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The Best Chew Proof Dog Beds: Tough Beds for Rough Dogs!

the best chew-proof dog beds

Even though beds are meant to be for resting, dog beds end up being a common chew toy for our rougher pets.

The issue is that some dogs are quite strong, and in many cases the fabric material that dog beds are made with is easy for dogs to tear apart. Chew proof dog beds are a commonly sought-out item, as many owners search for a bed that their dogs cannot destroy.

What is a chew proof dog bed? Chew proof dog beds are made with reinforced material that is not easily destroyed by a dog’s teeth or paws. Owners with strong, rough dogs or even puppies who are in the stage of biting and chewing everything should consider getting a chew proof dog bed for their chomping canine.

Why Do Dogs Chew Their Beds?

Dogs can chew their dog beds for a number of reasons, including:

  • Aggressive or rough dogs. Dogs that are more on the aggressive or rough side might simply have a stronger bite than other dogs.
  • Nervous dogs. Nervousness or anxiety can be another source of chewing. While a chew proof dog bed can stop a nervous dog from destroying items, it’s still important that the owner address the underlying root cause of the nervous chewing.
  • Boredom. Some dogs will chew because they are bored, and their beds end up being the closest thing around. Try walking your dog more often and providing them with treat dispensing toys which can be used to challenge them mentally and prevent boredom. Chew proof sprays may also help remedy the situation.

Key Features of Chew Proof Dog Beds

There are some key features required in a chew proof bed that owners should consider.

  • Reinforced Material. Chew proof dog beds need extra reinforcement. They should be much sturdier than traditional dog beds, and made with stronger material.
  • Increased Weight Limit. A chew proof dog bed should have an increased weight limit that can hold a larger dog. Having plenty of room to lay will help the dog feel more safe and secure, rather than attempting to chew at the small bed beneath him.
  • Abrasion-Resistant Material. A dog bed is only chew-proof if the material is abrasion-resistant. No matter how hard the dog tries, they should not be able to leave a hole in the material like they easily can in other beds. Cordura, canvas, and PVC are some possible options for chew proof beds. Canvas is one of the more popular options for dog beds. It is extremely durable and will not tear when a dog tries to chew it.
  • Sit Off the Ground. Beds that are off the ground are often more difficult for dogs to chew through. They seem like a bed to lay on, rather than a toy to tear apart. This also offers orthopedic support for dogs, which is an added bonus.

There are several brands of dog beds that offer chew-proof material that is made to last. We have a few top picks we are happy to recommend!

Check out our quick guide below, or scroll further for more detailed tough dog bed reviews!

Dog BedOur RatingPrice
Kuranda Aluminum Dog Bed4.5 stars$$$
Heavy Duty Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed4 stars$$
K9 Ballistics Round Tuff Dog Bed4 stars$$
K&H Original Pet Cot4.5 stars$

1. Kuranda Aluminum Dog Bed

chew-proof dog beds

Price: $$
Our Rating:

Where to Find It: Available from Amazon and other retailers.


  • XXL Size. The Kuranda dog bed comes in several sizes, from small to XXL. This accommodates large dog breeds, or allows multiple dogs to be on the bed at once. There are smaller sizes as well for dogs who do not need the extra space. The smaller beds are cheaper in price.
  • Multiple Color Options. Dog owners can choose their pet’s bed based on color, ensuring it matches with their home decor. The Kuranda offers multiple color options, ranging from a smoke black to burgundy, and even green and khaki.
  • Different Materials For Different Needs. Kuranda dog beds offer different materials for the frames depending on the bed’s function. The one shown here, the Kuranda Aluminum, is made of high strength, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum that can support up to 250lbs! This is the toughest and most rugged material, allowing it to function as an indoor or outdoor dog bed. There is also a Kuranda bed made of walnut PVC, which can be a great indoor dog bed.
  • Elevated Orthopedic Design. The elevated dog bed design is orthopedic for four-legged canines, allowing them to get off the ground. This also keeps your dog dry, cool, and comfortable, whether lying on the bed in the indoors or outdoors. This is especially beneficial for dogs with arthritis or hip problems.
  • Easy to Clean. The heavy-duty 40oz solid vinyl is durable yet smooth and easy to clean.
  • 1 Year Warranty. This chew proof dog bed comes with a one year warranty.

PROS: Many owners note that the Kuranda dog bed has held up incredibly well, even with their toughest and roughest dogs. Mastiffs scratch and dig into the dog bed, and it doesn’t even show a mark. Even when left outside in the rain and bad weather, these beds have shown to be remarkably durable and owners are amazed with how the beds can withstand the elements (and their dogs).

Several owners also agree the Kuranda bed is great for their dog’s legs, allowing them to get on and off without any trouble. Owners report their dogs do not struggle to get up like they did with dog beds that were close to the ground.

CONS: Some owners say the bed is too high for their smaller dogs. In these cases, the legs need to be shortened, or a step added to help dogs get up easier.

2. Heavy Duty Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed

chewproof dog beds

Price: $$
Our Rating:

Where to Find It: Available from Amazon and other retailers.


  • Double Layer Protection. This heavy-duty orthopedic dog bed offers double layer protection, with the two zippered layers making it difficult for dogs to bite through. These layers can be cleaned easily, and also replaced if necessary.
  • Tough Canvas Material. The first layer is made with canvas material. This extra-strength material prevents dogs from chewing through.
  • Extra Large Size. The largest size offered is 55 inches by 47 inches. This is compared to an XXL size, and accommodates even the largest dog breeds.
  • Quality Memory Foam. In addition to providing a tough, chew-proof fabric, this dog bed also prides itself on high-density solid memory foam. This adds extra comfort and makes it a great dog bed for an older dog or a large dog with joint issues.

PROS: Many owners agree that this bed is well-loved by their dogs. They always find them laying on it.

CONS: A small number of owners state that it is difficult for their smaller dogs to step onto this bed, due to the 4 inch height.

3. K9 Ballistics Round TUFF Dog Bed

chew proof dog bed

Price: $$
Our Rating:

Where to Find It: Available from Amazon and other retailers.


  • Extra Large Size. The extra large size of this dog bed accommodates large dog breeds, measuring 54 inches across.
  • Odor Resistant. This bed is odor resistant, as well as water resistant. This helps ensure a long-lasting quality.
  • Multiple Color Options. Owners can choose the color they want for their dog’s bed from seven options. The colors come in basic options like tan and black, as well as colorful choices like red, green, and blue.
  • Durable, Rip Stop Fibers. The K9 Ballistics bed prides itself on its ripstop ballistic fibers. Plus, all seams are double stitched for extra strength.

PROS: Many owners agree that no matter how much their dogs scratch and bite at this bed, it still remains intact. No holes or tears have developed, and the material holds up very well.

CONS: A few owners claim that this bed only works for light chewers. Larger dog breeds that chew through toys easily can chew through this bed.

4. K&H Original Pet Cot

chewproof dog bed

Price: $
Our Rating:

Where to Find It: Available from Amazon and other retailers.

  • 150-Pound Weight Capacity. The weight capacity of this chew proof dog bed is 150 pounds, allowing plenty of strength to hold up larger breeds.
  • Steel Frame. The frame of this chew proof bed is made with steel, making it impossible for a dog to chomp through it.
  • Easy to Assemble. This bed is easy to assemble and disassemble without the use of any tools.
  • Mesh Center. The 600-denier mesh fabric center allows air to easily flow through. This helps keep pets cool, particularly in the warmer months. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

PROS: Many owners say the dog bed holds up well and that their dogs get daily use out of it. Since it’s easy to assemble, it’s an especially great choice for traveling or camping.

As another fun advantage, you can also buy a canopy to attach to the K&H Pet Cot! K&H dog beds also come in variations of this design, with a self-warming and self-cooling pet cot depending on your dog’s needs.

CONS: Several owners agree that the mesh portion in the middle does not hold up well. A determined dog’s paws could scratch at the material and cause it to tear. It also seems that the middle section can sag with larger dogs, although under 70lbs seem to manage fine.

Do you have any top picks for chew proof dog beds you want to recommend? Share your experience in the comments!

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