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Mastiff Mixed Breeds: Your Dependable, Dutiful and Massive Mate

According to our research, the Mastiff dog was originally bred as a combat dog, to guard troops in battle and then later to serve as crowd entertainment by fighting animal and human counterparts in the Roman Colosseum – what a disgusting thought!

Despite his aggressive start in life, the Mastiff is a loving, patient, and loyal family member, who especially loves spending his time playing with the kids in the garden. He’s forgetful of his size and will often try to climb into your lap for a cuddle.

The mastiff is the ultimate family protector and life-long friend and we’ve put together a list of the top 17 Mastiff mixes. Please have a look and let us know what you think.

1. “No, it’s not cold, it’s refreshing!” This stern look is from an Akita and Mastiff blend.

2. Brute strength and intimidation in this hulking form of an American Bandogge – a mix of a Mastiff and American Bulldog.

3. This cutie is an American Masti-Bull – American Pitbull and Mastiff.

4. This kissable face belongs to a Mastiff and Boxer combo.

5. This stunningly beautiful Mastiffman is a cross between a Doberman and Mastiff!

6. “You say what…?” asks the Bullmastiff, a Bulldog and Mastiff hybrid.

7. This adorable little snow angel is a Mastiff and Great Dane mix-n-match!

8. These soulful eyes belong to the Mastiff and German Shepherd mixed breed.

9. A Maspyr is a Great Pyrenees and Mastiff combo.

10. These incredibly long legs belong to a crossbreed Mastiff and Greyhound.

11. A fun-loving Husky and Mastiff crossbreed!

12. This scruffy, golden beauty is a merging of Mastiff and Irish Wolfhound genes.

13. A beautiful Mastador which is a crossbreed between a Labrador and Mastiff.

14. This serious countenance belongs to a Mastiff and Ridgeback cross.

15. The Mastiff and Rottweiler will make a welcome addition to any family home.

16. The St. Bermastiff is a gentle giant and is half Mastiff and half St. Bernard.

17. A stunning portrait of a soulful looking Mastiff and Weimaraner mix.

We’ve come to the end of our list of top 17 Mastiff mixes. Please be sure to let us know if we might have overlooked one and be sure to send us a pic of your four legged pal!

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