15 Spirited German Shorthaired Pointer Mixes: Grand GSP Mixes

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Dog Care By Kate Brunotts 10 min read June 23, 2022

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German Shorthaired Pointer Mixes

German shorthaired pointers are smart and sweet dogs, who generally make great pets for the right families. But before you commit to a gregarious GSP, you might want to consider some of these adorable GSP mixed breeds. 

We’ll share some of our favorite German shorthaired pointer mixes below and tell you a little about them so you can decide if they’d make a good fit for your family!

The German Shorthaired Pointer: Traits and Characteristics

German Shorthaired Pointer Dog Mix

If you’re planning on adding a German shorthaired pointer mix to your family, it’s important to understand what German shorthaired pointers are like on their own! We’ll help you learn more about them below. 

Remember, there’s no guarantee that mixed breed furry friends will be a perfect cross of each of their parents. However, understanding the parent breeds can provide you insight into your pup’s personality, so you should be prepared to embrace your dog’s likely tendency. 


The German shorthaired pointer is a stunning medium to large-sized dog with a lean physique. These pups usually weigh between 45 and 60 pounds and span anywhere from 21- to 25-inches-tall at the shoulder. 



German shorthaired pointers are incredibly smart and natural people-pleasers, so you won’t have any trouble training these canine cuties. However, it’s important to train your pooch early on since these pups are known to act as permanent puppies who don’t know their own size. 

GSPs like to stay physically and mentally engaged, so they’ll benefit from agility activities, puzzle toys, or accompanying you just about anywhere. 

Energy Level

If you adopt a German Shorthaired Pointer or GSP mix, you’ll need to be active. These furry friends have high energy levels, and they need frequent activity to feel their best. 

You can bet on your GSP pup being one of the best dogs for hiking, as well as one of the best pets for running alongside you. But truthfully, they’re pretty adaptable dogs who love doing just about anything. These furballs would appreciate homes with a large yard or nearby outdoor space where they can get some of their endless energy out. 


These enthusiastic pups truly encapsulate the “man’s best friend” adage with their unwavering loyalty and love of life. GSPs crave family time and need to be in homes where they can always be in on the action. If you’re looking for a dog for your busy family, you’re sure to fall for the good-hearted and energetic nature of these adorable gundogs. 

Health Problems

These hearty pups have an impressive life expectancy for larger dogs at 12 to 15 years. GSP pooches can be prone to certain health conditions like hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, or dermatitis, but these furry friends are generally pretty healthy. 


German shorthair pointer mixed breeds

Though GSPs are short-haired they, unfortunately, shed quite a bit. You’ll also have to prepare for a seasonal “blowing coat” where your darling dog will shed more than usual, so make sure you have an awesome vacuum for dog hair on hand.  

Your pooch should be brushed on a weekly basis with a rubber mitt or firm bristle brush. Due to their long, floppy ears, GSP pooch parents should commit to regular ear cleanings to prevent infection. These furry friends should also stay up to date on baths, though thankfully, these furry friends love water. 

15 Great German Shorthaired Pointer Mixes 

We’ve rounded up some of the cutest GSP mixes below. With plenty of pooch personalities, you’re sure to find a canine companion that fits your family! 

1. Boxapoint (German Shorthaired Pointer x Boxer Mix)

Boxapoints are easily one of the cutest German shorthaired mixes around! And besides being cute, they make wonderful pets for families, as boxers usually make excellent friends for little kiddos.

Just be sure you’re ready for a super high-energy pup, as both of these breeds need tons of exercise. They’re also likely to be very playful, so they aren’t a great choice for families seeking a couch-potato canine.  

2. Pointer Bay (German Shorthaired Pointer x Chesapeake Bay Retriever Mix)

These water-loving woofers are sure to make excellent adventure buddies! Both parent breeds bond closely with their families, so you’re sure to make a friend for life out of these marvelous mutts.

Note that Chesapeake Bay retriever pups can be quite sensitive, so you’ll want to keep training sessions light, productive, and positive. But if you do so, you’ll likely find your Pointer Bay is a people-pleaser who’s pretty easy to train. 

3. German Shorthaired Sprointer (German Shorthaired Pointer x English Springer Spaniel Mix)

The Sprointer is a loveable bird dog with an impressive hunting nose. These furballs are generally great with other pets and kids, and bond closely with their family members. 

If you’re searching for a dog that minds his own business, this marvelous mix isn’t a choice pick for you. These “Velcro” pups are content on following their favorite people from one from to the next. 

4. German Shorthaired Lab (German Shorthaireded Pointer x Labrador Retriever Mix)

When you cross two incredibly friendly breeds, you get a canine companion with a pretty darn lovable demeanor. These darling doggos are friends to all – whether that’s kids, pets, or total strangers. 

You’re sure to fall in love with these spirited sweethearts, as long as you’re willing to provide these enthusiastic companions with the exercise and care they require — they were both developed as bird hunting dogs, so they need lots to do! 

5. German Shorthaired Toller (German Shorthaired Pointer x Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Mix)

Need a swimming or hunting buddy? The German Shorthaired Toller might be exactly what you’re looking for. 

These high-energy furballs bond closely with their owners and are up for any quest, as long as their favorite person is nearby. German Shorthaired Tollers are eager to please, making training an absolute breeze. 

6. German Shorthaired Pointerpoodle (German Shorthaired Pointer x Poodle Mix)

This poodle mix is wickedly smart and up for endless playtime with whomever is willing to provide it. These pups may be a bit hesitant toward other pets, but they’re amazing with kids and people. 

The German Shorthaired Pointerpoodle likes to stay active and happy to train as long as you have a couple of tasty treats up your sleeve! 

7. German Pointeraner (German Shorthaired Pointer x Weimaraner Mix)

The German Pointeraner is one of the most handsome hounds you’ll come across, though he’s more likely to inherit a brown coat than the trade mark gray color of the Weimaraner. Even so, you can’t help but fall for this mix’s adorable floppy ears and large heart. 

These fearless furballs may be a bit too curious for their own good, so you’ll want to train them early on to establish good habits. German Pointeraners make amazing companions for adventurous owners. 

8. Australian Shepherd Pointer (German Shorthaired Pointer x Australian Shepherd Mix)

If you’re looking for a slightly more independent canine companion, the Australian Shepherd Pointer might be a great pick. These active pups are super smart and will enjoy spending much of their time outdoors. 

Due to their Australian shepherd parent, these dogs might be a bit more aloof around strangers, though they bond closely with their families.

9. Boingle (German Shorthaired Pointer x Beagle Mix)

This happy hound loves just about everyone and makes a sweet family companion that often enjoys being around kids. The sweet and curious Boingle is sure to bring a smile to your face with his long, floppy ears and loving personality. 

These pups can be a bit more independent-minded, so you’ll want to invest in regular, positive training sessions. Thankfully, these pups are super food motivated, so you won’t have too much trouble with the right training treats. 

10. English Setting Pointer (German Shorthaired Pointer x English Setter Mix)

This charming mutt has all of the wonderful qualities of a German Shorthaired Pointer at a slightly slower pace. Don’t get us wrong – these dogs are still active by all means, but they’re also happy to take a long snooze with you on the couch. 

These canine cuties love making new friends and will help point out every squirrel on the hiking trail. Just note that English Setting Pointers are pretty high-energy doggos, so you’ll want to play tons of fetch or Frisbee games with them. 

11. Germenglish Pointer (German Shorthaired Pointer x English Pointer Mix)

These two breeds are fairly similar, so you can expect a fun-spirited, loyal, and energized canine companion from the German Shorthaired Sprointer. These canine companions crave quality time, so they’ll fare best in active households. 

German Shorthaired Sprointers like to keep busy, so you’ll want to have plenty of puzzle toys around to keep these furry friends busy. 

12. Great Pointenees (German Shorthaired Pointer x Great Pyrenees Mix)

Are you looking for a big best buddy? You’re sure to fall for the lovable lunk that is the Great Pointenees. 

These pups are incredibly loyal and will bond closely with their families. However, they can be wary of strangers, so you’ll want to spend lots of time with socialization and training to help guide your mutt’s manners. 

13. German Pointer Collie (German Shorthaired Pointer x Border Collie Mix)

The German Pointer Collie is an enthusiastic furry friend that will leave you speechless with his smarts. These furry friends are incredibly intelligent, and need to stay physically and mentally active to feel at their best. 

Pointer Collies are typically very close with their families, though they can be reserved around strangers. You’ll want to take your time with socialization and make sure you have enough time to accommodate these witty canine companions. 

14. Pointer Pug (German Shorthaired Pointer x Pug Mix)

If you’re looking for a sweet furry friend, this unique canine cross is certainly worth considering. When he’s not playing, the Pointer Pug serves as a loveable lapdog. 

The Pointer Pug does well with children, strangers, and pets, so he’s a great addition to any household. Just make sure these pups are provided with plenty of cuddles and attention, as they can be a bit sensitive. 

15. Pointer Pit Bull (German Shorthaired Pointer x Pitbull Mix)

For a loyal canine companion, the Pointer Pit Bull is an amazing pick. These energetic furry friends are always up for a long run, or playful game of tug of war. 

Note that these pups may prefer to be the sole pet in the house, but they tend to be amazing with kids. These spirited sweeties are sure to add plenty of spice to your life. 


German shorthaired pointer mixes can make amazing family pets for the right home. Hopefully, this article will lead you to the mutt mix of your dreams!

Do you have a GSP mix? Which canine combination was your favorite? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

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