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Mobile Dog Grooming Prices

Is your mutt in need of a makeover? Before you head out the door, it’s worth considering the most convenient pet grooming innovation since the dog Flowbee: mobile dog grooming!

More and more owners are opting to avoid the hassle of taking their dog to be groomed, which can make for happier pooch parents and canine companions. It’s natural to wonder how much mobile dog grooming costs and ponder whether it would make a good fit for your furball.  

We’ll explain this and give you a full breakdown on mobile dog grooming businesses below so that you can make the right choice for your four-footer. 

Key Takeaways: How Much Does Mobile Dog Grooming Cost?

  • Mobile dog grooming is just like regular dog grooming, except that the groomer comes to you! This prevents you from having to load up the pooch and drive over to a typical brick-and-mortar grooming shop.
  • Mobile dog grooming usually costs a little bit more than traditional grooming. Typically, prices for a mobile grooming session will cost between about $50 and $110.
  • You’ll need to consider a few different things when trying to determine if mobile dog grooming is the best option for your pooch. This includes everything from your dog’s reaction to car rides to your schedule to the area in which you live.

What Is Mobile Dog Grooming, Exactly?

Mobile dog grooming is essentially like traditional grooming, except that the groomer comes to you, rather than you having to travel to him or her.

Usually, the groomer will come to your home, but some mobile dog groomers may be willing to travel to your place of work or some other convenient location.

Most mobile dog-grooming professionals will drive specially equipped vans or trucks, which contain all of the tools and equipment needed to fancy up Fido. These mobile dog grooming vehicles usually contain generators to supply electricity and water tanks for the H2O needed, but some may need access to an extension cord, a hose, or both.

You may also be able to find mobile dog groomers who will bathe, brush, and trim your pet in your bathroom or backyard (weather permitting). This is more common among mobile groomers who’re just starting out or those who just provide mobile grooming services as a side hustle.

The primary benefit of using mobile dog groomers is convenience — you don’t have to load up the pooch and drive over to a specific location. Most dog owners will appreciate this, but it can be especially helpful for owners who have trouble getting around, those who have reactive or anxious dogs, and in some other cases (more on this in a bit).

Dog mobile grooming costs

How Much Does Mobile Dog Grooming Cost?

Before ordering a bath for your best buddy, make sure mobile dog grooming fits within your budget, as it will likely cost a bit more than a standard grooming session. 

Typically, a basic mobile grooming package will cost anywhere from $50 to $110, depending on a variety of factors. By contrast, an average grooming session is priced at about $40 to $100. 

Note that neither of these prices include the 15 to 20% dog groomer tip that most owners like to include.  

What Factors Influence the Cost of Mobile Dog Grooming?

The price of your hound’s new hairdo will vary based on a number of key factors. You’ll need to call your potential groomer for an accurate quote, but here are just a few of the items that may make mobile dog grooming more or less expensive: 

  • Services: As with any groomer, the more services rendered, the greater the cost of the services. Some common grooming services you may need to inquire about include a full bath, blow-dry, haircut, nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, removing tear stains, and providing your canine with some dog deorant spray
  • Size: In the dog world, bigger is sometimes better, but most of the time, it just means everything is more expensive. Grooming is no exception — a gentle giant is going to have a heftier grooming bill than a pint-sized pooch. 
  • Breed: Some dogs like the Komondor or Bichon Frise have a more complicated coat type that takes more training (not to mention time) to complete than dogs with low-maintenance coats like pit bulls. Certain breeds also require more frequent grooming than others. 
  • Temperament: If your dog is a cool customer, he may get a cheaper rate than a pooch who may put up more of a fuss. It’s important to be honest and upfront with your groomer about your dog’s true feelings towards grooming so that he or she can keep themselves and your furry friend safe throughout the appointment. 
  • Age: Some groomers will charge more for puppies than adult dogs. Senior dogs or pups with special needs can also ring up a bigger bill. 
  • Regional Average: As with traditional grooming, mobile groomers set their rates relative to their area. Hence, the average mobile grooming rate for care providers in NYC (which usually starts around $60 per dog) is much higher than the average rate in Iowa (which starts around $30 per dog). 
  • Location and Travel Time: If you’re in the middle of the city, you’ll have a lot more options for mobile dog groomers than those who live out in the country. Keep in mind that you may also have to budget extra for travel time outside of your mobile groomer’s usual radius. 
  • Multi-pet Households: There could be a pricing break for homes with multiple furry friends. Some dog groomers may also be equipped to groom cats, so be sure to inquire with your mobile groomer. 

Is Mobile Grooming Right for You and Your Pet? 

Is mobile grooming worth it

Mobile dog grooming can make a great pick for some furry friends and a less than ideal scenario for others. Here are some basic questions to help you narrow down whether or not mobile grooming is the right choice for you and your canine companion. 

  • Are you willing to budget a little extra for convenience? In many cases, mobile pet grooming is more expensive than traditional grooming, but it’s obviously more convenient too. This is worth it to many pet owners, but if your dog needs frequent grooming, these extra costs can add up quickly. 
  • Can you transport your pooch safely? Pet owners who may not have a safe way to transport their dogs to the groomer may only have the option of mobile or DIY grooming services. Alternatively, if your dog enjoys an outing or going on car rides, it may make sense to stick with a traditional groomer. 
  • Does your dog enjoy going to the groomers? Some pups truly love their groomers, so it’s worth taking this into account if your best buddy has bonded with his stylist. You can also ask your groomer if they make any house calls. 
  • Where does your furry friend feel most comfortable? Mobile grooming may be more approachable for puppies who aren’t familiar with a professional groom. You’ll still need to make sure your furry friend has all of his necessary vaccinations before choosing a mobile or traditional grooming service. 
  • What is more convenient for you? If you have to take time off work to run to the grooming facility with your pooch, it may make sense to fork over the extra payment for at-home services.  
  • Any COVID/Flu Season Concerns? Be sure to bring up any concerns with any potential mobile groomer to see how they might be able to accommodate their services. 
  • Do you have multiple pets? If you have more than one furry friend, it may be easier to find a mobile dog groomer if you schedule their appointments together. You might also get a price break as an additional incentive. 
  • Do you have an accessible bathing tub station? You’ll need to make sure you have space to accommodate your mobile groomer’s set up. This could include power or water hookups, though every groomer is different, so be sure to inquire with any potential groomer before booking your first service. 
Can You Just Groom Your Own Dog Instead?

If the prices associated with mobile dog grooming seem a bit too steep for your budget, you may want to consider learning to groom your dog yourself!

You’ll need to learn a bit about some of the most common canine hairstyles, and you’ll obviously need to purchase some dog grooming equipment, but many owners have found that grooming can be a fun way to bond with their pooch!


Mobile dog grooming can provide convenient grooming services for plenty of pooches. While it’s not the best pick for every dog, it’s certainly worth considering. 

Have you ever used a mobile groomer? Does your best buddy enjoy bath time? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below! 

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