Best Chew Proof Dog Harnesses: Holding Up Against Chompers!

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A lot of dogs don’t seem to mind wearing a harness (some even appear to like it). But others find them to be uncomfortable enough that they chew on the harness in an effort to escape.

Owners of these types of pups frequently come home to find a naked dog and the tattered remains of a harness on the floor. If this sounds familiar, you’ll want to use a chew-proof dog harness, such as one of the five detailed below.

But before we get to specific products, let’s examine some of the characteristics of good harnesses, and some of the features that give a harness a good chance of surviving your dog’s teeth.

Quick Picks: Best Chew-Proof Harnesses

  • Pick #1: Ruffwear Front Range All Day Harness Most Ruffwear harnesses are excellent products, and the Front Range All Day Harness is no exception. Made with high-quality materials and an ergonomic design, this is a great chew-proof option for many dogs.
  • Pick #2: Rabbitgoo No-Pull Pet Harness The Rabbitgoo No-Pull Harness is tough as nails and fits most dogs very well. And it’s not only a well-made product, it’s one of the most affordable harnesses on the market.
  • Pick #3: BlackJacks Leather Premium Harness Made from premium quality leather, the BlackJacks Harness is incredibly durable, and it should be very comfortable for your dog to wear. This kind of quality comes at a price, but owners who’re willing to cough up the cash will certainly be happy with this harness.

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What Are the Basic Things to Consider When Purchasing Any Harness?

Your dog’s harness is more than just an accessory – it’s a tool that keeps him safe.

Some of the things you’ll need to consider include:

 What Style Harness Do You Want?

There are a number of different harness styles, each of which has its own pros and cons. Some of the most common styles include:

  • Back-Clip Harnesses – Harnesses that clip on the back are best for well-behaved dogs, who walk well on a loose leash and are unlikely to pull. They are fairly easy to use without tangling, and they make it easy to attach or detach the leash.
  • Front-Clip Harnesses Because they allow you to pull on your dog’s chest, rather than his back, front-clipping harnesses are ideal for dogs that require a little additional direction during walks. They are also quite helpful for stopping pulling behavior and they allow you to turn your dog when necessary. They can, however, entangle your dog’s feet pretty easily if you’re not careful.
  • Dual Clip Harnesses Dual clip harnesses offer the best of both worlds, as they allow you to clip the leash to your dog’s chest or back. This means you can give your dog a little more freedom when running around in the open, or keep him on a shorter leash (if you’ll pardon the expression), when navigating a busy city sidewalk.
  • Constricting Harnesses Constricting harnesses are designed to tighten when your dog pulls the leash. They typically attach to the leash at the back, and can help save you from being dragged all over the neighborhood several times a day. However, these harnesses should only provide pressure; you must avoid any constricting harness that causes your dog pain.

Different manufacturers use different designs for each of these basic categories. This means that while one manufacturer’s back-clip harness may not work for your dog, another manufacturer may make the perfect back-clip harness for your pup.

 Does the Harness Provide Additional Visibility?

Many of the best dog harnesses feature reflective patches or stitching, which will help make you and your dog more visible during nighttime walks.

Even more importantly, reflective harnesses can provide more protection for your dog in situations where you can’t help protect him, such as if he runs out of the house unexpectedly or pulls the leash from your hand.

 Does the Harness Provide a Proper Fit?

You always want to make sure the harness you use fits your dog comfortably and securely. Some designs are inherently better suited for some breeds than others are, and it’s important to review the manufacturer’s information and sizing guidelines carefully before making your purchase.

It also bears mentioning that you may be able to put an end to your dog’s desire to chew his harness by providing him with one that fits better. This may reduce some of the discomfort he feels, which may free him to focus on other things.

Dogs vary in their preferences, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles before making your purchase.


What Kinds of Things Make a Dog Harness Chew-Proof?

Let’s go ahead and be clear that no harness is completely chew-proof.

You’d have to make a harness out of some type of metal, a super-durable plastic or Kevlar to make it strong enough to withstand your dog’s jaws and teeth. Yet harnesses must be made from flexible enough to fit your dog’s body comfortably and soft enough to prevent chaffing. These needs are clearly at odds with each other.

But some harnesses are definitely more resistant to chewing than others are. Many of these exhibit one or more of the following features:

 Strong Materials

Again, you won’t find harnesses made of truly chew-proof materials, but some fabrics and fibers are stronger than others. There are a number of durable materials used in different dog harnesses, but rip-stop nylon, canvas and denim are a few of the best.

 Out-of-Reach Straps

Different harnesses place their straps in different places, and it makes sense to use a model that places their straps in areas that are difficult for your dog to reach.

Dogs can reach most of their body with their mouth, but the neck, shoulders and chest are often the most difficult areas for them to access. Try to envision your dog wearing each of the harnesses listed below, and select the one with the most inaccessible straps.

 Durable Hardware and Fasteners

Dogs who find it difficult to chew through the fabric of a harness will quickly turn their attention to the harness’ fasteners or hardware. Metal hardware is generally preferable in this regard, but most harnesses feature plastic clips and fasteners.

Nevertheless, several premium harnesses use relatively durable plastics in their connectors, which will survive some degree of chewing.


5 Best Chew-Proof Dog Harnesses: Tough and Durable

The following five harnesses are among the most durable available, and they’re more likely to stand up to your dog’s dental damage better than most others.

1.  Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

About: The Rabbitgoo Dog Harness is one of the leading harnesses on the market, and because of its design and the materials used in its construction, it may be a great option for owners looking for a chew-proof product.


  • Large Dog Harness - Recommended Breeds: Medium to Large Dogs, such as Golden Retriever, Huskie,...
  • No Pull, No Choke - Our non-pulling dog harness is specially designed with 2 metal leash rings for...
  • Easy to Use - This hassle-free overhead harness is easy to put on and take off with its 2...
  • Fully Adjustable - This adjustable harness features 4 easy adjusting straps around the body. You can...

The Rabbitgoo Harness is made from nylon Oxford fabric, and it features ample padding for your dog’s comfort.


  • Made with four fully adjustable straps so you can achieve a perfect fit
  • Features a top control handle for keeping your dog right by your side
  • Comes with two leash rings — one on the back and one on the front
  • Available in four sizes and four different colors


Most owners who tried the Rabbitgoo Dog Harness loved it. Several praised the quality of its construction, and most owners felt that it fit their pooch very well. It also appears to be a solid escape-proof harness, which may provide additional value for Houdini-like hounds.


Frankly, there weren’t many complaints about the Rabbitgoo Harness. A few owners experienced sizing problems, but this can occur with just about any harness.

2. BlackJacks Leather Premium Dog Harness

About: The BlackJacks Leather Premium Harness is designed to be suitable for professional K9 training and described as “pit bull tough” by the manufacturer.

No products found.

While the manufacturer does note that these harnesses are not chew proof, they are made from extremely durable materials and are likely to hold up to your dog’s chewing better than most other harnesses.


  • Made from heavy top-grain leather for durability
  • Five points of adjustment allow you to customize the harness to your dog’s body
  • Available in four different color choices (Natural, Black, and two different Mahogany/Black combinations)
  • Chromed brass hardware


Although there weren’t a large number of people who had tried the BlackJacks Harness, those who did loved it. Several owners reported that it was not only a beautiful product, but that it felt durable and fit their dog well. Most dogs seem to appreciate the soft feel of the leather.


The BlackJacks Harness is quite expensive, so it isn’t a viable option for budget-minded owners. Additionally, it lacks any reflective stitching, so you’ll have to provide your dog with some other type of reflective gear (such as these reflective booties) to keep him safe on walks after dark.

3. Ruffwear Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness

About: The Ruffwear Front Range Harness is not explicitly marketed as being chew-proof, but it is made from very durable materials, and most dogs love the way it fits and feels.


  • MADE FOR EXTENDED WEAR: Lightweight, durable, and made for all-day outdoor adventures; Designed for...
  • 2 LEASH ATTACHMENT POINTS: Reinforced webbing at chest stands up to pulling and gives additional...
  • PADDED FOR COMFORT: Foam-padded strips across the chest and belly provide equal load distribution...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FIT: 4 convenient points of adjustment for full range of motion; Easy access ID pocket...

The Front Range Harness is designed to keep your dog comfortable for long periods of time, such as during extended walks and hikes.


  • Reflective trim and ID pocket help improve your dog’s visibility to motorists
  • Features two leash clips: An aluminum V-ring on the back and a reinforced webbing loop on the chest
  • Padded chest and belly panels offer the most possible comfort for your pooch
  • Available in five sizes and ten attractive colors


Generally speaking, most owners absolutely loved the Ruffwear Front Range Harness and noted that it was durable, great-looking, and well-made. Most dogs appear to find the design and materials comfortable, even when worn for long periods of time.


Some owners of long-haired dogs found it necessary to select a size larger than the manufacturer’s guidelines suggest. Other owners were slightly disappointed that they needed to tighten the neck loop of the harness after sliding it over the dog’s head in order to achieve a truly snug fit.

4. URPOWER Dog Leash and Harness Set

About: The URPOWER Dog Leash and Harness Set is a high-quality product that is both great-looking and durable.


  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Constructed out of two thick layers of blue jeans & red nylon for...
  • PERFECTLY SIZED - Harness comes with heavy duty hardware, the clasp that holds the leash to the...
  • REDUCES CHAFING - Soft texture with no hard edges or buckles to irritate skin or back of leg. Does...
  • STYLISH & SIMPLE LOOK - With orange contrast stitching on one side and vibrant blue on the other,...

Both the leash and the harness are made of denim, which, while not truly chew-proof, will stand up to your dog’s teeth more than many other fabrics will.


  • Dual-layered construction features denim and red nylon
  • Chaffe-free design ensures your dog will remain comfortable while wearing the harness
  • Stainless steel rings and leash clips will last for years
  • Two points of adjustment provide the flexibility you need to obtain a good fit


The URPOWER Dog Leash and Harness Set is really popular among dog owners, and the vast majority of those who’ve purchased it report being very pleased. Many noted that the material was simultaneously soft and durable, and several mentioned that it helped reduce their dog’s tendency to pull.


There weren’t very many complaints reported by dog owners. However, a few noted sizing concerns and a very small number of pet parents reported problems with the leash buckle’s durability.

5. ICEFANG Tactical Harness

About: The ICEFANG Tactical Harness is a high-quality dog harness that comes with a number of durable components and design features.


  • [Size & Care instruction] 1:Please choose right size base on ICEFANG size chart , Small(Neck:14"-18"...
  • [2x METAL BUCKLE]: 2 x Metal Buckle (1000 lb Proof-Load Test ) on Dog Shoulder Position which the...
  • [NO PULL/SAFETY CONTROL]: Connect leash to No pull front clip,redirect the dog forward motion and...
  • [HANDS FREE CARRYING ]:Two 1" Strips of Molle (Small: 3 x Hook & 2 x Loop ; Medium: 4 x Hook & 2 x...

The ICEFANG Tactical Harness isn’t specifically designed to be chew-proof, but it should hold up to your dog’s teeth better than many other harnesses on the market. Durability aside, this harness also offers a number of attractive features for owners.


  • Available with metal buckles designed to withstand 1,000 pounds of force
  • Features two leash clips (one on the back, the other on the front)
  • Available in six sizes and several color options (you can also opt for a version with plastic buckles)
  • A control handle is included and situated on the back of the harness
  • Comes with Velcro panels that can be used to hold signs


Most owners seemed very pleased with the ICEFANG Tactical Harness. The control handle and front leash clip both received plenty of praise, and most owners reported that the harness fit their pup well.


While this harness appears to be quite durable, a few owners complained about problems with the stitching.

Our Recommendation: Ruffwear Front Range Harness

While the BlackJacks Leather Dog Harness is likely the most durable harness detailed above, it is hard to look past the expensive price tag, which will keep it out of reach for many owners.

Instead, if we have to choose one single harness, we’ll recommend the Ruffwear Front Range Harness.

Ruffwear is one of the leading harness manufacturers, and we recommend them for a variety of different situations — including owners who need a chewproof option.

The Front Range Harness is made from high-quality materials, and it appears to fit extremely well, which will help keep it out of reach of your dog’s chompers!


Do you have a pooch who’d rather chew through his harness than wear it? Have you found a harness that stands up to the damage he tries to cause? Tell us all about it! We’d love to hear your experiences – both good and bad.

Also make sure to check out our articles on chew-proof leashes (you’ll likely need a tough leash to go with your anti-chewing harness) as well as chew-proof dog beds and indestructible dog toys!

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Jennifer Hengesh

We have an eskimo chihuahua mix. She wears her harness very well for walks, but if we keep her in one to tie her out, say at the parents, she can slit the straps on the Ruff Wear in less than 30 seconds. She did this to 3! W while sitting with me on the outdoor furniture! The last one was a smaller size than she measures for, in the hopes that she wouldn’t be able to get to the strap. I hope to find another brand that she can’t get through.


The reviews on every one of those harnesses say they’re NOT chew proof. Every one of them say they are chewed through within hours. I have yet to actually find a harness that is truly chew proof. My bully has chewed through 12 harnesses & collars. The only thing that worked was spraying some apple vinegar on the straps. Which was the only thing that kept her from chewing on my drywall.

Ben Team

Hey, Wendy.
You’re right, and as we say above, no harness is completely chew proof. But the ones we discuss above are all among the most durable ones available.
At a point, addressing your dog’s chewing behavior will be more helpful than trying to find a harness that can withstand his teeth. For starters, make sure he has a couple of durable chew toys and consider increasing the amount of exercise he gets. If that doesn’t reduce his destructive chewing tendencies, you may want to consider consulting with a trainer or behaviorist.
Best of luck!


Ive got a four month pedigree labrador and already i’m sick of trying to take him for a walk, he can escape every make of harness in seconds, he goes round my legs then pulls backwards so the harness goes over his head then he slips out his front legs and he’s off running like a loony in the road, collars no matter how tight are off his head in seconds, i need a harness with both front and back legs in it like a leather jump suit i think. he’s a big regret and no pleasure at all, he’s ripped my house to pieces, god knows what he’ll do when he’s fully grown, i can see myself rehoming him if he doesnt calm down, my last dog i had 15 years and she was an angel


Would suggest training first. Observation, verbal correction and then praise and treat when they stop trying to chewing the halter. This takes time and will need to be reinforced. Short of that, applying a safe “no chew” formula to the halter. There are commercial products to keep dogs away from furniture. I have seen some home made formulas on google also. Lastly, use of a halter only when they are supervised. If you think about being required to wear clothing that really annoys you…that’s probably how they feel.


Have a 10 month old Jack that has chewed through 5 harnesses. Got the Ruffwear harness, it’s sturdy, but he chewed through the front straps the first day. Don’t know which to try next, his neck is small and he can get his mouth under most. It’s getting expensive, but a harness gives better control. Any suggestions?

Meg Marrs

Wow, that’s pretty impressive because Ruffwear is good stuff. What kind of Ruffwear harness was it? Maybe try another?


My 1 year old husky has eaten through at least 8 harnesses since we’ve had her! Bought the Loupine the other day because the shop owner told me how they stand behind their products. She was outside for 5 minutes, and came inside with her harness in pieces! It literally looks like someone cut it with scissors! What now???


Nice! I’m going to try one of these for my blue heeler/gsd soon. 🙂


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