14 Great Pyrenees Mixed Breeds: Picture Perfect & Devoted Pups

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great pyrenees guard dog

The Great Pyrenees is well known for his protector status and will guard you, your kids, your other pets, your house, your furniture, and even your imaginary friends with unwavering devotion!

Combining this loyal and loveable nature with different dog breeds can result in some pretty amazing pooches.

Have a look at our compilation of the top 14 Great Pyrenees mixed breeds and be sure to let us know which cutie is your favorite.

A bucket filled to the brim with Great Pyrenees and Alaskan malamute cuteness!!

The Great Pyrenees and Husky union results in an amazingly ethereal creature of beauty.

These soulful eyes belong to the Great Pyrenees and Anatolian shepherd mixed breed.

A Great Pyrenees and Bernese Mountain Dog mix and match gives us this adorable snow baby.

Combing the Great Pyrenees and Border Collie results in this stunning black beauty.

This adoring mug belongs to the Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd combo.

The Great Pyrenees and Golden Retriever make beautiful babies.

This innocent little darling is a mix of the Great Pyrenees and Great Dane, giving us a Great Pyredane.

The adorable fuzzy Pyredoodle is a combo Great Pyrenees and Poodle.

The stern looking Pyrenean Mastiff is a mix of Great Pyrenees and Mastiff.

Kiss him, hug him, and make this Saint Pyrenees yours. This cutie is a mix of Great Pyrenees and Saint Bernard.

Grace and beauty in a four-legged package. This is a Pyrenean shepherd – a cross between the Great Pyrenees and Australian Shepherd.

This little munchkin is a hybrid of the Great Pyrenees and Rottweiler.

Meet little Leo! He’s a mix between Great Pyrenees, Basset Hound, and Beagle. His owner Dave was kind enough to pass this photo along!


We hope you enjoyed our list of top 14 Great Pyrenees cross breeds and would love to know your thoughts and opinions on our choices.

Please be sure to leave us a comment, and as always we would welcome a pic of your own mixed breed baby!

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K9 of Mine Staff

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  1. jacqui Korroch Avatar
    jacqui Korroch

    How I enjoy seeing the differences in mixed breeding of dogs. Mine is a mix of Pyr and Standard Poodle. Friends of ours has her sister and they are very close to being twins. They so enjoy being together. They certainly do BARK!!! alot. They will soon be 2yo…it doesn’t seem possible.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      They sound great, Jacqui! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jackie Avatar

    Hello. I have a two year old 85 LB. half Pyr and half St. Bernard indoor/Outdoor male named Max. He’s a sweet social butterfly, who never met a stranger and loves to play with new dogs. I’ve had a 120 Lb pure Pyr previously.

    Advice i would give to new parents: You need to be a stubborn, strong spined pack leader. You just got a beautiful, loyal, sweet, fearless and notoriously bullheaded dog. They’re well known to jump in the middle of bears and mountain lions to protect their family or flock. Which takes some big balls and a really bullheaded attitude. So when it comes to training, think out suborning them but with patients. I’ve tried LOTS of training collars and the only one i HIGHLY recommend is a Gentle Leader Headcollar. It’s a collar i would recommend for ANY dog that likes to pull but most definitely for a Pry.
    Much needed tools (in my opinion)
    1. Dog Dryer=not really expensive, mine was on sale at Chewy.com for $65
    2. a big slicker brush
    3. rake brush
    4. a very secure 6 FT fence or a invisible dog fence (when they get free, they are well known to have almost no recall)
    5. Furminator deshedding conditioner
    They seem to either have more wiry course hair or the cottony super soft coat. The wiry coat is much more low maintenance, a really doesn’t get too many mats. The soft cottony however haha is much more prone to mats. If your dog is an indoor/outdoor dog i HIGHLY recommend giving them a dry blowout(i blow his hair backwards) with the dryer. Then give them a good once over with the slicker brush and then blow them out once more about twice a week. It takes ten to fifteen minutes tops. This helps immensely with blowing the loose hair, dirt and dandruff out of their coat. Make sure you blow those Grinch feet out, foxtails are evil!
    If your dog is a pet i would say, start training them young. Also as soon as your Vet gives the ok, socialized them with strangers and new dogs. Think dog parks and dog friendly places.
    Again just my advice/opinion and i hope this helps.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jackie.

  3. Lori-Anne Tenhunen Avatar
    Lori-Anne Tenhunen

    Hi no idea b4 JUST NOW
    That again I ended up a “DESIGNER DOG” by accident
    I was breeding for the Pittweiller and well I guess Mama got away at least once and we got what I called a RottenKnees lol
    She is an awesome Lil puppy I call her Fuzzy Wuzzy Fonzy so that her new parents can take for a walka walka lol
    I wanted to add a picture of her cus she is ridiculously cute but unsure how to .
    She is very smart
    Loves people and belly rubs

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Lori.
      I sent you this link in response to your email, but just in case anybody else needs it: The K9 of Mine Photo Uploader.

      Thanks! We can’t wait to see her.

  4. Sharon Avatar

    I have a Great Pyr/German Shep/Lab/Rottweiler/Husky mix. At least that is what the dna tests said. He is 100 pounds, blue eyes almost all white except for a brindle patch around his right eye and some black specks on his ears. His fur is like a german shep and man can he shed but I love him the death.

  5. Pat Cornell Avatar
    Pat Cornell

    Would like some info about the Pyr/Golden mix. Size, approx. weight, temperament, behavior, etc. We just lost our Buddy and need to fill a very empty space in our hearts and give a new baby a home full of love.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Pat.
      We don’t actually sell dogs — we just provide information about them.
      You should be able to find a Pyrenees/Golden Mix if you do a Google search for your area.
      Best of luck!

  6. Megan Avatar

    You guys.

    It’s Bernese Mountain Dog. Not Burmese.

    Also, website is spelled wrong under ‘Leave a comment.’

    But I enjoyed the photos.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Megan. Thanks for the catch!
      The Burmese/Bernese mix-up was just a mistake. But I’ve already fixed that. 🙂

      We were already aware of the misspelling of “website.” It occurred when we revamped the entire site a few months ago, and we’re trying to get that fixed too.

      Thanks for reading!

  7. Maltese Avatar

    Amazing things here. I’m very happy to look your post.
    Thanks a lot and I am taking a look ahead to contact you.
    Will you please drop me a e-mail?

  8. lolla04 Avatar

    i have a great pyrenees huskey mix

  9. Heidi Mckay Avatar
    Heidi Mckay

    I would like to know more about the German Shepherd/Pyr crosses. Are there any available.

    1. Kerri Avatar

      I have a 6 month old german shepherd/great Pyrenees mix. He currently weighs 60lbs. and his feet are huge. He is such a sweet loving baby.

      1. sharon Avatar

        our pup …well he is probably about 4 years old. is a German shep/Great Pyr/ mix. He weights about 100 pounds. He too has big huge feet and his face is huge. My granddaughter calls him “cannon face” We love him to death. We also have a Great Pyr/Aussie Shep mix and she is the leader of our 3 dogs. She is most definitely a strong female.

  10. Heather Thompson Avatar
    Heather Thompson

    These are the most beautiful dogs

  11. Jeremy Avatar

    Hi. We just got a 9 week old Pyrenees x ? We think she’s got some malumute in her. Her mom n dad were white but their litter had 2 grey pups. I’d like to share an image of her how if your interested, if so please let me know how. Thanks. Jeremy

  12. Sandra Martin Avatar
    Sandra Martin

    I have a Great Pyraneese / Sheltie Mix. She looks like a tan beast with a dark muzzel. She’s 11 months and 46lbs. Cutie, and Smart, Definitely with a mind of her own. Good thing I’m used to raising smart, stubborn, standard Poodles.

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Good thing indeed!

  13. Cindy Caradine Avatar

    A pyrenean mastiff is not a mix of a great pyrenees and a mastiff.

    A pyrenean mastiff is a pure breed dog from spain. They are very rare with less then 4000 in the world. Get your facts straight before publishing an article.

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Hi Cindy – I think from the context of this article, it’s clear that we are referring to a mixed breed composed of the Mastiff and a Great Pyrenees. Folks create their own titles for these mixed breeds, and Pyranean Mastiff is one name people use for this mix. If there’s some cross contamination there, that’s just how it is.

    2. Troy Smith Avatar
      Troy Smith

      I think you were very rude with your knee jerk comment and the person that runs the site gave you grace by responding so gently. You made yourself look foolish when not considering the nature of the article. You could have shared some interesting info about a breed that most have probably never heard of (I haven’t anyway), but instead your rude, snappy attitude quite overshadowed what you said. I think you owe the moderator an apology. Everyone would think more of you.

  14. Agfreeze Avatar

    We have an eight month old great pyrenees/husky/wolf mix named Honey Chanel Blanco, lol. I’m not sure of how to upload a pic though. And I’m here to report, mom is doing fine!

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      You can upload a pic here if you want and give us the link! https://imgur.com/

  15. Shay Avatar

    I have a great Pyrenees and pit mix who is just too cute.

  16. marip Avatar

    excuse me; a Pyrenean Shepard is NOT A MIXED BREED ! Pyr Sheps have been around longer than Great Pyrenees, and they are not related. a Great Pyrenees is a mountain dog; A Pyr Shep is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world….so old, they can’t track their origin, and are credited for many other sheep dogs…….. you didn’t do your homework….. there are three breeds of Basque dogs : the Pyrenean Shepard; the Catalonian / Catalan dog; and the Great Pyrenees.. This article just became bogus.; as you obviously just made this up as you went along, so your lack of research kills your credibility….Also, it would be impossible for many of these crosses to breed; unless it was via artificial insemination, which is so unnatural….and the mother would have to be the bigger animal.

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Hi there! Thanks for sharing your info about the Pyrenean Shepherd, that’s really interesting! We were clearly referring to a cross between an Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees when we used that name (which is unofficial of course, it’s just fun to give a name to a crossbreed rather than constantly name both breeds when referring to them).

      As far as making this up… I can understand why it may seem that way, as crossbreeds are currently very unofficial. There is no official database of crossbreeds – so the only option is to collect photos and information that users upload. If owners post a photo saying their dog is an Australian Shepherd / Great Pyrenees mixed breed, we don’t have much choice but to believe them!

      Besides, these articles are more for fun, to see different variations on your favorite breed. They certainly shouldn’t be used for any kind of breeding criteria. Hopefully, that would be self-explanatory, but I suppose it bears repeating!

      1. Agfreeze Avatar

        PERFECT RESPONSE!!! I was thinking the same thing! I simply came to see some cute dogs! Geez!

    2. Denice Avatar

      Wow. The mother doesn’t have to be the bigger breed, and A. I. although not as natural, keeps the breeding pair from any harm or stress that can be caused with breeding!

    3. Scobert Dulnic Avatar
      Scobert Dulnic

      The Pyrenean Shepard you speak of is hideous. Whereas this cross breed with the great pyr Wis gorgeous.

      1. Dick Patrol Avatar
        Dick Patrol

        To the person who wrote “the pyrenean shepard you speak of is hideous,” I was unaware that our world was being so thoughtfully warned away from something that, well, let’s just say you would do well to display a little less ignorance and judgment and a bit more compassion and empathy. Otherwise, frankly, you’re just an obnoxious dick. Good luck, dick.

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