16 Weimaraner Mixed Breeds: Grey Ghost Companions Like No Other!

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The Weimaraner is a striking dog, which was first bred by nobles of the German Court of Weimar for the purpose of hunting game, and later to be trained as a retriever.

The Weim is often referred to as the “Grey Ghost” due to its slender and svelte build and beautiful gray or blue coloring.

Weimaraners are already gorgeous – if we should mix in the characteristics of some different breeds of dogs, the results are some fine-looking canines, with superb intelligence to match!

Weimer fans beware though – these pretty pooches pack a challenge for owners. These guys are full of energy and extremely intelligent, Plus, they’re stubborn to boot! While they can be great dogs for experienced owners, most greenhorns will be better off with an easier breed for their first pet.

Let’s explore some of the amazing combinations you can find Weimaraners mixed with!

1. Boweimar (Weimaraner / Boxer)

Source: Pinterest

An excellent family pet with bundles of energy to keep everyone on the go! The Boweimar loves and thrives on buckets full of attention and does not mind letting you know if he should be feeling neglected. Keep your buddy happy with plenty of play and exercise.

2. Golden Labmaraner (Weimaraner / Golden Retriever / Labrador Retriever)

Source: Petguide

This chocolate-colored vision gives new meaning to the word friendly, as both her parents are known to be extremely responsive and approachable. Their sociable nature makes them the ideal choice for households with small children and other species of pets. They love any attention that their owners are willing to bestow on them and adore energetic playtime outdoors.

3. Great Weimar (Weimaraner / Great Dane)

Great Weimars are muscular and graceful animals, with powerful bodies, commonly reaching a weight of more than 100 pounds.

They have a friendly and reliable temperament and love spending their time among family members. If left on their own for extended periods they might develop separation anxiety, and they do not like being restricted to small spaces, so a big garden and play area is a big consideration before bringing this beasty home.

4. Pointeraner (Weimaraner / German Shorthaired Pointer)

Source: Pinterest

This darling crossbreed will eventually become a relatively large dog who is great hunter and retriever (if you should live in the Scottish Highlands and need to catch your own dinner…)

They are extremely athletic, spirited, highly intellectual, and are easy to train. His life goal is to please his owner. Since the Pointeraner is quite a large dog, he does not like being confined to a yard or kennel and would much rather be considered a house dog, spending his time with his head on your feet.

Because of his superior intelligence, he’ll need stimulation and training as a bored Pointeraner might become destructive and pick up bad habits.

5. Weimapeake (Weimaraner / Chesapeake Bay Retriever)

Source: Petguide

The Weimapeake is a medium to large sized dog who will eventually weigh between 60 – 90 pounds.

They are sporty dogs who love and need plenty of exercise. If they are left on their own for long periods they tend to relieve their boredom by digging up flower beds or even trying to find an escape route under a fence.

Make sure you entertain your Weimapeake as much as possible with free runs in the park, puzzle toys, and plenty of play time. They are amazing family pets who are loyal, affectionate, protective, and thrive in the company of their fellow housemates.

6. Weimardoodle (Weimaraner / Poodle)

This adorable little face is the result of a cross between the Weimaraner and Poodle and sports the naturally longer coat of the Poodle. Thankfully this pup does not shed excessively and requires only occasional grooming.

She has a huge heart with an enduring personality and is always ready for play and games with you. She loves your affection, cuddles, and kisses, and might become destructive if she feels neglected.

She makes the ideal pet for homeowners with limited space or for the older person looking for a constant companion.

7. Weimarrott (Weimaraner / Rottweiler)

Source: Pinterest

Quite an intimidating appearance with plenty of muscle and brute strength, the Weimarrot is a fairly large dog who will eventually tip the scales at close to 100 pounds.

Their astute intelligence can be targeted with training and these animals make excellent companion and service dogs. They are obedient animals, who show great affection towards their family members, making them especially good in homes with kids.

However, they don’t tend to get along well with other pets and need to be socialized into multi-pet homes from a young age if they should be expected to play nice with other animals.

8. Weimshepherd (Weimaraner / German Shepherd)

Source: Imgrum

Quite the combination in terms of temperament, the Weimshepard displays the high energy disposition of the Weimaraner and the easy going and trainable nature of his German Shepherd ancestor.

This pup thrives on stimulation and will quickly become restless if left to his own devices for very long. Training is essential for this animal to tame his natural rowdy instincts, and he is not recommended for first-time dog owners who might find themselves out of their depth with this lively pup.

Parents of small children should also keep a close eye on the animal as he might become too boisterous around the little ones.

9. Ridgemaraner (Weimaraner / Rhodesian Ridgeback)

Source: Pinterest

This beautiful creature is the epitome of good looks and personality. The resultant cross is a noble, strapping animal, with an abundance of energy that needs to be worked off on a regular basis.

The natural tenacious nature of the Ridgeback makes this pup an independent pet who will constantly test his boundaries and pecking order in his family hierarchy. He requires a consistent, firm hand and obedience training is non-negotiable. He is extremely territorial which makes him a perfect guard dog.

10. Chowmaraner (Weimaraner / Chow)

Source: luvmydogs

As both ancestors of the Chowmaraner were specifically bred as hunters, this combination of both parents results in a highly energetic animal who most definitely needs a firm hand and training to keep him in check.

The Chow Chow’s character and striking looks make a strong appearance here with the fluffy coat and protective nature. Chow Chows can be quite aggressive and protective and are not typically recommended for first-time dog owners or households with small children. While Chow Chow mixes can vary in temperament depending on the other parent breed, the prickly Chow demeanor is something to be considerate of.

Properly trained though, in the Chowmaraner you’ll have a lifelong friend and companion who will literally give up his own life to protect yours!

11. Dalmaraner (Weimaraner / Dalmatian)

As both parents grow to a relatively large size, your crossbreed will also be reasonably large, requiring enough yard space to run and play.

The Dalmaraner has a high energy level and is reasonably intelligent, making him easy to train. He is extremely loyal, and can show aggressive tendencies to strangers which makes a good choice for a guard-dog! He does have a sensitive side though, so as an owner you should always handle him with patience and a kind voice.

12. Pittmaraner (Weimaraner / Pitt Bull)

The Pittmaraner is quite an unknown and rare crossbreed which you won’t come across very often. If you do happen to become an owner of one, you’re in for the ride of your life, as this lovable and over-energetic pup will certainly keep you running and on your toes.

They tend to resemble the Pitty side of the family more closely in both appearance as well as temperament, and leash training is considered a must, as their inquisitive nature tends to get the best of them and they’re known to wander off.

The Pitty side also shows dominance in their over-reaction to perceived threats and it’s advisable to properly socialize your doggy before letting him run loose with his fellow family pets.

13. Weimarsky (Weimaraner / Husky)

This beauty gains her good looks from both mom and dad, and both ancestral breed traits tend to shine through equally strongly.

Strong and big boned, this furry friend is gentle, outgoing, alert, and friendly. They are highly trainable and can’t get in enough playtime, seeming never to tire. They love spending every waking moment with their family and will drown you in kisses if you’re open to such affection.

She’s good with kids and other pets, but should be properly trained to ensure her exuberant spirit doesn’t scare off the little humans.

14. Beagiraner (Weimaraner / Beagle)

Source: Pinterest

Beagiraner over here is a super sweet and even-tempered pooch. High energy levels combined with an extraordinary work ethic, alongside shrewd brain power makes this dog the ideal house pet.

Her temperament ensures that she’ll be great with kids, but an adult might not get along as famously with other dogs or kitties. If you adopt your Beagiraner as a pup you’ll be able to socialize her to accept her fellow house pets as friends and not foes.

15. Vizmaraner (Weimaraner / Vizsla)

This stunner is the perfect pet for sporty owners who love running, cycling, or hiking, as the Vizmaraner will love keeping up with you.

Be warned though, if he doesn’t have the opportunity to work off all that excess energy he will quickly become destructive and often seek escape to investigate the wide world out there. He is also known to be a little head-strong, requiring a firm and consistent handler – the same holds true for Vizsla mixes too!

16. Weipyrenees (Weimaraner / Great Pyrenees)

Source: Pinterest

The temperament and character of this unique mix-breed is nothing short of perfect! They are kind, mellow, and gentle, plus they love spending their time in the company of their family.

They are loyal and extremely protective of those they love and will protect their nearest and dearest at any cost.

They get along famously with the littlest in the household, from the human baby to the fluffiest bunny! They’re even great with livestock – if you’re a sheep farmer, he’ll be the perfect guardian for your wandering lambs.

Without training they can become willful and manipulative, so make sure you enroll you both in obedience school.

Please share your thoughts and comments on what you think of our list of the top mixed Weimaraner breeds below, and don’t forget to drop us a photo of your furry crossbreed. We’d love to see your best friend!

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  1. Shiela Avatar

    I had a blue pitbull that I bought as a puppy that suffered massive seizures from 8 months until he passed away from them at 2-1/2 years old. He (Seraph – named after the guardian angel) left a huge hole in my heart. 2 weeks later I adopted a dog that had been homeless and was a “Ferrell Dog”. I named this dog Sabbath and he’s come a long way and probably the sweetest dog I’ve ever had. I really believe he’s a weimeraner pitbull mix and would love to find out for sure. He definitely has the characteristics and behavior of a weimeraner. I have pics of him if anyone could help me figure out if my sweet boy is actually one of the Gray Ghost family.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey there, Shiela.
      We’re glad you found Sabbath, but you’ll need a dog DNA test to determine his breed makeup — you can only guess at a dog’s ancestry by looking at him.
      That said, you’re welcome to share his photos with us.

  2. Paul Avatar

    In 2008 I was looking for a a pure bred Weimaraner but had a look at a cross with a Wire Haired Pointer. It was an accidental cross and both parents were working gun dogs. The litter of 16 swarmed round my feet like a brown tidal wave.

    I was looking for a boy ( married and 2 daughters ) and went through quite a few before a pup that had held back came and pawed my leg. I picked him up and saw he was a boy after he had nestled in the crook of my arm. It was love at first sight.

    Took him home later and he and I shared a tight bond that tight that I had to be sent home from hospital to visit as he was pining. We were together 24/7 we were so close.

    He was a “lumpy” dog and our vet ( Swedish ) called him a cat killer – apparently used in WW1 to control the cats bought in to kill the rats.

    He was a gentle giant and helped me through the ups and down of depression.

    He passed young 11 1/2 suddenly but he managed to get to me and he passed in my arms.

    I still can’t believe he’s gone but whilst I’m not a spiritual man I know when I pass he will be waiting

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      He sounds like we was a fantastic companion, Paul.
      Glad you found each other, and we appreciate you sharing your story!

    2. Nicki Roberts Avatar
      Nicki Roberts

      How lovely to read this, it resonated as we just lost our girl the day before her 14th birthday. I haver known such a charismatic, strong willed dog, naughty, unruly and awkward she is the love of my life! Despite the not so great attributes I loved her more for them – more than anything or anyone else and found her unbelievably cute and loving on top! A beautiful soul, I too don’t hold with that stuff but can’t accept anything less than being reunited with her some day, my love for her will never die !

  3. Laurie Avatar

    I had what I called a Heeleraranar or a Weimaheeler mix. He was amazing. He had one ear up (the Heeler ear) and one ear down ( the Weimaraner ear). He was the color of the weimy except his legs faded into the Ted of his red heeler momma. He was one of 7 but he was the only one to get the Weimaraner coloring. All his siblings were tri color mixes like heelers can be. I need to post a photo. I lost Both my babies in 2020 but will never forget.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Laurie.
      Sorry you lost your doggos last year, but we’d love to see them!
      Head over to our photo uploader is you’d like to share them with us.

  4. Pauline Pratt Avatar
    Pauline Pratt

    Why in the world are you mixing this breed! Be responsible. There are enough unwanted digs in the shelters. You have stated what a challenge the weimaraner can be….then go on with a list of mixed breeds. Ridiculous.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      I think you misunderstand, Pauline: We didn’t breed any of these dogs — we’re just sharing photos and information about them.
      But we thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  5. Suzanne Evans Avatar
    Suzanne Evans

    I have a mixed weimaraner/schnauzer and he is gorgeous he was a complete accident no intentional breeding.

  6. Jim Avatar

    We have what I figure to be a Shepherd/Lab/Weimaraner mix. He has the smoothness of the Weim’s coat and ear size, but his ears stick out horizontally from the erect ear influence of the shepherd. His coat is almost black and is a bit longer than a Weim with the Weim’s grey undercoat. He has the bark of a Weimaraner, the energy about like a Lab, extremely friendly and affectionate. About 95#s.

  7. Shawna Avatar

    If anyone is looking for a Weim mix, we rescued a Weim/pit from death row. He is everything this description says about the breed, except possibly escaping. He’s so clingy and loyal, where would he go? He’s ball obsessed so that helps with chasing things. He’s leash and off leash trained and extremely obedient. He’s been my hiking partner in the hills and we play in the water at the lake. My email is Shawna-michelle (at) hotmail.com if anyone is interested. He’s a big and gorgeous grey ghost with pit ears. Email me and I’ll send pictures.

    1. Stuart Beattie Avatar
      Stuart Beattie

      I will take him in a minute i had one when he was 2 years old and passed away when he was 12 year old silver ghost

  8. Ian Avatar

    Loved the article.

    We have a Weimaraner Border Collie mix and she is a wonderful intelligent, extremely affectionate girl.

    I think the Weimaraner qualities bring out the best in her inner Collie, and I’m sure that’s the case with these other crosses.

  9. Rose Avatar

    5 weeks ago we adopted a dog from a shelter. When I saw her, I knew she was a Weimaraner, but mixed with what? Well, so happy I found your mixed breed descriptions…she looks exactly like the Weimaraner/Great Pyrenees, and the “temperament” description matches her to a “T”. She is 1 year old and weighs 70 pounds, extremely intelligent and in general, a joy to have. She is also a great companion to our other dog, a Lab/Great Dane mix, who came from another shelter 61/2 years ago, also at the age of 11/2 years. So, thank you for all the information.

  10. Ben Simmons Avatar
    Ben Simmons

    Hi guys, (we are not looking for a breeder, just a Pup) my wife and I are merely in search of the Rhodesian Ridgeback/Weimaraner mix Pup. The mix is our hearts desire. We love both breeds, and would love to have both, but can only fairly accommodate one at this time. Any help with locating one of these pups would be really appreciated.
    Please respond, Thank you.
    Sincerely, Ben & Carla Simmons
    Email: [email protected]

  11. Bernie Avatar

    I had a Weimararner/German Shepherd Dog mix for 11 years. He looked strikingly like the photo of the Weimararner/Pit Bull Terrier mix but with slightly bigger floppy ears. His eyes where piercing silver with a tan highlights. Smokey was a super smart dog who wanted nothing more than to please his pack leader… and eat. He was high energy when young, but was also perfectly happy trying to be a very big lap dog. He would follow me everywhere and not let me out of his sight. He had Addisons disease since he was a puppy which resulted in an expensive schedule of injections and pills his whole life, but I wouldn’t trade what he added to my life for anything.

    1. Jim Avatar

      Yeah I feel thst way aboit my Shep/Lab who passed on in January. He had allergies that required medication and expenses above normal. He was an awesome dog though, very loyal and attentive, loved to play fetch.

  12. Lillie Avatar

    I’m looking for a Weimaraner mixed with a HYPOALLERGENIC dog can you send me a cute mix, designer or not.

  13. Lee Allison Avatar
    Lee Allison

    I found a Great Pyranees/Weimaraner mix at the Humane Society for Greater Nashua in Nashua NH – he was a rescue from the Little Rock Arkansas area – they said he was Retriever/Weimaraner, but I had the DNA test done
    He a little over 2 years – we’re in our 3rd obedience class and will take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test in a few weeks
    He’s about 75lbs and people stop and ask me what he is when we go walking – he is very striking, I think has the best of both breeds

  14. Launa D Avatar
    Launa D

    I have a Weimeraner and my mom is looking for a new dog for my dad for Christmas! I’m Definetly gonna tell her about these mixes!

  15. Michelle Rummel Avatar

    I want to adopt a Weimaraner mix, but am not having luck finding them in shelters. Please help. We recently lost our 12 year old and have a lot of love to give

  16. Shiffra Steele Avatar

    I’m not sure what the purpose of this article is. If it is to encourage senseless breeding by irresponsible people to create more crossbred animals that are going to end up in shelters & be euthanized, then you have achieved your goal. We don’t need more crossbred pets, mutts or poorly bred dogs to add to the 2.7 million dogs that are euthanized in shelters annually. The world has enough Goldendoodles, Puggles & Yorkie Poos without someone intentionally creating more “Designer” dogs.

    Ethical breeders of pure bred dogs research pedigrees incessantly to ensure healthy dogs with sound temperaments.  Ethical breeders also use DNA testing, Hip & Elbow X-Rays & much more to achieve healthy dogs that are conformed properly to perform what they were bred for.  

    Please think about what impact you are having on the public before writing a seemingly innocuous article like the one you have written.

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Hi Shiffra – we don’t really take a stance on crossbreeding one way or the other. This article is for informational purposes only – people who are curious to see different crossbreeds of Weimaraner dogs, whether simply to admire how cute they are, or to consider getting a crossbreed. We don’t get readers in touch with breeders, and we don’t play moral police. We do have entire guides on how to select a responsible breeder and what to consider when adopting a dog. These lists are more for fun than for serious breeding consideration. Ultimately, what kind of dog owners pursue is up to them.

      I appreciate your comment and sharing your thoughts with other readers – I hope all would-be dog owners fully consider the ramifications of their choices when selecting a purebred dog, mixed-breed dog, or shelter dog.

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