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Survivor Dog Names

From health problems to bad owner experiences to being abandoned, shelter dogs and rescue pups have often had to overcome unthinkable challenges. And dog lovers understand that these “underdogs” embody a special kind of spirit!

So, if you’ve got a pooch who has survived trials and tribulations, a survivor-themed dog name is a must!

We’ll share some of the best dog names that mean survivor and other survivor-oriented dog names below!

Female Names That Mean “Survivor”

Female dog names that mean survivor

Has your little lady overcome great odds? Consider these survivor names for your resilient canine cutie!

  • Aife: “Warrior princess”
  • Alessia: Italian for “defending warrior”
  • Alexa: Greek for “Noble protector”
  • Aloisia: German for “famous fighter”
  • Della: Irish for “Protector”
  • Diamond: Old English for “invincible, untamed”
  • Edme: Scottish for “Noble protector”
  • Elda: Italian for “strong warrior”
  • Hilda: German warrior name for “battle woman”
  • June: Latin for “Protector of women or marriage”
  • Kabili: Swahili name meaning “brave and honest”
  • Kendra: English for “knowledge”
  • Kinga: Hungarian name meaning “bravery in war”
  • Liam: “Unwavering protector”
  • Lulu: Arabic origin name for “pearl”
  • Malin: English for “strong, female warrior”
  • Malou: Dutch origin name for “bitter; noble warrior”
  • Marcella: Latin for “warlike”
  • Dalia: “Luck”
  • Daw: “Lucky daughter”
  • Eileen: “Fortunate one”
  • Emma: German for “one who has it all”
  • Euroa: “Joyous”
  • Evangeline: “One who brings lucky news”
  • Fayola:“Favorable luck”
  • Felicity: “Good fortune”
  • Gwyneth: “Blessed”
  • Jamila: “Grace”
  • Jane: “Gracious”
  • Janette: “Gift from God”
  • Jean: “God is gracious”
  • Jessica: “Gracious gift”
  • Joanna: “Elegance”
  • Johanna: “God is gracious”
  • Matilda: German for “battle-mighty”
  • Mina: Dutch for “Protector”
  • Myla: German for “soldier or merciful”
  • Rosetta: German for “noted “Protector”
  • Sandra: Greek for “”Protector of man”
  • Sasha: Russian for “defending men”

Male Names That Mean “Survivor”

Male dog names that mean survivor

Is your little wagging boy a true survivor? Check out these male dog names perfect for any dog who’s overcome challenges!

  • Alex: Greek for “”Protector of mankind”
  • Aloysius: French name meaning “warrior”
  • Alvaro: Spanish for “cautious”
  • Alvaro: Spanish name meaning “guardian”
  • Andro: Greek name meaning “fierce warrior”
  • Ansel: Hebrew for “ wise protector”
  • Armando: French for “soldier”
  • Armani: Italian for “warrior”
  • Barack: “Blessing”
  • Batair: Gaelic name meaning “strong warrior”
  • Bennett: “Blessed”
  • Besnik: Albanian name meaning “faithful,” perfect for your faithful guard
  • Bidziil: Native American name meaning “he is strong”
  • Brava: Italian name meaning “brave”
  • Chaveyo: Native American name meaning “spirit warrior”
  • Duarte: Portuguese name meaning “wealthy guardian”
  • Hannibal: “Grace”
  • Hansel: “God is gracious”
  • Luke: “Lucky son”
  • Macario: “Happy and blessed”.
  • Maddox: “Fortunate”
  • Madoc: “Fortunate”
  • Callan: Scottish for “battle, rock”
  • Casey: Irish for “brave in battle”
  • Duncan: Scottish for “dark warrior”
  • Dustin: German for “fighter”
  • Ethan: Hebrew for “strong”
  • Gunther: German for “battle warrior”
  • Harold: Scandinavian warrior name for “army ruler”
  • Kane: Welsh for “Noble warrior”
  • Lewis: English for “renowned warrior”
  • Liam: Irish for “strong-willed”
  • Marcus: Latin for “warlike”
  • Milo: German for “soldier or merciful”
  • Murphy: Irish for “sea warrior”
  • Nakoa: Hawaiian name for “warrior”
  • Ned: English for “well to do “Protector”
  • Oscar: Irish for “God spear, or chief warrior”
  • Osmond: English for “divine protector”
  • Patton: English for “fighter’s town”
  • Peyton: English for “fighting-man’s estate”
  • Rainer: German for “wise army”
  • Raymond: German for “Protector of men”
  • Roger: German for “famous warrior”
  • Troy: Irish for “descendant of foot soldier”
  • Walter: German for “army ruler”
  • Warner: Old English for “army”

Gender Neutral Names That Mean “Survivor”

Dog names that mean survivor

Whether you have a male or female survivor, these gender-neutral names are perfect for any and all canine companions with a heart of gold!

  • Bizirik: “Survivor” in Basque
  • Faust: “Fortunate”
  • Felice: Italian name meaning “lucky”
  • Greer: Scottish warrior name meaning “guardian”
  • Griffith: Welsh name meaning “chief”
  • Gwyneth: Welsh name meaning “blessed”
  • Hafiz: Arabic name meaning “guardian”
  • Hertz: German name meaning “brave warrior”
  • Howie: English nickname of Howard meaning “chief guardian”
  • Jayden: Hebrew baby name meaning “thankful”
  • Jendayi: Egyptian baby name meaning “thankful”
  • Julgus: “Courage” in Estonian
  • Merritt: Latin for “deserving of fortune”
  • Mut: “Courage” in German
  • Nathan: Hebrew name meaning “gift from God”
  • Nei: Gaelic for “champion”
  • Niedobitek: “Survivor” in Polish
  • Odwaga: “Courage” in Polish
  • Oorlewende: “Survivor” in Afrikaans
  • Owasinda: “Survivor” in Zulu
  • Prezivio: “Survivor” in Croation
  • Hudd: English name meaning “brave ruler or leader”
  • Igor: Russian name meaning “warrior”
  • Isamu: Japanese name meaning “courage and bravery”
  • Kismet: Arabic for “lucky fate”
  • Kuron: African baby name meaning “thanks”
  • Lennon:“Lucky descendant”
  • Lutador: “Fighter” in Portugal
  • Pugnator: “Fighter” in Latin
  • Shakira: Muslim name meaning “grateful”
  • Shukri: Arabic name meaning “grateful”
  • Sigur: “Triumphant” in Icelandic
  • Survivant: “Survivor” in French
  • Tatenda: African name meaning “thank you”
  • Tendai: African name meaning “thankful to God”
  • Tulelo: “Survivor” in Hungarian
  • Urd: Norse for “fate”
  • Ushindi: “Triumphant” in Swahili
  • Ventura: “Good fortune”
  • Yuki: Japanese for “lucky”
  • Zendaya: African name meaning “to give thanks”

“Survivor” in Different Languages

Survivor dog names

These names are perfect for any powerful survivor and can help pay homage to different cultures from around the world!

  • Bizirik (“survivor” in Basque)
  • Julgus (“courage” in Estonian)
  • Mut (“courage” in German)
  • Niedobitek (“survivor” in Polish)
  • Odwaga (“courage” in Polish)
  • Oorlewende (“survivor” in Afrikaans)
  • Owasinda (“survivor” in Zulu)
  • Lutador (“fighter” in Portugal)
  • Prezivio (“survivor” in Croation)
  • Pugnator (“fighter” in Latin)
  • Sigur (“triumphant” in Icelandic)
  • Survivant (“survivor” in French)
  • Tulelo (“survivor” in Hungarian)
  • Ushindi (“triumphant” in Swahili)

Foreign Words That Mean Something Similar to “Survivor”

Warrior dog names

While these words aren’t survivor names per se, they carry the same sentiment for your strong sweetie.

  • Amparo: “Protection” in Spanish
  • Babesle: “Strong protector” in Basque
  • Babestu: “Protect” in Basque
  • Baohu: “Protect” in Chinese
  • Basil: Arabic name meaning “brave”
  • Bellatrix: Latin name meaning “warrior,” also, the name of a star
  • Beskytte: “Protect” in Danish
  • Bohoja: “Protector” in Korean
  • Cayden: Welsh name meaning “fight” or “fighter”
  • Chebe: “Protect” in Igbo
  • Datsva: “Protect” in Georgian
  • Dustin: German name meaning “fighter”
  • Elda: Italian name meaning “warrior”
  • Garder: “Guard” in French
  • Guardia “Guard” in Spanish
  • Hamia: “Protector” in Arabic
  • Imelda: Spanish name meaning “warrior”
  • Jimmu: Japanese name meaning “divine warrior”
  • Kaitsja: “Protector” in Estonian
  • Karewa: “Protect” in Hausa
  • Korgoo: “Protect” in Kyrgyz
  • Kulinda: “Protect” in Swahili
  • Mamoru: “Protect” in Japanese
  • Mlinzi: “Protector” in Swahili
  • Pokpong: “Protect” in Lao
  • Protego: “Protect” in Latin
  • Proteja: “Protect” in Romanian
  • Puipui: “Protect” in Samoan
  • Pwoteje: “Protect” in Haitian Creole
  • Rakṣā: “Protect” in Bangla
  • Schutz: “Protection” in German
  • Skydda: “Protect” in Swedish
  • Tiaki: “Protection” in Māori
  • Varjella: “Protect” in Finnish
  • Vedeni: “Protect” in Hungarian
  • Verndari: “Strong protector” in Icelandic
  • Yahmi: “Protect” in Arabic
  • Zakhyst: “Protection” in Ukrainian
  • Zastititi: “Protect” in Bosnian

“Survivor” Synonyms for Dog Names

Warrior names for dogs

These names are similar to survivor and can capture your canine’s hopeful spirit.

  • Aegis
  • Angel
  • Armor
  • Comeback
  • Courage
  • Cure
  • Endurance
  • Forge
  • Headway
  • Outlast
  • Phoenix
  • Riot
  • Risk
  • Treasor 
  • Triumph
  • Underdog
  • Valor
  • Winner
  • Backer
  • Bodyguard
  • Bouncer
  • Buffer
  • Bulwark
  • Champ / Champion
  • Chaperone
  • Chief
  • Defender
  • Defense
  • Secure
  • Security
  • Sentinel
  • Sentry
  • Shepherd
  • Shield
  • Vanquish
  • Victory


Do you have any other ideas for names that would be great for survivor dogs? Share your top ideas in the comments!

Also, be sure to check out some of our other articles full of dog name ideas!

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  1. Kristyn B Avatar
    Kristyn B

    Thank you for such a diverse and thoughtfully compiled list! A lot of great names there for any type of pet. I’m a weirdo and also name my house plants haha. I have one little one that has survived a house fire, freezing temperatures during a move where all my other plants died, over watering by family, being eaten to the nub by my parrot, and more over the last 10 yrs. He’s small since my parrot got to him but as always he’s growing back strong so I’ve just decided to call him Biddy; it sounds like “bitty” which suits his size rn, but it’s to be short for the name “Bidziil” from your list so it’s just perfect. I have always appreciated good names and I rescue animals so I’ve saved this great list for future reference! Thank you.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      We’re so glad you enjoyed the list, Kristyn!

  2. Susan Parker Avatar
    Susan Parker

    We have a survivor dog named Rock. He was rescued/traded from an American Indian Reservation here in Arizona by our friend. He traded approximately $5,000 in car parts and labor in an effort to get Rock off of the reservation.
    Rock was completely starved, skin & bones. His rescuer fed him lambs milk to bring him back to life.
    I know ROCK sounds so simple but he’s a survivor. Rocks now my service animal. He’s Chocolate Lab & Red Nosed Pit Bill. He has the body of a tall & long Lab & the head of a Pittie.
    Ideally he should weigh a good 100-125#’s but he’s only 54#’s BUT he’s 100% lean muscle and extremely STRONG!!
    He’s my Rock and a very loving, caring boy!!

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Rock sounds amazing, Susan. We’re glad you both found each other, and we wish you two nothing but the best!

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