
    Christina M Russell


    1. Jesus M.Quinones Avatar
      Jesus M.Quinones

      Hey guys me and my Lady just rescued a 7 weeks old blue brindle puppy female pitbull. We are doing our very best to keep her, also keep her healthy as well but we are struggling, going through real hard times, I’m a chronic congestion heart failure pcient, and y lady suffer from psquizoafective disorder., We are from miami Dade county if you guys please have som info about some pet assistance we’ll really appreciate your help thanks .

  39. Karen Chambers Avatar

    Right now, we are doing okay with providing good care for our 3 cats and dog Bella. I have donated to our local shelter and to ASPCA. We adopted Bella last March and she is an Angel! Our 3 cats are rescues to. The only struggle we have is vet bills. I took Bella to the vet for a wellness check after adopting her and she was pretty healthy except for dental issues. She had to have 1 extraction and another bonded. They cleaned her teeth and did a thorough examination. That visit wiped out my Care Credit. If you have any recommendations of lower cost vet care in NC , I would be grateful for any info you might have. Thank you.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Karen.
      Unfortunately, we don’t have any specific advice for low-cost vet care in North Carolina. But, we’d recommend contacting one of your local shelters and inquiring — they often have arrangements with local vets.
      You may also want to consider a pet health insurance plan.
      Best of luck!

  40. Gloria Munoz Avatar
    Gloria Munoz

    Need help with spaying a rescued kitten. My friend is handicapped and needs a pit bull spayed. We are also short on other supplies. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

  41. Amanda Bennefield Avatar
    Amanda Bennefield

    Hello I’m looking for food assistance for an 8 week old lab mix pup I took in and work has slowed down. Anything helps until work pics back up. Thank you

  42. Sharmaine R Singletary Avatar
    Sharmaine R Singletary

    I’m sending this because my wife and I are in a great bind. We came here from the north we are struggling alot we dearly in need for help here .we pay out more the 60 percent of income can u please help use

  43. Holly Lewis Avatar
    Holly Lewis

    I’m a mother of 2 girls in need of help with food for our fur baby’s

  44. Kathleen Moore Avatar
    Kathleen Moore

    In need help to get dog food and a dog house please.

  45. Robert Copp Avatar

    I have recently fallen on hard times trying to fix this problem quickly but I’m having a hard time feeding my 2 dogs boomer and rocco I will be starting a new job on Monday March 1st please help if able I live in Panama City Florida

  46. Amanda Reed Avatar
    Amanda Reed

    I have 4 dogs and I’m on SSI and I pay for everything when my husband don’t help and 2 the dogs I saved

  47. Rosh krip Avatar
    Rosh krip

    I want help in wet puppy food, thats all i can request and one or two t-shirt for him size 16

  48. Earline Stevens Avatar
    Earline Stevens

    I have a 3 year old German Shepherd mixed with Calli named Lola Bell she is my best friend and it’s very hard for me to be able to buy dog food I am permanently disabled and on benifts can someone please contact me and help me with dog food please

  49. Virginia lewis Avatar
    Virginia lewis

    Im singly person that 1mixed doghe16 years old then I give Pitt that is 2years old both dogo had since 2 days old but I need little help food for them my Pitt get sick if food has any green or carrot in it so have to buy two different kinds of food .but bill for house really high

  50. Crystal Parks Avatar
    Crystal Parks

    I have a Terrier poodle he’s 4 months old and I’m in need of clothes bed and food if someone to help me it would be a blessing thank you and God bless you

  51. Francisca vargas Avatar
    Francisca vargas

    I am disabled an dont have enough food for my dogs

  52. Paula Mitchell Avatar
    Paula Mitchell

    Thanks. It would be alot more convenient if you had maybe names of places that help me

    1. angela T bickelmeyer Avatar
      angela T bickelmeyer

      you get free dog food

  53. Genevieve Powell Avatar
    Genevieve Powell

    I need some dog food!!
    My deaf rescue is huge!!
    Hard to keep him feed with my other dog on social security. Thanks

  54. Victoria Rivas Avatar
    Victoria Rivas

    My little dog sweetie has passed away almost 2 months someone came and offered me a little dog my heart was not in it but I felt bad for this baby because I could see he had been abused so I ended up having to take him in for major surgery now they’re telling me he hast to be on a special diet and I cannot afford it I am a senior and on a fixed income I’m just wondering if there is a place that can help people like me to Buy this special food for this little dog he needs to be on Royal Canin sos For the rest of his life because his surgery was bladder stones urethra blockage if I can’t get help I am going to have to surrender or find another home it breaks my heart can someone help me a little for the dog food

  55. Linda Artis Avatar
    Linda Artis

    I am not working at this moment need help feeding my German Shepherd puppy

  56. Cynthia Edwards Avatar
    Cynthia Edwards

    I need help with dog and cat food.

  57. Arlene Avatar

    My dog Luca is 13 tore his acl needs operation I’m on SS and I just can’t afford it could anyone help me find somewhere at low dis punts to help me they wanted 2000 I just do not have that! Help please

  58. Randy Collins Avatar

    My girlfriend’s mom passed and we were left six dogs.i have been in contact with the local pound to surrender two of the six so I’m ight be able to feed the rest. I would like to keep them all together but at times I can’t afford to feed us besides the animals. I have been to the pound many times but they say they will be by and help but never show.what do I do I’m broke and disabled and I’m out of ideals.please send any information or help.

  59. Learne scott Avatar

    I can’t get dog food I’m on monthly payments

  60. Rosa Muniz Avatar
    Rosa Muniz

    I am homeless ( I am staying with friends and relatives until I find a place ) and need some help with my two dogs and 2 cats. Can you please help me whole I get on my feet again?

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      So sorry to hear you’re having trouble, Rosa. Definitely give some of the recommendations discussed above a try.
      We’re rooting for you and your pets! Let us know how things go.

  61. Ashlyn Vasquez Avatar
    Ashlyn Vasquez

    We are in need of food we have three dogs My husband and I just lost our job and we have five kids as well so we are very much in need of dog food please somebody help

  62. Kimberly Stover Avatar
    Kimberly Stover

    I have 2 big dogs and I’m needing help getting food for them. My family and I ran into some financial issues and not only can I not afford dog food but were running out of food ourselves, and were trying to find another place to live due to r current health conditions and no dogs allowed where we live so if anyone in the Thornton, Colorado area that can help us with dog food and to find another place to live on the ground level, plz email me back thank u for your time and effort

  63. Mary Haynes Avatar

    Please can you help uss with free dog food we are located at Branson get away inn room 319 Branson Missouri

  64. Eulene Barnhart Avatar
    Eulene Barnhart

    I need help with food for my cat and my medical dog I am on very tight income and this month been hard , my 15 yr old chow died then my husband passed away at the end of April, and my car blew up, so now I am just praying for a blessing, I thank you for taking the time to read this, have a Blessed day

  65. Lee Macaulay Avatar
    Lee Macaulay

    I wrote to Purina when thru digging I found out they distribute my brand thru Tractor supply, it is Retreiver hi pro, 26/17 meat first 23 for 50 #. Anyhow Purina will send you a great coupon once a month, for about $50.00 for pro-plan , you pay only the tax. Then you returm it to get 2 50 lb bags of yhe retreiver. Most employees let you do yhis. I have 9 rescues, 71 yrs old. I also help clean kennels at humane society, which I do even if not hard tikes all your suggestion good. I live on dirt road where some of these get dropped . I also mix rice and chicken parts if desperate. Your sughestions good. Do not give up your pets. They would NOT GIVE UP ON YOU. Highly recommend book “a cry unheard, the medical consequences of lonliness”should be mandatory reading. Think upu can purchase used at thrift books. Lastly, if not in your will, put it there. Ghandi said you can judge a country by how they treat their pets. Thanks Lee

  66. Denise Reymann Avatar
    Denise Reymann

    Please if you can help. I live in Trenton Fl n I’m out of work n money
    I’m in need of some help with cat n dog food . I have some outside kitties which I have been feeding but out of work at moment n I have two dogs which are in need of food . I’m job hunting. Please if you can help
    You can reach me at 352 949 2277

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Denise. I hope some of the resources above will prove helpful.
      I edited your email address to protect you from the bots.
      Best of luck.

  67. Anthony Jordan Avatar
    Anthony Jordan

    I’ve tried calling a no kill / rescue shelter to see if their know of a place we could receive help, when they asked how many pets we have, I hung up, in fear of thinking they would send animal control out. I pray for my family that doesn’t happen, ” to receive help, cuts down on theft, and no one will remove any, ANY! of my pets without a war on their hands” We Love Them All! I recently discovered that you have to be a millionaire to receive a 501 C 3.

  68. Anthony Jordan Avatar
    Anthony Jordan

    I’ve tried calling a no kill / rescue shelter to see if their know of a place we could receive help, when they asked how many pets we have, I hung up, in fear of thinking they would send animal control out. I pray for my family that doesn’t happen, ” to receive help, cuts down on theft, and no one will remove any, ANY! of my pets without a war on their hands” We Love Them All! I recently discovered that you have to be a millionaire to receive a 501 C 3.

  69. John Hazelton Avatar
    John Hazelton

    We own 3 rescue dogs. We have been rescuing of dogs and cats for over 20 years. Now my livelihood is gone my moving and delivery business is how i feed family and 4 legged fur friends. Weve never asked for anything from anyone. Wed like to know how we could get some dog food for low income families. We live in pompano beach. Our dogs are 1 rescue doberman Caden who came to us heartworm positive we paid out of our pockets when we had the truck. The second dog Ellen we found at an abandoned house lying in a mud puddle in the rain. Her eyes were not even open. We love her shes 10 years old now. Our third dog was a dog we took in from a woman Josie is her name Chihuahua mix. The woman had no place to live. We are in need of dog food. We also have 1 rescue kitten. She Grace came from a feral colony of 30 cats. Shes a beauty. She could use some cat food too. Thank you very much. John and Nanette

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, John. I removed your address and telephone number for your privacy’s sake. If anyone can help you out, they can just reply to your message here.
      Best of luck!

  70. John Hazelton Avatar
    John Hazelton

    We own 3 rescue dogs. We have been rescuing of dogs and cats for over 20 years. Now my livelihood is gone my moving and delivery business is how i feed family and 4 legged fur friends. Weve never asked for anything from anyone. Wed like to know how we could get some dog food for low income families. We live in pompano beach. Our dogs are 1 rescue doberman Caden who came to us heartworm positive we paid out of our pockets when we had the truck. The second dog Ellen we found at an abandoned house lying in a mud puddle in the rain. Her eyes were not even open. We love her shes 10 years old now. Our third dog was a dog we took in from a woman Josie is her name Chihuahua mix. The woman had no place to live. We are in need of dog food. We also have 1 rescue kitten. She Grace came from a feral colony of 30 cats. Shes a beauty. She could use some cat food too. Thank you very much. John and Nanette

  71. Eulene Barnhart Avatar
    Eulene Barnhart

    I am in a financial needs for my maiffit dog and my cat just had surgery and my SSI they cut again so it’s been hard this month, help please… Elyria Ohio

  72. Amy Hartford Avatar
    Amy Hartford

    Hi we took in a Chocolate Lab 9 yrs .ago only was supposed to be a month or so but so happy to have him apart of the family the only thing is I can’t work and he has seizures which he take s med’s for I need to see if I can get any help with his meds or food God bless you for all your help and support thank you Behrs mom Amy

  73. Pam witcher Avatar
    Pam witcher

    I think this is great. I always need help with dog food .Vet bills are expensive thank you

  74. Timcollins Avatar

    Seems like I keep hitting the wall that I see all these things on here on the website on Google food for cat and dog for people with low income which like me I’m on SSI disability food stamps with they keep cutting back down and I have been using my food to feed my animals cuz I can’t really afford it my animals are fixed for set one I got a new one that came into family that was stranded and I took her in she’s going to get ready to be fixed your before she goes in heat I don’t want no kittens and I have a male to 2 male animals cat and male dog female dog female cat and I live in Arizona and San Manuel small town and I’ve been trying to find some help with food just to get me by right now until I can get things situated on how have the resources going to be

  75. Arline Avatar

    Hello everyone i am Arline from Bulacan ,Philippines,my pets need foods

  76. Regina Avatar

    Need help dogfood

  77. Susan Asbury Avatar
    Susan Asbury

    I need help with my dog and cats I’m in financial difficulties at this time of my life and I’d cwant to get rid of animals i love them so much i have one dog an American bulldog and 4 cats please help

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hi, Susan. So sorry to hear about your troubles. Try reaching out to some of the resources we mentioned in the article.
      Best of luck!

  78. Dharmendra Singh Avatar

    Please sir my income is Low please give me a free dog food

  79. Donna Strunk Avatar
    Donna Strunk

    hi my name is Donna I have three dogs that I love very much they literally are my best friends and companions continuously I recently lost my job and I’m desperately trying to get another one I’m asking for help please and feeding my dogs and once I am back on my feet I promise I will donate to help others this is an awful situation when you have nothing but what little I have I share with them because they are my world those of you that have animals no they’re your family and your best friends the look in their eyes

  80. Heather Avatar

    Hello. My name is _heather_and my family is currently experiencing some financial difficulties. We are doing everything we can to rectify the situation, but we are having trouble keeping our beloved family pet well-fed.

    We were hoping that your organization may provide some type of assistance to families in situations like ours, or that you may be able to let us know about other local organizations that do.

    We love our pet dearly and regret that we need to ask for help. We’d thoroughly appreciate any assistance you can provide.

    Thank you for your time, The Mcfalls family

  81. Ruth Ann Avatar
    Ruth Ann

    Helllo im in need of dog food if i can make an appointment with you all thank you

  82. Kelly a Wright Avatar
    Kelly a Wright

    Hi my name Kelly wright I have a dog named Reeses she is sick will not eat I need to help her needs medical visit and medicine is expensive so I hope you all can help me to make my dog better for our family cuz I got a little girl that 6 that’s in love with my little one dogs she’s only 5 months

  83. Sarah Avatar

    I am trying to find help to feed my two dogs are service dogs I have no income and we will not not expecting one of our service starts to die of old age seeing if I can get help for us for dog food Tooele County

  84. Mary Avatar

    This month has been really hard and its a week or two before I could get some dog food barley got by with the stuff we need so I need some help with dog food please to get me by in Pueblo co

  85. Herman Johnson Avatar

    I needed a Help , my older brother have a female dog and feeds her sometimes, he got a hard time buying dog foods but he crying that he Love his Dog so much, can’t afford it too much rent Bill’s and house rent goes up, Please I’m Begging you to help me so i can feeds her foods every day , Sobbing !!!!!!!

  86. Wanda Avatar

    My neighbor left her dog when moving. I’m not working.can you send samples of dog food to us. Thankyou.

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      We don’t sell dog food, we don’t have any to send. This is an informational post only.

  87. LouAnne Bowlby Avatar

    im looking for vhelp with dog food

  88. Josefa Sanchez Avatar
    Josefa Sanchez

    I’m on a fixed income and I have 5 little dogs and definitely need some food for thank, Thank you

  89. Victoria Rivas Avatar
    Victoria Rivas

    Yes I’ve been searching for somewhere to help me get dog food I am on a fixed income I’m a senior Are used to buy it from a place that was called pet depot people would give donations of dog food and charges very little for it please help

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Hey Victoria – try some of the places we listed in the article! There are definitely resources out there for owners on a fixed income. Shelters are a good place to start as they get a lot of dog food donations and can’t always even use all the food donations they get.

    2. Victoria Rivas Avatar
      Victoria Rivas

      Thank you so much I will try the shelters

      1. Jean Kurniawan Avatar
        Jean Kurniawan

        Just a FYI: I live in the SW Florida area. There are no vets in this area that will give you the time of day at a discount let alone free. I don’t know of any organizations to help with food either.
        It’s so sad because you would think a vets love for animals and their well-being would out-weigh the love of money.
        I would love to start an organization in my area, any suggestions?

  90. Irmadlay Avatar

    Where can i get free dog food .? please

  91. Gloria L Alexander Avatar
    Gloria L Alexander

    Low-income family need help feeding dog as soon as possible

  92. Taylor duncan Avatar
    Taylor duncan

    I have no income i only have a bridge card my dog ranout of dog food and she needs some foof for the last couple days ive been feeding her human food

  93. Sandra walker Avatar
    Sandra walker

    Thank you very much for your help

  94. Annette Strong Avatar
    Annette Strong

    My name is Annette Gibson , Strong,i stared out with 2 dogs,a red Afghan,and a small house ,theopy,companion dog,Chloe and chocolate my family and relief.well chocolate waits 5yrs to get pregnant by a rock Shepard,i7she had 2died,gave away 1 and got stuck with 3grandbabies,i tried to give them away couldn’t ,So now I have 4large dogs 1small,i feed my loves everyday but it would be a blessing if I could receive free dog food.it would be greatly appreciated,im on fixed income.But I Love my dogs,their 3yrs old. Now and they eat more.u would Appreciate any help you can assist us with.God Bless,Annette Gibson Strong

  95. frances j brown Avatar
    frances j brown

    where can i get free dog food

  96. Brenda Louis Avatar
    Brenda Louis

    Can you help us with pet food on a low income

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Hi Brenda – this article is intended to give some options regarding how to get free or discounted dog food, but we ourselves aren’t able to help. Good luck!

  97. Deborah A Uselton Avatar
    Deborah A Uselton

    Can y’all help me with free dog food and supplies I’m on a fixed income were senior citisons.thank you god bless you..

  98. Susanne Avatar

    For the love of animals

  99. Helen Avatar

    The best thing you can do for your pet can also be the worst thing you do. While a proper homemade diet can be very beneficial for dogs, many pet owners don’t know how to prepare a meal that has all the nutrients dogs need to be healthy. Even some veterinarians aren’t skilled enough to give good advice on this manner. What does this mean for the pet owner? Lots and lots of research.

    You need to research the types of nutrients your dog needs based on breed, age, lifestyle, and other criteria. This can take a long time, but can result in the healthiest food your dog has ever eaten.

  100. Julia Brown Avatar
    Julia Brown

    Recently my husband and I have been experiencing financial difficulties. My husband had to quit his job. My husband has COPD and is on oxygen.
    He’s receiving disability. There’s a big difference in our monthly income now. I’m 55 I have been looking for work to help with our situation after years of not working. We have 3cats and a dog we consider them our children. We don’t have children of our own. We doing the best we can for our animals right now but we can’t them what they deserve now. We refuse to give them up their such a big part of our hearts and lives.
    Can you please refer me to some places that can help me with my situation. Thank you and God bless you and your family. .

  101. Debra Avatar

    I live in decatur Ga with 5 kitten help Ruth food

  102. Anna MILLER Avatar
    Anna MILLER

    I have a cat who was left by its owner. She had kittens and now their about2-3 months old. I’ve been feeding them but it’s getting tough. I need help to feed them . I’m on disability and I already have a small dog to feed. If anyone is in the Cleveland Oh.

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Anna, I removed your e-mail address, but thank you for the comment.

  103. Joni Bretschneider Avatar
    Joni Bretschneider

    My son is currently out of work (a temporary situation ). He is needing some emergency help with food for his boxer/pit mix. My sons landlord died,and my son Micah saved him from being put down.Please help!

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