Greyhound Mixed Breeds: Gorgeous & Graceful Fur Friends

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greyhound mixes

The greyhound is known for his calm and independent disposition, providing a peaceful and almost regal companion who loves quiet, peace, and tranquility.

He makes a perfect indoor pet who will respect your fragile and delicate house decorations – in short, greyhounds are quite chill (especially for sighthounds)!

Combining these even-tempered Greyhound traits with those of other breeds results in some amazing and surprising mixed breeds. We’ve compiled a list of the top 17 Greyhound cross-breeds for you to have a look through and choose your favorite!

1. These expressive eyes belong to a Greyhound and a Boxer mix.

2. Such a unique face can only belong to a Greyhound/Bulldog cross.

3. This sweetheart is a Greyhound and Border Collie hybrid.

4. Wouldn’t you love becoming an owner of this adorable Greyhound and Beagle mixed breed?

5. These jumbo ears will miss nothing! They belong to a Greyhound and Corgi half breed.

6. A Greyhuahua is a combination of Greyhound and Chihuahua blood.

7. This contemplative expression belongs to a Greyhound Doberman cross.

8. This Olympian athlete sports the genes of the Greyhound and Dalmatian.

9. This golden eyed charmer is a cross between a Greyhound and Golden Retriever

10. Merging the DNA of the Greyhound and German Shepherd certainly gives some pretty amazing results!

11. These baby blues belong to a phenomenal example of a cross between a Greyhound and a Husky.

12. Curious George featured below is a Greyhound and Jack Russell mix.

13. The intimidating stare belongs to a Greyhound and Mastiff breed.

14. Pretty as a picture is this Greyhound and Pitbull combo.

15. These twins share Greyhound and Poodle genes.

16. A unique Greyhound and Pug combo.

17. This sleek creature is a beautiful example of a Greyhound and Whippet cross-breed.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through our list of these beautiful Greyhound mixes – now we’d love to hear your opinion on which you consider your favorite!

Leave us a comment or post a pic of you beloved Greyhound mix – we would love to see your cute four-legged best friend.

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Greyhound collie Cross is a lurcher.

Greyhound and whippet are basically the same breed as well, it’s an interesting read. Hancock has a book on it


Also the greyhound x whippet is Merle. You can tell by the single blue eye. So probably has some collie or something in it as well, making it, also a lurcher


I like the Greyhound and Whippet cross

Susan Bell

I have had greyhounds and standard poodles and afghan hounds and currently have a poodle/afghan cross. Where did you find the poodle/greyhounds? I want one. Thanks

Candace Hall

I believe that our baby may be an Australian Cattle Dog mixed with Italian Greyhound! She is super super sweet and so intelligent for an almost 5 month puppy!


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