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US Made Dog Beds

Everyone needs a good night’s rest — including your four-footer!

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs spend on average 50% of the day asleep, and another 30% awake but lounging about. Clearly, sleep is a huge part of your doggo’s life, so it’s important that he has a high-quality bed to rest on. 

However, with so many options out on the market, it can be difficult to determine which dog beds are crafted to a high standard. 

In practice, a bed’s country of origin is often a fantastic clue to look for when picking a sleeping station for your pooch. Specifically, you should opt for American made dog beds whenever possible – especially if you’re looking to support US-based businesses. 

Below, we’ll explain why American-made beds are so well made, we’ll provide some general bed-picking advice, and identify the seven best US-made dog beds on the market.

But, if you’re in a hurry, you can just check out our quick picks below!

Quick Picks: Best US-Made Dog Beds

  • The Big Barker [Best for Large Breeds]: This 7-inch-thick, multi-foam dog bed is specifically designed for large dogs, and it is backed by a 10-year warranty. What more could you want?
  • Kuranda Dog Bed [Best for Dogs Who Chew]: Made from aircraft-grade aluminum and ballistic nylon, this elevated pet bed is built tough enough to stand up to your dog’s chewing shenanigans.
  • Bagel Pet Dog Bed [Best for Dogs Who Like to “Nest”]: Generously padded, surrounded by a bolster, and made with a waterproof base, the Bagel Pet Dog Bed is a great choice for dogs who like to curl up while snoozing!

Best Dog Beds That Are Made in the USA

Let’s dive right into it! Here are seven of our favorite US-made dog beds. 

Though some of these are a bit pricier than other dog beds, we’ll explain how the US-made dog bed’s superior quality factors into that price point later. 

1. Big Barker Bed

About: The Big Barker Bed is a great USA-made bed for large dogs, and it is particularly helpful for those who are older or have joint issues, given its large size and thick padding. 

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Big Barker Bed

Big Barker Bed

Premium quality 7″ thick multi-foam dog bed for large and XL dogs

Features: Though the Big Barker is a bit on the pricey side, it features four different layers of foam to maximize your pooch’s level of comfort.

These are beds made specifically for larger dogs (they’re actually not recommended for small dogs) and can even support Great Danes and other gigantic pups! 

Big barker is so confident in their foam, they offer a 10-year warranty, which allows you to get a completely new bed should the foam sag or pancake by more than 10%. The microfiber cover is machine washable and comes in four different colors

There’s a handy bolster for your pup to rest his head on, though the bed is large enough so Fido can stretch out and lay flat.


  • Large – 48” x 30”
  • X-Large – 52” x 36”
  • Giant – 60” x 48”
Big Barker is Backed in Clinical Studies

The University of Pennsylvania has completed a clinical study that focused on Big Barker’s ability to reduce joint pain and improve mobility in big dogs with arthritis.

The study involved 40 dogs, each of whom were at least 3 years of age and 70 pounds in weight.

An independent data analysis of these dogs showed the following:

  • 17.6% enjoyed improved joint function
  • 21.6% experienced a reduction in pain severity
  • 12.5% exhibited reduced joint stiffness
  • 9.6% displayed an improved gait


Owners found this bed to be well worth the investment, especially since so many dog beds on the market aren’t designed specifically for larger breeds. Some owners found the bed to be so comfy they would sit on the bed with their pooch when their dog was lounging. 


It appears that this bed will not stand up well to pups who are big nesters or diggers. However, should you have any trouble, the purchase includes a 10-year guaranteed warranty. Also, as mentioned earlier, this bed is not appropriate for small dogs

2. Bagel Pet Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products

About: The Bagel Pet Dog Bed is a super cushy bed for your pupper, featuring thick, rounded bolsters that let your dog curl up inside or rest his head on the sides. It’s ideal for dogs that curl up into balls when they sleep!

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Majestic Pet 24 Inch Bagel Calming Dog Bed Washable – Cozy Soft Round Dog Bed with Spine Support for Dogs to Rest their Head - Fluffy Donut Dog Bed 24x19x7 (Inch) - Round Pet Bed Small – Black

Bagel Pet Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products

Rounded bagle-style dog bed for dogs who curl up when sleeping

Features: This bed comes in six different colors, so you’re sure to find one that fits Fido’s unique sense of style.

The bed comes in sizes up to 52 inches wide, and the base of the bed is fully waterproof, thereby providing plenty of protection from accidents or spills.

In fact, although this bed does not feature a removable cover, the entire thing is machine-washable, making it perfect for messier pups. The bed is stuffed with polyester fill giving it a pillowy feel for Fido. 

Note that this dog bed is assembled in the USA, but it utilizes imported materials. Although this brings the cost down, the use of imported materials (and the potential safety hazards they may present) may give some owners pause. 


  • Small – 24” x 18”
  • Medium – 32” x 18”
  • Large – 40” x 29”
  • XLarge – 52” x 36”


Owners found this to be a great bed for puppies, as its waterproof cover made it ideal for any nighttime accidents. Pups seemed to love the ultra-plush feel of this bed and loved using it for lounging and sleeping alike.


Some owners found that the non-removable cover was a pain. You may even have to go to a laundromat to wash the bed if you don’t have a big washing machine.

3. Kuranda Dog Bed 

About: If you’re sick of replacing bed after bed that your pup chews to shreds, you owe it to yourself (and your bank account) to check out the  Kuranda Dog Bed.

Featuring an elevated design and made from chomper-proof materials, this is a great USA-made dog bed option for owners of power-chewing puppers.  

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Kuranda Chewproof Bed - Silver Aluminum - 40' x 25' - Ballistic - Smoke

Kuranda Dog Bed

Raised mesh pet bed perfect for power-chewer dogs

Features: The elevated frame may give some owners pause, but this dog bed can support up to 250 pounds at once — durability shouldn’t be an issue 

The laying surface itself is entirely flat, making it a great choice for pets who like to stretch out while sleeping. But, if you like, you can pick up the optional (and removable) padded cover to give your pooch some more cushion.

Since this elevated dog bed is made out of nylon mesh, cleanup is super easy: You can simply wipe down the bed or sweep off any dirt on the surface. It comes in your choice of four different colors.


  • X-Small – 25” x 18”
  • Small – 30” x 20”
  • Medium – 35” x 23”
  • Large – 40” x 25”
  • X-Large – 44” x 27”


Owners with destructive chewers loved this bed’s level of durability. It also works well for dogs with joint problems, as well as those who like having a cool place to sleep (the elevated design allows air to flow beneath the bed, thereby keeping it cooler). 


Some owners found the beds to run a bit small, so this may not be the best pick for larger breeds. If you have a small or medium-sized pup, pick a size larger than you typically would. 

4. Jax and Bones Ripple Velour Napper Dog Bed

About: The Jax and Bones Napper Dog Bed is covered in luxurious velour fabric so your pooch will feel extra cozy. The cover is also machine washable, making it perfect for pups who get into messy adventures.

With padding made from recycled materials, it’s a great choice for owners who want to stick with more sustainable, eco-friendly pet products.

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Jax and Bones 24 x 21 x 7-Inch Ripple Velour Napper Dog Bed, Small, Granite

Jax and Bones Ripple Velour Napper Dog Bed

USA-made dog bed with recycled materials

Features: Not only is this dog bed crafted in the USA, but it’s filled with green fiber, which is made from recycled soda bottles.

In addition to being green, the bed is super padded, so your pooch won’t have trouble curling up and drifting off.

The bed comes in four different colors and sizes suitable for dogs weighing up to 100 pounds. Note that this bed is designed for pooches who like to curl up or “nest,” so it isn’t a great choice for dogs who like to stretch out when sleeping.


  • Small – 24” x 21”
  • Medium – 35” x 27”
  • Large – 40” x 32”
  • X-Large – 50” x 42”


Owners were particularly impressed by the softness of this bed. Doggos seemed to love the plush feel of the velour, and the added bolsters around the rim of the bed acted as great headrests for many pups.


Some owners found that destructive chewers made quick work of this bed’s fabric, so it may not be the best pick if your pooch has a tendency to gnaw through his digs. 

5. Dog Bed King USA Pet Bed

About: The Dog Bed King Pet Bed is one of the best orthopedic dog beds available, as its memory foam padding deforms around your dog’s body and cradles your canine in a very comfortable manner. 

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Dog Bed King USA Pet Bed

Dog Bed King USA Pet Bed

Cozy bolster-style bed that’s made in the USA

Features: This memory foam dog bed made in the USA will work for many dogs, but it is a perfect choice for pets that like to curl up while sleeping.

It comes in seven different colors and is best-suited for small to medium breeds.

The removable cover is machine washable so it will stay fresh even with prolonged use. The bottom is covered in a protective vinyl layer, so your pooch won’t rip through this bed even if he loves to dig or “nest” before settling down for a nap.


  • Medium – 26” x 21”
  • Large – 33” x 23”
  • X-Large – 40” x 28”


Owners loved that the removable cover was easy to put on and take off, even after several trips through the wash. Dogs seemed to love the soft memory foam padding, as well as the sturdy foam bolsters, which provided a great place for resting their head.  


This bed seems to run a bit small, so try to select a size bigger than you normally would, unless your pooch doesn’t mind his paws sticking off the bed. There weren’t many negative reviews, but customer service seemed quick to reply to any customer qualms that did arise.

6. West Paw Design Montana Nap

About: The West Paw Design Montana Nap is an excellent pick for pooches who prefer to lay flat while sleeping and prefer a thinner bed for snoozing.

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West Paw Design Montana Nap

West Paw Design Montana Nap

Eco-friendly dog bed with thinner material to fit easily in a crate

Features: This bed comes in 11 different colors and patterns, making it easy to pick out a bed that matches your pup’s personality.

Since it is so compact, this bed is great for travel and can easily be stowed away when not in use. 

The fabric and filling of the pad are both eco-friendly, and the bed itself (the entire thing) is machine washable for easy cleanup, making this a great eco-friendly dog bed for owners who want to stick to more sustainable dog products.

This bed comes in five sizes, but none are especially large. Accordingly it is best suited for small to medium breeds. 


  • X-Small – 20” x 15”
  • Small – 24” x 18”
  • Medium – 29” x 20”
  • Large – 35” x 22”
  • X-Large – 42” x 27”


Owners loved the compact nature of this bed and the impressively plush filling. Some owners even used the bed inside of a crate or kennel to make their dog’s sanctuary more enjoyable. 


Some owners found the bed to shed a bit over time, so it may not be the best pick if your pup likes to eat anything found on the floor. The sizing also seemed to run a bit small, so try to get a size larger than normal.

7. eLuxurySupply Pet Beds

About: If your pooch loves to lay on pillows, he’ll love the eLuxurySupply Pet Bed. These beds are ultra-plush, and they are some of the best dog beds for small dogs on the market.

This is a sponsored placement, in which an advertiser pays a fee to be featured in this article. Learn more

eLuxurySupply Pet Bed - Deluxe Cluster Fiber Filling Pet Beds for Dog and Cats | 100% Cotton Removable Cover | Fully Washable | Small, Medium & Large Pet Beds

eLuxurySupply Pet Beds

Colorful dog bed from a US veteran-owned business

Features: The eLuxurySupply bed is as cute as it is functional, with more than 10 different vibrant patterns to choose from. The cover is machine-washable, and you also have the option to purchase a replacement should the original cover wear out over time.

The company is also veteran-owned and offers a money-back guarantee should your pup not take to the bed after 90 days.

The bed is stuffed with breathable cluster fiber filling, making it ideal for pups who have thick coats or live in hot climates


  • Small – 22” x 27”
  • Medium – 27” x 36”
  • Large – 36” x 45”


Owners loved the excellent customer service of this company, and pups seemed to appreciate the super soft foam of this bed. The cover held up to multiple washes which is great for cleanup.


Some owners found the “water-resistant” foam to be somewhat faulty when faced with spillage and accidents. If your pup is still potty-training or tends to slobber while sleeping, this may not be the best pick. 

Made in the USA Dog Bed

Why Are US-Made Dog Beds Better?

US-made products are known for their high-quality, but why? Here are a few of the reasons you may choose to invest in a US-made dog bed. 

US-Made Dog Beds Are Better Made

Though items made in the US generally have a higher price point, they usually end up lasting longer and are of higher quality.

Additionally, the Consumer Products Safety Commission imposes important safety standards for US-crafted products, but foreign-made products aren’t required to comply with the same quality standards. 

Dog beds not made in China and other countries with questionable manufacturing practices tend to provide better quality, and you’re supporting a healthier environment for workers.

US-Made Dog Beds Provide Greater Transparency

Goods crafted in the United States are required to disclose the exact makeup of the product. Knowing the fabric and filling content of your dog bed is especially important if your dog has allergies or sensitive skin, and it will give you valuable peace of mind. 

US-Based Dog Bed Companies Often Offer Superior Customer Service

You’re likely to get better customer service from purchasing US-made dog beds since your proximity makes the overall transaction more efficient.

Moreover, many of these companies  make great customer service a central part of their business model. 

Shipping a US-made bed is also likely to be much quicker and easier. This is particularly helpful if you end up needing to make a return, or if you just want your dog’s bed quickly. 

Buying Dog Beds Made in the USA Lets You Support Small Business

Many US-made dog beds are created by small businesses who take great pride in their craft and treat their workers fairly.

One of the reasons why beds not made in the United States are cheaper is because overseas workers aren’t protected by US labor standards. So, by buying made in the USA dog beds, you can feel good about where your dollars are going.


Sleep is a huge part of your dog’s life, so it’s important to invest in a quality dog bed for both his health and happiness.

What’s your pup’s go-to sleeping position? Have you found any success with any of these US-made dog beds? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!  

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