Best Dog Toys for Huskies: Fun Stuff For Floofs!

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Few dog breeds have the distinct look of the Siberian Husky—stunning pastel coats and soulful eyes are prominent features of this handsome pooch.

If you’re a Husky owner, then you know that their unique exterior is a well-suited match for their intelligent and extroverted personality. However, all that charisma comes with some singular challenges when it comes to entertainment and playtime!

Matching your pooch’s personality with appropriate recreation is an absolute must. So, puzzle toys and other engaging activities are among the best options for your energetic Husky!

Quick Picks: Best Dog Toys for Huskies

Husky Traits

Huskies are the epitome of man’s best friend—they’re loyal, loving, and make great companions.

Notoriously, they are one of the brightest breeds out there. In fact, sometimes they can even see right through your commands or training efforts and will get quite conniving!

Consider these common Husky traits as you shop for the perfect toy:

  • Smart. Siberian Huskies tend to be at the top of the class when it comes to brains—these dogs are as clever as they are cute! You’ll definitely want to select a toy that will challenge that brain.
  • Sassy. With smarts comes sass—Huskies tend to be so smart that they are sometimes more opinionated than the average canine. These cheeky pooches can often have their own way of doing things, so keeping their mind occupied is a must!
  • Playful. Huskies love to play! They are bred to be active and love to have a good time. You may want to consider a mix of engaging puzzle toys and movement-based toys that will allow your pooch to get up and move his muscles.
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What to Look For in a Husky Dog Toy

Any time you search for a toy for your beloved pup, you should keep a couple of things in mind. Consider the needs of both you and your pooch. For example, do you want a toy for a bonding activity, or something that will keep your Husky busy while you’re out for the day?

Here are some factors to consider when shopping for the perfect Husky toy:

  • Engaging: Look for a toy that will keep your pup’s attention for more than just a few minutes. You might consider a puzzle toy with changeable levels of difficulty to keep things interesting and to challenge your pooch’s intellect. .
  • Long-Lasting: Durability is a must when it comes to Huskies—they love to tear toys apart, even more than your average pup. You’ll want to find a toy made of sturdy material to last for many hours of fun.
  • Safe: Always read reviews to make sure that your pooch’s toys are going to be safe. If he likes to destroy stuffed toys, make sure to confiscate those squeakers, as you don’t want your dog ingesting plastic or choking.
  • Fun: Your pooch should enjoy playtime, so keep his favorite activities in mind when you go toy shopping. Then again, while you can always pick a toy that will draw on favorites like fetch, it never hurts to try something new!
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1. Trixie Dog Activity Chess

If you’re on the hunt for a Husky toy that will reward smarts with snacks, TRIXIE Dog Activity Chess could be an entertaining and delicious game for your pup.


  • As one of our most popular dog enrichment toys, the TRIXIE Chess interactive dog puzzle will keep...
  • Ultimate level of mental stimulation for dogs, our advanced level 3 interactive dog puzzle toys are...
  • Lift, Push & Slide to discover treats; this interactive dog treat puzzle has three demanding levels...
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This unique and high-quality toy allows you to hide treats beneath movable pieces to keep your pooch busy for quite some time.

With four adjustable skill levels of varying difficulty, it’s a reasonably-priced way for your clever canine to keep his mind challenged.

This toy is perfect for the playful pooch with natural problem-solving skills—he’ll have the unique opportunity to put both his motor skills and his mind to the test while trying to score a treat.

While you might need to give him a hand on the first few tries, once he’s got the hang of it he’ll be occupied for hours! And don’t worry about needing a replacement when this toy gets dirty—it’s machine washable to account for those Husky slobbers.

PROS: It’s difficult enough to keep your pooch engaged and the different levels mean new challenges for your dog each time he plays.

CONS: Some have mentioned the small size of this toy. Depending on the size and weight of your Husky, he might be right on the edge of this game being fun or frustrating.

2. Nina Ottoson’s Dog Tornado

Looking for a toy that you can set up for your Husky without needing to constantly be involved? Then consider Nina Ottoson’s Dog Tornado.


  • INTERMEDIATE DOG PUZZLE: Exercise your dog’s mind with the interactive level 2 Dog Tornado puzzle...
  • BOREDOM BUSTER: With 12 hidden compartments and 3 dog bone covers you can vary the difficulty level...

Just like the name implies, this toy is a spinning tower that teases your pooch with treats he can try to snatch. As one of the more challenging toys, it’s the perfect match for the canine critical thinker!

Even the smartest Husky might need an introduction for this one. It tends to be pretty tough for dogs to learn on their own! However, once he’s got the game down, he will love spinning this spire of doggy delights, using his nose to uncover the treats from hidden compartments.

Playful Huskies will love a toy that moves and spins on its own—this one is undoubtedly one of the more engaging games out there!

PROS: This is one of the trickier treat-based toys, so your pooch will stay challenged for quite a long time!

CONS: If your Husky is a chewer, this might not be the best choice. Some owners have noted that their pooches like to gnaw on parts of this toy that aren’t treats!

3. Outward Hound Star Spinner Interactive Dog Toy

Another fabulous way to make treat time fun is by utilizing the Outward Hound Star Spinner Interactive Dog Toy. It’s a bit simpler than the Dog Tornado toy, and has more space for more treats.


  • Keeps your pup playing longer
  • Spin to win action
  • Adjustable difficulty knob
  • 3 tiers of treats

Three stories of rotating stars will allow your pooch to utilize his snout to spin his way to treat time! It’s simple enough for your dog to pick it up quickly, but challenging enough to make snack time a light brain workout!

This toy allows you to make alterations for difficulty, so you can start your pooch on the easy levels and work your way up to the more difficult level using the difficulty adjustment knob.

You can use your dog’s favorite treats, or you can even use it for dispensing food if your dog if you want to feed your dog his kibble dinner through the use of a toy – it’ll definitely slow speed eaters down. Like other spinning toys, it’s a great way to make treat time a bit more interesting for playful pups!

PROS: The variable levels of difficulty will help your pooch stay engaged—but not overly frustrated—at the challenge for treats.

CONS: Past purchasers have noted that this is on the easier side for puzzle toys. While it’ll probably be fine for most pooches, it may be a bit simple for Einstein-level Huskies!

4. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel and Puzzle Plush

If you’ve got a pooch who can’t resist a squeaky toy, then consider the Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel and Puzzle Plush—it’s the perfect balance of noisy fun and problem-solving!


  • HIDE & SQUEAK FUN: The Hide A Squirrel dog puzzle is an easy way to get your furry friends engaged...
  • 2-IN-1 INTERACTIVE PLAY: Toss the squirrel-filled trunk, place it on the ground, or take the squeaky...

This toy consists of a stump with nooks and crannies with adorable squirrels hiding inside. Your dog will enjoy the challenge of finding his favorite!

This is a great option if you’ve got a husky Husky that’s watching his weight–this toy doesn’t entice your pooch with treats. It comes in four different sizes, plus four different designs, including birds hiding in a house and hedgehogs hiding in a log.

Furthermore, unlike other puzzle toys, this one involves a bit more physical engagement—your active and perky pooch will enjoy searching through his stump to find his favorite toys!

Curious about this toy? Make sure to read our detailed Hide-A-Squirrel review! And check out our video review below:

PROS: Playful Huskies in particular will enjoy the physical interaction involved in seeking out their squirrels.

CONS: If your pooch is a notorious plushy-destroyer, then this toy might not be the best option—it’s got quite a few opportunities for destruction!

5. KONG Jumbler Ball Toy

Without a doubt, tennis ball lovers will enjoy the KONG Jumbler Ball Toy.


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  • Outdoor Dog Ball: This dog toy ball has handles that make it easy for dogs to pick up and shake...
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It’s a tough rubber toy with a tennis ball inside, so your dog will enjoy devising creative ways to knock the toy around! As an added bonus, the rubber ball squeaks which is great for dogs who are more responsive to auditory cues.

This is one of the more durable options for your playful pooch. The rubber shell is quite tough, so it can endure many hours of play from your Husky’s teeth and claws.

While it may not be too much of a challenge for some smartypants Huskies, the tennis ball will still entice their attention and keep their focus during playtime. It’s also great for more active dogs, or Huskies who require some exercise—just use the toy for a game of fetch or tug-of-war!

PROS: It’s extremely durable and can stand up to the most playful of Huskies.

CONS: It’s not the most challenging toy out there. You’ll want to select this toy to satisfy your Husky’s playful side, rather than his need for mental stimulation.

6. Homemade Bottle Spinning Toy

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider making your own puzzle toy for your pooch—the Bottle Spinning Toy is a great alternative to store bought games that you can customize for your dog!

With just a few treat-filled bottles mounted on a frame, your dog can stay occupied, while keeping you entertained as well!

Make sure you fully read and understand the directions before you get started on this project—you’ll want to ensure your pup is enjoying a structurally sound contraption!

You’ll drop a few treats in clean, empty plastic bottles and watch your pooch use his smarts to spin them so his treats will come tumbling out, one by one. Recycling and canine recreation—what more could you ask for in a dog toy?

PROS: It’s a low-cost alternative to puzzle toys. Plus you’ll have a blast making it to your own pup’s specifications!

CONS: You’ll want to keep your pooch under close observation while he plays with this one—to avoid destruction, as well as to avoid a mess of treats!

What dog toys does your Husky adore? Share your favorites in the comments!

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