Pit Bull Mastiff Mix: Confident Canine Companions

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Pit bull mastiff mix

If you’re searching for a brave best buddy that will make an amazing furry family member, it’s worth considering the magnificent pit bull mastiff mix. These mighty mutts are easy to love with their devoted, doting nature and strong-willed personalities. 

It can be difficult to pin down the exact traits of any mixed breed, but we’ll do our best to give you a basic breakdown on this unique canine cross below. This way, you can determine whether or not these big best buddies make an ideal fit for your family. 

Pit Bull Mastiff Mix: Key Takeaways

  • Technically speaking, pit bull mastiff mixes are created by mixing a pit bull with a mastiff.  However, this moniker is sometimes applied to other (pretty similar) mixes, involving any bully breed and any type of mastiff. 
  • It’s impossible to predict the exact personality of any mixed breed dog until you spend time with him. However, most pit bull mastiff mutts tend to be incredibly loyal, loving, and courageous canines. 
  • There are also a couple of similar canine crosses and purebred pooches that pit bull Mastiff enthusiasts might want to consider. Be sure to consider other big best buddies like the distinguished Great Danebull and the loving Rottweiler. 

What Is A Pit Bull Mastiff Mix? 

A pittie mastiff mix

The pit bull mastiff mix is a mixed breed dog created by breeding an American pit bull terrier with a mastiff

However, there’s a lot of wiggle room regarding the application of this label, and some owners apply this name to crosses consisting of any bully breed and any type of mastiff

For example, you may see this name applied to a pup with an American Staffordshire terrier parent and a Neapolitan mastiff parent. You could also see this name applied to a pooch with an American bulldog mom and a boerboel (also known as the South African mastiff) dad. 

You might also see these pups referred to as the following names, but note that they’re not particularly common, and there isn’t a great deal of consistency regarding how they’re used:

  • The Bullmastiff Pitbull Mix
  • The Pit Mastiff
  • The Pitbull Mastiff Mix
  • The American Masti-Bull
  • The American Bandogge

These furry friends don’t have a well-documented history, but it’s safe to say that this unique cross was born out of a desire for a large, strong and exceptionally loyal canine companion

For the purpose of this article, we’ll be primarily focusing on the “actual” pit bull mastiff mix, who’s created by crossing an American pit bull terrier and a mastiff. Just keep in mind that “pit bull mastiff mix” could encompass a variety of mutt mixes depending on the context. 

Pit bull mastiff mix owners are undoubtedly charmed by the breed’s incredibly loving nature, though it’s important to note that this breed isn’t suited for every home, just like any other dog. In order to understand the needs of your potential puppy, it’s a good idea to look at the traits and characteristics of the parent breeds. 

Understanding the Parent Breeds

There’s no way to precisely pin down the personality traits of a mixed breed pooch, but taking the parent’s personalities into account can certainly serve as a window into what your furry friend may be like. 

This also means that you’ll want to take the time to meet your puppy’s parents before bringing home your canine companion — this will help you get an idea of your potential pupper’s eventual personality. 

Remember that there’s no guarantee that your puppy will be a perfect 50/50 split of his parent’s characteristics, so you should be more than comfortable with both pooch parents to ensure your future canine companion is a good fit. 


Mastiffs are part of the pit bull mastiff mix

The grandiose size of the pit bull mastiff mix can be traced back to the mastiff parent. 

These colossal canines are known for their courageous, good-natured personalities, all packed within a 120- to 230- (!) pound package. But with great power comes great responsibility — you’ll need to make sure your mastiff learns his mutt manners early on since his large size could be hazardous if not under the direction of a patient pet parent committed to consistent training sessions. 

The vigilant mastiff is sure to keep watch over your home and loved ones, inspired by his unwavering loyalty to his family. These furry friends love spending time with kids, though they may not be the best pick for homes with small children due to their enormous size and occasionally clumsy nature. 

You’ll find that mastiffs are usually super sweet and affectionate pups that want nothing more than to follow you around the house. Luckily, these moderately intelligent dogs are fairly easy to train as long as you have a couple of treats at the ready. Make sure your mastiff has mastered his manners and has plenty of room to sprawl out, and you’re sure to have a resident gentle giant to take over your heart and couch. 

American Pit Bull Terrier 

pit bulls are part of the pit bull mastiff mix

You can attribute the other half of the pit bull mastiff’s personality to the playful American pit bull terrier.

Note that the APBT isn’t technically recognized by the AKC, but is acknowledged by the United Kennel Club  and American Dog Breeders Association. Colloquially, “pit bull” is often used to describe any of the four most common bully breeds, so a bit of confusion is common when it comes to these doggos. 

The American pit bull terrier is a medium-sized furry friend weighing between 30 and 60 pounds. These muscular canine companions have tons of energy that needs to be met with plenty of exercise and engaging activities

They love an engaging game of fetch and are happy to gnaw on puzzle toys (as well as their favorite dog food) throughout the day. You’ll find that pit bulls are total lovebugs that adore being around their humans, making them amazing cuddle companions (after they’ve had a full day of chasing after squirrels, of course.) 

These courageous dogs need plenty of socialization as they can be naturally wary of other furry friends. As long as these pups are getting the exercise and training they need to thrive, the American pit bull terrier certainly makes a lively and loving canine companion. 

The Pit Bull Mastiff Mix Traits and Characteristics

While we can’t pin down the exact personality of your future pooch, we’ll share a few of the most common traits and characteristics associated with pit bull mastiff mixes below. This should help you decide whether one of these magical mutts is a match for your lifestyle. 

Every dog is different, so be sure to evaluate your individual puppy — as well as his parents — before committing to a specific canine.  

  • Size and Shape: Pit bull mastiffs are large dogs, usually weighing between 100 and 140 pounds, though the mixed breed buddies can easily fall outside of this range. These pups are usually 22 to 29 inches tall at the shoulder. Typically, these mutts have a pit-bull-like frame that’s considerably larger and bulkier, which is likely derived from their mastiff parent. 
  • Temperament: Pit bull mastiff owners will tell you that their pups are gentle giants, but it’s important to note that these dogs need lots of socialization to ensure that they’re not overprotective around strangers. Around their families, pit bull mastiff mixes are incredibly sweet, sensitive, and eager to please. These big best buddies are fairly active and love to spend time playing with their family members. You’ll find that these super sweethearts have big hearts to match their large frames. 
  • Coat and Colors: These pups can be clad in a myriad of coat colors, including solid colors like black, brown, or cream, but others display patterned coats, such as pied or brindle color combos. Thankfully, these furry friends have a short coat that requires little to no maintenance. With that in mind, you’ll still need to keep up with regular bathing, brushing, and dental care to make sure your pit bull mastiff mix is feeling his best. 
  • Intelligence: The pit bull mastiff mix is highly intelligent and intuitive, though he can be headstrong at times. Training treats can help these mutts master their manners, though you’ll need to make sure to watch their weight, as these pups are prone to obesity. These dogs love to make their owners happy, so making training sessions a part of your routine is in everyone’s best interest. 
  • Training Challenges: Training is of utmost importance for this breed, especially early on in life. The breed’s large size makes training incredibly important, since a large dog that hasn’t learned his manners could pose a potential safety risk. Luckily, these dogs are people-pleasers and are happy to learn tricks if you have a treat or two.  Special care should be taken to socialization since both parent breeds can be wary of strangers. 
  • Health: This large breed has a life expectancy of 8 to 12 years. They’re subject to a number of health conditions shared by both pooch parents including obesity, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and bloat. Just be sure to maintain a close relationship with your vet, as you would with any dog. 

Best Families and Situations for a Pit Bull Mastiff Mix 

mastiff pit bull mix

Not all homes are suitable for these unique canine crosses. Here is a quick checklist to make sure you can meet the needs of these magnificent mutts. 

  • You’re committed to the training process. Given their eventual size, these big best buddies need someone who can help them master their mutt manners quickly in order to keep everyone safe. Pit bull mastiffs are also surprisingly sensitive, so you’ll need to remain patient, persistent, and most importantly, positive throughout the training process. 
  • Someone is usually home and ready to play. The pit bull mastiff likes to keep busy throughout the day, and loves nothing more than spending time with those he loves. The ideal home for one of these marvelous mutts is fairly lively, with plenty of activities and puzzle toys to keep Fido engaged throughout the day. 
  • You have plenty of space. It goes without saying that these large canine companions appreciate a home with plenty of room to sprawl out. Also, keep in mind that bigger dogs are typically more expensive to care for than smaller dogs are, so you’ll want to make sure your budget can afford these incredible dogs. 
  • You understand the needs of these courageous canines. Pit bull mastiff mixes do best with experienced owners who can meet their exercise and care needs. Parents of these pooches know that these deserving dogs are happy to pay back the training work with endless cuddles and kisses. 

In short, pit bull mastiff dogs aren’t ideal for first time dog owners who are searching for a laid-back, canine companion. While these pooches are generally gentle, they can be wary of strangers and need families that are willing to put in the time with training to help them shine. 

How Can You Find a Pit Bull Mastiff Mix?

Tracking down these big best buddies can be challenging as it is with any mixed breed. That being said, here are a couple of sources to start your search. 

  • Use the power of the internet. Using a search engine designed to help prospective pooch parents find the dog of their dreams is an excellent idea. You can use a service like Petfinder to see if there are any pit bull mastiff mixes available in your area. Additionally, online search engines can show you potential mutt matches around the country, so it’s a great pick if you’re willing to travel to pick up your furry friend as well. 
  • Get a ruff-ural. If you happen to know any pit bull mastiff owners, you can always ask for a referral to their breeder. Remember that it’s still vital to meet the puppy’s parents ahead of time and restrict your search to reputable breeders only. 
  • Opt to adopt! There are plenty of pittie rescue organizations that might have the perfect pit bull mastiff mix to add to your family. You can also check with your local shelter to see if they have any of these canine cuties available. Adopting is an amazing way to bring a deserving doggo into your life. Just remember to inquire with the shelter staff about your dog’s history and personality so that you’re sure Spot is a great match for your home. 

Similar Breeds and Breed Mixes to the Pit Bull Mastiff Mix

Dogue de bordeaux are similar to pit mastiff mixes

If you feel like the pit bull mastiff mix is appealing but not quite a perfect fit for your family, take a look at these other canine cuties. These breed and breed mixes are similar to the pit bull mastiff mix, but may have a different trait or two that makes them a more ideal fit for your family. 

  • Rottweiler: You might not guess it given their size and formidable appearance, but Rottweilers truly believe that they are lap dogs at heart. These confident canine companions bond closely with their families though they can be naturally aloof around strangers. However, like pit bull mastiff mixes, they aren’t a good choice for first-time owners. 
  • Mastador: This Labrador and mastiff mix strikes a perfect balance between being a protective pooch and loving family companion. These sporty sweethearts are up for just about anything as long as they can be by your side. Just be sure you’re ready for Lab levels of energy in a mastiff-sized package.
  • Dogue de Bordeaux: These purebred pups are super affectionate and apt to protect those they love from any potential threats. Dogue de Bordeauxs can have a stubborn streak, so they’ll need an owner who can positively guide this powerful pup properly. Just understand that these dogs aren’t ideal for first-time owners, either. 
  • Great Danebull: The Great Danebull is a relatively uncommon and laid-back Great Dane mix, who is often happy to curl up on the couch in between walks. These active family companions tend to be more open to other dogs and humans relative to other Pit and Mastiff mixes.
  • Pitweiler: You’re sure to love this courageous cross between a Rottweiler and pit bull. Pitweilers are often protective, but they’re huge softies at home that are sure to be total cuddlebugs. Just be sure you socialize them early in life, so they’ll make great canine citizens. 


The pit bull mastiff mix is a big best buddy that is sure to weasel his way into your heart as a courageous, devoted dog. As long as you can provide these powerful pups with plenty of training, exercise, and affection, these furry friends are sure to fit right into your family unit. 

Have you ever met a pit bull mastiff mix before? What’s your favorite thing about this bully breed blend? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below! 

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