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LED Light Up Dog Collars: Ultimate Visibility

LED light up dog collars can make romping around at night safe as well as fun!

Whether you’re out on a family summer camping trip, or just taking a quick night-time stroll around the neighborhood, light up collars can help keep your canine safe and visible even in darkness.

Why LED Dog Collars Rock

LED light up dog collars are handy for a number of reasons, such as:

Keep Track Of Your Pooch at Night. LED dog collars are fantastic for keeping track of your dog at night. While you may not need to see your pooch glowing around in your backyard, they’re great for many outdoor situations, such as impromptu trips to the beach at night or camping in the woods. Instead of fretting over where Fido ran off to, you can keep an eye on his glowing, wiggly butt as he runs around.

Keep Your Dog Visible to Motorists. At night it’ll be pretty tough for motorists to see dogs darting out in the middle of the streets. LED light up collars make it easy for drivers to see your pooch and can go a long way to preventing accidents.

Illuminates Your Path. LED collars are also handy for illuminating a dark path while you walk with your pooch. Rather than holding onto a flashlight, your dog’s collar can glow to show bumps in the sidewalk or roots in the woods, helping to reduce tripping or falling.

Easier to Pick Up Nighttime Poop. Lastly, trying to hold on to your dog’s leash and your phone (with flashlight mode enabled), all while fumbling with a dog poop bag isn’t any fun. Your dog’s collar can shed enough light to give you a spare hand and make picking up poop that much easier.

Things to Consider in an LED Dog Collar

Before you purchase an LED dog collar, there are a few different features you may want to consider when shopping:

Style and Design. LED dog collars come in a few different styles – some collar have LED strips that surround the entire collar, while other units have LED lights only on certain sections of the collar. Having a 360 light design may or may not be important to you.

Durability and Quality. LED dog collars can range in terms of quality. You’ll likely want a durable, high-quality collar that will be able to last past just a few walks. Also keep in mind that whenever you buy something with electrical components, it’s better to spend a bit extra, as cheaper units tend to have more electrical failures and won’t last as long.

Brightness. All the units we cover in this article are considered appropriately bright. If you shop elsewhere, make sure to test out the collar’s brightness to make sure it’s adequate – a dull light up collar isn’t much fun or very useful.

Battery. Most of the LED glow dog collars listed here use a USB re-chargable battery, but some use coin batteries as well. Re-chargable batteries are convienent and environmentally friendly, but coin batteries can often hold a charge much londer.

Waterproof. If you live in an area where the climate is frequently wet and it rains often, make sure to get an LED dog collar that is waterproof. No units will be completely waterproof to the point where they’ll withstand being submerged in water, but some are at least water resistant enough to hold up in light rain.

Colors. LED light up dog collars often come in several colors for you to choose from, so pick a shade that will match your canine!

Adjusting and Resizing. LED dog collars can be adjusted a few different ways. Some can be resized by sliding the resizing buckle (same as traditional collars). Other units require the owner to cut a piece of LED cord to an appropriate neck length. If you plan on using the same collar on multiple dogs, you may want to seek out an adjustable option.

Best LED Dog Collars: Our Top Picks

1. Illumiseen LED Dog Collar


PROS: Owners adore this LED collar – they note that it’s fashion forward and remarkably bright. Users are also very happy with the customer service – they respond quickly and help out with any issues.

CONS: These collars seem to run a bit large, and aren’t easily adjustable, so make sure to measure carefully for proper sizing. Owners are also disappointed that these collars aren’t waterproof and don’t hold up in rain.

2. Bseen LED Dog Collar

PROS: Owners appreciate how bright this color is, and many owners choose to double wrap the collar rather than cut it to a smaller size. It’s also celebrated for many due to its affordability.

CONS: There is very little criticism surrounding this collar – only issue may be that some are surprised by design.

3. Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar

About: This collar prides itself on its 360 degree illumination (as opposed to only have the collar being lit up). This collar’s LED strip also fits through the collar’s sizing clips, making it easy to resize without worry.


PROS: Owners can’t get over how bright and durable these LED light up collars are (and that they featured a 360 design for full light up coverage). Also recognized for stellar customer service.

CONS: There aren’t many cons to this collar – one owner notes that her dog was able to turn off the collar when scratching himself, but this doesn’t seem too common .



  • Offers 3 light up modes:  continuous light, fast blinking light, or slow blinking light
  • USB rechargeable battery that 7-8 hours per 2 hour charge
  • Available only in blue color
  • Comes in 2 sizes, Medium and Large

PROS: Owners appreciate the durable design and are especially well-liked for camping. Owners love the easy micro USB charging, which can even be done in most cars with the right hook ups.

CONS: Some owners have issues with the charging plug over time – apparently the charging receptacle. Luckily this doesn’t seem to happen for all users, but it’s something to be aware of.

5. 5 Pack Waterproof LED Dog Collar Clip


  • Features 5 easy-to-use LED clip lights that can be used on your dog’s collar (as well as other items)
  • Comes with 2 modes: glow and flash
  • Battery-powered units (coin battery)
  • Comes with five colors, orange, green, white, blue, purple.

PROS: Owners like how easy to use these clips are and how long they last – one owner reports the light is still powered after 2 months of use!

CONS: A few owners find that the clips come off after a while, but this seems like a relatively rare compliant.

Our Favorite: Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar

Why It’s Our Top Pick? We love the Blazin’ LED collar because of it’s 360 light design and impressive quality.

While we like the Blazin’s Safety LED collar best, really all the units we reviewed here are great options, so simply choose the style you like best!


Have you ever used an LED dog collar? What’s your favorite reason for using one? Share in the comments!

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