33 Labrador Mixed Breeds: Loving & Loyal Allies

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Labrador Mixed Breed Dogs

Labrador retrievers are well known for their even-tempered personalities, loyalty, fun-loving natures, and complete devotion to their family members.

In fact, the Labrador retriever continues to be the most popular dog breed in the US — a position the breed has held for 27 years straight!

But purebred Labs shouldn’t hog all of the limelight — many Labrador mixes are pretty incredible doggos in their own right. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top 33 Labrador mixed breeds that we think are just the cutest canines around.

Take a gander and share your thoughts in the comments below!

Note: K9 of Mine does not endorse irresponsible breeding – please keep in mind that this photo collection is intended for enjoyment and pooch appreciation, not as any kind breeding recommendation or resource.

There is very little official data about mixed breed dogs, so the photos displayed here are chosen based on information given by owners.

We are unable to personally verify the breed heritage of the pooches shown here – instead, we must simply trust that owners are truthfully describing their dogs with they share photos of their mixed breed canines.

TL;DR: Just enjoy the cute photos of doggos!   

The Basics of the Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever

Before we introduce you to some of the cutest Lab mixes around, it is important that we talk about a few of the basics of Labradors. This will help you decide whether a Lab mix may be a good fit for your family!

  • Labradors usually weigh between 60 and 80 pounds and stand about 22 to 24 inches at the shoulder.
  • Labs have moderately long lifespans of about 12 years, though some reach even older ages.
  • Labs are members of the sporting group, who were originally bred to help fisherman tend nets, until their owners started using them to retrieve downed birds.
  • Labrador retrievers have a friendly, happy-go-lucky demeanor, and they usually get along with most two- and four-footers they encounter.
  • Labs are full of energy and often make superb running or hiking companions. 
  • Labrador retrievers can make great pets for first-time dog owners, so long as you provide plenty of exercise and stimulation each day.
  • Labs are people-oriented dogs, who thrive best in homes that are rarely empty. They won’t enjoy being left alone for long periods of time, and they’re often called Velcro dogs.
  • Labrador retrievers are generally intelligent and eager to please, making training a breeze. 
  • Labs tend to shed pretty heavily, thanks to their thick double coats.
  • Labrador retrievers do often suffer from a few common health problems, including patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, and osteochondritis dissecans. 

No dog breed is perfect for all situations or scenarios, but as you can see, Labs are certainly one of the most appealing breeds in the world and they have quite a bit to offer the right family!

Got a Lab or Lab mix at home? Be sure to feed him a high-quality dog food!

33 Labrador Mixed Breeds

labrador retrievers

There are plenty of cute canine crosses to consider! Without further ado, here are some Labrador designer breeds that are sure to steal your heart.

What’s In a Name?

There aren’t many “official” names for mixed-breed dogs — most are simply a catchy combination of the two parent breeds.

In some cases, like the Labradoodle (a cross between a Labrador retriever and a poodle), the names are pretty popular and used widely.

But in other cases, there really isn’t a commonly accepted name for a particular mix.

So, we’ve just tried to have fun naming these mixes! Don’t take them too seriously, and be sure to let us know of your favorite alternatives in the comments!

1. Aussiedor (Labrador Retriever X Australian Shepherd)

Labs have pretty high energy levels on their own, but when you combine a Lab with an Australian shepherd, you get a high-octane pooch that is READY TO ROCK at all times! So, make sure you’re ready to provide plenty of exercise time before adding one of these Australian Shepherd Labs to your family.

Australian Shepherd Lab mixes also produces some puppers with pretty adorable coat color patterns, which just adds to their appeal. These pups are best paired with active owners.

2. Bullador (Labrador Retriever X American Bulldog)

These super-cute doggos look kind of like Labs that learned to bench press. But while they may have blockier builds than typical Labs, most of these guys and gals are big softies, who love nothing more than cuddling with their humans.

Like Labs, American bulldogs excel at a wide variety of tasks, making them great all-around dogs for families, farmers, hunters, and more!

Need a food for your Bullador? Consider some of the best dog foods for Labs and the best dog foods for American bulldogs.

3. Labrakita (Labrador Retriever X Akita)

This is one of our favorite Lab combos, as it involves two completely different kinds of parent breeds. Labs are lovable goofballs who are all about fun and games, while Akitas are no-nonsense pooches, who project an air of competence and quiet dignity.

You never quite know what you’ll get with these kinds of mixes. One pooch in the litter may take after the Lab parent, while another may more closely resemble the Akita.

4. Labraheeler (Labrador Retriever X Australian Cattle Dog)

Weird name, huh? Well, that’s because the Australian cattle dog is also known as the blue or Queensland heeler (a name derived from the designer dogs’ tendency to nip at the heels of cattle and other animals).

Name aside, these playful pups have energy levels that are off-the-charts, so be sure you have a big yard and plenty of time to visit the park before adding one of these dogs to your family.

5. Borador (Labrador Retriever X Border Collie)

We’ve written about the Borador before (they’re easily one of our favorite border collie mixes), so we’ll keep things short and sweet here: These are sweet, super-energetic, and smart pups.

They can make excellent pets, but — like most other intelligent breeds and mixes — you need to keep them busy or they’ll get into mischief.

6. Beagador (Labrador Retriever X Beagle)

Looking for the ideal four-footed friend for your kids? Well, the Beagador may be just the thing! They’re undoubtedly cute, but the combination of the Lab’s loyalty and the beagle’s thirst for adventure means this mix will surely follow your children around like a proverbial shadow.

These mixed-breed doggos may occasionally present training challenges, and they’ll likely shed pretty heavily, but they may still be a great fit for your family.

7. Bullmasador (Labrador Retriever X Bullmastiff)

Like most other working breeds who were expected to guard their families, flock, and territory, bullmastiffs are often quite affectionate with their humans. But, they can be a bit aloof around strangers.

But when you cross a bullmastiff with a Lab — a dog who views all strangers as potential pals — all bets are off!

These mixes can be a bit of a house-keeping headache, as Labs shed pretty heavily, while bullmastiffs are Olympic-caliber droolers.

8. Spanador (Labrador Retriever X Cocker Spaniel)

The Spanador is pretty special: It is a combination of the two most popular breeds of all time. Labs have held the #1 spot since 1991, but the cocker spaniel has sat atop the popularity pyramid in 23 different years since the 1940s.

As you’d expect, these little dudes and dudettes are pretty awesome pooches. They’re smart, loving, and make great pets for most families.

9. Corgidor (Labrador Retriever X Corgi)

Corgis are famous for their charming personalities and spunky nature (not to mention those gigantic ears), so when you combine them with the Lab’s 24-karat-gold heart, you get a wonderful pupper who makes a great family pet as a Corgi Lab.

Note that there are two different corgi breeds (the Cardigan Welsh corgi and the Pembroke Welsh corgi), and each will produce a slightly different version of this mixed breed. Either are considered Lab Corgi dogs.

10. Doberdor (Labrador Retriever X Doberman Pinscher)

Given that Dobermans and Labs are both very affectionate dogs who bond strongly with their owners, Doberdor mixed breed pups will make great companions for individuals and families alike. They’re sure to be smart too, so training them should be a breeze.

The Doberdor loves his human family and will make it known with endless puppy kisses and loyalty. Wanna see more Doberman mixes? Check out 15 of our favorites here!

11. Dalmador (Labrador Retriever X Dalmatian)

Looking for a running companion?

You may just want to consider the Dalmador. Labs make pretty good jogging partners themselves, and Dalmatians can run for days. So, when you combine these breeds together, you better make sure your laces are tight, and you’re ready to start pickin’ ’em up and puttin’ ’em down!

Honestly, there are a variety of Dalmatian mixes available for fans of polka-dotted pooches. Check out 15 of our favorites here!

12. Dachsador (Labrador Retriever X Dachshund)

We’re simple dog lovers — show us a cute photo of a dachshund and we’re happy. But we became positively giddy when we first saw photos of the Dachsador — a combination of a Labrador retriever and a dachshund.

We do wish they’d have called this mix the “wiener retriever,” but what can ya do?

There aren’t quite enough Dachsadors out there to draw definitive conclusions, but it is possible that the Lab genes help reduce some of the potty-training problems dachshunds notoriously exhibit.

13. Bullador (Labrador Retriever X Bulldog)

We already took a look at a Lab crossed with an American bulldog above, but this cutey is the product of a Lab and a bulldog with English roots. Although they’re now simply called bulldogs, the breed was known as the English bulldog until relatively recently.

These pups are likely a little calmer (bordering on downright lazy) than many other Lab mixes, so they may be perfect for people looking for a low-key pet.

If you can’t get enough of this guy, make sure to check out our guide to bulldog mixed breeds too!

14. Sheprador (Labrador Retriever X German Shepherd)

Some mixed breeds (and purebred dogs, for that matter) are tricky to train. But that shouldn’t be a problem for the Sheprador or German Shepherd Lab mix. Shepherds and Labs are both famous for their intelligence and willingness to learn, so these little mutts are sure to be ready for whatever skills you’d like to teach them.

German Shepherd Labs will likely shed all over your house, and they’ll need lots of exercise and stuff to do. But for the right families, they’re a fantastic choice.

15. Goldador (Labrador Retriever X Golden Retriever)

If there’s a better dog for first-time owners than the Lab, it’s surely the golden retriever. So, novice owners looking for a mixed-breed dog may find that the Goldador is perfect! Note that both parent breeds are prone to health issues like obesity and hip dysplasia, so you’ll want to keep these canine crossbreeds on a balanced diet.

Sweet, loyal, affection, fun, gentle, smart — the list of positive traits these doggos possess would go on for days. Just be sure you can provide enough daily exercise for them and that you don’t mind some shed hair before bringing one home.

16. Labradane (Labrador Retriever X Great Dane)

We’re guessing the first person who decided to make this canine combo was simply in love with Labs and wanted the biggest one possible! Of course, it’s also possible that the combo creator simply wanted a Lab that would chill out a little more often — something Great Danes excel at!

There aren’t a ton of Labradanes around, so it isn’t entirely clear how big they get. That said, you should definitely be prepared for a large pooch if you add one of these gentle giants to your pack.

17. Labsky (Labrador Retriever X Siberian Husky)

Have you ever wanted a Lab with two different colored eyes? No problemo! Just add a bit of husky to the mix!

Of course, not all huskies have two different colored eyes, so your Labsky may end up with matching peepers. But some do end up with the common husky eye-color combination of brown and blue.

Lucky Labsky owners get a dog that’s beautiful, fluffy, and owner-oriented — a perfect combination of husky and Lab traits. But, you may also end up with a mischievous goofball, who loves running around the backyard at Mach 3.

Like Dalmadors, these guys and gals would also make excellent running companions.

18. Labrasetter (Labrador Retriever X Irish Setter)

We’re taking the owner’s word for it on the identification of this gorgeous pooch. There aren’t many Irish-setter-Lab-mixes running around, so we don’t have much to compare her with. Additionally, she looks a lot like a flat-coated retriever.

In any event, we’re guessing this cutie is as sweet as the average Lab, as fun-loving as the average Irish setter or Irish setter mix, and sheds enough hair to cover the entire house on a daily basis.

19. Kelpador (Labrador Retriever X Australian Kelpie)

Kelpies aren’t especially common canines, at least in the States. But that’s a shame, as they’re capable, independent, and intelligent dogs. But one thing’s for sure: You better keep your Kelpie busy, or they’ll find something interesting to do on their own.

You’re probably not terribly likely to see one of these canine-combos at your local shelter, but if you want a lovable pooch who’s ready to work all day long, a Kelpador may be a great choice.

20. Maladore (Labrador Retriever X Alaskan Malamute)

You’d never characterize Labrador retrievers as “prissy” or “high maintenance.” Just look at the layers of mud and wet fur that cover happy Labs returning from a day of duck hunting. Labs don’t allow things like weather or dirt to slow them down.

But, the Alaskan malamute may be even more rough-and-tumble — neither mud, nor rain, nor snow seems to bother these guys and gals very much.

So, if you need a dog that’s ready to take on everything Mother Nature can throw at you (except extreme heat — these pups would overheat easily), consider making a Maladore your sidekick.

21. Laboundland (Labrador Retriever X Newfoundland)  

We totally made this name up, but it ended up being one of our favorites!

Perhaps one of the sweetest and gentlest canine combos on this list, Laboundlands are blessed with two parent breeds who’re celebrated for their loving nature.

These excellent family dogs are great with kids, as both breeds tend to get along fabulously with little humans. Just be sure to supervise canine-kid time and teach your kids how to interact with a dog.

Want to see some other Newfoundland mixes? (That’s a rhetorical question — you definitely want to see some of those pooches.)

22. Labrabull (Labrador Retriever X Pit Bull)

Cards on the table: We love this mix. If there’s a breed friendly enough to give Labs a run for their money, it’s the pit bull, and both breeds are people-oriented, people-pleasers at heart.

Now, they may very well present some challenges. These doggos have energy for days and they’ll gladly chew up anything they can get their muzzle on if allowed to become bored. They’re also susceptible to separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time, so make sure Labrabulls get plenty of physical activity throughout the day.

So, while Labrabulls are certainly lovable, they aren’t a great option for folks who work long hours, travel frequently, or aren’t willing to spend hours playing with their pooch.

23. Labradoodle (Labrador Retriever X Poodle)

We’re waving right back at ya, cutie!

Perhaps the most famous Lab mix, the Labradoodle is a mixed-breed mutt with a purpose: They combine all of the great traits Labs possess in a low-shedding package!

This shouldn’t be considered a slight to poodles, as they’re fantastic designer dogs in their own right. But the primary reason they’re used in these crosses (as well as in golden retrievers mixes) is to create the perfect family pet, who’s not so hard on those with dog allergies.

Got a Labradoodle? Make sure you feed him a great food!

24. Pugador (Labrador Retriever X Pug)

Honestly, we were kind of hoping there wasn’t a widely used name for this mix, as we wanted to call them “Lugs.” But a lot of people have already started using the term Pugador, so that’s what we went with.

Given that Labs and pugs both love hanging around with their person more than anything else, these are a great option for owners who want a second shadow.

It is important to exercise caution when taking these doggos to the pool or beach, though. While Labs are world-class swimmers of the canine world, pugs aren’t always terribly comfortable in the water.

25. Pointador (Labrador Retriever X Pointer)

Historically, pointers and retrievers were developed to perform different tasks for their humans. So, this canine combination may make an excellent all-around hunting companion.

But that doesn’t mean Pointadors are only well-suited for hunters — they’ll also make good family pets. Just be sure you’re ready to give them plenty to do, as these dogs have tons of energy and get bored very easily. They need lots of regular exercise to feel their finest.

26. Rottador (Labrador Retriever X Rottweiler)

What is not to love about these black-and-tan beauties? Rottadors combine the fun-loving and friendly disposition of Labs with the super-affectionate nature of Rottweilers (a trait they rarely get enough credit for) to create a wonderful canine companion.

These pups are often sensitive (even a tad clingy), so they’re not a great choice for owners who aren’t home for long periods of time. They may be sweeties, but they’ll cause all kinds of damage if bored or lonely.

Make sure to check out our collection of Rottweiler mixes for more black and brown bombshells!

27. Labernard (Labrador Retriever X Saint Bernard)

The only way to make that little cutie any more adorable would be to strap a collar with a tiny barrel full of brandy on his neck! (Sadly, the brandy-barrel thing is a myth, but we can still dream!)

Myths and cuteness aside, this incredible canine combo would likely make a great pet for families with kids, as both parent breeds are famously fantastic with youngsters. Just be sure to give your kids the run down on how to interact with dogs, as these pups are likely to get huge!

28. A Labratzu (Labrador Retriever X Shih Tzu)  

The idea of combining the small and scruffy shih tzu with the large and lean Labrador may seem like a funny idea, but this sweet hairy guy is proof that it’s a winning combination!

These little guys and gals are likely to be a bit bolder than your average Lab, yet a little more easy-going than your average shih tzu, which may make them the perfect pick for some.

And while some small breeds are a little prickly around children, shih tzus often work well with kids. And if you combine them with kid-loving Labs, the results are often pretty awesome!

29. Labrala (Labrador Retriever X Vizsla)

Vizslas have a number of things in common with Labs, so this is one of those canine combos that should (theoretically) be pretty easy to predict.

They’re both affectionate dog breeds with their peeps, full of energy, and sensitive, so they’re perfect for owners who want to spend lots of time with their pooch. This is not a good combination for owners who spend long hours at the office each week, since the breed has .

These pups would also make good running companions (as would most vizsla mixes and Lab mixes). In fact, taking them on regular jogs will help tucker them out and make managing them much easier.

30. Labmaraner (Labrador Retriever X Weimaraner)

Crossing Labrador retrievers and Weimaraners may get you in hot water with some canine enthusiasts. In fact, the infamous “silver Lab” is thought by some to be a byproduct of this combination.

This upsets some breed purists, and delights those who enjoy designer dogs. But we just think they’re gorgeous!

Just be sure that you take the time to meet a Weimaraner or two before picking up one of these magnificent mutts. Weimaraners look a lot like Labs, but they also differ in several ways.

31. Whipador (Labrador Retriever X Whippet)

Just try to look at that photo without smiling — it can’t be done.

The Whipador is sort of like the espresso version of a Lab — it comes in a smaller package and it’s chock full of energy! But once they stop running around, they just love snuggling with their people.

In fact, Whipadors are great for families with kids, as both parent breeds are typically excellent with children. Just don’t expect them to be good guard dogs — they think everyone they see is potential friend material.

32. Springador (Labrador Retriever X Springer Spaniel)

Another great Lab mix that’s the product of two bird dog breeds, the Springador is a fun-loving mutt that makes friends with ease (just be sure to keep your pet birds under lock and key).

You’ll also want to make sure that you have a big yard, or you’re willing to hit the park on a daily basis. These four-footers are full of energy and capable of running, jumping, and playing all day long.

Additionally, like many other Lab mixes, you’ll need to be comfortable with a bit of dog hair, as they’re likely to be heavy shedders.

33. Wolfador (Labrador Retriever X Grey Wolf)

We’ve talked about a lot of Lab mixes above, but the Wolfador is a whole different animal. For starters, these are the only Lab mixes we’re aware of that are illegal in the U.S.federal law prohibits the private ownership of pure wolves.

Additionally, while they’re evolutionary cousins (not, as is often reported, ancestor-descendant species), wolves and dogs are actually different species. This means that Wolfadors are true hybrids.

All that aside, these are clearly not a good choice for most families, as wolves are quite a bit different than domestic dogs — they’re not like big huskies.

But we wanted to include them anyway, because we love all things canine! So, if you like the look of wolves, consider getting a dog that looks just like a wolf.

Want more? Check out these 11 Labrador lookalikes!


This brings us to the end of our compilation of these beautiful mixed breed babies. We hope you enjoyed reading about these pups as much as we enjoyed putting this list together!

Please leave us a comment on which mixed Lab breed you love most and if we might have skipped a unique combination. And don’t forget to share a photo of your beautiful Lab-mix with us — we love sharing in your joy!

Want to check out more mixed-breed doggos?

The Lab mixes discussed above are certainly wonderful, but they’re not the only popular mixes around! Check out some of these other mixed-breed pooches to find the perfect pupper for your family!

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Michael Caul

I have a Lab/Schnauzer mix and he is a great dog. Right size and weight and very little shedding. Great personality.

Ben Team

He sounds great, Michael. Thanks for sharing!


I have a Lab (mom) mix with a Yorkie (dad).

01) What would be the best breed name for him?
02) He’s a year and a half, how much per day should he be eating?

Thank you for the help.

Ben Team

Hey there, Dogmatic.

I can’t find a common name that owners are applying to this particular mix (probably because Labs and Yorkies probably don’t breed especially often). Most people seem to be calling them Lab/Yorkie mixes. But maybe you could call him a Lorkie? Maybe a Yorkador?

As for his food intake, that’s a question for your vet. Here is a calorie calculator from Ohio State University, but it’ll be easier to just ask your vet for a recommendation.
Best of luck!


Does he shed?


I have two beautiful what the vet calls Pyradors, Labrador/Pyranees mix. Both are from the same litter and are completely different, although I think the only thing they child do to a burglar is jump on the and love them to death. They do shed, oh boy, in two weeks I could make a whole other dog. ☺️ They are wonderful.

Ben Team

They sound fantastic, Diane. Thanks for sharing!


Lab Hound mix is a cutie

Ben Team

We agree!


Pomeranian x labrador would be a good one!


Missed out on a Boston Lab which is a boston terrier and lab mix! 🙂


Why only a brave soul can take on a lab pitbull mix? Thats just not true. Pitbulls are great companions you shouldn’t discriminate.

Ben Team

Hey, Emily. We meant it as a joke based on this pittie’s expression, although it probably didn’t land.
Rest assured we’re HUGE fans of pit bulls around here.
We’ll probably change that line to avoid any misunderstanding.
Thanks for reading!

Sandi Mercer

You didn’t include one of the most unique Lab mix… the Bassabor,,,,,, the Basset Hound Labrador Mix.
I just lost my 14 year old Bassador ( who was the 6th dog I’ve had to put down in my life AND the youngest). He was without a doubt the sweetest, most loving dog I ave ever owned. He didn’t have a mean fiber in his body. He was open and loving to every living being he encountered. He also brought a smile or giggle to everyone who even had a glance of him while tasing by….. that’s because he was SO weird looking . He truly was a Basset/Lab mix.. his front half was Basset and his back half was Lab. ( his back paws were even webbed). He came from a farm where they had Labs and Bassets and one of the Labs jumped the fence and dug out one of the Bassets. I have seen Bassadors on websites and was surprised you left them off your list

Ben Team

Hey, Sandi. He sounds like he was awesome. 🙂
We occasionally update these articles and add new mixes — we’ll be sure to consider adding Bassabors when we do!
Thanks for reading and sharing.

Margaret C Talcott

My Labradoodle is everything to me! She’s just over a year old and I’m adopting her brother, whom the owners decided they cannot afford to keep. I cannot wait to reunite them!


I grew up with a black lab/border collie mix who was a fantastic dog. A few years ago I adopted my wonderful furry soulmate, a black lab/Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) mix and the latest adoptee to join my family is supposedly (vet´s best guess – no way to know for sure) a black lab/Pinscher mix!! I never intentionally set out to exclusively care for labrador mixes but I have to say that these dogs are all incredibly loving, intelligent and well-behaved. It seems that a lab can make amazing babies with any other dog at all and the lovely labrador personality and charm comes through, regardless…

But please ADOPT, DON´T SHOP


I have a lab mix, white with black spots on the upper body and brown spots on her feet. She also has brown on her ears. She has unique markings and is absolutely beautiful. I wish I knew what she is mixed with…

Linda Crandall Stoner

i believe that my new puppy is a Springador, black with the white markings and the same ears with the fuzz. right now he is 3 months old and has baby fuzz coat but look exactly like this one. “Bear” (because of his big feet) is super active, rarely barks is happy all time, love to play, hug, and currently weighs 38 lb. best comparison to find out what my bear was lab/??…….so unless he changes in the next 4 months is will be lab/springer mix….Springador.

Mary Myers

How do I find out about these dogs, can I get an email, Interested in lab mix

Ben Team

Hey, Mary. We don’t offer dogs for adoption or sale, we just share information about them. 🙂
A simple Google search should turn up plenty of breeders and adoptable pups in your area.
Best of luck!

Barbara Morgan

After browsing thru your list of mix lab breeds, I believe my “Maaggie” is a Lab/German Shepherd. She is a magnificent companion, smart and came to me as a “rescue animal” and COMPLETELY trained. Her most significant physical appearance, from other Lab mix, is her ears. they stand UP not droop down. Her ONLy NEGATIVE characteristic is, she does not tolerate other dogs. Any comments you can give me will be appreciated.


My lab passed last month. I miss her terribly. I am heavily arthritic, so can not handle a full sized lab. My vet recommended a “spanador”. Now if I can only find one in CA, WA, OR.


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