Chinese Dog Names: Favorites Names From China!

Names By Kate Brunotts 7 min read October 26, 2020

Names for Chinese dog breeds

China has a long and fascinating history, as well as some fantastic four-footers who trace their roots to the nation.

Whether you have a Chinese breed like a Shar-pei or want to pay homage to your Chinese heritage, a Chinese dog name is an excellent choice. 

Below, we’ll share some of our favorite Chinese dog names for your pooch. We’ll also dig into some of the most common Chinese dog breeds that are bound to steal your heart. 

Chinese Boy Dog Names

If you have a bodacious boy at home, here are some Chinese boy dog names that are perfect for your four-footer.

Each name is paired with a rough translation so that you can make sure the meaning matches up perfectly with your pup’s personality. 

  • Chung (wise one)
  • Dao (sword)
  • Ji (lucky)
  • Kai (victorious)
  • Ling (compassionate)
  • Nao Nao (naughty)
  • Liko (protected by Buddha)
  • Shan (mountain)
  • Xin (new) 
  • Chen Gong (success) 
  • Yingzie (heroic)
  • Cheung (journey) 
  • Bo (ocean wave) 
  • Da (accomplishing) 
  • Heng (lasting) 
  • Ho (good) 
  • Ji (progression)
  • Dingxiang (fortune) 
  • Song (powerful) 
  • Wenyan (refined) 
  • Lei (thunder) 
  • Junjie (outstanding) 
  • Yuze (friend) 
  • Wei (robust) 
  • Huang (phoenix) 
  • Manchu (pure) 
  • Minsheng (voice of the people) 
  • Bowen (abundant)
  • Di Di (little brother) 
  • Jia (good) 
  • Jing (pure) 
  • Kang (healthy) 
  • Laquan (spring) 
  • Mu (admired) 
  • Bambang (solider)
  • Ru (learner) 
  • Aiguo (patriotic) 
  • Ah (little one) 
  • Chao (tide) 
  • Chang (thriving) 

Chinese Girl Dog Names

names for Lhasa apsos dogs

If you have a good girl at home, one of these meaningful Chinese names is bound to suit her personality. 

  • Jian (charming)
  • Shu (warm-hearted)
  • Huan (happiness) 
  • (graceful) 
  • Hui (splendor) 
  • Dong (east) 
  • Ju (daisy) 
  • Jasmine 
  • Tangtang (sweetie) 
  • De (virtuous) 
  • Tao (peach)
  • Ah lam (peace) 
  • Zheng (classy) 
  • Chi (younger generation) 
  • Meyli (beautiful)
  • Sying (star) 
  • Chu (pearl)
  • Jing (bird) 
  • On (peace) 
  • Heng (eternal) 
  • Chang Pu (flourishing vine) 
  • Mu (admired) 
  • Nuo (kind) 
  • Yawen (graceful clouds) 
  • Shuang (jolly) 
  • Song (pine tree) 
  • Zhenzhen (precious)  
  • Meiling (beautiful spirit) 
  • Xià (summer) 
  • (capable) 
  • Kun (earth) 
  • Rong (harmonize) 
  • Mei-hui (beautiful and wise)
  • Chen (dawn) 
  • Nuwa (goddess) 
  • Wang Li (monarch) 
  • Shun (smooth) 
  • Hui-ying (smart) 
  • Jiao (tender)
  • Meilin (beautiful forest) 
  • Huiqing (affectionate) 
  • Gen (root) 
  • Mey (pretty) 
  • Quon (bright) 
  • Lin (beautiful jade)
  • Qui (fall) 
  • Yue (moon) 
  • Mei Mei (little sister) 
  • Hǎi (sea) 
  • Far (flower) 
  • Fang (beautiful)
  • Lai (future)
  • Lee (plum) 
  • Lan (elegant)  
  • Zhi (wise person) 
  • An Ni (peace) 
  • Chang-chang (flourishing) 
  • (lotus) 
  • Yuming (bright jade) 
  • Chang (sunlight) 
  • Hua (flower) 
  • Zi (beautiful) 

Chinese Names About Personality Traits

Names for Chinese dog breeds

Looking for a Chinese dog name to capture your pup’s unique personality? Here a few options so that you can give your pooch a name he’s earned. 

  • Hao (smart and clever) 
  • Gan (bold and brave) 
  • Min (clever) 
  • Chong (powerful) 
  • Hou (noble) 
  • Hui (kind) 
  • Ai (loving) 
  • Deli (virtuous) 
  • Xue (studious) 
  • Lok (happiness)
  • Ken-Zhi (earnest) 
  • Shilin (smart)
  • Gang (strong) 
  • Shu-hui (intelligent) 
  • Su (respectful)
  • Xiu (elegant) 
  • Susu (quiet) 
  • Shu (gentle) 
  • Xun (fast) 
  • Zhen (virtuous) 
  • Gui (noble) 
  • Liang (brilliant) 
  • Nuan (warm)
  • Ai (friendly)
  • Hudie (butterfly) 
  • Ya (graceful) 
  • Jìngyi (joyful) 
  • Ning (peaceful)

Chinese Names About a Dog’s Appearance

Perhaps you want to take a more literal approach. If that’s the case, check out these Chinese dog names that relate to your dog’s appearance. 

  • (enormous)
  • Bān (spotted) 
  • Xià Xuě (snow) 
  • Zongse (brown) 
  • Bai (white) 
  • Cai (colorful) 
  • Diandian (spot) 
  • Dai (dark) 
  • Juanfa (curly hair) 
  • Daiyu (black jade) 
  • Qing (sky blue)

Color Based Chinese Dog Names

If your pooch has a Crayola-like coat or just a colorful personality, you can’t go wrong with one of these color-based Chinese dog names. 

  • Gengi (golden)
  • Xiao Bai (white)
  • Chéngsè (orange) 
  • Huīsè (grey) 
  • Huángsè (yellow) 
  • Hèsè (brown)
  • Yínsè (silver) 
  • Hong (rainbow) 
  • Jin (gold) 
  • Hóng Sè (red) 
  • Báisè (white) 
  • Hēi Sè (black) 
  • Caihong (colorful) 

Famous Chinese Figures and Characters Dog Names

Here are some dog names inspired by famous Chinese figures and characters. This way, you can name your hound after your favorite Chinese hero. 

  • Mushu
  • Pu Yi
  • Confucius 
  • Hong (wild goose) 
  • Bruce Lee 
  • Yao Ming
  • Dilraba Dilmurat 
  • Yang Jiang
  • Dizang
  • Dowager Cixi
  • Xihe
  • Fan Bingbing
  • Sun Wukong
  • Gong Li
  • Zhao Wei
  • Pangu
  • Da Yu
  • Hua Mulan
  • Jackie Chan
  • Fushi 
  • Li Na
  • Yu Yan
  • Wang Shu
  • Fei Hong

Silly Chinese Dog Names

silly dog names for Chinese breeds

If you have a canine comedian at home, one of these silly Chinese dog names is the perfect pick. 

  • Dumpling 
  • Tofu
  • Shenshi (gentleman) 
  • Tufei (bandit) 
  • Pengsong (fluffy) 
  • Yuzu
  • BaoBei (baby) 
  • Chopsticks 
  • Boba 
  • Panda
  • Jun (king) 
  • Fu (rich) 
  • Ping Pong 
  • Zentou (pillow)
  • Wang (royal) 
  • Zihan (child) 
  • Gong Gong (sea monster) 
  • Zihao (hero)
  • Sushi  
  • Jig (quick) 
  • Hu (tiger) 
  • Ping (cookie)
  • Fen (perfume)

Chinese Dog Breeds 

Here are some of the most common Chinese dog breeds. These historic hounds have been around for centuries and make amazing canine companions for the right families. 


Chinese Dog Breeds Pekingese

These compact cuties are some of the most popular breeds in China and were revered as canine royalty in the 8th century.

Pekingnese pups originally served as royal canine companions but now serve as loyal, affectionate furry friends to any loving home. These sweet dogs are bound to win you over with their miniature lion-like mane. 


Chinese names for pugs

Pugs have a sweet, friendly personality that pairs well with their adorable looks. These dogs are thought to originate from China originally as companions to Buddhist monks.

The adaptable pug wants nothing more than to spend time with his family. 


Shar pei dog names

The Shar-Pei is known for his distinctively wrinkled appearance and a blue-black tongue. While the Shar-Pei might be a little aloof around strangers, he is incredibly loyal to his family.

This reserved pooch can be pretty independent, but he always finds time to reconnect with the people he loves most. 


names for Shih Tzus

These compact cuties were once regarded as the perfect royal lap dog. The breed name comes from the Chinese word for “lion”, and it’s easy to see why. Though these toy dogs are incredibly affectionate and gentle, they definitely pack quite a personality for their small size. 

Chow Chow 

good names for Chow Chows

This ancient fluffy breed has a distinctive blue-black tongue and a dignified demeanor. These dogs originally served as guard dogs making them super loyal and sometimes aloof around strangers. These independent dogs do best with experienced owners who understand their unique personalities.

Japanese Chin 

Names for Japanese chin

Despite the name, some dog historians believe that this cuddly companion originated from China. Regardless, these calm, affectionate dogs are sure to steal your heart. These pint-sized pups make excellent and loyal lapdogs.  

Xiasi Quan


These ancient dogs have a white, wiry coat paired with a lean muscular body well-suited for hunting. Though rare, these pups make amazing watchdogs and are super loyal to their owners. The tireless Xiasi Quan requires frequent exercise and playtime to feel his best. 

Chinese Crested

Chinese crested dogs

These affectionate dogs make excellent canine companions and can either be hairless or coated. Chinese Crested dogs make amazing family dogs as they are very loving and alert. These playful pups are happiest following their owners from room to room

Chinese Chongqing

These muscular, hunting hounds have modest yet noticeable wrinkles similar to that of the Shar-Pei. The Chinese Chongqing is super loyal, though needs to be properly socialized to interact appropriately with strangers. These dogs do best with experienced owners due to their sometimes territorial tendencies. 

Tibetan Terrier

tibetan terrier

This ancient watchdog is super loyal and loves spending time with his family. The Tibetan Terrier is a great companion who will likely dole out unlimited kisses. This shaggy dog isn’t actually a terrier, but their small-medium size makes them super adaptable for a variety of home environments. 


Did we miss any good Chinese names for dogs? Let us know your favorite Chinese dog name in the comments below! 

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