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two-way dog camera

Treat-dispensing cameras are a great way to interact with your dog and give her a little love when you are away.

While an electronic display and treat slinger will never replace in-person attention, these tools can help keep you and your dog happier while you are separated!

Read about five of the best treat-dispensing cameras below, or scroll down to learn a few other important reasons you should consider adding one of these neat devices to your family.

Quick Picks: Five Best Treat-Dispensing Dog Cameras

  • #1 PetCube Bites 2 [Best Overall Treat-Dispensing Dog Camera]1080p HD wide-angle camera with full-duplex two-way audio plus the ability to toss treats at scheduled times and varying distances. Works with most treats, is Alexa-enabled, and allows you to share your dog’s stream with family and friends. Bark alerts and other security features available with monthly subscription.
  • #2 Furbo Dog Camera [Second-Best Treat-Dispensing Dog Camera] — 1080p HD free-standing camera featuring two-way chat, treat-tossing abilities, and an extra wide-angle lens that also has night-vision and 4x zoom. Bark alerts, human identification, and selfie photos available with monthly subscription.
  • #3 Petzi Treat Cam [Best Budget-Friendly Treat-Dispensing Dog Camera] — A budget-friendly, wall-mountable camera that lets you watch, speak to, and toss out treats for your pup while away.

Best Treat-Dispensing Dog Cameras

There are a variety of different treat-dispensing pet cameras on the market, but the ones listed below are clearly the best options available.

1. Petcube Bites 2

Best Overall Treat-Dispensing Dog Camera

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Petcube Bites 2

Petcube Bites 2

Stylishly modern pet camera full of bells & whistles

1080p HD wide-angle camera with full-duplex two-way audio plus the ability to toss treats at scheduled times and varying distances.

About: The Petcube Bites 2 Dog Camera is the latest and greatest version of Petcube’s line of pet monitoring cameras.

The Petcube lets you keep an eye on your pooch while you’re out, and lets you dispense treats with the tap of a button on the Petcube companion smartphone app.

Note: Petcube gave us a free camera to review so we could check it out in person. Our complete review of Petcube Bites 2 is detailed here – check it out for the full scoop!

Having used PetCube Bites 2 myself, I can attest to the fantastic camera quality and the immense joy received by tossing treats to my four-legged buddy when I felt guilty for leaving him all his lonesome.


Key notable features of the Petcube Bites 2 include:

  • Fling your dog’s treat across varying distances depending on the strength of your swipe.
  • Set up automated treat-dispensing times to ensure your doggo gets a regular schedule of goodies throughout the day.
  • Two-way audio to talk to your pup using full-duplex sound, 4-microphone array, and a speaker bar for crisp and clear audio that’s phone-call-level quality.
  • Share your dog’s live feed with friends and family so they can keep an eye on your pooch too! You can even share your stream with the general public (or keep it totally private).
  • Compatible with most treats and kibble. The Petcube is designed to work with a variety of different-sized treats and kibble – no need to worry about buying specially-sized treats!
  • 1080P HD video with wide-angle. Uses 160 degree wide-angle lens, 4x digital zoom, and includes night mode so you can see your pup even when the lights are low.
  • Alexa-compatibility built-in so you can use the Petcube to play music to your pup or order a fresh batch of treats.

When you subscribe to Petcube’s Petcare subscription (for an added monthly fee), you can also use the device to automatically detect humans in the home for security purposes or set up a bark alert that will notify you when your pooch is barking up a storm.


  • Highest audio and video quality we’ve seen in a pet camera
  • You can fling treats varying distances
  • Live feed is sharable with friends and family
  • Super easy to set up (especially compared to other pet cameras)
  • Works on 5GHz or 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks 


  • Subscription required to access some key functions

2. Furbo Dog Camera

Second Best Treat-Dispensing Dog Camera

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Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Compatible with Alexa (As Seen On Ellen)

Furbo Dog Camera

Uniquely-designed feature-packed pet camera

Features a 1080p HD free-standing camera with a two-way chat and treat-tossing abilities.It has also a nigh-vision camera to monitor your pet on your phone day and night.

About: The Furbo Dog Camera is another top-of-the-line pet camera designed to dispense treats and keep a watchful eye over your pooch.


  • Camera boasts a wide lens (160 degrees) and provides night vision capabilities for viewing your pet at night, as well as 4x optical zoom.
  • Comes with a microphone and speaker, which enables two-way communication with your pet.
  • Compatible with Alexa’s Echo or Dot, making it even easier to keep your dog stimulated.
  • You can use this camera with any treats you like, as long as they are about 0.4 inches in diameter or smaller.
  • Several features are only accessible with a paid subscription. For example, the bark alert (which detects the sound of your dog barking and sends a signal to your phone) and the ability to automatically detect the presence of people (be they intruders or dog walkers) are features only available to subscription members.
  • Gives you the unique ability to take selfies of your dog automatically when it detects your dog looking straight into the camera! But again, this feature is only available to subscription members.


  • Very wide lens makes it easy to monitor your pet
  • Night-vision capabilities are helpful for monitoring your pet in dark rooms
  • Compatible with Alexa’s Echo and Dot
  • Can be set to take selfies automatically


  • Subscription required for using several key functions
  • Some owners complained that the app was tricky to use
  • Connectivity problems seem pretty common

3. Petzi Treat Cam

Best Budget-Friendly Treat-Dispensing Dog Camera

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Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

Petzi Treat Cam

Budget-friendly pet camera

This affordable, wall-mountable unit features a camera and a speaker that lets you watch, speak and treat your pet from anywhere.

About: The Petzi Treat Cam is a simple, no-frills pet camera and treat dispenser that allows you to quickly and easily interact with your pet while you aren’t home.

Designed to provide you with a way to see or speak to your pet, as well as snap a photo or dispense a treat, the Petzi Treat Cam will help you monitor and manage your dog from afar.


  • This camera is a wall-mountable unit, which makes installation a snap.
  • It comes with both a camera and a speaker, thereby enabling you to see and speak to your pet.
  • A treat dispenser is also built into the product, which gives you the chance to reward your pet’s good behavior.
  • Unlike some other treat dispensers, which require you to use a specific type of treat, you can use any quarter-sized treat you like with the Petzi.
  • This camera is accessible via your smartphone or tablet, and multiple people can log on at the same time to watch your pup in action.
  • Designed to work with Petzi’s social network, so you can show off your pup to friends and family.
  • You can take adorable doggo snapshots with the Petzi.


  • Works with a variety of treat types
  • Owners praised the camera’s quality
  • Attractive unit that won’t be an eyesore in your home
  • Very easy to install
  • Customer service department earned high marks from owners


  • Connectivity issues seem relatively common
  • You can’t view images or operate the camera from a desktop computer (you must use a tablet or smartphone)

4. Pawbo Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

Best Treat-Dispensing Pet Camera for Friends and Family to Enjoy

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Pawbo Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

Pawbo Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

Easy-to-use, feature-packed pet camera

A multi-function pet camera featuring a 720p HD video, 130° wide-angle lens and 4x digital zoom, with two-way built-in microphone allows you to interact with your pup, capture and record moments while you’re away.

About: The Pawbo Camera and Treat Dispenser is a feature-packed pet camera that provides several different ways to interact with your pet when you are away.

The Pawbo will certainly entertain you and your dog, but because it is designed to work seamlessly with several social media platforms, it can provide some fun for your friends and family as well.


  • This camera is a multi-function pet management tool, which allows you to see your pet via your smartphone, computer, or tablet.
  • Allows you to hear and speak with your pet thanks to the built-in two-way radio.
  • You can reward your pet with the treat dispenser, or entertain her via the included laser pointer.
  • Can be connected to several users at the same time (up to eight). This gives more people the chance to interact with your furry friend, which will further help to keep her occupied.
  • You can control multiple Pawbo cameras with one device so that you can watch your dog no matter where she is in your home.
  • This camera features a 130-degree ultra-wide-angle lens to ensure you’ll catch all of your dog’s shenanigans.
  • This camera even allows you to make video recordings, so you can watch her most entertaining exhibitions over and over.


  • Provides several different ways to interact with your pet (deliver treats, use laser pointer, etc.)
  • Can be used by several people at once
  • Owners praised the camera’s image quality
  • Well-built unit, featuring quality construction 


  • Technical difficulties were relatively common — especially connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Camera cannot be moved to follow your pets

5. DOGNESS Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Best Wide-Angle Treat-Dispensing Pet Camera

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Pet camera from Dogness

DOGNESS Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Interactive pet camera with 165-degree view

Premium pet camera equipped with two-way audio, sound and motion alerts, night vision, and the widest viewing angle we’ve found on the market.

About: The DOGNESS Wi-Fi Pet Camera helps you keep an eye on your pup and dispense tasty treats when he’s being an extra good boy. 

App-controlled, you have an all-access pass to check in on your pupper throughout the day with this Wi-Fi connected device through your own password-protected profile. The modern design fits in with your other tech gear, avoiding any potential clashes with your home’s motif.


  • A wide-angled, 165° view for taking in all the action in 720p HD—whether your doggo is cuddling up on his bed or getting into some mischief.
  • Night vision mode that gives you an eagle eye, even when the sun sets and your pooch thinks he’s invisible.
  • Two-way audio that helps you listen in on your pup as well as tell him what a handsome boy he is throughout the day.
  • Video recording for capturing those too-cute moments that you need to share with anyone and everyone.

Options: Available in white, black, and blue.


  • Video quality received tons of praise from owners
  • Camera is relatively easy to set up
  • Suction-cupped base helps keep the unit in place
  • Can be mounted on the wall or a table 


  • Associated app was not very user-friendly
  • Some owner complained that the treat-dispensing function goes a little overboard
  • Relatively unknown manufacturer

6. WOpet Smart Pet Camera

Best Treat-Dispensing Pet Camera for Covert Monitoring

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WOPET Dog Camera D01 Plus: 5G WiFi Pet Camera with Treat Tossing, 1080P HD with Night Vision for Pet Viewing, Two Way Audio Communication Designed for Dogs and Cats, Monitor Your Pet Remotely

WOpet Smart Pet Camera

Treat-dispensing camera with tons of helpful features

Despite being slightly more affordable than most other high-end pet cameras, the WOpet is a full HD camera that comes with things like night vision, two-way audio, and a snapshot option.

About: Monitor your doggo on the go with WOpet’s Smart Pet Camera

Just tap into the free QR-linked app on your phone and see what your sniffer is up to. If he’s being the bestest boy (as usual), reward him with a tasty goodie from the unit’s built-in treat dispenser.


  • Get a clear look at your pooch with the 1080p HD camera, featuring night vision capabilities and zooming for getting a closer look at the action.
  • Check in with two-way audio that lets you hear what your dog is doing as well as talk to your dog if you’d like, whether you’re praising him or asking him to stop barking at that pesky squirrel outside.
  • Share your dog’s cuteness with the world using the camera’s snapshot option.
  • Spy unnoticed on your pooch with its silent operation and low-noise treat dispensing—a must for any pups that spook easily.


  • Many owners praised the audio and video quality
  • Alexa connectivity option was popular with owners
  • Silent operation allows you to monitor your pet covertly 
  • You can schedule treat delivery in advance


  • Some owners had difficulty connecting the device to their home’s Wi-Fi
  • Camera’s associated app wasn’t very user-friendly

7. Petcube Pet Monitoring Camera

Best Pet Camera without Treat-Dispensing Capabilities

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affordable pet cube camera

Petcube Pet Monitoring Camera

An affordable and effective pet monitoring camera

A great choice for owners who like Petcube’s technology, but don’t need the treat-dispensing functionality of their more expensive options.

About: Petcube’s Pet Monitoring Camera is a sleek addition to your doggo gadget arsenal. 

Perfect for popping in to check on your pooch, the Petcube is a no-fuss fix that offers peace of mind with a simple setup. Forget worrying if your dog is getting into trouble—just check the camera-linked app and see for yourself. 


  • Watch your dog in HD with 1080p video, featuring a zoom function and 30 feet of night vision coverage for monitoring your pup day or night.
  • Receive sound and motion alerts to know when your dog is up and about.
  • Utilize the two-way audio with Alexa to listen in or tell your doggo to quiet down if he’s having a bark fest.
  • Access vet chat for on-demand help through the Petcube app if you notice any odd behavior in your dog. All systems come with one complimentary vet check-in.


  • Very affordable pet camera
  • Small and easy to fit into your home’s decor, unlike most other, bulkier cameras 
  • Vet-chat feature provides owners with convenience and peace of mind


  • No treat dispenser included, which eliminates a large part of the appeal of these cameras
  • Video occasionally exhibits some delay issues
  • Alexa required for the two-way audio feature

Our Recommendation: The Petcube Bites 2

Although each of the treat-dispensing cameras detailed above are deserving of consideration, we’d recommend going with the Petcube Bites 2. It’s pretty easy to recommend this camera since it’s the one we’ve gotten to experiment with in person and have been able to witness how impressive it is.

The camera quality is top-notch and seems to be the best on the market (although Furbo seems like a close 2nd).

We absolutely love the ability to customize treat-flinging distances and even set up auto-dispensing times to keep pups from getting bored throughout the day.

As someone who has struggled to set up home security cameras in the past, I’m also impressed with just how easy the Petcube Bites 2 is to set up. You can have your pet live on camera within just a minute or two!

The biggest drawback to the Petcube Bites 2 is that you have to pay for some of the niftier features, but that’s true for all cameras that offer alert features like the bark alert or human recognition alert.

What Is the Point of a Dog Camera and Why Should I Use One?

There are a variety of reasons to use a two-way pet camera, but some of the most popular applications for which they are used include:

Monitoring Mischievous Mutts

Two-way cameras can be very helpful for keeping an eye on power-chewing pit bulls or Pomeranian pee bandits.

You don’t want to give your dog cardiac arrest by screaming at her out of nowhere, as this will likely exacerbate her stress and anxiety (which are probably the root cause of the problem, anyway), but you can certainly issue corrections.

Plus, you may be able to catch the little problem maker in the act and focus her attention elsewhere. This will probably help mitigate the damage she inflicts quite a bit.

treat-dispensing camera

 Monitoring a Sick Pet

When set up by your pet’s bed, a two-way camera can be an effective way to monitor your convalescent canine. It can also give your dog a chance to hear your voice and see your face, which will help lift her spirits while she’s not feeling well.

 Providing Stimulation

Even the best-behaved dogs can cause problems if they grow sufficiently bored, but dog cameras (especially those of the treat-dispensing variety, like the ones detailed above) give you a chance to stimulate your dog a bit, get her tail wagging, and stimulate her mind for a few minutes to break up the daily monotony.

With cameras like the Petbites 2, you could set up a snuffle mat in front of the camera, shoot out a few treats every hour or so, and get your pup started on a sniffing adventure that will keep her occupied for the afternoon.


You can use a pet camera and treat-dispenser to train your dog.

For example, some of the better treat-dispensing cameras feature an alert function, which will tell you when your dog starts barking. You could then call your dog to the camera, instruct her to stop by using a “quiet” command, and then give her a treat when she complies.

 Fun and Games

You can use a two-way camera to play with your dog in a variety of fun and goofy ways. For example, you could place your dog in front of the floor unit, hide somewhere in your house, and then tell your pet to come find you from your smartphone.

There are a number of other ways you could involve your pet in various hijinks and tomfoolery once armed with a pet camera – just let your imagination and inner child guide you.


Dogs engage in all types of weird and hilarious activities when mom and dad aren’t home, and it can just be fun to watch them when they don’t know you’re looking. Of course, you don’t need a treat-dispensing camera to do so, but it is an additional capability you’ll have.

Pet Camera FAQ

Pet cameras are a relatively new addition to the doggo market, so it’s likely that you have some questions about them. We’ve retrieved the top lingering questions and have sniffed out the answers for you: 

Can pet cameras be hacked?

Unfortunately, yes. Pet cameras (like home security cameras) are at risk of hacking if unsecured. To avoid this, select devices that feature password protection and network encryption. A common security feature is QR-linking, where a device must be scanned with your smartphone during initial setup, providing additional security as it’s linked directly to your device. Many pet cameras also come with software that’s updated regularly, refreshing security measures. Make sure you install these updates to protect your camera.

Are pet cameras worth it? 

To most pet parents, yes. While the camera systems can be pricey, the peace of mind they offer is invaluable to many, especially those with mischievous puppers or new doggos learning to stay home alone. Systems that alert you to noise or movement can be lifesavers too in case of emergency, such as a fire.

Are pet cameras good for dogs with separation anxiety?

The ability to monitor your dog from afar is great if your doggo suffers from separation anxiety. You can quickly see if he’s gotten into any trouble, which can potentially be life saving for dogs that destroy objects when stressed. As for devices with two-way communication, the results are mixed. Some owners find that pups enjoy having a mid-day check-in, while others feel that hearing their voice makes their dog even more anxious. 

Do pet cameras keep dogs safer?

Yes. Cameras keep your pup out of harm’s way by showing you what he’s up to. They are particularly useful for dogs that are known troublemakers or suffering from health conditions, as you can check in frequently if needed. Some cameras feature motion and sound activated alerts too, which are invaluable in case of fire or a home invasion. 

Can you use a security camera for dogs? 

Yes, home security cameras work just as well for doggos. The only drawback is that they lack treat dispensing, a favorite feature in many pet cameras.

Do pet cameras work with a cell phone?

Yes, most pet cameras today feature a cell phone tie-in, generally with an app. Some may simply have a password-protected site you can access to monitor the feed. Others are compatible with other home tech devices, like Alexa.


Have you found a pet camera that has worked well for you and your pooch? We’d love to hear about it. Let us know which model you chose and how it has worked with your dog. Are there any features you wish it had or problems the manufacturer should have addressed?

Let us know all about your experiences in the comments!

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  1. Karan Avatar

    Do you know if any of these devices are particularly well suited for use by a senior citizen? My dad is in assisted living and could never get the hang of using a cell phone. We even tried Jitterbug and models designed especially for old folks. There is no land line in his room, so its been hard to find a way to talk with him – and especially for him to initiate the call. Also, he loves cookies. Your thoughts?

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Karan.
      These are all obviously designed for dogs, but that doesn’t mean the wouldn’t work for your dad. There are probably better options available, but be sure to let us know if you decide to use one of the products listed above.
      Best of luck, no matter what you decide to try.

    2. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Karan.
      These are all obviously designed for dogs, but that doesn’t mean the wouldn’t work for your dad. There are probably better options available, but be sure to let us know if you decide to use one of the products listed above.
      Best of luck, no matter what you decide to try.

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