Dog Names That Mean “Loyal”: The Perfect Name For Your Devoted Dog

Names By Meg Marrs 1 min read April 8, 2021

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Do you love your new pooch? Chances are your new pooch loves you, too! So why not name your new furry friend something to solidify your friendship? The word loyal comes originally from Latin roots, before being adopted by the French as “loial”, and finally the English as “loyal”.

Living with a pup means depending on each other, so what better way to show your dedication than by naming your sweet friend something loyal!

English Dog Names That Mean Loyal:

  • Ally: Ally is similar to treaty, in that there is a known agreement to remain faithful.
  • Fidelity: Fidelity suggests an unwavering faithfulness, allegiance, and loyalty to a person.
  • Ardor: The word ardor translates to a loyal enthusiasm or passion for a task or a person.
  • Duty: Duty means loyal in the sense of moral obligations
  • Liege: Liege relates to someone bound by loyalty to another.
  • Steadfast: Steadfast takes loyal to another level–it is more than just loyalty, it’s absolutely unwavering and dutiful commitment.
  • Treaty. An agreement of cooperation between two parties.
  • True-Blue: True-blue is an American name that translates to extremely loyal and patriotic. It offers a variety of nicknames, such as blue, bluey, or true.
  • Constance: Constance is generally a female name, and it is derived from the word constant.

Dog Names That Mean Loyal In Other Languages:


  • Leala: Leala is a French word meaning loyalty and faithfulness
  • Shelbie: The name Shelbie is an American name meaning sweetness and loyalty
  • Shylah: Shylah is an Irish name with religious connotations. It translates to strong, and loyal to God.


  • Besnik: Besnik is an Albanian name meaning loyal and faithful.
  • Daemyn/Damon: Daemyn is an American/Greek name, depending on spelling, and translates to constant and loyal.
  • Dillon: The Irish name Dillon has a number of spellings, but for each spelling, it means the same: loyal.
  • Shields: Shields is an Irish name and its meaning of protector is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Truman: Truman is an English name that has multiple spellings, but its definition of loyal is quite evident with the word broken down: “tru+man”, true-man.

Are there any loyal dog names we missed? Share your picks in the comments!

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