300+ Japanese Dog Names: Orient-Inspired Name Ideas For Fido!

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Japanese Dog Names

Japan is an incredible country filled with beauty and culture. And this has led many people, whether they’re from Japan or not, to become huge fans of Japanese culture.

So, if you’re getting a new dog, why not name your pooch with a unique Japanese dog name?

From traditional baby names to food and famous cities, we have a big collection of Japanese name ideas for Fido – check them out and let us know your favorites in the comments!

Whether your pup is a native of Japan or you simply enjoy Japanese culture, check out these Japanese-inspired dog name ideas!

Japanese Male Dog Names

Japanese dog names for boys

These Japanese pet names are commonly used for male children, and they work great as dog names too! Check out these popular dog names for your best buddy.

  • Aki: Bright
  • Akihiro: Great brightness
  • Akio: Bright man
  • Bachiko: Happy child
  • Dai: Great, large
  • Haru: Spring
  • Haruki: Spring child
  • Haruto: Flying sun
  • Hibiki: Sound, echo
  • Hiro: Generous
  • Hiroki: Large timber trees
  • Hiroshi: Generous
  • Hitoshi: Motivated individual
  • Ichiro: First son
  • Isamu: Courage
  • Jiro: Second son
  • Kaede: Maple
  • Kaito: Flying ocean
  • Katashi: Firm
  • Katsu: Victory
  • Kenichi: Strong, healthy first son
  • Kenji: Strong, healthy second son
  • Kichiro: Lucky son (see more dog names that mean “lucky”)
  • Kiyoshi: Purity
  • Kyo: Cooperation
  • Makoto: Sincere
  • Masao: Superior
  • Masaru: Victory
  • Masato: Righteous individual
  • Michio: Man on a journey
  • Mitsuo: Shining hero
  • Nao: Honest
  • Nori: To rule
  • Norio: Lawful man
  • Osamu: Studious
  • Ren: Lotus
  • Riku: Land
  • Ryo: Refreshing
  • Saburou: Third son
  • Satoshi: Wise, fast learner
  • Shinji: True second son
  • Shiro: Fourth son
  • Shouta: Big flying
  • Sora: Sky
  • Susumo: Proceed
  • Tadashi: Loyal, faithful
  • Taichi: Large first son
  • Takahiro: Nobility (check out more regal dog names)
  • Takashi: Prosperous
  • Takeo: Warrior hero
  • Taro: Large son
  • Toshi: Wise
  • Toshio: Genius leader
  • Yamato: Great harmony
  • Yasu: Peace
  • Yori: Trust
  • Yoshi: Lucky
  • Yoshio: Joyful life
  • Yukio: Blessed hero

Female Japanese Dog Names

female Japanese dog names

Your sweet furry friend deserves a meaningful moniker. Consider these beautiful Japanese female dog names.

  • Airi: Jasmine
  • Akemi: Bright beautiful
  • Akiko: Bright child
  • Akira: Bright and clear
  • Amaya: Night rain
  • Asami: Morning beauty
  • Asuka: Tomorrow perfume
  • Chiyoko: Child of a thousand generations
  • Chikako: Wise child
  • Emi: Beautiful blessing
  • Emiko: Blessing
  • Eri: Blessed prize
  • Fumiko: Child of abundant beauty
  • Hana: Flower child
  • Hikari: Light, radiance
  • Hina: Sun vegetables
  • Hoshi: Star
  • Izumi: Spring, fountain
  • Kamiko: Superior child
  • Katsumi: Victorious beauty
  • Kazuko: Child of peace
  • Keiko: Blessed or respectful child
  • Kiko: Chronical child
  • Kimi: Noble
  • Kimiko: Empress child
  • Kiyomi: Pure beauty
  • Kyoko: Respectful child
  • Mai: Dance
  • Maki: True hope
  • Mana: Love (see more dog names that mean “love”)
  • Manami: Loving beautiful
  • Mao: Cherry blossom dance
  • Masa: Just and true
  • Masumi: True clarity
  • Mi: Beautiful
  • Michi: Pathway
  • Midori: Green
  • Mieko: Beautiful blessing child
  • Mika: Beautiful fragrance
  • Miki: Beautiful princess
  • Minori: Truth
  • Mio: Beautiful cherry blossom
  • Miwa: Beautiful harmony
  • Miyu: Beautiful gentle (see more dog names that mean “gentle”)
  • Miyuki: Beautiful blessing
  • Momoka: Peach tree flower
  • Nanami: Seven seas
  • Nao: Honest
  • Naomi: Honest beautiful
  • Natsuki: Summer hope (see more dog names that mean “hope”)
  • Natsumi: Beautiful summer
  • Rika: True fragrance
  • Rina: Jasmine
  • Saki: Blossom of hope
  • Sakura: Cherry blossom
  • Satomi: Beautiful and wise
  • Shika: Deer
  • Shiori: Poem
  • Shizuka: Quiet summer
  • Sora: Sky
  • Suzu: Bell
  • Suzume: Sparrow
  • Takara: Treasure
  • Tomomi: Beautiful friend
  • Wakana: Harmonious music
  • Yasu: Peace
  • Yoko: Child of sunlight
  • Yua: Binding love
  • Yui: Bind clothing
  • Yuka: Gentle flower
  • Yukari: Beautiful pear tree
  • Yuki: Happiness (see more dog names that mean “happy”)
  • Yukiko: Child of snow or happiness
  • Yuko: Gentle child
  • Yumi: Reason beautiful
  • Yuri: Lily
  • Yuriko: Lily child
  • Yuuna: Gentle

Gender-Neutral Japanese Dog Names

gender neutral Japanese dog names

Whether your canine companion is a boy or a girl, these gender-neutral dog names are definitely worth considering. 

  • Akane: Restful
  • Amane: Heavenly sound
  • Ami: Love 
  • Aoi: Vividness 
  • Asahi: The morning sun 
  • Ayame: Iris 
  • Azumi: Love 
  • Ena: Gift from God 
  • Etsuko: Child of joy
  • Fuyuki: Snow 
  • Hanabi: Fireworks 
  • Haku: Beautiful stone 
  • Harumi: Spring beauty
  • Haya: Free
  • Hayami: Early 
  • Himari: Sun
  • Hiroko: Fine child
  • Hitomi: Wisdom 
  • Hiyori: Beautiful 
  • Homura: Flame 
  • Ichika: One 
  • Iroha: Cherry blossoms 
  • Kai: Free
  • Kaia: Ocean 
  • Kanna: Ring 
  • Katsuki: Summer
  • Kazumi: Peace and beauty 
  • Kei: Aromatic 
  • Kikyou: Mirror 
  • Kira: Shine 
  • Kiyori: Hope
  • Mako: Sincerity 
  • Mami: Genuine
  • Mari: Crystal 
  • Mashiro: White 
  • Megumi: Blessed
  • Mei: Bright 
  • Mikasa: Shade 
  • Miku: Sky 
  • Miko: Light 
  • Mikoto: Beauty 
  • Mimi: Kindness
  • Mina: Beautiful 
  • Minori: Ripening
  • Mira: Heart
  • Misaki: Beautiful blossom
  • Mitsue: Branch of light 
  • Miya: Love
  • Mizu: Water
  • Mizuki: Moon 
  • Naru: Formation 
  • Nemu: Dream 
  • Niko: Lake
  • Noa: Sky 
  • Reina: Beautiful 
  • Reika: Wise and elegant 
  • Remi: Clever
  • Rin: Extraordinary
  • Rui: Tear
  • Sachi: Fortune 
  • Sae: Bloom 
  • Sai: Think deeply 
  • Sara: Pleasant 
  • Sana: Love 
  • Sayaka: Color 
  • Sayu: Small 
  • Sayuri: Small lily 
  • Seira: Star 
  • Setsuna: Rainbow
  • Shiki: Remember 
  • Shinobu: Stealth 
  • Shizuku: Drop 
  • Suiren: Water
  • Sumire: Violet
  • Tomoe: Blessing
  • Towa: Forever
  • Tsukasa: Moon 
  • Yashiro: Castle 
  • Yue: Moon 
  • Yuna: Dream 
  • Yuma: Superiority 
  • Yuno: Friend

Japanese Animal Names

Why not name your four-legged buddy after an animal? Dog and wolf are obvious choices, but “fox” and “raccoon” would be cute too!

  • Inu: Dog
  • Neko: Cat
  • Gachō: Goose
  • Saru: Monkey
  • Tanuki: Raccoon
  • Kuma: Bear
  • Sika: Deer
  • Doragon: Dragon
  • Tori: Bird
  • Ushi: Cow
  • Uma: Horse
  • Tora: Tiger
  • Wolf: Ookami
  • Kitsune: Fox

Japanese Cities For Dog Names

Japanese city names for dogs

Some of the best names for pets can be inspired after a famous city or region in Japan.

  • Tokyo: The capital of Japan!
  • Osaka: A large Japanese city
  • Kobe: Another large city in Japan near Osaka
  • Kyoto: A city in the middle of Japan
  • Kawasaki: City located between Tokyo and Yokohama
  • Fuji: A city (and famous mountain) outside of Tokyo

Japanese Food As Dog Names

food-inspired dog names

Who doesn’t love Japanese cuisine? Consider naming Fido after your favorite Japanese dish!

  • Daifuku: A sweet, filled mochi
  • Dango: A sweet Japanese confection, otherwise known as chewy rice ball
  • Donburi: A rice bowl dish usually with meat and vegetables
  • Dorayaki: Pancakes stuffed with red bean paste
  • Gyoza: Dumplings with a moon-like shape
  • Kaisipan: A sweet bread
  • Manju: Japanese sweet treat made of boiled sugar and beans
  • Mochi: A Japanese rice cake
  • Matcha: A fine powder created by green tea leaves
  • Natto: Fermented soy beans
  • Mizu Yokan: A jelly-based dessert flavored with red bean
  • Oden: A winter hot pot dish with different proteins and vegetables
  • Onigiri: Portable rice balls with various fillings
  • Purin: A Japanese pudding
  • Ramen: Japanese soup and noodle dish
  • Sake: Japanese rice wine
  • Sashimi: A popular Japanese dish consisting of fresh raw meat or fish cut into thin slices
  • Sencha: A strong, green tea
  • Soba: Japanese buckwheat noodles
  • Sushi: Well-known Japanese food of rice and raw seafood wrapped in seaweed
  • Tamagoyaki: A Japanese omelet
  • Tempura: Battered and deep-fried dish of Japanese seafood and veggies
  • Tofu: A soy protein that’s incorporated into many Japanese dishes
  • Udon: Thick wheat flour noodles often used in Japanese dishes
  • Unagi: Freshwater eel
  • Wagashi: Traditional Japanese sweets
  • Yakitori: Skewers of bite-sized chicken with sauce

Other Japanese-Themed Dog Names

Japan-inspired dog names

Japanese culture is rich with influences that continue to transcend borders. Here are some names inspired by Japanese culture that may make the perfect namesake for your furry friend. 

  • Aikido: A Japanese martial art 
  • Blossom: Referring to the cherished cherry blossoms that signify new life in spring
  • Bonsai: Miniature trees shaped and pruned with artistic precision.
  • Chochin: Traditional Japanese lanterns
  • Edamame: Soybeans served in the shell
  • Geisha: Traditional female entertainers
  • Geta: A traditional Japanese wooden shoe
  • Haiku: A type of poem consisting of a three-lined structure and three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables
  • Hanami: The custom of viewing cherry blossoms in full bloom
  • Ikebana: The art of Japanese flower arrangement
  • Kabuki: A form of Japanese drama
  • Karate: An unarmed martial art form
  • Kawaii: A cute Japanese aesthetic
  • Kendo: A form of Japanese fencing
  • Koinobori: A carp streamer used to celebrate the holiday Children’s Day
  • Kyudo: The Japanese martial art of archery
  • Manga: Japanese comics (if you’re a fan, make sure to also check out our anime dog name ideas)
  • Mikoshi: Known as “taxi for the Gods” for movement from one shrine to another
  • Omamori: Amulets or good luck charms sold at shrines and temples
  • Onsen: A Japanese hot spring
  • Origami: The Japanese art of paper folding
  • Purikura: Refers to the popular photo strips from Japanese photo booths
  • Rakugo: A form of Japanese storytelling
  • Samurai: An ancient feudal warrior
  • Sensei: The term used to refer to a respected teacher or master
  • Shinto: A Japanese religion
  • Shodo: The art of writing calligraphy
  • Shogi: The game of generals, similar to Chess
  • Shogun: The Japanese historical title for a military dictator
  • Sumo: A form of heavy weight wrestling 
  • Yukata: A light cotton Kimono
  • Yurei: Ghosts in Japanese folklore

Japanese Dog Breeds

Tosa Inu

There are a number of dog breeds that originate from Japan – these dogs often have turned-up tails and pointy ears, giving them a fox-like appearance (and it’s adorable)!

There are plenty of canine cuties that originated from Japan. Here are just a few Japanese dog breeds that are bound to leave pawprints on your heart. 

  • Shiba Inu: This Japanese dog breed is well known and loved, partially due to the popularity of the “Doge” meme. These intelligent pups can be fairly independent and stubborn at times, so they’ll need to be paired with a patient pooch parent. 
  • Japanese Chin: If you’re searching for a sweet yet sassy pooch, look no further than the compact Japanese chin. These loving lap dogs pack a lot of spunk for their small size and are sure to offer hours of entertainment. 
  • Akita: The Akita was originally bred to protect Japanese royalty, which speaks to the Japanese breed’s powerful, dignified nature. These dogs may be aloof around strangers, but they are incredibly loyal and silly around those they love. We have some great dog names that mean “protector” too!
  • ​​Kishu Ken: The Kishu Ken is a well-loved, native Japanese pooch that likes to stay active and spend time with his family. Kishu Ken dogs are docile but somewhat aloof towards outsiders. 
  • Tosa Inu: The largest Japanese dog is the Tosa Inu, who is also known as the Japanese Mastiff. These big best buddies love spending time with their families, though they can be protective around strangers. 
  • Japanese Spitz: The all-white Japanese spitz is an active, loyal, companion canine. These pups love spending time with their families and have distinctly white coat colors. 
  • Kai Ken: This rare Japanese pooch is a total lovebug. While these pups were originally bred to be fighting dogs, breeders soon found that these large furry friends love companionship and are eager to please those they love. 
  • Shikoku Inu: This beautiful Japanese Spitz-type breed is the original Japanese fighting dog. These medium sized dogs enjoy hunting, spending time outside, and will probably spend more time on their own than cuddling up next to their families. 

Japanese Dog Names FAQ

Are you struggling to find the perfect Japanese dog name? Here a couple of commonly asked questions and answers.

What is the most popular dog name in Japan?

Some popular names for pups in Japan include “Sora” meaning sky and “Yuki” meaning good fortune.

What Japanese name means dog?

The Japanese word “Inu” means dog. It’s commonly used in the name of Japanese dog breeds like Shiba Inu and Tosa Inu.

What is a cute Japanese name for a dog?

There are plenty of cute Japanese names with meanings for furry friends! You could name your pooch after Japanese desserts like “Mochi” or opt for something like “Yuna” meaning dream.

What does Akira mean in Japanese?

Akira is one of the favorite names meaning “bright” or “clear” in Japanese.

What does Yasha mean in Japanese?

Yasha sometimes referred to as Yaksha refers to guardian deities that are usually benevolent.

What is inu means in Japanese?

“Inu” in Japanese means dog.

What is the Japanese name for wolf?

Wolf is “Ōkami” in Japanese.


Do you have any other ideas for Japanese dog names? Share your ideas in the comments!

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