Australian Shepherd Mixed Breeds: Working Dogs With Hearts of Gold!

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Aussie Shepherd Mixes

While their name might imply that the Australian Shepherd is originally from the land down under, this beautiful pup’s roots can actually be traced to the western United States in the 1840’s.

The Aussie was born and bred to herd livestock and this strong work ethic has most certainly not disappeared through the ages. He is in his element when he has work to do and is an amazing addition to any family household!

Let’s explore some of the most jaw-dropping Australian Shepherd mixed breeds – these beauts are unbelievable!

1. Augi (Australian Shepherd / Pembroke Welsh Corgi)

As both the Australian Shepherd as well as the Welsh Corgi originate from a bloodline of workaholics, the Augi will love being kept busy and is the ideal companion on a farm.

Even if you don’t happen to have an acre or two of farmland available, your Augi will be equally happy in the burbs or city as a family pet, and can actually be trained to herd your kiddos! Although we don’t recommend going that route, you won’t find a more dedicated babysitter!

2. Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd / Poodle)

This handsome creature will ensure you fall in love at first sight and the Aussiedoodle, a.k.a. Aussiepoo, a.k.a. Aussiepoodle is specifically bred as the ultimate human companion. They are the most loyal of friends, who is happiest when he’s the center of your attention.

3. Australian Retriever (Australian Shepherd / Golden Retriever)

Source: Dogmal

Another working dog at heart, the Australian Retriever is a moderately long-haired dog with the most charming personality. She’s incredibly easy to train and is excellent with kids. They love water and by taking her swimming on a hot day, you’re sure to make her day.

4. Baussie (Australian Shepherd / Boston Terrier)

Our Baussie over here is a highly energetic family member, requiring lots of exercise and playtime. It’s important to know that a Baussie does not enjoy being left to his own devices outside, and is a much happier in-home doggy.

If you need to leave your friend alone for an extended period of time, make sure you also leave lots of toys for entertainment, or you might return to find your house turned upside down.

5. Border-Aussie (Australian Shepherd / Border Collie)

This beautiful lady displays sweetness in abundance, with a calm and loving personality. She’s a people-pleaser and enjoys nothing more than spending time with her family, and being left alone for too long might cause anxiety separation. Her luxurious coat needs regular grooming to keep it from becoming matted and dull.

6. Ausky (Australian Shepherd / Husky)

Source: Pinterest

Such a striking animal with a piercing stare, which is sure to make any wrong-doer rethink his activities! The Shep-Husky mix is an authoritative and extremely intelligent animal, for which obedience training is a must, or you might find yourself wondering just who is the pet and who is the owner…

7. Boxherd (Australian Shepherd / Boxer)

Source: Pinterest

The Boxherd is a strong and strapping animal, who is extremely loyal and protective of those he loves. He might become aggressive if he believes his family to be in danger. He has an extremely big heart, ready to shower you with love and kisses, and enjoys nothing more than a round of boisterous play with a willing partner.

8. Shepnees (Australian Shepherd / Great Pyrenees)

Source: flickr

An intelligent and protective family pet and guard dog, all in one beautiful package. They are fairly easy to train and enjoy spending as much time with you as possible. Be prepared to get out the styling equipment at least once a week – our pooch over here is a big shedder who requires regular grooming.

9. Auberman (Australian Shepherd / Doberman)

This animal has everything going for her – beauty, grace, and a strong personality. She is the ultimate protector of house and home, and won’t hesitate to climb into the fray if need be. She’s highly protective of her ‘pack’ and won’t tolerate any intrusion. She does need training to calm some of her basic instincts, but once trained will get on famously with basically any household pet.

10. Chow Shepherd (Australian Shepherd / Chow)

Source: Pinterest

Such an angelic little face and a butterball body make for a super cuddly friend. The Chow Shepherd will grow to a medium sized dog who is protective and sometimes aggressive – not actually recommended for a first-time dog owner or a home with small children. Also keep the brushes within reach, as this little guy will require grooming on a regular basis.

11. Sheagle (Australian Shepherd / Beagle)

Source: Pinterest

The Beagle force is strong with this one – super intelligent and extremely energetic, you will have a force of nature in your home. Because of their superior intelligence, they are easy to train but can become quite a handful if you fail to do so. He’s extremely lovable and playful and will certainly keep you on your toes.

12. Dachsherd (Australian Shepherd / Dachshund)

Source: Youtube

There’s a little clash of personality here with the calm and collected blood of the Shepherd mixing with the fiesty temperament of the Dachshund. This animal is in need of a strong owner who will train him with love and care, resulting in a friendly and family-orientated pooch, ready to tackle the world on your behalf.

13. Dalshep (Australian Shepherd / Dalmatian)

The Dalshep is a high-energy pup with an amazing work ethic which he inherited from both parents. If you’re looking for an agility dog, they’re a great pick! They are extremely family-orientated and require much love and attention from their fellow housemates. They don’t cope very well if left on their own and will quickly become depressed if they are ignored for long periods of time.

14. Aussiel (Australian Shepherd / Cocker Spaniel)

The Aussiel is another high-energy pooch who much rather enjoys outside play than being confined to the house with nothing much to do. Training is mandatory for these lovely hounds as they tend to get out of control rather quickly and seem to have an inherited trait for jumping up on you and your visitors. Keep him close and you will have the ultimate companion at all times.

15. Reader Submitted Four-Way Aussie Mix!

Check out this great-looking doggo! His name is BB, and his owner (Ken) shared a few great photos with us (we’re especially fond of the second one).

BB is part Australian shepherd, part Chow, part golden retriever, and part American Staffordshire terrier. But if you ask us, he’s 100% cutie-pie!

Would you like to share some photos of your pooch with us? Just check out our handy photo uploader! Let’s see those gorgeous canines!


That wraps up our compilation of the top fourteen Australian Shepherd mixed breeds! Please let us know if we might have missed one and remember to share your photo’s of your lovely Shep mix.

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Shannon Holzer

IMG_4990.JPG Here’s a picture of my German Sheppard Aussie mix

Seamus’s Mom

Happy to see the last dog included- the Ausiel- we called our an Australian Cocker! Elmo was the easiest dog I have ever had to train- we had him from 3&1/2 weeks as his mom was having issues with his litter mates- ( all perfect cocker spaniel pups- Elmo was twice their size at birth )- he was a blue Merle and had a marble eye- ( half blue half brown)- he love people- loved to “flush” birds- and “herd” children- just a great all around dog! So….. here’s to St Elmo’s Fire aka Elmo the wonder pup!


Aussie Heeler! (Australian Shepherd/ Australian Cattle Dog)


Is Shepnees a cross between German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees dog or an Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees ? Kindly confirm this information at the earliest.

Meg Marrs

Hi Ram – these mixed breed names really aren’t official, they are just selected by owners. So if you’re actually pursuing getting a dog like this, it’s best to simply name the two breeds you want in the cross to avoid confusion.


I have a mini aussie boy and thinking of getting him a friend. 1) Any idea on which breed gets along best with him? 2) Might want a better “guard” dog, but one that’s still very sweet. 3) Also boy or girl?.. Thanks.

Marsha Green

I have a pup from a Rottweiler mother and an Australian Shepherd father


We have an schnauzer Australian shepherd mix, with tail. Her coat is called Merle.
She is 5 months old and a hoot. She is a rescue from a kill shelter.

Frank Walstoure

The picture of the “shepnees” is actually a picture of a Pyrenean Shepherd, a medium-sized pure bred dog from southwest France.


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