350+ Indian Dog Names: Magnificent Mutt Monikers to Explore

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dogs from India

Is your precious pooch of Indian descent? Are you hoping to honor Indian culture through your canine companion’s name?

There’s no shortage of reasons why you might want to give your canine companion an Indian or Hindu dog name — and we’re going to help you do so with our comprehensive list! 

Below, we’ll showcase some of the best Indian dog names so that you can find the perfect fit for your furry friend. Let’s dive into it!

Quick Clarification

The word “Indian” is best applied to the people and cultures hailing from the South Asian country of India — and that is how we’re using it here.

Historically, some people have used the term when referring to Native American people and cultures, but that’s not as common in the modern world.

There are loads of Indian languages spoken in the stunning nation, with Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, and Gujarati being some of the most common.

Male Indian Dog Names

Hindu Dog Names

Does your best buddy encompass the lively spirit of India? Here are some male dog names that may be the perfect fit for your canine companion. 

  • Aarush: First ray of sun 
  • Adil: Sincere
  • Ajit: Invincible 
  • Ajit: Name of the future Buddha
  • Akash: The sky
  • Alagan: Good looking
  • Alok: Cry of triumph
  • Amar: Immortal 
  • Amir: Rich
  • Amrit: Potion that can make you immortal
  • Anil: Air 
  • Anish: Supreme 
  • Anup: Unique 
  • Arjun: White
  • Ashok: Without sadness
  • Atul: Lion 
  • Bahadur: Courageous 
  • Balbir: Strong 
  • Baljeet: Victorious 
  • Balvan: Powerful 
  • Bandar: Monkey
  • Bari: Great
  • Batuk: Boy
  • Beta: Son
  • Bhavin: Existing 
  • Bhupinder: Emperor
  • Bodhi: Awakening
  • Chandan: Moon 
  • Charan: Humble 
  • Chetan: Conscious 
  • Chotu: Lotus 
  • Dakshi: The glorious
  • Darveesh: Modest 
  • Dhann: Blessed 
  • Dhruv: Faithful 
  • Divit: Immortal 
  • Drisana: Child of the sun
  • Eshan: Ruler 
  • Falgun: Spring
  • Gagan: Sky 
  • Gaman: Journey
  • Gayan: Intelligence 
  • Gunbir: Brave 
  • Gyann: Knowledge 
  • Haddi: Bone
  • Hafta: Week
  • Hardik: Sincere
  • Harjit: Victor 
  • Himat: Brave 
  • Jai: Conqueror 
  • Jaswant: Famous
  • Jivan: Life 
  • Kamal: Lotus 
  • Kanak: Something gold
  • Kiran: Ray of light 
  • Kumar: A prince
  • Kutta: Dog
  • Lal: Boy
  • Lalit: Handsome
  • Lalith: Handsome 
  • Lamba: Long (great for dachshunds)
  • Loha: Iron
  • Mani: Jewel
  • Manish: Wisdom 
  • Mohan: Attractive
  • Nirav: Calm
  • Parth: Warrior prince
  • Parthiv: Royal 
  • Prasanna: Cheerful 
  • Prasoon: Flower
  • Rahul: Efficient
  • Raj: Ruling
  • Raja: King
  • Rajiv: Lotus flower 
  • Rana: King
  • Ranbir: Brave warrior  
  • Ravi: Sun
  • Rohit: Red
  • Ritvik: Priest
  • Ronak: Brilliant radiance
  • Safed: White
  • Sahil: Guide 
  • Shaan: Peaceful
  • Samar: Reward 
  • Samir: Breeze 
  • Sandip: Blazing 
  • Saatvik: Pure
  • Saksham: Capable
  • Samarth: Powerful
  • Shaan: Pride
  • Sumit: Best friend
  • Swapnil: Like a fantasy
  • Tanmay: Absorbed
  • Tanvik: King
  • Tej: Excellence
  • Tejas: Sharp
  • Tushar: Winter
  • Uttam: Best
  • Uthkarsh: Excellence 
  • Vasu: Bright 
  • Veer: Brave 
  • Vaibhav: Glory
  • Vidvan: Resourceful
  • Vihaan: Dawn 
  • Vijay: Victory 
  • Vimal: Clean 
  • Vipul: Large 
  • Vishal: Gigantic
  • Virat: Hero
  • Viraj: Splendor
  • Vishnu: All-pervasive
  • Yamir: Moon
  • Yash: Success 
  • Yasti: Slim
  • Yogi: Master of oneself
  • Yuvraj: Prince
  • Zain: Excellence

Female Indian Dog Names

male Indian dog names

Are you searching for the perfect namesake for your female puppy? Check out these girl dog names inspired by India and Indian culture. 

  • Aagya: A polite woman 
  • Acira: Swift 
  • Aditi: Universe 
  • Ahana: Dawn 
  • Anaya: Unique 
  • Anika: Graceful 
  • Anya: Different
  • Aman: Peace 
  • Ameya: Vast
  • Amisha: Truthful
  • Amiya: Delight
  • Amrit: Immortal 
  • Anupam: Incomparable 
  • Arav: Peaceful 
  • Asha: Hope
  • Apporva: Rare 
  • Bala: Young Girl
  • Baleen: A pretty girl 
  • Banita: Woman
  • Bipasha: River 
  • Chadna: Love
  • Champak: Flower
  • Chanchal: Active 
  • Chandra: Shining moon
  • Charita: Pleasant 
  • Chameli: Flower 
  • Charvi: Beautiful 
  • Deepti: Bright flame 
  • Devi: Goddess
  • Eshnaa: Desire 
  • Garima: Warmth 
  • Goa: Beautiful beach 
  • Gulbagh: Paradise 
  • Haneet: Beautiful 
  • Haspira: Bright as a star 
  • Hira: Diamond 
  • Hiya: Heart 
  • Indra: Rainbow
  • Indu: Bright drop 
  • Ishita: Greatness 
  • Jauna: Gentle
  • Jasmine: Jasmine flower
  • Jasmeet: Famous 
  • Jyoti: Light 
  • Jihan: Cosmos
  • Kaali: The black goddess
  • Kerani: Bells
  • Komala: Pleasing to the senses
  • Kushi: Happiness 
  • Ladki: Girl
  • Laksha: White rose
  • Lalasa: Love
  • Maaya: Illusion 
  • Magna: Thinking
  • Manu: Ruler of earth
  • Majari: Brunch
  • Manju: Pleasant 
  • Mayuri: Female peacock 
  • Mayukha: Ray of light 
  • Meghana: Lightning 
  • Mesha: Born during lunar month Aries
  • Moti: Pearl 
  • Nana: Different 
  • Neha: Cherished
  • Nirmal: Clean 
  • Noor: Light 
  • Prapti: Catch Up
  • Prama: Knowing the facts
  • Prayna: Love
  • Preet: Love 
  • Pritika: Beloved one
  • Priti: Delight
  • Priya: Nice 
  • Poorna: Fulfilled 
  • Raina: Night 
  • Rajni: Radiant queen 
  • Rani: Queen 
  • Rasna: Joy
  • Ravenna: Bright 
  • Ridhima: Spring of love 
  • Ritu: Clock
  • Riya: Singer
  • Sachi: Grace
  • Safa: Reliable 
  • Shakti: Power 
  • Sheetal: Cool 
  • Shilpa: Statue 
  • Simran: Remembrance 
  • Sudhir: Intelligent 
  • Sundar: Beautiful
  • Suhana: Pleasant
  • Sunita: Righteous 
  • Sagara: Ocean
  • Sakari: Lovely
  • Saryu: Moving air  
  • Smita: Happy face
  • Sobha: Brilliance 
  • Sona: Golden
  • Srushti: Creation
  • Tara: Star
  • Ujjala: Bright 
  • Varsha: Rain 
  • Vasundhara: Earth 
  • Vibha: Bright 
  • Vishal: Great 
  • Vivaan: Full of life
  • Yuvati: Young woman 
  • Zaitoon: Olive 
  • Zohra: Sparkle

Want powerful girl pet names? Check out these strong female dog names.

Gender Neutral Indian Dog Names

Dog Names from India

Whether your pooch is a boy or girl, it’s definitely worth considering some of these gender-neutral Indian dog names for your furry friend. Check out these Indian dog names for your furry friend, with many inspired by that country’s colorful culture.

  • Arushi: Dawn 
  • Baarish: Rain
  • Bandar: Monkey 
  • Batan: Button
  • Bengal: An Indian species of tiger
  • Bolly: Short for Bollywood
  • Dakshi: The Glorious
  • Delhi: Short for New Delhi
  • Deepika: Light 
  • Falgun: Spring
  • Indus: Large river
  • Jaipur: City in Rajasthan
  • Jalebi: Sweet 
  • Kochi: City in Southern India
  • Kutta: Dog
  • Kushboo: Fragrance 
  • Lochan: Eye
  • Madhu: Honey
  • Madurai: City in South India
  • Mitali: Friendship
  • Mumbai: The most popular city. 
  • Naveen: New
  • Nayan: Eyes
  • Nimai: Filled with light
  • Nisha: Night 
  • Patna: City in Bihar
  • Purab: East
  • Prasoon: Flower 
  • Prem: Love
  • Pyaar: Love 
  • Poorna: Fulfilled 
  • Radha: Success
  • Ranchi: City in Jharkjhand
  • Reyansh: Stream
  • Sarangi: Bowed 3-stringed instrument
  • Shayak: Arrow
  • Shlok: A hymn
  • Shray: Credit
  • Sonam: Gifted 
  • Stuvan: To praise
  • Suveer: Heroic
  • Svarn: “Golden” in Hindi (Ideal choice for a golden retriever!)
  • Tabla: Type of hand drums
  • Tapi: An Indian river
  • Tushar: Snow 
  • Ujjwal: Brightness
  • Umang: Enthusiasm
  • Vivek: Wisdom
  • Yug: An era

Dog Names Inspired By Indian Culture

Hindu dog names

We have a lot to thank Indian culture for. Here is a list of Indian dog names inspired by some Indian objects and items for your fur babies. 

  • Bangle: A commonly worn bracelet
  • Bihu: A cultural festival held in Assam
  • Brahman: The ultimate reality of the universe in Hinduism
  • Cashmere: A coveted fabric that can be found in India  
  • Dharma: A Hindu term for the cosmic law of right behavior and social order
  • Gandhi: After Mahatma Gandhi, the lawyer and famous leader known for his message of nonviolence
  • Holi: The festival of love or festival of colors
  • Karma: The spiritual principle of cause and effect
  • Kurta: A loose, collarless shirt 
  • Namaste: A respectful greeting without contact 
  • Nirvana: A place of perfect peace and happiness
  • Nyaya: Meaning “justice,” it’s a traditional school of Hindu philosophy
  • Pashmina: A fine, spun cashmere
  • Sari: An unstitched, draped garment
  • Silk: A soft, natural protein fiber
  • Vishu: Cultural festival of the Malayali New Year in certain areas of India
  • Yogi: Master of oneself 

Love meaningful names? See our lists of meaning-packed names, like Dog Names That Mean “Happy” and Dog Names That Mean “Love.”

Food-Themed Indian Dog Names

produce for dog food

Food-inspired names are a hit in every culture, as seen in American popular dog name lists containing Brownie, Cookie, and Muffin. Check out these food-linked Indian dog names that might match your mutt.

  • Basmati: A popular type of rice in Indian cooking
  • Bhaji: A spicy onion and vegetable fritter
  • Biryani: A beloved mixed rice dish
  • Cardamom: A spice commonly used in Indian cuisine 
  • Chaat: A group of snacks meant to be consumed at any hour 
  • Chai: Tea
  • Chapati: A simple wheat flatbread
  • Chutney: An Indian spread
  • Cumin: A spice commonly used in Indian cuisine 
  • Chikki: A nut brittle
  • Cinnamon: A spice commonly used in Indian cuisine 
  • Clove: An aromatic flower bud
  • Coconut: The edible fruit of coconut palm trees
  • Curry: A spice-rich sauce paired with meat, meat alternatives, or vegetables
  • Dal: Any dried, split legumes
  • Dhokla: A savory cake made with fermented lentil and rice batter
  • Dosa: A crispy flatbread
  • Falooda: A sweet,milkshake-like dessert made with noodles
  • Ghee: Clarified butter 
  • Halwa: A sweet paste-like dessert eaten in India and the Middle East
  • Idli: A steamed breakfast cake
  • Kebab: A dish of cooked meat on a skewer
  • Keema: A minced meat dish
  • Korma: A meat dish braised in stock, yogurt, or cream
  • Kulfi: A frozen dairy dessert, sometimes called Indian ice cream
  • Laddu: A sweet round ball dessert
  • Lassi: A smoothie-like yogurt drink
  • Lugdi: An alcoholic beverage made from cooked cereal grains.
  • Malpua: A wheat flour pancake 
  • Mishti: A sweet yogurt dessert
  • Modak: A sweet dumpling
  • Momo: A steamed dumpling
  • Mung: A type of bean
  • Naan: Oven-baked flatbread
  • Pakora: A delicious fritter
  • Pani: As in pani puri, a hollowed flatbread
  • Papadum: Deep fried dough
  • Paratha: Flatbread
  • Petha: A soft gourd or pumpkin candy
  • Poori: A deep-fried bread often eaten with breakfast
  • Rabdi: A sweet milk and nut dish
  • Raita: A cooling condiment
  • Rasgulla: A sweet, milk-based dessert
  • Roti: A wheat flour flatbread
  • Saag: A green spinach curry
  • Saffron: A common spice in Indian cuisine 
  • Sambar: A spicy vegetable and lentil stew
  • Samosa: A fried or baked pastry filled with vegetables
  • Sandesh: A sweet Bengali dessert
  • Tamarind: A sour paste used in chutney
  • Tandoori: Short for tandoori chicken, a common dish where chicken is marinated in a tandoor, or clay oven
  • Thekua: A popular Indian cookie
  • Tikka: As in chicken tikka masala, a yogurt-marinated chicken dish
  • Turmeric: A spice common in Indian food 
  • Vindaloo: A curry dish

Famous Names Inspired By Notable Indian Dogs

Famous Indian dogs
Image from Hindustan Times.

These pups are canine royalty due to their famous owners. Here are a couple of famous Indian dog names with meaningful connections that may be the perfect inspiration for your mutt’s moniker. 

  • Chelsea: Chelsea the pug is cherished by her owner Suniel Shetty, the Indian actor and film producer. 
  • Dr. Watson: Dr. Watson the bulldog provides his owner Vir Das with plenty of smiles. 
  • Frisky: Frisky is just one of nine dogs owned by Tusshar Kapoor and his mother. 
  • Juicy: Juicy is owned by the Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan, (also known as SRK). 
  • Kai: Kai is one of the Maltese pups owned by Shah Rukh Khan (SRK). 
  • Kaizer: Kaizer was the name of Shahid Kapoor’s late best buddy, an adorable golden retriever. 
  • Koko: Koko is one of  Ajay Devgn’ German shepherd female dogs that loves to stick by his side while he enjoys the morning paper. 
  • Mowgli: Mowgli is a Labrador retriever well loved by animal lover and actor Salman Khan. 
  • Muscles: Arjun Rampal, the Indian actor, loves both of his pups Muscles and Gangsta unconditionally and isn’t afraid to show it. 
  • Oscar: Sidharth Malhotra’s dog is known for accompanying the actor to early morning workouts.
  • Pidi: This adorable terrier is owned by the Indian leader Rahul Gandhi.
  • Puggy: Puggy was Hiritik Roshan’s well-loved Pug. While this pooch is no longer with us, his adorable legacy lives on. 
  • Shanouk: The megastar best known as Big B has a gentle giant of a pooch — a Great Dane named Shanouk. 
  • Spinee: Spinee is a sweet Labrador that is regularly showcased in famous actor John Abraham’s Twitter feed. 
  • Tony: The Bollywood actor Imran Khan isn’t just a proud owner of Tony, an adorable mutt, but also a public advocate for the wonders of adoption. 

Bollywood-Inspired Indian Dog Names

use a film camera

Is your canine ready for his or her close-up? Or maybe you have a doggy diva on your hands? Either way, these Indian dog names are connected to Bollywood — the thriving film industry based in Mumbai, India.

  • Abhay (Actor Abhay Deol)
  • Adi (Actor Adi Irani)
  • Agha (Actor Agha)
  • Aishwarya (Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan)
  • Akshay (Akshay Kumar)
  • Ajay (Actor Ajay Devgn)
  • Chennai (Film Chennai Express)
  • Dangal (Film Dangal)
  • Dev (Actor Dev Anand)
  • Dilli (Film Dilli 6)
  • Hema (Actress Hema Malini)
  • Hirani (Director Rajkumar Hirani)
  • Jawan (Film Jawan)
  • Jaya (Actress Jaya Bachchan)
  • Juhi (Actress Juhi Chawla)
  • Kantara (Film Kantara)
  • Khan (Surname of various mega Bollywood stars)
  • Meena (Actress Meena Kumari)
  • Meghna (Director Meghna Gulzar)
  • Nargis (Actress Nargis)
  • Nutan (Actress Nutan)
  • Pandey (Director Neeraj Pandey)
  • Priyanka (Actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas)
  • Rekha (Actress Rekha)
  • Rishi (Actor Rishi Kapoor)
  • Saaho (Film Saaho)
  • Salman (Actor Salman Khan)
  • Sanju (Film Sanju)
  • Shah (Actor Shah Rukh Khan)
  • Shetty (Actor Ahan/Sunil Shetty)
  • Shreya (Actress Shreya Ghoshal)
  • Sonu (Actor Sonu Sood)
  • Sridevi (Actress Sridevi)
  • Sunny (Actor Sunny Deol)
  • Tabu (Actress Tabu)
  • Tuli (Actor Rajendra Kumar Tuli)
  • Uday (Actor Uday Chopra)
  • Viju (Actor Viju Khote)
  • Vinay (Actor Vinay Pathak)
  • Waris (Actor Waris Ahluwalia)
  • Yash (Actor Yash Tonk)
  • Zila (Film Zila Ghaziabad)
  • Zoya (Director Zoya Akhtar)
  • Zulfi (Actor Zulfi Syed)

Love the idea of fame-linked Indian names? Check out our lists of Disney dog names, famous dog names, and anime dog names.

Indian Dog Breeds

indian dogs

India is the birthplace of several dog breeds, though they remain rare in the United States. Check out these Indian breed barkers and see if you recognize any.

Bakharwal Dog

Bakharwal dog

Originating in northern India, this working woofer began as a livestock and property guardian. He’s one of the rarest breeds, seldom found outside of India, though small populations can also be found in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is a smart, confident canine requiring an experienced handler and positive reinforcement training, as aversive methods will damage your bond with this loyal legend.



This sleek sighthound originated in southern India, where he was used to hunt small game. He’s smart, agile, and more eager to please than the average sighthound, which has earned him a surprise spot as a police dog, too! You’ll want to watch him around cats and other small pets, however, as he’s prone to predatory aggression. The Chippiparai is known to bond to a single owner, perhaps making him a less-than-ideal choice for family life.

Himalayan Sheepdog

Himalayan sheepdog

This colossal canine is easy to confuse with the Tibetan mastiff, as the breeds often share coloring, but his handsome pup is slightly smaller. He’s a livestock guardian dog tasked with protecting yak and sheep from the region’s large predators, so he’s one of the bravest barkers you’ll find. He’s also fiercely independent and unsure of strangers, making him a poor choice for newbie dog owners.

Indian Pariah Dog

Indian pariah dog

This pooch is one of many names, including the Indian native dog, Nadan, South Asian pye dog, Neri Kutta, and Desi Kutta. He has a short double coat, pointed muzzle, and pricked ears, with his tail held high and curled over his back. An ancient dog breed, he’s been around for thousands of years and is quite intelligent.

Indian Spitz

Indian spitz

Believed to be a relative of the German spitz, this fluffy four-footer first appeared during the 19th century and, through careful breeding, has developed a plush-appearing coat that is more suited to the Indian heat than his European family members. On the smaller side, this pup stands roughly 13 inches tall at the shoulder and is white in color with a curly tail. Expect regular shedding with this ruff, along with ongoing brushing to remove tangles.

Kombai Dog

Kombai dog

This short-coated canine is from Southern India, where he got his start and continues to thrive as a guard dog. He was also used during big game hunts, with his lanky frame allowing for plenty of speed. Named after the town of Kombai, this breed is also called the polygar dog. He belongs with an experienced handler ready to commit a great deal of time to training and socialization, as he can be independent and aloof of strangers.

Mudhol Hound

Mudhol hound

Also known as the caravan hound, this sighthound originates around the Karnataka state area of the country, where he remains a fixture today. His Mudhol name comes from the Mudhol State, an area that existed during the British Raj. His tall, sleek frame is perfect for sprinting, though interestingly enough, today, he’s used as a shepherd and guard dog more than a hunter.

Indian Dog Names FAQ

dog activity etiquette tips

Are you having trouble finding a fitting Indian dog name for your furry friend? We’ve rounded up a couple of commonly asked questions about Indian dog names and answered them. 

What is Hindi name of puppy?

Puppy in Hindi is “Kuttē kā baccā”. You can find plenty of cute dog names for your newfound furry friend like “Batan” meaning button or “Prasoon” meaning flower.

What is a good name for a boy dog in India?

There are plenty of excellent boy dog names! Some Indian dog names for male mutts include Atul, meaning powerful, and Tej, meaning excellence. There are heaps of other amazing options, too, including Dev, Ayaan, and Vihaan.

What are some good Indian girl dog names?

There are tons of great Indian names for girl puppies and dogs, but a few of our favorites are Baleen, meaning “a pretty girl,” and Moti, which means “pearl.” Other honorable mentions include Aditi, Saanvi, and Arya.

What is dog called in Sanskrit?

In the Indian root language of Sanskrit, “shvan” means dog. That makes a cool mutt moniker, too!

How do you say dog in India?

A dog in Hindi, or India’s official language, is “kutta.” In Sanskrit, you’d say “shvan.” Both would make interesting doggo names.

What is the Sanskrit name for dog?

“Shvan” means “dog” in Sanskrit. Short, sweet, and to the point, it makes an excellent one-syllable dog name. It pairs well with common commands, too!

What is the Hindu mythical dog?

Sarama was the female dog of the gods in Hinduism. In the texts, she was tasked with fetching a herd of cows by Indra. That would make one cool (and unique!) name for a cattle dog.


An Indian dog name can be a great way to honor your family history or showcase your furry friend’s unique personality. Hopefully, whether you need a female dog name or a male dog name inspired by Indian culture, we’ve given you some ideas! 

Do you have an Indian dog breed? Which name was your favorite? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below! 

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