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16 Pug Mixed Breeds: Perfect Pug Mixes You Can’t Resist!

The pug is considered by many to be one of the cutest breeds around. If you are in love with pugs, you will definitely love these pug mix breeds! These mixed breeds take the best, most lovable aspects of the pug breed and mix them with other great canine breeds. We dare you to look at these cute pug-pooch faces and not fall in love!

N.B. we do not promote any unethical, harmful and unhealthy breeding.  One must always breed responsibly taking care of the dog’s well-being in mind.

1. Australian Shepherd + Pug

australian shepherd and pug mix

Source: Pinterest

The Australian shepherd / pug mix is loving and affectionate. They make a great cuddling companion. These dogs are highly alert, fairly intelligent, and are lively buddies to have by your side.

2. Frug: French Bull Dog + Pug


Source: Pinterest

Also referred as the Frenchie Pug, the Frug might be a little dog, but it has a big personality. They are curious and love to be around their pack members, making them well-known as great family pets.

3. Corgi and Pug Mix

Thanks to their muscular build,  Corgi / Pug mixes are full of strength and are very energetic. They require significant amounts of exercise to stay fit and up to the mark.

4. Puggle: Beagle+ Pug


The Puggle is a healthy and strong little dog with a playful instinct,  desire to please, and a great sense of humor.

5. Hug: Husky + Pug


Owing to their large size (compared to other pugs at least), Hugs are very energetic and require significant amounts of exercise. While some pug husky dog mixes may share similar characteristics with the pug, others may derive more of their personalities from the husky side.

6. Chug: Chichuahua + Pug

The Chug dog features a muscular and compact built. With a lovable, expressive face, the chug derives traits from both its parent breeds. Chugs are generally friendly, lovable, and a perfect buddy to get along with.

7. Daug: Dachshund & Pug


The Daugs are loving and affectionate Pug mixes – a cross between the sweet Pug and low-riding Dachshund (if you love weiner dogs, make sure to check out our list of Dachshund mixes too). Daugs like to cuddle but also possess an independent side. These dogs are alert, lively, and fairly intelligent.

 8. Pom-A-Pug: Pomeranian & Pug


The Pom-a-Pug is a cute looking designer breed that is small-statured, lean, and identified by a short, muzzled, wrinkly face. They are friendly, playful, and make a popular pet choice among dog enthusiasts.

9. Bassugg:  Basset Hound & Pug


Source: 101DogBreeds

Bassuggs are strong little dogs known for their cute yet serious looks. Possessing a family-oriented attitude, they like to hang by your side whenever they can. Thanks to their size and lovable nature, they make perfect family dogs.

10. Bugg: Boston Terrier & Pug


Source: PetGuide

Bugs are well-known for their cute looks and short stature. Because of their compact size and amazing disposition, they make good first-time dogs for newbie owners.

11. Poxer: Boxer and Pug Mix


Source: 101DogBreeds

Poxers are smart, playful, intelligent, friendly, and loyal to their family. Poxers tend to be alert and fearless while requiring plenty of physical exercises to be happy.

 12. Brug: Brussels Griffon & Pug


Brugs are generally friendly, good with children and all types of people, affectionate, and playful – plus they love to sleep.  

13. Schnug: Mini Schnauzer & Pug


The Schunug is a stubborn yet a smart dog breed. She loves going out and jumping around, always playing – but she also enjoys a good cuddle session!

14. Pugshire: Pug and Yorkshire Terrier

Pugshires are small dogs with cute characteristics. They are known for their loving and dedicated nature.

15. Pug Zu: Shih Tzu & Pug


Pug zu is a great family dog. They are loyal, lively, friendly, food motivated (making them easy to train) and people orientated.

16. Pugalier: King Charles Cavalier Spaniel & Pug


The Pugaliers are a Pug mixed breed known o be intelligent and friendly. They make a suitable pet for kids and are known to be playful, energetic, and affectionate around them.

So, there you have it – 16 of the coolest Pug mixes. Tell us which one you liked best and don’t forget to share your pug-mix photos. Send them to us via FacebookTwitter or link to them in the comments below!

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