Dog Names Meaning Gentle: Perfect Names For Your Peaceful Pooch

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Gentle dog names

Do you have a peace-loving pup? Hopefully, most dogs are gentle when playing and hanging out with their families, but some dogs are exceptionally gentle and therefore deserving of a name that highlights this fact. 

We’ll share some of the best dog names that mean gentle below so that you can give your soft sweetheart a name that suits their style. 

Male Dog Names Meaning Gentle

female gentle dog names

Looking for a name for your furry friend? Here are some male dog names meaning gentle.

  • Alexander — “Gently moving” 
  • Abab — “Youthful gentleness” 
  • Benjamin — “Gentle, forgiving” 
  • Bonner — Polish for “gentle” 
  • Bryer — “Gentle and sweet” 
  • Clarence — “Shining and gentle”
  • Damario — Greek for “gentle”
  • Gareth — Welsh for “gentle”
  • Gary — “Gentle” 
  • Gent — Short for “gentleman”
  • Goren — “Sensitive” 
  • Halina — African name meaning “gentle”
  • Jonah — “Forgiving” 
  • Jing — Chinese name for “quiet and still” 
  • Kade — “Gentle” 
  • Kapano — “Good, moral one” 
  • Kevin — Celtic name for “gentle man” 
  • Kliment — Russian name meaning “kind, gentle” 
  • Komal — “Tender, soft” 
  • Melvin — “Gentle lord” 
  • Lateef — “Gentle, pleasant” 
  • Tirion — Welsh name meaning “gentle”
  • Tuan — Vietnamese for “gentle man”

Female Dog Names Meaning Gentle

names for gentle male dogs

If your good girl is also a gentle one, it only makes sense to give her a name that suits her personality. Here are some female names meaning gentle. 

  • Ahe — “Soft breeze” (which also works as a great nature dog name)
  • Adina — “Gentle or delicate” 
  • Arudra — “Gentle” 
  • Aura — “Gentle and optimistic” 
  • Clarissa — “Bright and gentle” 
  • Dalia — “Gentle or tender” 
  • Damra — “Gentle girl” 
  • Deeba — “Soft hearted” 
  • Eidel — “Delicate, gentle” 
  • Guthrie — “Gentle, understanding” 
  • Helen — “Elegant, gentle” 
  • Iness — Hispanic name meaning “gentle” 
  • Jenessa — “Easy going” (consider checking out our dog names that mean “calm” too)
  • Layan — “Gentle, soft”
  • Maru — Polynesian name meaning “gentle”
  • Melosa — “Sweet, gentle” 
  • Melva — “Gentle lady” 
  • Miranda — “Gentle” 
  • Naomi — “Gentle, beautiful” 
  • Narika — “Gentle, soft” 
  • Ninad — “Gentle water” 
  • Selina — “Gentle moon” 

Unisex Dog Names Meaning Gentle

unisex gentle dog names

Whether you have a loyal lad or lass at home, these unisex dog names are perfect for any gentle furry friend. 

  • Adiv — Hebrew for “delicate”
  • Alezae — “Gentle wind” 
  • Anemone — Greek name meaning “gentle”
  • Bute — “Soft” 
  • Bly — “Gentle, happy” 
  • Cinnamon — Scottish name meaning “gentle”
  • Curio — “Gentleness” 
  • Damario — Greek for “gentle”
  • Ebele — “Mercy and kindness” 
  • Ellis — “Benevolent and kind” 
  • Jonas — “Dove” 
  • Kellman — Hungarian for “gentle”
  • Layan — “Gentle, soft” 
  • Mayu — Japanese name meaning “excellence and gentleness” 
  • Mehko — Slovenian for “softly” 
  • Moani — “Gentle wind” 
  • Nariko — Japanese name for “gentle child”. 
  • Sala — “Gentle” 
  • Seferino — “Gentle breeze” 
  • Shu — “Gentle, fair” 
  • Yasashiku — Japanese for “polite”
  • Yein — Chinese for “kind” 
  • Yuuto — Japanese for “gentle”

Famous Dogs Who Were Gentle

E. Buzz is a gentle dog
Image from ThePinkSmoke.com.

You’re likely to see some of your favorite furry friends in books and on the big screen. Here are some famous four-footers that were known for their gentle personalities. 

  • Beethoven — A loving Saint Bernard pooch from the movie of the same name. This gentle giant loved spending as much time as he could with his family. 
  • Blue — Blue from “Blue’s Clues” served as a gentle teacher to children for a decade on Nickelodeon. 
  • Clifford — Clifford from “Clifford the Big Red Dog” was a gentle giant who was always ready for his next adventure with his pack of pals. 
  • E. Buzz — This golden retriever from “Poltergeist” helps alert his family that something strange is going on around the house. 
  • Marmaduke — This lovable Great Dane from the movie by the same name helps his family adjust to life in a new town. 
  • Lady — Lady from “Lady & the Tramp” is a sweet cocker spaniel, who falls in love with a marvelous mutt during this Disney classic (if you’re a big fan of classic animated movies, make sure to check out our list of Disney dog names too!)

Love these? Check out our literary dog names too!

Dog Names That Sound Gentle 

names that are synonyms for gentle

These words don’t necessarily mean gentle, but they certainly evoke the same sentiment. Here are some unique names to capture your four-footers’ sweet spirit without being too literal. 

  • Bean
  • Boo 
  • Buddy
  • Butternut
  • Buttons 
  • Clementine
  • Cinnamon
  • Cutie 
  • Daisy 
  • Dolce
  • Goose 
  • Honey 
  • Lovebug 
  • Lulu
  • Marshmallow 
  • Muffin 
  • Peaches 
  • Peanut 
  • Poppy 
  • Snuggles
  • Socks
  • Squirt
  • Sunshine 
  • Sweetie 
  • Tootsie


There are plenty of ways to capture your dog’s gentle personality. Hopefully, this name list made it easier for you to find the perfect name for your patient pooch.

Looking for more name inspiration? Check out our guide to dog names that mean “friend” and dog names that mean “love” as well!

What was your favorite name from the list? Did we leave any out? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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