32 Pug Mixed Breeds: Perfect Pug Mixes You Can’t Resist!

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The pug is considered by many to be one of the cutest breeds around. If you are in love with pugs, you will definitely love these pug mix breeds!

There’s a lot to love about pugs — they are gentle, affectionate, and fairly low-maintenance, making them a perfect dog breed for seniors or other owners who aren’t looking for a more laid back buddy.

These mixed breed dogs take the best, most lovable aspects of the pug breed and mix them with other great canine breeds — usually resulting in an irresistible pug cross! We dare you to look at these cute pug-pooch faces and not fall in love!

Always Breed Dogs Responsibly

K9 of Mine does not promote any unethical, harmful, and unhealthy breeding. One must always act responsibly when breeding dogs and keep the dogs’ well-being in mind. And if you’re interested in adopting or purchasing a mixed breed pug, be sure that you only consider reputable breeders. 

1. Aussie Pug (Australian Shepherd x Pug)

The Australian shepherd pug cross is loving and affectionate dog breed, who makes a fantastic canine companion. These dogs are highly alert, fairly intelligent, and are lively buddies to have by your side!

2. Frug (French Bull Dog x Pug)

Also referred as the Frenchie Pug, the Frug might be a little dog, but he has a big personality. These mixed breed dogs are curious and love to be around their pack members, making them well-known as great family pets. Just understand that these little lovable lads and ladies can suffer from health issues.

3. Porgi (Corgi x Pug Mix)

Want a pug cross that’s a bit of a beef cake? Well, in addition to having a somewhat muscular build, corgi pug mixes are full of strength and are very energetic too. The corgi pug requires significant daily exercise to stay fit and up to the mark.

4. Puggle (Beagle x Pug)

The Puggle is a healthy and strong little dog with a playful instinct, a desire to please, and a great “sense of humor.” The Beagle parent breed tends to make this doggo follow his nose rather than cues and commands, so be sure to put plenty of time into training.

5. Hug (Husky x Pug)

Owing to their large size (compared to other pugs at least), the husky pug mix is very energetic and requires an intense exercise routine. While some pug husky dog mixes may share similar characteristics with the pug, others may derive more of their personalities from the husky side.

6. Chug (Chihuahua x Pug)

The Chug dog features a muscular and compact built. With a lovable, expressive face, the chug derives traits from both its parent breeds. Chugs are generally friendly, lovable, and a perfect buddy to get along with.

7. Daug (Dachshund x Pug)

Daugs are loving and affectionate pug mixes — a cross between the sweet pug and low-riding dachshund (if you love wiener dogs, make sure to check out our list of dachshund mixes too). Daugs like to cuddle, but they also possess an independent side. These dogs are alert, lively, and fairly intelligent.

 8. Pom-A-Pug (Pomeranian x Pug)

The Pom-a-Pug is a cute looking designer dog, who is small-statured, lean, and easily identified by his short, wrinkly face. They are friendly, playful, and make a popular pet choice among dog enthusiasts. If you have a soft spot for Poms, make sure to check out our guide to Pomeranian mixed breeds too!

9. Bassugg (Basset Hound x Pug)

Bassuggs are strong little dogs known for their cute yet serious looks. Possessing a family-oriented attitude, they like to hang by your side whenever they can. Thanks to their size and lovable nature, they make perfect family dogs.

10. Bugg (Boston Terrier x Pug)

Bugs are well-known for their cute looks and short statures. Because of their compact size and amazing disposition, they make good first-time dogs for newbie owners. Pugs and Boston terrier mixes are known to be quite the clowns, so this little jesters should provide tons of amusement and laughs for your family!

11. Poxer (Boxer x Pug)

Poxers are smart, playful, intelligent, friendly, and loyal to their family. A boxer pug cross tends to be alert and fearless while requiring plenty of physical exercises to be happy. Boxer pugs appreciate training sessions packed with positive reinforcements.

 12. Brug (Brussels Griffon x Pug)

Brugs are generally friendly, good with children (really, they’re great with people in general), affectionate, and playful – plus they love to sleep.  You can’t help but fall for this spirited and sweet designer dog breed.

13. Schnug (Mini Schnauzer x Pug)

The Schunug is a stubborn yet a smart designer breed. She loves going out and jumping around, and she always wants to be playing – but she also enjoys a good cuddle session!

14. Pugshire (Yorkshire Terrier x Pug)

Pugshires are small dogs with cute characteristics. They are known for their loving and dedicated natures.

15. Pug Zhu (Shih Tzu x Pug)

Pug zhu is a great family dog. The parent breed Shih Tzu was originally bred as a companion for royal families, so you’re sure to see some of this mutt’s aristocratic yet charming personality. These mixed pups are loyal, lively, friendly, food motivated (making them easy to train) and people orientated. We have a full list of shih tzu mixes too!

16. Pugalier (King Charles Cavalier Spaniel x Pug)

The Pugaliers are a pug mixed breed known to be intelligent and friendly. They make a suitable pet for families and are known to be playful, energetic, and affectionate around them.

17. Pugland (West Highland White Terrier x Pug)

This uncommon canine combination results in an energetic companion. These pups bond closely with their families, but they do best in homes without young children. Puglands are surprisingly active and are happy to accompany you on any adventure. 

18. Puggit (Italian Greyhound x Pug)

Looking for a sweet family companion? The graceful Puggit is an excellent choice. These pups love spending time with their humans, and are gentle with just about anyone, including small kids. Puggits do have a strong prey drive, so they might not be the preferred pick for homes with cats or other small pets. 

19. Puggat (Rat Terrier x Pug)

The Puggat is a lively little companion that is happy to curl up next to you after a long day of play. These sprite furry friends are happy to be the only pooch in your palace and will bond closely with family members. However, these pups can be aloof around strangers and other pets, so early socialization is key. 

20. Pug Pit (American Pitbull Terrier x Pug)

These lovely lap dogs are true furry family members that are happy to accompany you on just about any adventure. Pug pits are playful, loving dogs that bond with everyone in the family, including kids.

Pug pits may be a bit weary towards strangers and other dogs, so start socialization training early. 

21. Pugador (Labrador Retriever x Pug)

The happy-go-lucky Pugador is a friend to all. These canine cuties love spending time with people and other pets, making them wonderful companions. Both breeds crave constant company, so these marvelous mutts will appreciate lively, loving households. 

22. Sheltie Pug (Shetland Sheepdog x Pug)

This cute pug cross is well balanced, taking in some of the more sheepish qualities of the Shetland sheepdog and mixing it with the affectionate nature of pugs. These sweet dogs are super loyal to their families, though they can be a bit wary of strangers. You’ll want to start socialization early, and keep in mind that the Shetland Pug may inherit the sheepdog’s herding instinct. 

23. Japug (Japanese Chin x Pug)

You’ll find a spunky little lapdog in the adorable Japug. These furry friends want nothing more than to keep your legs warm and will keep you entertained with their spicy side inherited from the proud Japanese chin. These toy breeds are great apartment dogs and reign well as the only dog in the house. 

24. Pugairn (Cairn Terrier x Pug)

Take the bold Carin terrier and pair it with the couch-potato pug and you get a well-rounded canine companion. These spirited pups love to be in on the action and will keep you on your toes with their boundless energy levels. With a lust for life, these pups are great family dogs and can keep up with kids. 

25. Puganese (Havanese x Pug)

If you’re seeking a pint-sized pup to run your pooch palace, the loving Puganese is a great choice. These small sweeties are true Velcro dogs, happy to follow you from one room to another. They may be somewhat wary of strangers, so start the socialization process early on. 

26. Pugese (Chinese Crested x Pug)

Pugese pups are true canine comedians with plenty of silly antics to keep you entertained. This marvelous mix loves spending time with his favorite humans, but note that he can be prone to separation anxiety. 

27. Golden Pug (Golden Retriever x Pug)

You can’t help but fall for the endlessly cheerful Golden Pug. These pups are a friend to all, excelling with strangers, other pets, and kids. However, these spirited sweeties can act like permanent puppies, so consistent, positive training sessions are a necessity.

28. Pug-a-poo (Poodle x Pug)

The playful Pug-a-poo is an active, cheery mix that loves spending time with anyone and everyone. Pug-a-poo pups might inherit quick wit from their poodle parents, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble training these clever canines — just use plenty of positive reinforcements

29. Toy Poxer (Toy Fox Terrier x Pug)

Are you seeking a feisty furry friend? You’re sure to love this spirited pug cross. The pug mix breed is a curious canine that’s happy to curl up next you on the couch after a day full of play (they have pretty high energy levels). These pups aren’t the best fit for homes with children and are happy to serve as the sole pup of the house. 

30. Malti-Pug (Maltese x Pug)

The affectionate Malti Pug is incredibly affectionate and loves spending time with family and other furry friends. These smart dogs are luckily easy to train, so long as you have a couple of treats up your sleeve. They are prone to separation anxiety, so these dogs are best paired with owners who are around on a regular basis. 

31. Pughasa (Lhasa Apso x Pug)

Cross two pups with sweet personality traits, and you’re get a lovey dovey canine cross that is the Pughasa. These sweethearts are incredibly loyal and make surprisingly great watchdogs and family pets. They can be a bit aloof around strangers, so make sure to invest time in socialization. 

32. Pug Shiba (Shiba Inu x Pug)

Take the clingy Pug and cross him with the more independent Shiba Inu, and you’ll get a great couch companion dog who doesn’t mind keeping himself entertained for a couple of hours. These friendly furballs have a strong prey drive, so that might not be the best choice for homes with small pets.


So, there you have it – 32 of the coolest pug mixes around! Tell us which one you liked best and don’t forget to share your pug-mix photos. Send them to us via FacebookTwitter or link to them in the comments below!

Just remember to keep the personalities of both parent breeds (as well as any health concerns they may have) before deciding to bring home one of these crossbred cuties!

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You missed one of the cutiest, Shar Pei and Pug mixes!

Ben Team

That would be quite a combo, Katt!


I can not believe out of the 32 listed, Jugs were not on there! (Jack Russel-Pug). In my opinion, it should be in the top 5! Way more common than most of these mixes!

Cynthia Pratt

You forget a loyal mix, a Jack Russell and Pug. Very loyal, caring saved my life twice and was never trained. Woke me up when oxygen dropped and kept waking me up til morning. I realized something was wrong told Dr and found out oxygen had dropped very dangerously low. Very smart and easy to train. He is always at my side and takes care of a new puppy as well.

Ben Team

We’d say that certainly qualifies as loyal and caring, Cynthia! Give him some scritches and love for us!


I have a jug too! Awesome breed-do full of personality and absolutely loves their people. Great watch dogs too. He can hear a mouse fart down the street..lol!! Should have been in the top 5 on this list!


I have a beautiful girl that is a Puggat. Half Pug half Rat Terrier. She looks a lot like the Bugg above but she has the Rat Terrier gene that creates no tail, so she has a little stubby tail! She is my world!

Debbie Foleu

Loved a lot of the pug mixes. We have a 13 yr old Boston Terrior. Smartest dog we ever had. We would like to rescue….It is not a major decision
They are all adorable.


Instead of promoting dogs that are born via breeding, why not promote all the puppies and dogs that are in shelters due to all the breeders.

Ben Team

Hey, Maria. We discuss all types of dogs on the site, including rescues and those who’ve been deliberately bred.
It is always a great idea to consider picking a rescue or shelter pup, but it isn’t the best option in all situations.
Thanks for reading!

Khrystyne Ranck

No one mentioned my little girl, Border Collie pug mix. I LOVE HER

Linda McWaters

They are really cute and I want one

Robin Brown

Hi, my name is Robin. And I have 2 mix. Pug, Chihuahua, they call them chugs.

Meg Marrs

They sound adorable!

Joyce Bachand

I have a miniature Doberman and Pug Mix. Father is all black Pug & Dobi Mom is black & tan. Mystic is short haired, partial pug head & face with not a tight curled tail, solid black, very lovable & playful. No matter what breed name she has, she is always called “MYSTIC”, and she is just that. a Mystery & very intelligent.

brenda tidwell

I didntd see how much these dogs are


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