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Brittany Mixes

The Brittany is a spirited member of the sporting group with a worldwide fanbase that includes typical pet families, hunters, and more. With her distinct orange and white coat and joyous expression, it’s hard not to fall for this feather-coated Fido’s looks, but her true shining quality is her personality, as she’s beloved for being fun-focused and upbeat.

While the Brittany is an awesome breed, there are plenty of Brittany mixes out there needing loving homes too. Best of all, they come in a variety of looks and personalities.

Below, we’ll discuss the Brittany breed, share our favorite Brittany mixes, and help break down if this breed’s a good option for you.

Brittany Breed Basics

Brittany Breed Basics

Before we meet our list of Brittany mixes, we need to get to know the lady of the hour: the Brittany. Let’s dive into the particulars of this pretty pooch to see if she and her many mixes may be a good match for your lifestyle.


Named after the Brittany region of western France, the breed began as a bird dog in the 17th century, tasked with helping locals hunt ducks and pheasants. Over time, breeders combined various French spaniels with pointers and setters to create the wow of a working dog we know today, distinguished by her orange and white coat. 

Originally, the breed was registered with the AKC in 1934 under the “Brittany spaniel” name, a moniker that later dropped the “spaniel” in 1982 since breeders felt spaniel was less fitting of the dog’s pedigree. 

Still, the “spaniel” part of the breed’s name still floats around, so don’t feel silly if you slip up and say it. 


Brittany Breed Temperament

The Brittany is a medium-sized floof standing between 17.5 and 20.5 inches at the shoulder and weighing 30 to 40 pounds. She’s lightweight but tall, filling the role of a portable sporting companion beautifully, as she can keep up with bigger barkers but won’t wear out your back if she needs a lift.


The Brittany has a sunny disposition and a high energy level, suiting pet parents who don’t mind daily rounds of backyard fun with fetch toys and like moving more than marinating on the couch. She’s friendly with strangers but will still issue a warning bark of suspicious squirrels. She also does well in group settings with other pups, fitting into multi-dog families and doggy daycare settings nicely.


Brittany Breed Training

Clever and agreeable, the Brittany is a joy to train. She’s happy to learn new commands but remember to adjust your routine and avoid repetition. Otherwise, this gorgeous girl will grow bored and less responsive. 

A good way to keep learning fun is to involve dog-training toys.


With an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years, the Brittany is a relatively hardy breed, but there are a few health concerns to watch for.

Perhaps the most notable health condition Brittany’s suffer from is called hip dysplasia. In this condition, the ball and socket of the hip joint don’t fit together correctly. Due to the ailment’s hereditary nature, a hip evaluation of sires and dams before breeding is recommended.


Brittany Breed Grooming

The Brittany has a wispy coat that may be flat or wavy, with longer portions around the chest and legs. Luckily, grooming her isn’t too tricky. Just brush her thoroughly a few times a week and after outdoor adventures to keep tangles at bay. 

Don’t forget about cutting her nails and cleaning her ears and teeth regularly too.

Pet-Parent Pro-Tip: Meet a Brittany First!

The best way to get to know any breed is to meet one! Contact Brittany breeders or rescues in your area to chat with an experienced owner and ask about spending some one-on-one time with one of their best Brittany buddies.

15 Beautiful and Bright Brittany Mixes!

Brittany with neon green collar

Ready to meet some barkin’ awesome Brittany mixes? From cute collie combos to rowdy retrievers, we have the best to share in one place.

Remember: Mutts are Full of Maybes

Nothing about any dog is guaranteed, but this is especially true of mixed breeds, who may inherit some, none, or all of the traits of a parenting breed. These are basic overviews of how a particular mix may be, not how every pup will be.

1. Brittany Beagle (Beagle x Brittany)

Pairing the sporty Brittany with a happy-go-lucky hound dog like the beagle has the potential to create one great doggo for families with kids. Playtime will probably be a favorite of this pooch, so be prepared to devote a daily window toward exercising and engaging with this woof.  

Since beagles have one of the best senses of smell, this four-footer may be more obsessed with investigating new aromas than others on our list. We wouldn’t trust her off-leash in unfenced areas, as she may decide to follow her nose rather than your commands. Give her a chance to put these instincts to work with nosework games for dogs.

2. Greyhound x Brittany

Despite their racing roots, greyhounds are among the calmest dog breeds, which may mellow out the play-happy Brittany side of this blended fur baby. Greyhounds also tend to be independent, potentially impacting your training plans. Keep tasty treats (and plenty of patience) on hand during lessons to maintain your mutt’s focus.

Greyhounds and sporting dogs like Brittanys have higher prey drives than other breeds, making walking this wagger on a leash essential when outside a fenced area. You should also start socializing this pup with other small pets early on if you have cats or little dogs to avoid any issues.

3. Border Collie Britt (Border Collie x Brittany)

Combining the smartest dog breed with the brainy Brittany will likely make one wise woof. Training may be easier, but you must keep lessons engaging to hold your pup’s attention. Mental stimulation is poised to be a priority with this pupper too. Along with training and exercise, stock up on brain-boosting enrichment like DIY dog puzzle toys

Canine sports are a great way to meet this puppy’s potential physical and mental needs, especially if you want to be involved in the fun. Agility, Flyball, and dock diving are just some of the pawesome activities this mixed breed combo may excel at. 

4. Britt Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog x Brittany)

Also known as the heeler, the cattle dog is no-nonsense regarding work, potentially making this canine combo more intense to own than other Brittany mixes on our list. She’s more likely to need a job, whether it’s flushing nearby fields of geese or helping you on the hunt. This likely means she’ll be a poor fit for couch potatoes.

Daily exercise will likely be on your agenda with this doggo. Consider training your dog to run with you to burn off energy as you bond and clock miles, or sign up your pup for doggy daycare to get out and about if you work long hours.

5. Brittany Cocker (Cocker Spaniel x Brittany)

This mighty mutt offers double the sporting dog in one wonderful woofer. Like Brittanys, cockers are known to be sweet with their people and smart, so this combination of the two is likely to follow suit. Cockers can be less patient with kiddos, however, so this four-footer may be better suited to older children than some other Brittany mixes on our list.

As with other cocker spaniel mixes, grooming is likely to be a concern for owners if your pooch inherits the spaniel’s flowing locks. For most pet homes, clipping the coat short is recommended, as daily brushing may not mesh well with your schedule. In addition, you’ll want to clean her ears and monitor them for any signs of discomfort, as cockers can be prone to ear infections.

6. Labany (Labrador Retriever x Brittany)

With the Labrador being one of the most affectionate dog breeds and the Brittany a known sweetheart, this mashup mutt could be a legendary lovebug. All this love needs an outlet, so prepare to spend lots of time with this lady. If you’re not after a Velcro dog breed, this mix may not be the best pic for your family.

Fun lovers are in luck, as the Labany will probably be a playaholic. Both breeds have retrieving instincts, so a dog ball launcher will likely be a good investment. With the Lab’s water obsession, dog water toys may also be a great thing to have on hand.

7. Brittany Setter (English Setter x Brittany)

Mixing these two sleek sniffers is sure to create one pretty pup, with both setters and Brittanys having nice coats in striking color combinations. Maintaining her good looks shouldn’t be too tricky, either. Just brush her thoroughly a few times a week and check her feathered areas for any debris after outdoor play to keep tangles away. 

Training this blended pooch can be easier than most, as Brittanys and setters are both smart, obedient, and happy to work for a tasty treat. Pairing obedience lessons with play keeps it fun, something that’s important with intelligent doggos like this who may grow bored of the same old training routines.

8. Brittnepoo (Poodle x Brittany)

Likely as smart as she is sweet, the Brittnepoo is a motley mutt with loads of potential, from living as a family dog to acing obedience class. The secret is raising her using positive reinforcement training methods, as Brittanys and poodles are both eager to please but super sensitive. 

Maintaining this mutt’s coat won’t be easy, as owners of most poodle mixes know. Her coat’s likely going to be curly and easily matted, requiring frequent brushing to avoid issues. Opting for a short clipped cut makes routine care easier.

9. Australian Brittany (Australian Shepherd x Brittany)

The athletic Aussie and field phenom Brittany may be a match made in canine sports heaven. This mixed breed has the potential to move mountains in Agility or Flyball, but she’s also likely to be a good choice for a running or hiking buddy too. The physical needs of this floof may be too intense for some pet parents, but if you’re active, this may be the pupper for you.

Mental exercise is just as important for this sniffer, as both Aussie and Britttanys are smart cookies. Enrichment activities are an excellent way to keep her brain busy and avoid mischief.

10. Golden Brittany (Golden Retriever x Brittany)

Families will likely be a great fit for this pup, as Brittanys have a fun-loving nature, and goldens are among the best dog breeds for kids. Having a houseful of people to love just sounds like a recipe for success for this sniffer. But be sure you have enough bandwidth to give this cute critter the attention she needs.

Grooming this pup can be a handful, as the flowing coats of Golden Brittanies need frequent brushing to prevent mats. Remember to clean her ears, too, as both parenting breeds have floppy ears that are more prone to developing ear infections.

11. Brittany Dachshund (Dachshund x Brittany)

Personality likely won’t be lacking in this darling doggo. Both Brittanys and dachshunds are friendly and playful, but the badger-hunting hound side of this combo cutie may provide an extra kick of zesty attitude to take things to the next level. This attitude can make training more difficult, however, so keep high-value treats and patience handy.   

This hound hybrid may inherit the long, low build of the dachshund, making maintaining a proper weight paramount in avoiding unnecessary stress on her joints and back. Avoid rough play, and prevent her from jumping off furniture or running up and down stairs to keep her back in good shape.

12. Brittany Pit (Pit Bull x Brittany)

Muscle meets feathery hair with this sweet smashup of breeds. Like the Brittany, the pit bull is a celebrated athlete, so expect to provide at least a long daily walk to this mixed breed, along with indoor or backyard play. You should also anticipate investing time into obedience training and socialization, as pits can be dog-selective and a little stubborn at times.

A well-stocked toy basket is a must with this pupperino. Both parents are known to be toy-loving breeds, so you’ll want to stock up on a mix of playthings to keep her occupied. Considering the pit bulls reputation as a toy destroyer, we’d recommend dog toys for aggressive chewers to be safe (and to get your money’s worth!)

13. Great Brittany (Great Pyrenees x Brittany)

The personalities of a livestock guardian breed and biddable hunting dog couldn’t be more different if they tried, so this mutt has the potential to be a real mystery. She may be warm and happy to listen like the Brittany or uber independent like the Pyr. She may also fall somewhere in the middle. Either way, this isn’t a Brittany mix we’d recommend to a newbie dog owner.

Since the mutt has the potential to be mega-sized, you’ll want to start obedience training early so she’s easier to handle. It’s also a good idea to socialize her with new people and friendly dogs as soon as it’s safe, as Pyrs can be standoffish with strangers.

14. Corgi x Brittany

Herder meets hunter in this curious-looking combo pup. Two working woofs in one means you can expect a level of brains and drive, requiring daily physical and mental exercise. Meeting both needs at once through a hike or walking games is recommended. 

With both parents being play-happy, this breed blend has the potential to be a great family dog as long as kiddos understand she’s to be treated with kindness. Her build may be short and long like the corgi, requiring gentler play to avoid hurting her back. For that reason, a family with older kids may be best.

15. Brittany Springer (English Springer Spaniel x Brittany)

With both parenting pups being famously friendly and playful, this mix may be a top-notch choice for families seeking a dog who’s great with kids and sporty. Daily adventure is likely to be right up this pup’s alley, whether you’re hiking, jogging, or tackling a new sport like Rally. Just be sure you give her enough one-on-one time to thrive.

Grooming this gorgeous growler might be a tad more tedious than other Brittany mixes on our list, as the springer’s coat is longer and more prone to tangling. Keeping her clipped short can help, but expect to brush her out several times weekly to avoid mats.

Brittany Mixes: FAQ 

Brittany running on grass

Do you still have questions surrounding the Brittany and Brittany mixes? We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions about these pups to help!

What breeds make up the Brittany?

The Brittany was developed by breeding French spaniels with various types of pointers and the English setter. At one point, “spaniel” was in the breed’s name in the AKC roster, but it was dropped after breeders argued the pup’s more like a setter than today’s spaniels.

What is the difference between a French Brittany and an American Brittany?

As with many breeds, there are different types of Brittanys discussed in breeder circles. For one, the American Brittany strictly hunts birds while the French Brittany is used for hunting birds and rabbits. American Brittanys are also taller and heavier than French ones.

Are Brittanys good family dogs?

Yes, Brittanys tend to do well in family settings as they’re affectionate, playful, and patient with kiddos. Still, teaching children to treat her with respect is important, as this sensitive sweetheart’s feelings can be hurt by harsh treatment.

Are Brittanys one-person dogs?

Brittanys aren’t one-person dogs in the same way Chihuahuas are, but they do prefer their core family above everyone else. At the end of the day, they’ll greet visitors with a butt wiggle but likely stick near you versus spreading the love around.

Are Brittanys hard to train? 

Brittanys are eager to please and smart, which makes training them easier than instructing independent dog breeds. However, intelligence is a double-edged sword in training as it requires you to switch up routines and avoid too much repetition to avoid boring your sniffer student. A bored Brittany will tune out lessons and make her own fun.

As with any dog, start training your Brittany or Brittany mix early and keep lessons short and focused. Don’t use aversive punishment, either, as this breed has a sensitive spirit.

Do you have a Brittany or Brittany mix at home? Is she any of the awesome Brittany mixes on our list or another type? Tell us about your Brittany barker in the comments. We’d love to get to know ‘em!

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