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Labrabull mixed breed

Looking for a lively, loyal companion to spice up your life? Mixed breed pups like the Labrabull — a cross between a Labrador retriever and pit bull — can make amazing furry family members. 

These cross-bred cuties (who also go by the names Bullador and Pitador) serve as energetic and devoted family dogs. We’ll go over everything you need to know about these marvelous mutts below. 

What Is A Bullador? 

Labrabulls are adorable

The Bullador is a mixed breed dog created by crossing a Labrador retriever and an American pit bull terrier. These furry friends don’t have a well documented history, but it’s clear that Bulladors have gathered their own following due to their active, loyal, and loving personalities. 

Most people love life with their Labrabull, but you’ll want to make sure that these unique designer doggos are the right fit for you and your family before adding one to your pack. You’ll want to have a firm understanding of your puppy’s parents’ characteristics, habits, and needs to make sure you can provide your Pitador with everything he needs to keep his tail wagging. 

Understanding the Parent Breeds

With any mixed breed buddy, it’s nearly impossible to precisely predict a dog’s individual traits. There’s no guarantee that your Bullador will represent a perfect 50/50 split of the Labrador retriever and pit bull parents. That being said, understanding the parent breeds of your puppy can give you an accurate window of what your hybrid dog might be like. 

Developing this breed-specific knowledge is important, but don’t forget to take the time to meet your puppy’s parents ahead of time. For now, we’ll dive into the basics of each parent breed so that you can expand your understanding. 

The Lovable Labrador Retriever 

Labs are sweet dogs

Labrador retrievers are some of the world’s most coveted canines and are responsible for half of the Bullador’s personality. These friendly four-footers consistently rank as the AKC’s most popular dog breed and are known for their adaptable, loving personalities. Labrador Retrievers tend to do well with both families and solo owners so long as their exercise needs are met. 

These intelligent dogs are highly trainable and are eager to please their owners, so long as there are some treats (or a thrown tennis ball) involved. Labs are medium sized dogs, who usually weigh between 50 and 80 pounds and have golden, black, or chocolate-colored coats. 

You’ll find that most Labrador retrievers and Labrador mixed breeds are lively, loving dogs that are happy to accompany their humans on just about any adventure. That being said, these popular pups do need a good amount of daily exercise to keep their tails wagging. 

Check out these lovable Lab lookalikes!

American Pit Bull Terriers: Cute and Cuddly Canines

pit bulls are sweet dogs

The other half of the Pitador’s personality can be attributed to the American pit bull terrier. The American pit bull terrier isn’t technically recognized by the AKC, but is acknowledged by the United Kennel Club (UKC) and American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA). Generally speaking, the term “pit bull” may be used to refer to this breed, but it’s also occasionally applied to the American Staffordshire terrier and the Staffordshire bull terrier. These medium-sized muscular dogs usually weigh somewhere between 30 and 60 pounds.  

Pit bulls are super intelligent pups with tons of energy. While these dogs make amazing companions, you’ll need to invest in regular training sessions since they can have a bit of a stubborn streak. These pups are total softies that like to stay busy with puzzle toys, outdoor adventures, or gnawing on their favorite chew toys.  

These pups love being around their people, and they do best in households where someone is usually around to keep them company. Pit bulls and pit mixes can be naturally wary of other dogs so they’ll need lots of socialization early on to refine their manners. So long as they’re getting the right amount of attention and training, these caring, courageous dogs make excellent family furry members. 

The Labrabull: What Can You Expect From These Marvelous Mutts? 

what to expect from a labrabull

It can be difficult to pin down the exact characteristics of any mixed breed pooch, but here are some general guidelines of what a Pitador may be like. This way, you can determine whether or not these fun and furry friends are a good fit for your family. 

  • Size and Shape: Bulladors are usually medium to large sized dogs weighing between 50 and 80 pounds. They’re usually 20 to 23 inches tall though it’s not unheard of for mixed breed dogs to fall outside of this range. Pitadors usually have a Lab-like frame with a well-toned build and arched ears, presumably from their pit bull parents.
  • Temperament: Labrabulls make good watch dogs, though they’re generally friendly towards strangers. These devoted dogs love hanging out with their families, and they require plenty of attention and exercise to keep them feeling their best. Generally speaking, Pitadors need to be in a household where someone is around most of the time.
  • Coat and Colors: The Labarbull takes on a short, straight coat like that of his Labrador and pit bull parents. Labrabull coat color possibilities include black, grey, silver, cream, brindle, fawn and brown. 
  • Intelligence: Luckily, these pups are naturally intelligent due to their star-student parents. That being said, the Bullador can inherit some of the pit bull’s occasionally stubborn attitude, so you’ll need to stay patient throughout training sessions. These sweet, sensitive pups need consistent, positive training sessions. In addition, these smart furry friends should be engaged regularly with a wide variety of toys and puzzles to keep them entertained. 
  • Training challenges: These skilled sweethearts are able to learn plenty of tricks due to their natural intelligence. With that in mind, these high energy dogs need ample exercise on a daily basis to stay focused throughout training sessions and curb destructive behavior that could arise out of boredom. Some Labrabulls may be wary of other dogs, so you’ll want to start the socialization process as early as possible. Generally speaking, these dogs are best for more experienced dog owners, and they respond best to gentle yet firm commands. 
  • Grooming: Luckily, grooming for the Bullador is fairly low maintenance. But these dogs do shed quite a bit, so you’ll need to brush their coats a couple of times a week. You’ll also need to keep up with daily tooth brushing, monthly baths, and cleaning out your dog’s ears regularly to prevent infection. 
  • Exercise Needs: These playful pups have plenty of energy and need to have lots of daily exercise to keep their tails wagging. You’ll want to make sure these pups go for a run, get a daily trip to the dog park, or have some rigorous playing sessions along with their regular walks. These buddies have boundless energy and will appreciate homes that have a large, fenced-in yard where they can run and burn off some steam. 
  • Health: These pups live around 10 to 14 years with the proper care and treatment. However, some Pitadors share health issues tied to both parent breeds including hypothyroidism, bloat, and hip dysplasia. Just like you would with any pooch, you’ll want to make sure your Labrabull stays up to date on his visits to the vet. 

Best Families and Owners for a Labrabulll

Are you still calculating whether or not the lively Labrabull is the perfect pooch for your family? Here is a quick checklist to make sure you can provide these deserving dogs with everything they need to flourish. 

  • You love getting outside and exercising. Labrabulls are highly active dogs that need families that can match their energy levels. These dogs certainly aren’t laid back, though they’re happy to cuddle up next to you after a long day of hiking. Bulladors are dogs that makes excellent running buddies and are always happy to play a game of fetch or frisbee.  
  • You’re a patient pet owner. Labrabulls have distinct needs that are best fulfilled by experienced pet owners. Without proper care, these smart dogs may become bored which can lead to destructive behavior. The Bullador is strong and needs to learn his mutt manners early on in order to be a good canine citizen in adulthood.  
  • You’re ready to invest time in training. Labrabulls are sensitive sweethearts that need owners who understand their unique training needs. These energetic dogs are eager to please, though they can have a stubborn streak. Therefore, training should be approached with patience, care, and lots of practice. Pitadors may be wary of strangers as well so you’ll want to pay special attention to the socialization process. 
  • Someone is home most of the time. These affectionate dogs want nothing more than to follow their family members from room to room. Labrabulls don’t like being left alone for long periods of time, so you’ll need to make sure your family can accommodate your pup’s needs.  
  • You’re looking for a devoted family companion. Pitadors are known for their everlasting devotion to their families. These furry friends are sure to show you just how much they love you and keep you on your toes with their adventurous, enthusiastic personalities. 

In short, Labrabulls aren’t ideal for someone who’s looking for a laid back, highly independent pooch who likes to spend his time indoors and hang out on his own most of the time. Pitadors need families that understand the breed’s need for regular mental stimulation, exercise, and attention. 

For the right families and household environments, Labrabulls make doting dogs with hearts of gold. You’re sure to find a forever friend in these zealous four-footers. 

How Can You Find A Bullador? 

Finding a bullador

Tracking down designer breeds like the Bullador can be tricky. One of the best ways to narrow your search for one of these marvelous mutts is to scour the internet using a service like Petfinder to see if there are any Labrabull dogs in your area. 

If you’re lucky enough to know a Labrabull owner, be sure to ask them for a referral to their breeder. While this breeder might not have an active litter, they may be able to direct you to someone who does or put you on a waiting list for your pooch. 

Don’t forget the importance of selecting a reputable dog breeder for your future furry best friend. You’ll also need to make time to meet your puppy’s parents before bringing home your best buddy to ensure that your Pitador is the perfect pooch for your family. 

Alternatively, if adopting a Larabull from a shelter (which is an excellent idea), make sure to devote a significant amount of time visiting your new potential family member to get a proper sense of their personality. Make sure to ask staff members about the dog’s history, temperament, and any other notes the shelter can offer.

Similar Breeds and Breed Mixes to the Labrabull

boxers are like bulladors

If you aren’t sure whether the Labrabull is the dog of your dreams, here are some other similar breeds and breed mixes to take into consideration. 

  • German-Australian Shepherd: This Australian shepherd and German shepherd mix is lively, loyal, and lovable. These smart dogs love spending time with their families, though they may be a bit wary of strangers. 
  • Boxer: The boxer is an easygoing breed that does well with family and friends. These enthusiastic, high-energy dogs are known for their sometimes-comedic antics. 
  • Saint Berhusky: This Saint Bernard and Siberian husky mix is a big beauty that bonds closely with his family, friends, and other dogs. While they can have a stubborn streak, these smart dogs are typically fairly easy to train. 
  • Border Collie Pit: This pit bull and border collie mix is super smart, eager to please, and full of energy. These cheerful pups may have a tendency to be protective of their family members, though they’re generally friendly four-footers. 
  • Poodle: The proud poodle is active, intelligent, and always happy to play. These loving and loyal dogs love spending time with their family members and are generally friendly towards other dogs. 
  • Labsky: This is a Labrador and Siberian husky mix that results in a smart, stunning pooch that is fiercely loyal to his family. These pups do well around other dogs and need plenty of exercise. The same goes for the Goberian – a golden retriever and husky mix.
  • German Shorthaired Pointer: German shorthaired pointers are friendly and smart family dogs that are to leave their signature spots all over your heart. These enthusiastic pups are always ready for the next adventure. 


The Labrabull is a friendly, forever friend that is sure to find his way into your heart. These affectionate, lively pups certainly have an irresistible zest for life that is sure to rub off on you and your family. 

Do you have one of these sweet softies at home? Does he act more like a pit bull or a Labrador? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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