35 Australian Shepherd Mixed Breeds: Working Dogs With Hearts of Gold!

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Aussie Shepherd Mixes

Australian shepherds (sometimes called Aussie shepherds) are fantastic-looking four-footers who often turn heads wherever they go.

Fluffy, friendly, and full of energy, these ready-to-rock Rovers are a pretty popular breed (they ranked 12th in the U.S. as of 2022), so most four-footer aficionados have seen them around the dog park.

But Aussie shepherds aren’t only common in purebred form — they also occur as mixed-breed mutts, who each vary in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

We’ll share some of our favorite Australian shepherd mixes below and explain some of their characteristics, so you can decide if one would work well with your family. But first, let’s take a moment to examine the Aussie and dig into their doggy details.

Getting to Know the Australian Shepherd: Breed Basics

Australian Shepherd

While it be reasonable to think that the Australian shepherd originally hailed from the land down under, this beautiful pup’s roots can actually be traced to the western United States in the 1840’s.

The Aussie was born and bred to herd livestock, and this strong work ethic has most certainly stayed intact over time. He is in his element when he has work to do, and he doesn’t handle boredom well.

Accordingly, he can make an amazing addition to families that can provide him with plenty of activity, exercise, and canine enrichment opportunities (not to mention a great Aussie dog food), but he simply won’t thrive in low-energy households. These are certainly not couch potato pooches!

A few other key facts to understand about Australian shepherds include:

  • Size: Aussie shepherds are medium-sized dogs who generally stand about 18 to 23 inches at the shoulder and weigh about 35 to 75 pounds (males are larger than females in most cases). However, their fluffy coats make them look a bit bigger than they are.
  • Coat: These pups have moderately long double coats, that are usually a bit wavy. They come in several colors, including black, blue merle, red, and red merle.
  • Health Problems: Aussie shepherds are generally healthy dogs, but they are susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia. They also suffer from things like epilepsy and a variety of different eye problems. Accordingly, you’ll want to work closely with your vet to keep your canine happy and healthy.
  • Intelligence: Despite being pretty goofy, Australian shepherds are very intelligent dogs. They can figure out things on their own, and they’re generally pretty easy to train, provided that you keep them adequately stimulated (and exercised). They will grow bored easily, so keep training sessions fun! Thinking dog training toys and training treats as rewards.
  • Friendliness: Australian shepherds are probably best described as moderately friendly four-footers. They tend to get along with other dogs very well, and they are generally friendly with young humans, too (though they can, as mentioned earlier, have a tendency to “herd” children). That said, they don’t make friends with strangers quickly, so early socialization is necessary.

35 Awesome Australian Shepherd Mixes: High-Octane Hounds!

aussies playing

Now that you understand a little more about the Australian shepherd, it’s time to check out some of the most jaw-dropping Australian shepherd mixes! Some of these beauties are simply unbelievable!

1. Augi (Australian Shepherd x Pembroke Welsh Corgi)

As both the Australian shepherd and the Welsh corgi are workaholics, the Augi will love being kept busy, making him the ideal farm dog breed.

Even if you don’t happen to have an acre or two of farmland available, Augis can thrive in the burbs or city as a family pet (though he may try to herd your kiddos). You just need to provide him with plenty of outlets for his inexhaustible energy to prevent him from getting into mischief and developing behavioral problems.

Can’t get enough of this cutie? Meet more corgi mixed breeds.

2. Aussie Pitbull (Australian Shepherd x Pitbull)

For the ultimate running buddy, check out the sweet and spirited Aussie Pitbull. These pups are full of life and happy to keep you company for hours on end.

Aussie Pitbulls may be somewhat wary of strangers, but they bond closely with their family members. As long as you have plenty of treats, these pups will happily learn just about any trick with their natural intelligence.

3. Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd x Poodle)

This handsome creature will ensure you fall in love at first sight!

Unlike many designer breed doggos, who’re simply the result of an unintentional breeding, Aussiedoodles (aka the Aussiepoos or Aussiepoodles) are often deliberately bred, with the goal of combining the Aussie’s magnificent multi-colored fur with the poodle’s “hypoallergenic,” low-shedding coat. This, it is thought, can help make these cuties some of the best dogs for people with allergies.

Custom-created coats aside, these pooches make extremely loyal friends, who are happiest when they’re the center of your attention!

Positive a poodle pup is for you? Check out more poodle mixes.

4. Aussie Retriever (Australian Shepherd x Golden Retriever)

Another beautiful mixed breed, the Aussie Retriever is a moderately long-haired dog created by crossing an Australian shepherd with a golden retriever. The result? A super-sweet, incredibly beautiful pooch with a 24-karat ticker.

But loving personality aside, it is important to realize that both parent breeds are pretty heavy shedders, so they aren’t the ideal choice for neat-freak families. So, you’ll probably want to read up on some of the best ways to reduce your dog’s shedding (you may even want to pick up a dog food that may help reduce shedding) and be prepared to brush your Aussie Retriever regularly!

Can’t get enough of this golden great? Discover more golden retriever mixes.

5. Aussie Rottweiler (Australian Shepherd x Rottweiler)

The Aussie Rottweiler is sweet and sensitive. While these pups can be a bit reserved around new faces, they are happy to show their goofy and loving personalities to anyone in their inner circles.

Note that these big buddies can weigh up to 130 pounds and may not be a good fit for homes with small children due to their boundless energy levels.

6. Baussie (Australian Shepherd x Boston Terrier)

The Baussie is another highly energetic four-footer, though he often remains a good bit smaller than some of the other Aussie mixes you may see. This can make him a really good city dog, for owners who live in urban areas.

Just note that he’ll still need lots of exercise — a few brief walks a day won’t cut it for these pups! So, make sure that you’re ready to provide your new pooch with plenty of stuff to keep his brain buzzing and body tired. Otherwise, you may find that these modest-sized mutts may drive you crazy!

Loving this little one? Meet more Boston terrier mixes like this cutie!

7. Aussie-Chi (Australian Shepherd x Chihuahua)

If you’re seeking a loyal little sidekick, you’ll find an amazing companion in the Aussie-Chi. These small sweeties bond closely to one or two special humans and are sure to shower you with affection on a daily basis.

Despite their size, these pups are surprisingly active and need plenty of playtime to feel their best. This Australian Shepherd mix may be reserved around strangers and other dogs, so early socialization is key.

8. Border-Aussie (Australian Shepherd x Border Collie)

A legitimate contender for the most high-energy mixed breed around, the Border-Aussie is not a dog to adopt on a whim.

Created by combining two of the highest-energy hounds in the world, these little guys and gals are only happy when provided with a ton of opportunities to exercise. This means they’re great at canine sports, and they make awesome running or jogging companions.

But if you want a dog to lounge with your on the couch all day, you’d be better served by looking elsewhere.

Wild about this hardworking woofer? Get to know more border collie mixes.

9. German Aussie Shepherd (Australian Shepherd x German Shepherd)

The German Aussie Shepherd is an active family companion that will do just about anything to earn your approval. These intelligent pups excel in obedience training and will keep you entertained with their endless enthusiasm.

Coming from two active pet parents, the German Aussie Shepherd mix is unsurprisingly needs plenty of daily exercise. You’ll also want a good vacuum on hand– these hardworking hounds are unfortunately prone to plenty of shedding.

10. Ausky (Australian Shepherd x Husky)

Striking animals with piercing stares, Auskies are certainly captivating canines. And in addition to their often-blue eyes, these doggos will usually bear long-and-luxurious coats, which are as great for snuggling as they are for appreciating aesthetically.

In addition to their physical attributes, Shep-Huskies (as they are sometimes called) often have delightful personalities, which display some of the husky’s famous comedic characteristics. Just be sure you’re ready for a dog that can (and will) run for days — these aren’t a low-energy dog breed!

Loving the look of this doggo? Discover more husky mixed breeds.

11. Australian Heeler (Australian Shepherd x Blue Heeler)

Cross two cattle dogs and you’ll get a farmhand furball that’s happy to hold a daily job. These hardworking hounds would appreciate a home where they have plenty of room to run around and expend their energy.

Both parent breeds have strong herding instincts, so these marvelous mutts might not be a great fit for homes with small children. These pups aren’t the cuddliest canines, but they are incredibly loyal furry friends.

12. Boxherd (Australian Shepherd x Boxer)

The Boxherd is a little different than some of the other Australian shepherd mixes discussed thus far. While most Aussie mixes are friendly four-footers, they can be challenging with kiddos — they’re simply too excitable to make good playmates for young humans.

But boxers are famous for being some of the best dogs for babies in the world. Gentle, patient, and protective, boxers are simply the perfect four-footers for many young two-footers. Accordingly, these Australian-shepherd-boxer mixes are a wonderful choice for families, though you’ll still want to make sure to supervise play sessions.

Do you love any and all boxers? Bounce over to our list of boxer mixes.

13. Aussie Lab (Australian Shepherd x Labrador)

Take the intelligent Australian shepherd and cross him with the loving Labrador retriever, and you get a well-rounded furry friend that’s happy to keep you company in any adventure. These wonderful companions have high energy levels and will appreciate plenty of space to play and exercise.

These dogs are known for acting as permanent puppies that might not have full awareness of their surroundings– so early training is essential, especially in homes with smaller children.

Love Labs? Swim through more amazing Labrador mixed breeds.

14. Shepnees (Australian Shepherd x Great Pyrenees)

Want one of the fluffiest dog breeds around? Well, the Shepnees may be exactly what you need! One part Aussie shepherd and one part great Pyrenees, these fur-covered floofs have super long-and-thick coats, which many owners simply love.

Notably, the Shepnees is often slightly calmer than some of the other commonly seen Aussie mixes. This makes them a better fit for many families, but just be sure you are ready for a slightly aloof breed — great Pyrenees don’t mind hanging out by themselves at times, and they aren’t as outwardly friendly as, say, golden retrievers.

Does this floof hold a special place in your heart? Uncover more great Pyrenees mixes.

15. Auberman (Australian Shepherd x Doberman)

The dignified and loving Auberman is a loyal furry friend that is likely to bond closely with one or two special humans. Though striking, these dogs are super sweet and will provide plenty of pooch kisses to their loved ones.

Australian Shepherd Doberman pups can be somewhat headstrong though sensitive and need pet parents that can provide consistent and positive reinforcement training.

16. Chow Shepherd (Australian Shepherd x Chow)

Another fantastically furry four-footer, the Chow-Shepherd often looks a lot bigger than he actually is, thanks to his long coat. Just understand that he’ll need plenty of regular grooming, and he’s likely to leave your house looking like a furnado passed through, so he’s not great for owners who like to keep things nice and tidy.

But if you don’t mind a little dog hair in your home, the Shepherd Chow can make a great fit for some families. As a chow mix, he can be a bit independent, so he’s not ideal for owners seeking a Velcro dog, but some people like a pooch who can entertain himself quite a bit.

Adore all things chow chow? Explore more chow chow mixed breeds.

17. Australian Eskimo (Australian Shepherd x American Eskimo Dog)

These marvelous mixes are fantastic family companions with plenty of energy to keep up with kids and affectionate personalities. Australian Eskimo dogs inherit smarts from both pet parents, so training should be a breeze with these pups.

These bold best buddies would prefer to reign as the sole dog in the house. Unfortunately, these mutts are heavy shedders, but they are so worth a little vacuuming!

18. Sheagle (Australian Shepherd x Beagle)

Another modest-sized Aussie-mix, the Sheagle is an absolutely adorable doggo, who’s one of the friendlier four-footers discussed here. Cute, care-free, and slightly comedic, these little canines are sure to keep you entertained as he goes about his day.

Do note that beagles are one of the breeds with the best sense of smell, so your Sheagle is going to follow his nose 24-7. This usually isn’t a big problem, but it does mean you’ll need to keep him on a leash anytime you’re not in an enclosed area (which is really what you should do with ALL dogs), to prevent him from wandering off in pursuit of interesting odors.

Are you a beagle lover? Check out more beagle mixes!

19. Aussiekita (Australian Shepherd x Akita)

This is a headstrong furry friend that’s always up for the next challenge. Aussiekitas might not be the cuddliest of canines, but they present plenty of loyalty to their loved ones.

These smart and independent pups need an experienced owner who can provide consistent, positive training sessions. Aussiekitas should serve as the sole pooch in the house.

20. Dachsherd (Australian Shepherd x Dachshund)

Regular ‘ol wiener dog not wild enough for ya? Well, you may want to consider a Dachsherd. They may be a bit small, but thanks to their Australian shepherd parent, these mixed-breed pooches are certainly ready to rock!

However, these little rascals are best-suited for owners with a bit of canine experience, as they aren’t some of the best dogs for first-time owners. Dachshunds can be very challenging to housetrain, so they’re best left to owners who’ve already been through this song and dance before and already acquired some basic dog-training skills.

21. Berner Aussie (Australian Shepherd x Bernese Mountain Dog)

The Berner Aussie is an amazing family dog with a heart as big as their frame. These gentle giants excel with kids and are happy to play and curl up on the couch.

Berner Aussies can be a little aloof around strangers and other dogs, so early socialization is essential. Thankfully, these dogs are eager to please, so training should be super simple.

22. Dalshep (Australian Shepherd x Dalmatian)

The Dalshep is a high-energy pup who needs things to do everyday. This is pretty understandable, given the fact that Dalmatians were actually bred to run alongside horse-drawn carriages for miles and miles at at time! So, don’t get a Dalshep if you are looking for a couch-potato canine.

But on the flip side, there are a ton of situations in which these dogs are awesome! For example, they make one of the best dog breeds for agility activities, given their combination of energy, work-ethic, and athleticism. So, if you want a four-footed friend for fun and games, the Dalshep may be a great choice!

Delighted by this combo canine? Discover more Dalmatian mixes.

23. Aussie Pug (Australian Shepherd x Pug)

The Aussie Pug crosses the intelligent Australian Shepherd with the comical and caring Pug. As a result, this marvelous mix is a well-balanced canine companion that makes an excellent addition to most families.

This compact canine fits in well in apartments so long as he’s given enough time to exercise and play. Aussie Pugs will bond with everyone in the family and are happy to play with both kids and adults.

24. Aussiel (Australian Shepherd x Cocker Spaniel)

Looking for a pooch who’s sugary sweet and maybe just a bit sassy? You’ll definitely want to check out the Aussiel. One part Australian shepherd and one part cocker spaniel, these long-haired Lassies have very endearing personalities and make great pets for the right families.

Although they’re rarely thought of as super-active pooches, cocker spaniels (and most cocker spaniel mixes) actually have pretty spunky personalities. This makes them great for owners seeking a friendly and feisty floor.

Can’t stop eyeing up this cute combo critter? Meet more cocker spaniel mixes.

25. French Bull Aussie (Australian Shepherd x French Bulldog)

French Bull Aussies are social butterflies. Whether it’s playing with other pooches, or spending time with everyone in the family, these marvelous mutts crave company.

They have a surprising amount of energy and appreciate plenty of playtime and exercise to feel their finest. These dogs make amazing family companions, as long as little ones learn the boundaries of having a smaller furry friend.

Frenchie mixes are peaking in popularity. Meet more French bulldog mixes with us!

26. Auss-Tzu (Australian Shepherd x Shih Tzu)

Are you seeking a loving lapdog? The Auss-Tzu will fit the bill, especially if you’re up for a couple games of Fetch everyday.

These small sweeties love to play but will provide you endless cuddles in their off hours. Auss-Tzus can be a bit headstrong, so consistent, positive training is essential.

Adore this doggo? Meet more shih tzu mixes!

27. Aussietare (Australian Shepherd x Bull Terrier)

The Aussietare is a bold best buddy, always happy to goof around and make you laugh. These intelligent dogs are loyal, but can be a bit headstrong, so they’ll need experienced dog owners.

These pups prefer to be the only pooch at home and will provide you with endless entertainment with their zest for life.

28. Cairn Shepterrier (Australian Shepherd x Cairn Terrier)

Cairn Shepterriers love having a job and have a strong prey drive. These hardworking dogs are happiest when they can put their innate intelligence to good use, whether that’s excelling in agility activities, or accompanying you on a run.

These cheerful pups will reward you with plenty of puppy kisses for keeping them entertained. With a small stature, these energetic dogs make amazing apartment companions.

29. Aussie Newfie (Australian Shepherd x Newfoundland)

The Aussie Newfie is a sweet and smart pooch with a heart proportionate to his large size. These dogs aren’t the cleanest with plenty of shedding and potential for drool, but their loving demeanor makes up for it in spades.

These pups are amazing family dogs that are happy to cuddle on the couch or join you for a swim. The Aussie Newfie wants nothing more than to spend time with his loved ones.

Never met a Newf you didn’t like? Dive into more Newfoundland mixes.

30. AustiPap (Australian Shepherd x Papillion)

These compact furry friends are surprisingly effective watchdogs with a keen sense of awareness and wit. AustiPaps are happy to learn just about any trick – so long as you have a treat up your sleeve.

Most AustiPaps are great with kids, but prefer to be the sole dog in the house. You’ll be rewarded with plenty of cuddles for taking on these loving and energetic pups.

31. AussiPom (Australian Shepherd x Pomeranian)

AussiPoms are loyal little lapdogs with plenty of energy. While small, these pups are mighty with a distinctly bold personality and unending love for life.

These canine cuties can be wary around strangers, so early socialization is essential to their success. AussiPoms are happy to turn your apartment or home into their own pooch palace.

Positively in love with this pup? Wrap your arms around more Pomeranian mixed breeds.

32. Shel Aussies (Australian Shepherd x Shetland Sheepdog)

This cross of two herding hounds unsurprisingly creates a hardworking furry friend. Shel Aussies love to keep busy, and appreciate being in on the action.

Thanks to their parent breeds, these doggos may be a bit aloof around strangers, but these furry friends bond closely with their human families.

Want to know more about Shetland sheepdog mixes? Check out our list of sheltie mixes.

33. Aussie Wheaten (Australian Shepherd x Wheaten Terrier)

These playful pups are always looking forward to a game of fetch or adventure outside. When your cross a curious terrier with a hardworking shepherd mix, you unsurprisingly get a boisterous bundle of energy.

Aussie Wheatens are plenty of fun, though they’re happy to curl up next to you on the couch after a long day of play. That being said, these pups need plenty of consistent training sessions to help them build superb mutt manners around others.

34. English Cotralian (Australian Shepherd x English Cocker Spaniel)

English Cotralians are total lovebugs that will shower you with affection and follow you from one room to the next. These Velcro dogs prefer to be in homes where someone is usually around to keep them company.

As intelligent pups, these dogs are easy to train and adore performing tricks for their favorite family members. While they are fairly small pups, they still need a good amount of daily exercise to keep them feeling their best.

35. A Reader Submitted Four-Way Aussie Mix!

Aussie golden chow staffy
Aussie golden chow staffy

Check out this great-looking doggo! His name is BB, and his owner (Ken) shared a few great photos with us (we’re especially fond of the second one).

BB is part Australian shepherd, part chow, part golden retriever, and part American Staffordshire terrier. But if you ask us, he’s 100% cutie-pie!

Show Us YOUR Doggo!

Would you like to share some photos of your pooch with us? Just check out our handy photo uploader! Let’s see those gorgeous canines! We’d love to see them all, including shepherd mixes and other kinds of canines!

Australian Shepherd Mixes: FAQ

Aussie in field

Still have lingering questions or concerns about Aussies or Australian shepherd mixes? Check out these most commonly asked questions surrounding them and the corresponding answers.

What are good Australian shepherd mixes?

Good Australian shepherd mixes come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common are often the best combos, like the Aussie Retriever (mixed with a golden retriever), Aussie Lab, and Sheagle (mixed with a beagle.) Like any breed or breed mix, the right Aussie mix for your family depends on your lifestyle and experience with dogs.

Is an Australian shepherd mix a good dog?

All dogs are good doggos in our book, but to answer your question, yes, an Australian shepherd mix can be a great pup for the right household. He’s likely to be an energetic breed mix that thrives with proper training and ample physical and mental exercises, making him a good match for active families or joggers.

That said, this mix will require a great deal of daily physical and mental stimulation. He’ll also need plenty of one-on-one time with his favorite people and no long periods of time alone, as he’s prone to developing separation anxiety. His coat may also need frequent brushing, depending on his mix of breeds. For these reasons, an Australian shepherd mix probably isn’t a great choice for a first-time dog owner.

How many types of Australian shepherd are there?

The AKC recognizes two sizes of Australian shepherds: the standard and the miniature. Regular male Australian shepherds stand between 20 and 23 inches at the shoulder and weigh 50 to 65 pounds, while male miniature Australian shepherds are 14 to 18 inches at the shoulder and from 20 to 40 pounds.

What dog looks like an Australian shepherd?

A few breeds are confused with the Aussie from time to time, including his merle friend, the Australian cattle dog (also known as the blue or red heeler), the border collie, the rough collie, the English shepherd, and the Shetland sheepdog.

Remember: Just because a dog looks like another breed that doesn’t mean he’ll act like another breed. Doing your research before bringing home any barker is vital to ensuring a great fit.

Do Australian shepherd mixes bark a lot?

Like any doggo, your Australian shepherd mix may bark excessively if lacking in mental stimulation, attention, or training. This isn’t a breed mix to leave alone for extended periods of time. He has a great deal of energy and drive to burn, preferring to do so at your side.


That wraps up our compilation of our favorite Australian Shepherd mixed breeds! Please let us know if we might have missed one and remember to share your photo’s of your lovely Shep mix.

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Tobias S

I have a tri color aussie/border collie mix. I’ve trained dogs for canine companions for independence (lab/golden mixes) in the past, having the priveledge of being around some of the smartest dogs I’ve seen. But my dog is on another level. Almost humanlike intelligence!

Jacqueline Pipta

There is something awful about the idea of mixing Austrailian shepherds with another breed of dog to make a mix. The idea of breeding is to create healthy dogs with specific traits. Mixing a working dog with a non working breed is a good way to get a mixed up canine brain with unreliable temperments and behaviors. Please stop celebrating these bad practices! Thanks for listening.

Ben Team

Hey there, Jacqueline.

You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but many of these mixed dogs were created for exactly the reason you state: to emphasize specific traits. For example, some people may love Aussie aesthetics but lack the time to dedicate to such a high-energy breed. Such people could potentially opt for dog who was the product of an Aussie and a low-energy breed.

And there’s no evidence we’re aware of that mixing dog breeds results in unreliable temperaments. Were that the case, the world would be overrun with problematic dogs.
But we thank you for checking out the site and sharing your thoughts!

Harvey Dent

Hey that’s me, the Aussie/Newf!

I am honored to be on this wonderful list of such gorgeous dogs 🙂 Surprisingly, I don’t shed or drool too much! I am also the jumbo of the litter — my brothers and sisters are regular aussie shape/size. We all have very high work drives though and are very quick learners!

Ben Team

Wow. You write remarkably well, Harvey.
I guess in addition to being handsome, Aussie/Newfs are pretty sharp too.


If it’s a mix then it’s not an Aussie. It’s an Aussie mix then. Designer breeds and mixes do not retain their purebred name status.

Ben Team

I really don’t understand what you mean, PLW. We use several accepted names for the mixes above.
But we thank you for checking out the site anyway!

Franklin Monje-Cabrera

I have a aussie pitbull mix can we see that breed on this list or no???? Dont say no

Ben Team

Ha! We may try to include them next time we update the article, Franklin.

Sirrena Kresley

My puppy is an Aussie Keeshond mix!!

Natalie GibsonPlease

Please leave these beautiful Aussies as they they are
I have a mini and he’s y life


My pup is an aussiedor! Australian Shepherd/black lab. Short coat and blue merle markings, one eye os “cracked” half white, floppy lab ears. A joy!


the picture shared for doberman Aussie mix is actually a picture of a beauceron 🙂

Ben Team

Hey, Sim. It’s impossible to know for sure — we’re just taking the word of the owner.
I see why you’d think it may be a Beauceron, and it does look vaguely “harlequin-like” which is a coat variety Beaucerons can display. But to my eye, the fur is too long.
Either way, thanks for sharing your thoughts!


It literally says in the original poster’s picture description that she is a Merle Beauceron.

Ben Team

You’re 100% correct, Randi — I never realized the source photo we’d found was actually clickable and linked to a Pinterest page with a description (there wasn’t a description on the original page).
Apologies for the error, and I’ve removed that photo now.

Thanks for keeping us on our toes!


we have an Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix! Great dog and he’s beautiful!

Frank Walstoure

The picture of the “shepnees” is actually a picture of a Pyrenean Shepherd, a medium-sized pure bred dog from southwest France.


We have an schnauzer Australian shepherd mix, with tail. Her coat is called Merle.
She is 5 months old and a hoot. She is a rescue from a kill shelter.

Marsha Green

I have a pup from a Rottweiler mother and an Australian Shepherd father


I have a mini aussie boy and thinking of getting him a friend. 1) Any idea on which breed gets along best with him? 2) Might want a better “guard” dog, but one that’s still very sweet. 3) Also boy or girl?.. Thanks.

Dennis Byers

I have a German Shepherd /Australian Shepherd mix. The cutest and most friendly, loyal companion I had.


Is Shepnees a cross between German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees dog or an Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees ? Kindly confirm this information at the earliest.

Meg Marrs

Hi Ram – these mixed breed names really aren’t official, they are just selected by owners. So if you’re actually pursuing getting a dog like this, it’s best to simply name the two breeds you want in the cross to avoid confusion.


Aussie Heeler! (Australian Shepherd/ Australian Cattle Dog)

Seamus’s Mom

Happy to see the last dog included- the Ausiel- we called our an Australian Cocker! Elmo was the easiest dog I have ever had to train- we had him from 3&1/2 weeks as his mom was having issues with his litter mates- ( all perfect cocker spaniel pups- Elmo was twice their size at birth )- he was a blue Merle and had a marble eye- ( half blue half brown)- he love people- loved to “flush” birds- and “herd” children- just a great all around dog! So….. here’s to St Elmo’s Fire aka Elmo the wonder pup!

Shannon Holzer

IMG_4990.JPG Here’s a picture of my German Sheppard Aussie mix


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