Indian & Hindu Dog Names

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indian dog names
indian dog names

Male Indian Dog Names

  • Adil: Sincere
  • Ajit: Name of the future Buddha
  • Akash: The Sky
  • Alagan: Good Looking
  • Alok: Cry of Triumph
  • Amir: Rich
  • Amrit: Potion That Can Make You Immortal
  • Arjun: White
  • Ashok: Without Sadness
  • Bandar: Monkey
  • Bari: Great
  • Batuk: Boy
  • Beta: Son
  • Dakshi: The Glorious
  • Drisana: Child of the Sun
  • Falgun: Spring
  • Gaman: Journey
  • Haddi: Bone
  • Hafta: Week (period of time)
  • Hardik: Sincere
  • Kanak: Something Gold
  • Kumar: A Prince
  • Kutta: Dog
  • Lamba: Long (great for Dachshunds)
  • Loha: Iron
  • Lalit: Handsome
  • Mani: Jewel
  • Mohan: Attractive
  • Nirav: Still / Calm
  • Parth: Warrior Prince
  • Prasoon: Flower
  • Rahul: Efficient
  • Raj: Ruling
  • Raja: King
  • Rohit: Red
  • Ronak: Brilliant Radiance
  • Safed: White
  • Sumit: Best Friend
  • Swapnil: Like a Fantasy
  • Tej: Excellence
  • Tushar: Winter
  • Vidvan: Resourceful
  • Vishal: Gigantic
  • Yasti: Slim
  • Yogi: Master of Oneself

Female Indian Dog Names

  • Anya: Different
  • Ameya: Vast
  • Amisha: Truthful
  • Amiya: Delight
  • Bala: Young Girl
  • Champak: Flower
  • Chandra: Shining Moon
  • Devi: Goddess
  • Indra: Rainbow
  • Jasmin: Jasmin Flower
  • Jihan: Cosmos
  • Kaali: The Black Goddess
  • Kerani: Bells
  • Komala: Pleasing to the Senses
  • Ladki: Girl
  • Laksha: White Colored Rose
  • Lalasa: Love
  • Magna: Thinking
  • Mesha: Born During Lunar Month Aries
  • Neha: Cherished
  • Prapti: Catch Up
  • Prama: Knowing the Facts
  • Pritika: Beloved One
  • Rasna: Joy
  • Ritu: Clock
  • Riya: Singer
  • Sundar: Beautiful
  • Sagara: Ocean
  • Sakari: Lovely
  • Saryu: Moving Air / Name of a River
  • Smita: Happy Face
  • Sona: Golden
  • Tara: Star

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Pradayini Singh

Wow your dog is so cute

Altaf Ahmad

Thanks for sharing such a nice names. I have two one is bunny and another is soha

Daljit Kohli

We named our dogs (1) Ladoo (2) Chickoo (bcoz his hair colour is similar to the color of chicku) We chose the name Quesar (saffron Color) n for a new puppy Toffee or Mocha bcoz ended up buying toffee coloured n white.

Dharmesh C Solanki

Can you suggest Doberman female puppy name

Meg Marrs

Try checking out our article on name ideas for black dogs – you might find something you like there!


My dog’s name are Indian : dahi rabhdi, makhan malai


So nice


Can’t you suggest a good name?
All the dog names you mentioned were that of the boys and girls not dogs!
My suggested names: –
1. Prince
2. Nawab
3. Tiger
4. Sheru
5. Shiro
6. Kuro
7. Toughy
8. Tipsy
9. Max
10. Snowy
I hope you will add my dog names to make your blog / website most popularly visited..
Thank You
Word Press Journalist,
Shanaya Kapoor

Meg Marrs

Thanks for the suggested names, although you could have been a little nicer about it… the names we chose are names we believe would be great for dogs. There aren’t any strict “dog names” as opposed to girl or boy names, so I can’t really understand your complaint. I do like your suggestions though, so thank you!

Subhanil Chakraburtty

All the names put forward by Meg are the best Indian dog names that there is. All this sheru, max and tipsy are stupid stereotypes going around for ages due to the lack of ideas. Great job Meg..

Meg Marrs

Thanks so much for the kind words Subhanil!


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