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corner dog bed

Most dogs need a comfortable bed, but beds can take up a lot of space in your home and they always seem to be in the way.

Fortunately, there are a number of corner beds on the market, which will give your pooch a cozy and out-of-the-way place to sleep.

But there is a big difference in a high-quality corner bed and one that will cause you headaches and prevent your dog from getting a good night’s sleep.

See our quick picks below, or read on to learn about the things you’ll want to look for in a good corner bed as well as a few specific recommendations.

Best Corner Beds for Dogs: Quick Picks

  • PetFusion BetterLounge [Best Overall] – The PetFusion BetterLounge is a high-quality corner bed that includes all of the features dogs and their owners could want. It has a 3.5-inch memory foam core, a machine washable cover, and a two-sided bolster for added comfort.
  • Paws & Pals Pet Bed for Dogs [Most Affordable] – The Paws & Pals Pet Bed is actually one of the best corner beds we reviewed, but it just so happens to be the most affordable option too. It doesn’t have the best fill material, nor does it have a removable cover, but if you’re looking for a budget-friendly bed, this one is the obvious choice.
  • Big Barker [Best Corner Bed for Large Dogs] – The Big Barker isn’t specifically designed as a corner bed, but you can certainly use it as one. This bed checks off every criteria large-dog owners could want, and it consistently ranks as one of the best beds on the market.

The Six Best Corner Dog Beds: Reviews & Ratings

The following six beds are all great options for owners who want to provide their pooch with a cozy corner bed. Just be sure to keep your pup’s specific needs in mind when making your decision.

1. PetFusion BetterLounge Dog Bed

About: PetFusion makes a couple of high-quality dog beds, and the PetFusion BetterLounge is an ideal option for owners who want one that’ll fit nicely in a corner. It also comes with most of the features owners will want when picking out a bed.

Best Overall

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PetFusion BetterLounge Orthopedic Dog Bed | Solid CertiPUR-US Memory Foam, Waterproof liner | Medium / Large & XL | Removable Micro-Suede Cover Available Separately, 1 YR Warr,Grey

PetFusion BetterLounge Dog Bed

Corner-compatible dog bed with 3.5″ memory foam and cozy corner bolsters

Features: The PetFusion BetterLounge is built around a 3.5-inch memory foam core to help cushion your dog’s joints, and it also features a foam bolster on two sides, so your pooch will have a soft place to rest his noggin’.

The removable, machine-washable cover is made from micro-suede polyester for maximum comfort, and a 100% waterproof liner is included to protect the foam from spills or accidents. In fact, the cover features two different zippers, which makes it very easy to take off or put back on.

The bed is only available in one color, but you can choose from two different sizes to ensure your dog has plenty of room. PetFusion also sells a few additional products related to this bed, including replacement covers and matching blankets.


Like most other PetFusion Beds, the BetterLounge received very positive reviews from most owners who purchased it. Most owners reported that it looked great in their home and provided plenty of support for their pet, and dogs seem to find it very comfortable. Additionally, several owners reported that the waterproof liner worked as advertised.


There weren’t many complaints about the PetFusion BetterLounge. A few owners didn’t think the bed was thick enough, and a few reported broken zippers, but most complaints seemed to relate to one-off problems that can occur with any pet product.

2. Paws & Pals Corner Bed

About: The Pets & Pals Corner Bed is a high-quality pet bed with a budget-friendly price tag. This corner bed is designed to provide your pet with all the comfort he deserves, yet still fit in a small space and look great in your home.

Budget-friendly option

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Paws & Pals Dog Bed for Pets & Cats - Triangle Corner Lounger with Self Warming Cozy Inner Cushion for Home Crate & Travel - Medium, Blue

Paws & Pals Corner Bed

Corduroy exterior corner bed with a generous layer of polyester fiber filling

Features: The first thing you’ll notice about the Pets & Pals Corner Bed is its texture. Most of the top is covered in corduroy, while the resting surface features large ridges which most dogs are sure to love. You’ll also notice that the bed comes with wrap-around bolsters to give your pooch a place to lay his head.

The Pets & Pals Bed is filled with a generous layer of polyester fiber to provide the cushion you’d want for your pet, and the bottom features a non-skid coating. This will help prevent the bed from “migrating” around your home every time your pet lays down or gets up.  

The Paws & Pals Corner Bed is available in several sizes (small through XXL), and it comes in four different colors: Blue, Grey, Beige, and Black.  


Most owners who tried the Pets & Pals Corner Bed were happy with their choice. The majority of buyers thought it looked pretty good, and most dogs seemed to find it very comfortable. The corduroy fabric helps make it easy to remove hair, and the non-skid bottom appears to work as intended.


The Pets & Pals Bed cannot be machine-washed, and the cover is not removable. We’d normally consider these problems deal-breakers, but given its low price, we feel like it may still be a suitable choice for cash-strapped owners, who need a bed for their pooch.

3. FurHaven Corner Pet Bed

About: The FurHaven Corner Pet Bed provides just about everything you (or, more importantly, your dog) could want in a corner bed. In fact, it not only provides your pooch with a comfortable place to lay, it comes with your choice of core materials, to ensure your pet gets the type of support he deserves.  

Pet-Friendly Design

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FurHaven Corner Pet Bed

FurHaven Corner Pet Bed

L-shaped pet bed with cushioned bolsters and a faux fur cover

Features: The FurHaven Corner Bed comes with a variety of options that allow owners to tailor the bed to their pet’s unique needs.

For starters, you can choose from three different core materials. You can select memory foam or orthopedic foam if your pet is old, overweight, or suffers from joint problems, or you can opt for a gel foam core if you want to help your pet stay cool while he’s snoozing. The bed also comes in nine different colors and eight different sizes.

But no matter which color, size, and core material you go with, all versions of the FurHaven Pet Bed feature cushioned bolsters, which are helpful for dogs who like to “nest” or rest their head in an elevated position. The sleeping area is even covered in faux fur for additional comfort.

The FurHaven Bed’s cover is easy to remove, and you can just toss it in the washing machine to clean it (don’t put it in the dryer, though – just let it air dry).


Most owners who tried the FurHaven Bed left sparkling reviews. Several reported that it provided excellent value for the price and looked great in their home. Most dogs seemed to find it very comfortable and began using it immediately.  


The FurHaven Corner Bed received mostly good reviews, but a handful of owners were disappointed in the bed’s loft and thickness. Additionally, it does not appear to be the most durable option on the market, so it probably isn’t the ideal choice for rambunctious dogs or those who are prone to chewing on things.

4. Snoozer Luxury Corner Bed

About: The Snoozer Luxury Corner Bed is a high-quality pet bed, designed to be just as comfortable as conventional round or rectangular beds. Because of the tall side cushions included, this is a great choice for dogs who need a bit of extra security.

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Snoozer Luxury Corner Pet Bed, Small, Hot Fudge/Cafe

Snoozer Luxury Corner Bed

Ultra-cozy overstuffed corner bed perfect for snuggling up in

Features: The Snoozer Luxury Corner Bed features an interesting design, which uses a high-density foam core and foam sides to provide your canine with a comfortable and secure place to snooze.

The removable, poly-filled cushion is tufted for maximum comfort, and the entire bed is covered in microsuede fabric.

The cover of the Snoozer is not removable; instead, you can simply toss the entire bed in the washing machine. You can also machine dry the bed, according to the manufacturer.

The Snoozer is available in three different sizes (small, medium and large), and each of these dog bed sizes are available in four different color patterns, including Buckskin & Java, Camel & Olive, Dark Chocolate & Buckskin, Toro Antique Gold & Navy and Black & Herringbone.


Several owners spoke about the Snoozer Luxury Bed in glowing terms, using phrases like “excellent” and “best bed I’ve ever purchased” to describe the bed. The quality of the stitching and materials elicited specific praise, and most owners reported that their dog loved using the bed.


There aren’t a ton of reviews for the Snoozer Luxury Corner Bed, so prospective buyers should consider the product carefully before making the purchase. A few owners complained that the bed’s color didn’t match that which appeared on their computer screen, while others lamented the lack of a removable cover.

5. Sauder Walnut Corner Dog Bed

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No products found.

Sauder Walnut Corner Bed

Unique corner dog bed feating a stylish walnut and metal design

About: The Sauder Walnut Corner Dog Bed is an elegantly-designed dog bed featuring a raised frame with a padded cushion.

Features: The Sauder corner dog bed features a powder coated metal frame that’s finished in noble walnut. This bed is one-of-a-kind in terms of decor, with a style you don’t find in most canine snooze spots!

The bed’s cushion is removable with a machine-washable zippered cover for easy cleaning.

Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, this bed can hold dogs up to 40 lbs.


The design is truly unique and serves especially well in homes that already feature wood and dark metal accents.


This bed can only hold dogs up to 40 lbs, so it don’t be a good fit for larger canines.

6. Big Barker Large Bed with Headrest

About: The Big Barker isn’t specifically designed as a corner bed, but it will fit well into a corner and we wanted to include a premium option for big dog owners.

The Big Barker is an ideal dog bed for Great Danes, Saint Bernards, mastiffs and other giant breeds, as it is not only big and well-built, but it is thick enough to support huge dogs too.

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed

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Big Barker Large Bed with Headrest

Big Barker Large Bed with Headrest

USA-made corner bed featuring 7″ foam core, designed specifically for big dogs

Features: The Big Barker features a 7-inch-thick core, comprised of a combination of support foam and comfort foam, which will help prevent it from flattening. In fact, the manufacturer guarantees that the bed will retain 90% of its loft over a period of 10 years.

The bed features a 100% microfiber cover that is both removable and machine washable. The Big Barker also comes with a built-in, 4-inch-thick bolster, which gives your pooch a comfy place to lay his head.   

The Big Barker is made in the USA dog bed, and it comes in three sizes. You’ll also have your choice of four different colors: Burgundy, Charcoal Gray, Chocolate, and Khaki.


Simply put, the Big Barker is one of the best rated dog beds available. Most owners rave about the quality of the foam core, and the soft microfiber cover elicits plenty of praise too. The bed looks great, and the included bolster is a nice bonus. The bed also appears to be quite popular with dogs too, and most waste no time plopping down on it and taking a snooze.  


There are three minor drawbacks to the Big Barker. For starters, it isn’t appropriate for small dogs – the foam is too rigid. Secondly, it lacks a non-skid bottom surface, so it may scoot around on the floor a little bit. It is also an expensive bed, but that’s to be expected given the quality of the materials and craftsmanship used to make it.

Our Recommendation: The PetFusion BetterLounge

Truthfully, any of the corner beds recommended above would be a good choice for your pet (unless you have a small dog, in which case you do not want to pick the Big Barker).

However, the PetFushion BetterLounge is likely the best option for most owners. It features a high-quality, memory foam core, it has a removable cover, and it also comes with bolsters on two sides.

The BetterLounge isn’t the cheapest corner bed on the market, but it still represents great value, and it should give your pup a comfy place to sleep for years to come.

Why Use a Corner Dog Bed?

Corner beds aren’t the best choice for all dogs, but they certainly offer a few unique benefits that will help keep some dogs and their owners happy.

Some of the best reasons and situations in which you may want to consider a corner bed include:

 Owners living in small homes or apartments. If space is a premium for your family, you may need to take advantage of every square inch of real estate available. Putting your dog’s bed in a corner helps accomplish this, and it often allows you to make better use of the space you do have. This is especially helpful for those with big dogs and small homes.

 Dogs who could use a bit of extra security. Like most other animals, nervous or anxious dogs will feel better when surrounded by walls on multiple sides. Sleeping in this kind of place will prevent your dog from feeling like something or someone can sneak up on him from behind, which should help him feel a bit more secure. Small dogs might also appreciate cave dog beds, which serve a similar purpose.

 To take advantage of unique architecture or home décor. You may want to use a corner bed to take advantage of a unique nook or feature of your home. For example, you may be able to tuck your dog’s bed in a corner under a staircase or some other unusual place, when a regular bed wouldn’t fit.

 To keep your dog a bit warmer. If your home is drafty or you keep the thermostat set pretty low, you may want to consider a corner bed for your canine. Placing your dog’s bed in the corner helps shield him from drafts and leverages the insulating powers of the walls to keep him warm. Heated dog beds are another option for keeping your dog nice and toasty.

dog corner bed 1

Wait a Minute – Can’t I Just Stick a Square or Round Bed in a Corner?

Obviously, you can usually place a square bed in a corner of your home, but this won’t really save you any space – the corner of the bed opposite the corner formed by the walls will jut out into the room and take up space.

This isn’t really a problem for those with big homes, but if you need a corner bed for space-saving reasons, you’ll need one specifically designed for the task.

Such beds are typically traingularish – the back sides of the bed come to a 90-degree angle, which will fit right into the corner, while the front of the bed will stretch diagonally between the walls.

Often, the front of the bed will be rounded, giving the bed a slice-of-pie shape when viewed from above.

Corner Dog Bed Necessities

Generally speaking, you’ll want to look for many of the same things in a corner bed that you would any other dog bed. Some of the most important features and characteristics to seek include:

A Removable, Machine-Washable Cover

You’ll have to wash your dog’s bed cover regularly to keep it clean and smelling great.

If you select a bed that doesn’t have a removable cover, you’ll likely have to take the bed down to the laundromat and use one of their commercial-size appliances, which will be large enough to accommodate large dog beds.

Additionally, washing a complete dog bed may also cause the fill material to clump or lose its loft prematurely.

 Adequate Space for Your Dog

You’ll always want to give your dog a bed big enough to support his entire body, so he doesn’t have to let his paws or head hang off the side.

The best way to do so is by measuring the amount of space your dog takes up while he is sleeping (note the PRO TIP selection below for further sizing advice).

Also, be sure to consider the orientation in which your dog likes to sleep. For example, dogs who sleep in a curled up sleeping position need a bit less space than those who sleep sprawled out on their sides.

 Plenty of Cushioning

Any bed you choose should completely support your dog’s body weight and keep his body from pressing into the floor.

You’ll have to use your best judgment when selecting a bed, as there is no hard-and-fast rule governing the amount of cushioning or loft required to properly support your dog, but medium to large dogs will probably require a bed that is at least 4 inches thick.


Dogs frequently coat their bed in little drops of urine, saliva and other liquids and some dogs may have the occasional (or, not-so-occasional) accidents.

Accordingly, you’ll want to select a bed that has a water-resistant cover or – even better – a water-proof inner liner. This will help keep the internal fill material dry, which will prevent foul odors which can occur when these materials get wet.

The only downside to a water-proof inner liner is that they occasionally cause crinkling sounds whenever your dog moves. Although this can be off-putting to some dogs, most don’t seem to mind; but owners can find these sounds maddening.

If your dog is an especially muddy, messy creature, you may want to consider a designated washable dog bed as well.

 A Non-Skid Bottom Surface

Because corner beds are designed to be used in corners (thanks, Captain Obvious), they aren’t as susceptible to slipping and sliding, but you’ll still want to select one with a non-skid bottom surface. There are a million different variations of a non-slip or non-skid surface, but most work pretty well.

Optional Corner Bed Features

While the features listed above should be considered more-or-less mandatory, you may also want to look for a corner bed that also provides the following things:

 A Complex Visual Pattern

While most dog beds are made with single-color fabrics, it sometimes pays to look for a bed with a more complex visual pattern. These types of beds will not show dirt as much as single-color beds will, nor will they show your dog’s shed fur.

 A Color that Matches Your Dog’s Fur

By purchasing a bed that closely matches the color of your dog’s fur, you can help de-emphasize the shed hair, which will surely coat the bed. In other words, go with a black or dark-colored bed for your black lab, but choose a tan or khaki bed for your golden retriever.

This isn’t always possible, and owners of multi-colored dogs won’t be able to do this, but you should consider color-matching whenever you can.

 A Memory Foam Core

Dog beds feature a wide variety of fill materials, including plastic fibers, conventional (egg-crate) foam and memory foam, among others. And while any of these materials are likely sufficient for healthy dogs, you should look for a bed with a memory foam core (often called orthopedic beds) if your dog suffers from hip dyplasia, joint or back problems.

Note that some orthopedic beds contain shredded memory foam, while others feature memory foam sheets. Either will work for healthy dogs, but beds with a full sheet of memory foam are better for dogs with health issues.


Many dogs love beds with bolsters – cylindrical pillows that are usually attached to one or more edges of the bed. Bolsters give your dog a place to rest his head or feet more comfortably, and they can help “nesting” dogs to feel more secure while they are taking a snooze.

However, some dogs don’t seem to care for them, and bolsters do reduce the amount of sleeping space available on the bed. If you aren’t sure whether your dog will appreciate a bolster or not, you may consider looking for a bed that has removable bolsters.

Dog Bed Sizing Tips

As mentioned above, there aren’t really any super-handy sizing guidelines for dog beds (update: we made our own), and many owners struggle to find the right size bed for their pooch.

This is even more difficult when purchasing a corner bed, as the pie-shaped configuration can be a bit bewildering to contemplate and visualize.

Always start by consulting the manufacturer’s guidelines, which will typically indicate the correct dog size for the bed. But unfortunately, some manufacturers fail to provide any guidance regarding size selection.

In such cases, you’ll simply need to measure the length and width of your dog when sleeping and select a bed with dimensions that slightly exceed these measurements. But, while this is easy to do when purchasing a square or rectangular bed, it isn’t very helpful with corner beds.

Instead, you’ll want to determine the square inches your dog takes up when sleeping, and use that to figure out the right bed size. There’s a tiny bit of math involved, but don’t worry – it’s painless enough.

To figure out how many square inches of space your dog requires, just multiply his length and width (including legs) in inches while he’s sleeping. Multiply these two numbers together and you get his space requirement in square inches.

To find out how many square inches a pie-shaped bed provides, multiply the length of one of its sides by two, and then multiply the resulting number by 3.14. The final step is to multiply this figure by 0.25. At this point, you have the space provided by the bed in square inches.


Have you ever used a corner bed for your pooch? Did you like it? What about him? We’d love to hear all about your experiences. Tell us what model you used and your general impressions of the product below. And, as always, feel free to ask questions about anything we may not have covered!

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