Where to Order Dog Food Online: The 9 Best Doggo Delivery Options

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Dog Food By Kate Brunotts 15 min read February 27, 2023

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While getting Fido his necessary nutrients is important, it can sometimes be difficult to find his favorite food or make it out to the store. Luckily, there are plenty of dog food delivery options that will bring pooch food right to your door! 

Below, we’ll examine a couple of dog food delivery retailers and services. We’ll also compare dog food online retailers by overall value and efficiency so that your pup will be wagging his tail every time he sees the mailman.

Where to Order Dog Food Online: Quick Picks 

  • #1 Amazon [Best Overall Dog Food Delivery Option] As the biggest online retailer in the world, Amazon not only provides the widest selection of foods, but they also offer a number of convenient and affordable delivery options.
  • #2 Ollie [Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Option] If you want fresh, custom-crafted dog food delivered to your door on a regular basis, Ollie is one of the best. Get 50% off your first order!
  • #3 Sundays for Dogs [Best Air-Dried Kibble for Dog Food Delivery] Sundays for Dogs offers a unique beef-based kibble that’s gently air-dried for maintaining nutrients and boasts an array of whole meats, organ meats, and antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies.

Places to Order Dog Food Online

Here are a couple of doggie delivery options that’ll give you the chance to buy Fido’s food online! To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve indicated the typical pricing levels (affordable, mid-tier, or premium) for each.

1. Ollie: Premium Fresh Dog Food

About: Ollie is a human-grade dog food subscription service that delivers customized dog food based on your requested meal schedule.

Notably, the food is shipped frozen, so you’ll be able to order food in advance and simply thaw meals before mealtime. We also have a special deal with Ollie that allows you to get 50% off your first order – sweet!

best human-grade food

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Ollie Fresh Food


Human-grade fresh dog food delivered

Nutritionist-designed fresh food custom tailored for your pooch and delivered to your doorstep.


  • Nutritionist-designed meals catered to your pup’s individual weight goals, allergies, and dietary preferences 
  • Can be used as a primary food, combined with other foods, or used as a nutritional treat, allowing for flexible pricing and delivery plans
  • Made in the USA with human-grade ingredients
  • Arrives in labeled plastic trays with a convenient scoop for measuring out Fido’s food with ease 
  • Protein content at 10% minimum (Based on chicken recipe) 

Ingredients List (Chicken Recipe):

Ingredients List

Chicken, chicken gizzard, carrots, peas, chicken liver...,

chia seeds, rice, potato, spinach, egg powder, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, blueberries, iodized salt, fish oil, cod liver oil, zinc gluconate, rosemary, vitamin E, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), potassium iodate

Delivery Time: Delivery times are largely based on your preset schedule, at the same time every week. You can order up to six weeks in advance for future food shipments. 

DISCOUNT: Ollie offers a 50% discount with your first order as part of their sign-up package. Just use the code K9OFMINE! 


Ollie is an excellent solution for owners who want to purchase fresh dog food ahead of time. All pre-packaged frozen meals are customized to your pup’s dietary needs and preferences, making this a great choice for picky eaters. 


Though Ollie is a great source for high-quality dog food, they charge premium prices. Moreover, some owners may not like that you have to measure out Ollie food portions at dinnertime. 

2. Sundays for Dogs: Best Air-Dried Dog Food for Delivery

Best air-dried option

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Sundays for Dogs

Air-dried kibble with a focus on healthy ingredients and better digestion

Healthy kibble packed with whole meats, organ meats, fiber, and prebiotics

About: Sundays for Dogs offers a unique air-dried kibble, designed to preserve fresh meats and veggies via a gentle drying process that claims to allow for better nutrition and taste (compared to standard kibble).

Designed by a team of vet nutritionists, this beef-based kibble contains drool-worthy ingredients like real meats, organ meats, fruits, and veggies. In addition, their formula contains prebiotics along with digestive aids like pumpkin and ginger, plus fiber to keep your pup’s tummy feeling food.

Sundays for Dogs puts an emphasis on natural ingredients, and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives, no chemicals, and no ingredients from China. The food also doesn’t have any gluten, legumes, potatoes, wheat, or soy.


  • Gently dehydrated through an air-drying process
  • Uses natural foods and quality meats with no artificial or synthetic ingredients
  • Whole meats and organ meats are featured at the top of the ingredient list
  • Uses quinoa as a grain source, leaving out problematic legumes


Sundays for Dogs tends to be a favorite of even the pickiest pups – dogs really seem to love it!


There’s only one recipe, and it features beef as the meat protein. So, if your dog is allergic to beef, this food won’t work for you.

Ingredients List

USDA Beef, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Bone, Quinoa...,

Pumpkin, Wild Salmon Oil, Sunflower Oil, Zucchini, Kale, Flaxseed, Sea Salt, Parsley, Kelp, Chicory Root, Turmeric, Mixed Tocopherols, Ginger, Selenium Yeast, Blueberries, Carrots, Apples, Tomatoes, Shiitake Mushrooms, Broccoli, Oranges, Cranberries, Spinach, Beets, Tart Cherries, Strawberries.

3. The Farmer’s Dog: Another High-Quality Pick

another great pick

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The Farmer’s Dog

Order this fresh dog food online and get it delivered ASAP

Nutritionist-designed fresh food custom tailored for your pooch and delivered to your doorstep.

About: The Farmer’s Dog is a great premium dog food option that delivers ready-to-serve fresh dog food personalized to your dog’s needs. It’s a great pick for dogs with unique allergy restrictions or dietary preferences. 


  • Comes in eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging
  • Every meal is human-grade and made in USDA-certified facilities
  • Recipes are crafted to your pup’s unique needs and are pre-portioned
  • All meals are approved by a veterinary nutritionist and contain a minimum 11% protein content 
  • Shipped frozen and flat to preserve freshness and allow for easy storage 
  • Get 50% off your first order with The Farmer’s Dog!

Ingredients List (Pork Recipe):

Ingredients List

USDA Pork, sweet potato, potato, green beans, cauliflower...,

USDA pork liver, fish oil, Vitamins & minerals [tricalcium phosphate, sea salt, vitamin B12 supplement, taurine, zinc amino acid chelate, iron amino acid chelate, vitamin E supplement, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, potassium iodide, pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6), vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid]

Delivery Time: Delivery times are based on your preset schedule. However, there is the option to rush, delay, or edit the amount of food sent once you’ve signed up for the service. 

DISCOUNT: The Farmer’s Dog offers a 50% discount with your first order as part of their sign-up package. Just use the code K9OFMINE! 


The Farmer’s Dog foods come in flat packages, making them super easy to store and order in advance. Owners appreciate the environmentally friendly packaging, and dogs seem to love the high-quality recipes and the ingredients used in these foods. 


Some owners may find it difficult to portion or measure out these meals, since they come in packaged loaf shapes. These premium recipes come at a higher price than traditional dog food, though that’s fairly typical for customized dog food

4. Chewy: Any & Every Dog Food Online

About: Chewy is a great one-stop-shop for all of your pet food, product, and supply needs. The site features dry food, wet food, and treats along with verified customer reviews allowing you to ship quality kibbles or canned foods to your doorstep. 

largest selection

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The biggest selection of major dog foods available for online orders

All the major dog food brands available for online orders on a single site. Discounts for subscribe-and-save orders.


  • Has a wide variety of products to choose from
  • Features verified reviews from real pet owners
  • Offers 1-2 day shipping options
  • Allows you to track your order and contact customer service with 24/7 support
  • Flexible ordering options through the website or the free mobile app 

Delivery Time: Generally speaking, Chewy offers standard and scheduled shipping plans along with rush 1-2 day delivery options.

Discounts: Chewy customers can save an extra 5 to 10% on any auto-ship order (plus get 30% off your first auto-ship order). Moreover, the site rotates discounts on different products periodically for extra savings opportunities. 


Chewy is super convenient and offers excellent customer service to keep your doggie deliveries coming. They also feature a top-notch return policy in case your purchase is less than satisfactory. 


Depending on your location, you may not have access to the one- to two-day delivery options, although many folks do.

5. PetFlow: Everything From Treats to Toys

About: PetFlow is a great pet food online ordering portal where you can also stock up on treats, toys, and supplements for your favorite furry friend.

You can search for products by brand, category, or daily door busters for rotating dog gear discounts. 

A Chewy Alternative

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Pet Flow

A pet product shopping portal with all your doggos’ needs

Pet Flow offers everything from food to toys, with live customer service and free shipping for orders over $50.


  • Customized auto-ship supply plans
  • Live customer service 
  • Free shipping on any orders over $49
  • With every purchase from the site, a food bowl is donated to a pet in need

Delivery Time: In most cases, your order should arrive at your destination within 2-3 days for perishable items, and 5-10 business days for other products.

Discounts: You’ll get 10% off your first order with the site. There’s also a referral bonus awarding you a $10 discount once your friend or family member places their order. You can also receive $30 off of your first auto-ship order over $65. 


This is a great online pet supplies retailer that gives back to a worthy cause with every purchase. With free shipping for all orders over $49, it’s an ideal platform to place bulk orders for your pup. 


The site is not able to provide same-day delivery yet, so it may not be the best options for pup owners who need their items fast. Moreover, the retailer does not offer a regular subscription discount for auto-ship subscribers unlike other similar sites. 

6. Petco: Affordable 1-2 Day Delivery

About: Petco delivery offers a wide range of dog food, treats, and other canine products you can have shipped directly to your doorstep. The site also offers free one to two day delivery on orders over $35. 

Low Free-Shipping Threshold

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Wide selection of big box dog food products delivered

A wide selection of brands and dog foods for various needs. Free 1-2 day shipping over $35!


  • Deliveries based on your schedule, and you can place them in advance for added convenience
  • 5% cashback for Petco rewards members with every purchase
  • Pause or cancel your subscription at anytime
  • Wide selection of brands and products 
  • Can be ordered online or via the Petco Now app

Delivery Time: Most items ship within 1-2 days. Subscription orders can be scheduled in advance to ensure that your order arrives on time. If the item you order happens to be out of stock or backordered, Petco will notify you about a change in the delivery date. 

Discounts: Petco offers free one to two day delivery on all orders over $35. You’ll also receive 35% off of your first auto-ship order. 


Petco offers a large range of products and free shipping for +$35 orders. Plus, the included 5% cashback for Petco rewards members is an excellent perk for owners who frequently shop at the online hub or the in-person stores. 


The PALS benefit is only helpful is you’re a frequent Petco shopper. Moreover, there is no regular subscribe and save discount, unlike other similar retailers.

7. Amazon: Best All in One Shopping

Best For All-in-One Shopping

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amazon dog food delivery


The online shopping giant with dog food discounts

Get dog food discounts when you subscribe and save, or become a Prime member and get free one and two-day shipping!

About: Amazon carries a wide array of dog food, medications, and products. Some dog foods may be eligible for same-day delivery while others are available as subscribe and save order options.

Surprisingly, Amazon also carries some specialty pet items, great for dogs who may have particular medical or dietary needs. 


  • The subscribe and save option takes 40% off of your first order and 5% off any subsequent orders for consistent savings over time
  • You can clearly see on each product listing how long it will take a particular product to arrive to your home for convenience
  • Responsive customer service
  • Most items can be ordered any day of the week, or scheduled for a specific date 
  • Can be ordered through online browser or Amazon’s app for on-the-go flexibility

Delivery Time: Amazon Prime members can enjoy free two-day shipping and same-day shipping on eligible orders. You can also set up a delivery day for conveniently scheduled deliveries.

For non-members, most items can be shipped within three to five business days, or faster, for an additional cost. 

Discounts: If you sign up for subscribe and save, you can get 40% off your first order, and then 5% on all future subscription deliveries.

If you’re already a Prime member, you’ll be able to get free one to two day shipping on eligible pet items, which can add up to considerable savings over time. 


Amazon has an endless selection of pooch and human products. With super affordable pricing, you’ll rack up considerable savings using their service especially with the subscribe and save option. 


Depending on where you live, you may not be able to receive items through Amazon’s same or next day delivery service. Plus, if you’re not a Prime member, your shipping costs can cadd up, depending on your regular order. 

8. Instacart: Affordable Same-Day Delivery

About: For dependable same day dog food delivery services, Instacart is a great choice. The on-demand grocery delivery service brings pet food to your doorstep from retailers like Petco, Sam’s Club, Costco, Harris Teeter, and more. 

Best For Dog + Human Groceries

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Same-day delivery for dog food & your own groceries.

Shop online from nearby grocery stores and have an Instacart shopper deliver your order that same day!


  • Dog food can be successfully delivered in under an hour depending on your service area
  • Pricing varies depending on how fast you need your pet products delivered
  • Instacart offers a number of platform-exclusive deals to save money on your regular purchases
  • Can be ordered through an app or online browser for added convenience

Delivery Time:  Instacart delivers your items on the same day based on the time window you select. Pricing is more expensive depending on the urgency of your order. For example, it may be around a $7-9 charge for a 5-hour delivery window or $12-$15 for an express one-hour delivery window. 

Discounts: There aren’t any discounts included with the service. However, with an Instacart Express membership, you’ll experience free delivery on any order $35 and service fees reduced by 5%. 


Instacart is perfect for last-minute dog food delivery. Plus, you can access Instacart from the app or your web browser for flexible shopping while on the go. 


Delivery fees can add up over time, so the service is probably best reserved for last-minute dog food needs. In addition, Instacart’s stock is dependent on individual store’s supplies, so you may find times where Fido’s favorite food is simply unavailable.

What Are the Cheapest Places to Order Dog Food Online?

Finding the cheapest place to order dog food online can depend heavily on your pup’s dietary needs and preferences.

For example, if your dog has food allergies or sensitivities that prevent him from eating traditional kibbles, one of the premium fresh food options could end up being just as cost-effective as a kibble designed to address food sensitivities. 

Pricing may vary based on shipping costs and the dog delivery service area. Luckily, auto-ship subscription options can help you save money while taking care of your furry friend.

Some factors to consider when finding the cheapest places to order dog food online:

  • Up to 50% Off for First Order Discounts. Many premium dog foods offer deep discounts for first-time orders – as much as 50% off! While these premium fresh foods may not be sustainable long term, you can get high-end food for a great deal, so long as you remember to cancel after the first order.
  • Subscribe & Save. Owners can get anywhere from 5-30% off when they subscribe to ongoing monthly deliveries, which can cut down significantly on cost.
  • Are You Ordering Groceries? Services like Instacart and Amazon allow you to order your groceries online, in addition to ordering your pet’s eats. If you want groceries delivered anyhow, you might as well save on delivery fees and use an all-in-one service.
  • Free Shipping. Many online dog food ordering sites offer free shipping automatically or with a minimum spend requirement. Usually, these free shipping spend requirements are easy to meet, especially if you’re buying in bulk.

It’s important to save on dog care where you can in order to put away money for any unexpected veterinarian or dog-related costs down the road. 

We’ve put together a few of the cheapest places to order dog food online below.

Keep in mind that cheaper does not necessarily equate to the best choice for you and your pooch. Every dog has different needs, so you’ll have to evaluate your options on a personalized basis. 

Cheapest Online Dog Food Retailer: Amazon

Amazon’s subscribe and save option is excellent for Prime members, plus their set dog food prices are difficult to beat on their own. 

Cheapest Fresh Dog Food Option: The Farmer’s Dog

Farmer’s Dog and Ollie are pretty comparable price-wise, but the Farmer’s dog ends up being slightly cheaper. However, fresh dog food usually comes at a premium price regardless due to high-quality ingredients. 

Pro Pet Tip: If you really can’t afford any of these options, try reaching out to local food banks, shelters, or your vet’s office. They may be able to help you by providing free or discounted dog food

How Long Do Dog Food Deliveries Take?

Delivery time frames vary greatly depending on your service area and where your food delivery service is based.

For example, city dwellers may find it easier to get food delivered quickly than rural dog owners will.

Generally speaking, deliveries can take anywhere from 1-10 business days to arrive at your door. You can set up a preset schedule with many of these online dog food retailers to make sure that your dog food consistently arrives on time. This is one of the best benefits of the auto-ship programs. 

If you’re in a pinch, Instacart is probably your best bet for same-day delivery service based on the options in this list.


Making sure our dogs receive proper nutrition is paramount to their health and happiness. Hopefully, one of these doggie delivery services makes that process 1-step easier for you and your family.

Have you had luck with any of these delivery services? What’s your favorite item to order for your furry friend? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below! 

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